Himalayan salt is kind of a rock salt, mined from Mountainous regions. It is acknowledged to be predominantly residing of abundant trace elements and minerals that are proven to be highly expedient for your health.The color of this Himalayan salt varies from sheer white to off-white, from pink to deep reddish crystal salts. The pink or red color shades are obtained by this salt due to included minerals andtrace elements.Also, it can be effortlessly absorbed by our bodies.All these reasons make it a utopian to replace the regular sea salt and sit proudly in your pantries.It is majorly used by many health professionals, in spas or in hotels for cooking procedures. It can be also used on a personal level like in homes for cooking or seasoning, placing in baths for natural skin or muscle therapies.

Top 10 Himalayan Salts Review:

10.Pink Crystal Himalayan Salt

Pure Himalayan Salt introduces this crystal salt that is 100% organic and coarse in texture up to 3 to 5mm. There are no added new chemicals, oils, or other additives or toxins whatsoever; just a 100% pure Himalayan Pink Salt with crystal granules. It is a kosher certified Halal salt, meaning, it is totally safe for consumption by perceptive religious consumers. It contains exact minerals just like that are found in the blood of human beings. It also has a FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval for being a Gourmet Pure crystal Himalayan salt. Hence, guaranteeing that it is very advantageous and harmless for intake. The size of the granules is also compatible to be used in the salt grinders without any risks.This packaging includes 5 pounds of filled Himalayan salt.

9.The Spice Lab Natural and Pink Himalayan GroundSalt


The Spice Lab presents this finely ground crystal pink Himalayan salt that is 100% Original and Natural. It is also Kosher certified making it completely safe to be consumed by the users strictly following religious terms. It has a lustrous natural pink color with the granules that are very finely ground up to 0.2 to 0.5mm of size approximately like the table salt. It is known to be deeply hand-mined from the Himalayan Mountains. The dark pink crystals are mined to form this pure Himalayan salt, which contains concentrated minerals and nutrients.This packaging includes 2 pounds of filled Gourmet 100% pure ground Himalayan salt with a rich pink color, the more the darker pink color, the more are the minerals comprised.

8.Pink Himalayan Gourmet Salt

Another one from Pure Himalayan Salt, this salt is utterly free from any added chemicals, pesticides or other additives. Also, it is not processed with any disinfection or irradiation practices. It is purely organic 100% Natural pink Himalayan Salt. It is precisely fine ground; fineness of the crystal granules is about 0.5mm of size. This salt is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and kosher certified, making it totally safe for consumption; can be used in cooking or seasoning. It has just same minerals that exist in the human blood, which can be easily absorbed.It is identified to be Halal and a Non-GMO (non-genetically modified organisms) salt, meaning it does not have GMOs that are produced in laboratories with the modern techniques and genetic means that are proven to be harmful for us. It has been mined from the second biggest salt mine of the world, for you to indulge in the Gourmet flavor and highly beneficial aspects of Pure Himalayan Salt.

7.Pink Himalayan Ground Salt

The Spice Lab offers this unprocessed Himalayan Pink salt which is 100% Pure Crystal ground and of high quality.It is claimed to be originally hand-mined deeply from the Himalayan Mountains, with high mineral fraction found to be majorly beneficial for our health. The fineness of the crystal granules is approximately 0.5mm, which is quite satisfactory.It is packed in a Stand Up pouch with a re-sealable ability to preserve its goodness and for your safe intake, making it of a Supreme Food Grade. The colors of the Himalayan high mineral salts vary from pure white to pink and to deeply red. The darker the shade, the more advantageous it is said to be. This salt has a natural classic pink color, popularly known to have healing assets, widely used in health firms, spas and by people who are health conscious or love to use natural goods.Some of which benefits are enforcing circulation, helping to lower the blood pressure, eradicating toxins from body, and so on.

6.Himalayan Wild Pink Salt

This is a wholesome quality Ancient Himalayan pink salt symbolized by Wild Foods. It is 100% natural and unrefined Gourmet salt mined deeply from the pristine Himalayan Mountains. It has fine ground texture ideal to be used in cooking, seasoning or to be placed in drinks to enhance the flavor subtly; is definitely healthier than the regular sea salts.It has beautiful and likely pink color with all-included highly favorable 80+ trace minerals and electrolytes in the crystal salt to naturally back your body with essential nutrients. The Wild Foods offers 100% Money-back Happiness Guarantee, signifying that you can return the item and attain your money back from them, if you aren’t satisfied with the quality it offers. This Wild Himalayan salt has no added milk, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, shellfish, eggs, wheat, fish or any other majorly allergic ingredients.

5.The Spice Lab’s Himalayan Salt

Another Coarse Ground Himalayan Crystal Pink salt from The Spice Lab has the granule size of about 2mm to 3mm nearly like table salt, making it seemly to be used in salt grinders. Deeply mined from Himalayan salts that are untouched by humans or polluted environment, it is very propitiousto intake via cooking or drinking.It is kosher certified and 100% natural, for safe consumption of its users. Popular for its high percentage natural minerals and body nourishing aspects, it has maximum of 84 elements present on the periodic table. The packet is filled with 1 kg of Himalayan salt.

4.Sherpa Himalayan Gourmet Pink Salt

A 100% pure and natural Himalayan Gourmet Pink salt produced by Sherpa Pink is of dominantPremium Food Grade quality.It is kosher certified; perfectly safe to be consumed, does not contain any gluten. Crucial minerals and trace elements included in this salt like calcium, copper, potassium, magnesium, iron, etc. is healthy to consume.It is made available to you in three kinds of grain sizes; median grains, fine grains and extra-fine grains, users can choose from these the one that best suits their usage procedures. It is a NON-GMO (non-genetically modified organisms) salt; perfect to be used in drinks or soups, cooking, seasoning on the salads or meats, baking, and much more. This salt by Sherpa Pink is packed in a U.S.A based packaging firm, which is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) qualified and the product also has been 3rd party audited and certified by the SCS Global.  It is backed with 100% money back guarantee if users are not happy with the purchase.

3.Dark Pink Crystal Himalayan Salt

The Spice Lab yet again acquaints this Original Crystal Himalayan salt which has a dark pink color with coarse dry texture appropriate to be used in salt mills. Many health problems are known to be healed by soul healthier exclusive Himalayan salt, and is widely used by health specialists, in spas, natural food-product lovers. This salt is deeply mined from 250 million year old, Jurassic era sea salt bed, sited in Himalayan Mountains containing ample quantity of 84 trace elements and iron. The crystal clear Salt is of Gourmet Food Grade making it from a finest quality available out there.It is kosher certified and known to be 100% natural, absolutely safe to consume.It regulates our blood pressure to normal, removes all harmful toxins or heavy metals from body, boosts circulation process, and much more, ideal to be used in cooking. The packaging is filled with 1 Kilo of crystal salt.

2.Terrasoul Superfoods Pink Himalayan Salt

It contains 2 packs of Extra-fine Himalayan Pink Salt, that is 100% natural and Pure. It is naturally vegan, does not contain gluten, claimed as Non-GMO made and is fresh. It is not processed with any unnatural practices for purity, is hand-mined deeply from the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan. It has natural beautiful pink color derived due to its high iron and other 84 vital trace minerals contents.The fine and extra-fine products available are ideal to be used in salt cases or salt shakers. It is eminent as subtly flavored salt, much better and purer than regular sea salt and can be casually used in sweet as well as savory dishes. Diverse minerals like calcium, potassium, copper, iron and magnesium are all-included in this ancient Himalayan salt.Terrasoul Superfoods is a state licensed, certified as an organic food handling firm and produces healthiest and satisfactory quality products.

1.Sherpa Pink Extra-fine Himalayan Salt

100% Pure Pink Himalayan salt from Sherpa Pink is kosher certified for all users’ suitability. Perfect to season on meats, salads, grilled food items, or be used in drinks, soups or during baking processes.It is very rich in healthy aspects, boosts our body with essential minerals and 84 trace elements like calcium, copper, potassium, magnesium and iron. It can be likewise placed in the bath for a muscle and skin remedy. Three distinct grain sizes are made available by Sherpa Pink, termed as Fine grains (0 to 1mm), Extra-Fine Grains (0 to 0.5mm) can used directly and medium grains can be used in salt mills or grinders; customers can narrow down the one according to their necessities. The salt is of peak quality food grade, boxed in a U.S.A grounded packaging firm which is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and also is audited and qualified by a 3rd party named SCS Global. The product has a 100% money back guarantee, if users are not satisfied with the item.