A good cocktail recipe book should have some important elements as well as the interrelation with time. You must get an idea from that book about how they have travelled through time to get some of the best myxology techniques. It seems like many of the books just have a collection of  usual recipes and you only get some diagrammatic idea from them. So, with the help of our research and reviews, here is the review of ten best cocktail recipe book to help you make the best mixture:

Product reviews:

10.The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique

This book is unique by not containing the older techniques of making cocktails. You will find a clear instruction of choosing every single element that really matters for a great drink. You will be able to know how to get the best out of a common element. Did you know that even sugar could be different in taste and may have a changing effect to your drink? And of course, this book gives an explanation for each of the selections. Words are never enough and some books cover only the photographs of the main dish. However, you will find this book extremely helpful in this way too as they have included photographs for every single element and in place of confusion. People who are thinking of going on a professional platform need a thorough knowledge of this book.

9.Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail

This is quite a new beginning towards both the taste and appeal of drinks or cocktails. If you are expecting to get a lot of recipes on making cocktails, then this book can be a little disappointing. But, for those, who is looking for the techniques of using the ingredients for creating some of the best liquid, this is where your search ends. As predicted by the name, the author, David Arnold, has put his lifelong achieved techniques and intelligence to create a different, but unique taste. How intelligently he has used scientific methods and his own experiments that you will find out only after reading the book. He has used centrifugal force to make the base of a drink more perfect. You may not be interested in going through all the techniques, but you will surely fall for his passion that he has expressed through this book.

8.Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails

Most of the books present us ‘old wine in a new bottle’, What I mean is they have nothing new to share. And, after all these years of successful cocktail recipes, actually much is not left. However, This book, “Death & Co” – is different in this case. While we were getting the reply of every question about making cocktails, they have something new to offer us. That’s great! With more than five hundred recipes. They promise us not to let down. Hence, so many people have tried their cocktail and shared  new experiences. They also have smartly targeted audiences who are actually living a regular life with these cocktails. Happy to describe that you do not need to own a lot of ingredients and you can just own a bar full of different taste. With photographs and small notes, they have accompanied us to this nice journey.

7.The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual

What is most amazing about the book is the language actually. Most of the people write recipes and books and you took them out whenever you need to know any name or quantity. And forget! But, the authors have put the knowledge in a fun pack so they can connect to their readers and help them on their way. Motivational part is also good where you start your journey by making cocktails of your own. You need to put some extra effort in the preparation of the ingredients and this book can be a little harder for the beginner. However, they have targeted more commercial bartenders in this book. You can call it a renovation book where they have presented different old recipes with new changes. Who doesn’t enjoy trying something totally new?

6.The PDT Cocktail Book

We often get depressed with cocktail recipe books as most of them are just filled with something that we already know or not much useful for us. But, the PDT cocktail book has kept the hope alive of getting that spark back once again. A beginner can be benefited from this book as the techniques described in this book are too simple to understand, but I will say, the professionals will only be able to get the best out of it. The technique of describing the process is also fascinating with glossy papers, photographs and notes. Another potential side is having a bookmark so you just open the book and reach to your destination. More than three hundred recipes are included with every single detail you need and also included some exclusive PDT recipes from old times.

5.The Craft of the Cocktail

This book is quite an arrangement of your kitchen with lovely drinks. People, who are not actually professional or in love with cocktails, will fall in love with the theme and pictures. They are arranged in a simple way to be understood and help in creating great mixture. This book provides small tips and caution note with every recipe so that if you are experimenting with your ingredients, you can also be ready for the result. It concentrates the whole thing from your home that includes having a great cocktail party. You will find everything you need to know to throw a home cocktail party. Even the smaller things are mentioned here with great care not to damage the taste. Entertainment is also an important fact that you will find in this book. Not only the cocktails, they also care for your refreshment inside.

4.The Essential Cocktail

Not all the recipes in every book you are going to try. There is always something special to find out by the picture. This book can be a great option for that. Let me tell you something special about this book, the photographs, which are really large in size and some occupy the whole page. In this book, you will find different types of style as the author has paid attention to it much more than the ingredients. Full of classy drinks and their making techniques. You will get answers to your every ‘why’ and ‘how’ by the notes and sidebars. You may not find the basic of cocktail recipes, as this writer already had written about it in his other books. It will help you enhance the mixing technique and knowledge of American Cocktail history. One thing you will know for sure from this book- Histories are not always boring and can actually bring fun to drink as well.

3.The Joy of Mixology

Well, here we come back again in history through this book. The author tries to relate the book and the recipes with their history that lets you understand the connection of ingredients. The book is special and a must-read for the fact that it includes, first of all, the basics and the history. Eventually, it involves the techniques and magical parts of mixing. Not all the books can maintain sequence from the beginning. Most of the books of cocktails are just a collection of either old recipes or trying to add one or two different ingredients. However, this book is unique in this sector. It actually presents some different recipes with eye-catching pictures. The author has made the book richer through his years of research. Common topics are narrated and important techniques are written with clear instructions. You may need to prepare the ingredients before start mixing.

2.Imbibe! Updated and Revised Edition

The first thing that comes to your mind after going through this book is the huge amount of research done by the author, David Wondrich. Only years of experiments with liquid can bring these results. Each of the recipes are tasted and made sure not to provide any weird taste. This is not a basic cocktail teaching book and not even close to the manuals. So, if you are looking for specific things, this is highly recommended. The author may have worked really hard to bring to you the ingredients with their history of origin. It also tells you from which culture they belong to. You will also get to know about the trends of that time when this drink had been originated. People, who are interested in this information, you can surely proceed to buy it.

1.Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl

The author, David Wondrich, is not likely to pay attention to simple home parties or teenage drinks. If you are taking this learning seriously and involved with this profession, it will certainly be the best pick. The strength of this book comes from the efficiency of mixing the old recipes with new modern techniques and describing something amazing. Previous books by this author are greatly accepted for the connection he successfully made to the culture and taste. This book is different in angle, but still holds the value of place of origin. When, it’s about making cocktails, nobody denies the fact that myxology is the core of a recipe book. It not only tells you about the delightful side, but also aware you of the danger. You will get to know about the difference of Punch and the cocktail, that most of us thinks simply the way of serving.