Are you one of those mothers who, while attempting to make their babies bath, literally get soaked with water, because their toddlers aren’t willing to bath, and ultimately create a haphazard all around? Well, we sure do understand you, so what if it could be made much easier and, of course, fun for you as well as your baby? When it comes to babies, toys are the things they totally love. So, aren’t baby bath toys really an amazing solution? While your baby is bathing, let him/her hold a Bath Toy and play with it meanwhile; it wouldn’t only make him/her love bathing, but he surely will also cooperate with you while doing it!

Benefits of Baby Bath Toys

  • Children love toys – There’s actually no arguing with that. For children, toys make everything happier and much more fun, so why not just utilize that interest and make them happier, and of course, clean at the same time?
  • Toddlers love playing with water! – People might have observed how toddlers love playing with water. Even if some of the children hate bathing, they would go around the house, opening up taps or simply messing with the mineral water dispensers. Clearly, they do find water interesting, so they would just love to play with bath toys, dipping them into water and make it much more interesting than just splashing the water all around the house.
  • Eventually, your baby would stop hating Bath that much – If they get to play with toys while bathing, it’s a fact that they would willingly bath and ultimately, save you the effort of forcefully pulling them into the bathtubs.
  • They are super affordable – These toys are much cheaper than the other toys, generally, because they are made of very soft rubber or plastic material, which ultimately leads us to the other benefit that is:
  • They are mostly harmless to your baby – There is no danger of your baby choking on almost all of these toys, and because they are super soft, they won’t hurt your baby physically either; i.e. if you are buying these toys from reliable places and if they are guaranteed to be safe by the seller.
  • You just simply need a Pail or a Tub – It’s not necessary to have large bathtubs for your baby to be able to play with them; the small tub in your bathrooms can always come to handy, and of course, babies never mind that. They just want to play!
  • Playing with these toys can improve your child’s mind – Well, Yes! Playing with toys always makes your child smarter and sharper, and it also helps with the concentration and attention span of your child. Never thought these little things could be so beneficial, did you?
  • Makes bathing much less of a hustle – We know that those naughty little kids can never cooperate with anything, but these toys make them busy in playing while mothers can bath their kids in peace and also make it much more fun and amusing for the kids as well as the mother.

Bath Toys you should definitely buy for your toddlers

10.Munchkin Wind Up Pink Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

So this super cute penguin, pink in color, is a product from Munchkin, a brand generally known for making adorable stuff for children, keeping in view all the things required to make these products perfect. This little penguin actually floats over water, and if the arms are wind up and it is released into water, all you have to do is let it swim through the water all by itself and watch as your child claps his hands in amusement. It just makes bath so much fun for your kid! It is also light weight so that small hands can hold it and operate it easily, and no fun is going to be missed! It also encourages imaginative playing, and ultimately benefits your kid’s mind. This product is suitable, and safe, for children over the age of 9 months.

9.Munchkin Squirtin Barnyard Friends Bath Toy

This pack of bath toys, by Munchkin, includes 8 very little, adorable farm animals. They are just literally so cute that your child would definitely fall in love with them! These things, including a sheep, an owl, a duck, a frog, a goat, a hen, and etcetera, don’t only catch your child’s attention, but also make them excited because of course kids just simply love animals! These little animals float over water, and seem to be made of soft rubber and are light weight, totally perfect for your child’s little hands. What is better than being able to teach your child animal names while bathing him/her? It is such a great way to capture your child’s interest and use it to make him/her learn! These rubber bath toys are also squeezable and are great for underwater bubbles and fun bath games for your kids. They also improve your child’s creativity as well as imaginative skills, making his mind sharper, stronger and smarter. Alongside that, these attract the attention of both boys and girls.

8.Munchkin White Hot Safety Ducky Bath Toy

We all know that these yellow ducky bath toys are the most favorite ones for kids all over the world. This product is from Munchkin, which consists of a squeezable, cute little yellow duck that floats over water. This product has a very useful feature; it has a white safety disk that reveals the word hot while in water if the water is too hot for the baby. So, now, parents don’t have to worry about their child getting burnt, just leave it to this little ducky! The shape and size of this little toy seem to be perfect for the baby to grasp and play. It is water tight, to prevent sinking or absorbing water. And let’s not forget, this little toy is so adorable that it grabs the attention of the baby really quickly. Perfect for bath games and a lot of fun for the baby! And of course, this product will be loved by both, boys and girls.

7.Munchkin 4-piece Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy

This pack of Bath toys by Munchkin, includes four pieces that seem to be round bubbles that float on water. Two of the bubbles contain fun characters, the other two contain whirly toys that spin and rattle. These toys spin and float around the water, making the baby’s bath fun and interesting. On the other hand, these bubbles also help to improve the baby’s sense of hearing, sight, and touch. The textured rings around these bubbles move freely, and these bubbles are totally suitable for children older than 4 months. Aside from being adorable, these little bubbles are eye catching and soft, as well as light weight, as well as loved by boys and girls both.

6.Nuby Floating Foam Bath 16-piece Animal Set

These little-multicolored set of animals, a product by Nuby, consists of 16 super cute animals. This set includes 8 different animals, including shark, octopus, turtle, whale, crab, seahorse, fish, and starfish. These animal characters float on water and are made of soft foam. Furthermore, when they get wet, they stick to the bathtub wall! Isn’t that totally unique and interesting for the child? It definitely makes bath time much more fun! It is suitable for children older than three years and is BPA Free. This product is great for both, girls and boys, and never ceases to make bath time an informative and recreational time for the kid, as the baby plays bath games and his imaginative skills improve. This product is also suitable for both the genders.

5.Munchkin 36-Piece Letters and Numbers Bath Toy Set

One of Munchkins’ absolutely fun and informative bath toys is this product, which includes 36 pieces that consist of 26 letters (A-Z)  and 10 numbers (0-9). These 36 little letters and numbers can make bathing informative and fun at the same time. What could be better than your child being able to learn letters and numbers, while having a bath? Moreover, these little things stick to the bathtub walls when wet, and are made of foam that is non-toxic, durable and soft as well. They are very light weight and small, easily fitting into the child’s hands. Colorful and unique, they capture the child’s attention, and makes learning fun and interesting for him, making his mind sharper and stronger and his knowledge grows larger. Boys and girls both will be interested in these letters and learn from them.

4.KidCo White Organizer Basket to Store Bath Toys

As we come down the list of these fun Bath Toys, it wouldn’t really look good if the toys are just lying around everywhere now, would it? We would obviously need something to hold them, and this KidCo product certainly helps. This white plastic organizer basket not only helps store all the bath toys but can also hold shampoo, soap, and other bathing stuff, the dividing panels separating all these things efficiently. Its adjustable length enables it to be able to fit into most of the bathing tubs. It has dimensions of 19 inches Length x 6.88 inches Width x 5 inches Height. Moreover, this container has slats so that water can run out of it easily, and it sits across the tub, making it easier for the baby to reach for his toys. It grips the sides of the tub strongly; therefore it has no chances of slipping or falling down. This product certainly makes it much easier for the things to stay in their places and not getting lost.

3.Nuby Purple Octopus Hoopla Fun Bathtime Toys

This is a product by Nuby, which consists of an adorable little octopus and three loops to throw around its curved tentacles. Not only this toy is super cute and capturing, it helps develop baby’s hand-eye coordination. Baby’s senses are improved by these fun colors and shapes. Aside from being lightweight and easy to handle, it floats around in the water, making bath time fun and interesting for the child. The three loops consist of shapes that depict a fish, a star, and a circle. This highly interactive and child-friendly toy is BPA free, providing endless fun for the child, and makes bathing informative and interesting for him/her. It is suitable for children over 18 months.

2.Green Toys White/Blue Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bath Toy

This is a product by Green Toys, a set of three pieces (A Ferry Boat and two small cars). It’s an eco-friendly product, made entirely out of recycled plastic. Meeting all international toy safety standards, this product is totally BPA, lead, and phthalates free. It includes 2 colorful mini cars that can go into the ferry boat. Designed to float in water, this product makes bathing much more fun for the kids, as well as it stimulates the creativity in the kids’ minds, as they can place any other toy, such as an action figure, in the ferry boat. This product is also easy to clean, therefore reducing the chances of germs getting onto it. It is totally suitable for kids aging three and more.

1.Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover

This Skip Hop product is definitely a useful one while you’re bathing your child. This bright blue dolphin, made of soft, tough rubber, protects the baby while he/she’s bathing. The fin adjusts on almost every spout easily and makes bathing fun and secure for the baby. Easy access to the shower diverter is made possible by the Blowhole. It can also be hung neatly by the tail hook when it’s not in use. This soft rubber product is completely BPA, Phthalate and PVC free, ensuring the baby’s safety. Furthermore, its bright color brightens up the bath, while at the same time, protecting the baby’s head from bumping anywhere in the tub.