To keep the pool and spa in proper condition and state, it is required to treat water in a regular period of time. Untreated water may cause damage to pool in various different ways and it is also not fit for swimming. Unbalanced pH level causes irritation to eye and skin. Decrease in chlorine level will lead to growth to bacteria and algae on the surface of pool. The minerals present in hard water may get saturated due to continuous evaporation and may lead to choking of filters. For all these reasons, it is very important to treat the water. Different chemicals do the different job. Some helps in chlorinating the water. Some helps in treatment and prevention of algae. Also, there are chemicals and liquid which may not have a specific function but will work as a shock cleaner. This article tells about different pool and spa chemical review and their usage.

10 Pool and Spa Chemical Review

10.Pool and Spa treatment by Colorx

It is necessary to maintain the pH of the water for various reasons. It is necessary to maintain the pH of water at neutral level, unbalanced pH may cause water to be acidic or basic which may result in various problems like rusting of surface of pool and spa which may ultimately lead to damage of pool over a long period of time. Using Colorx pool and spa treatment is a great way to maintain the pH level. It comes in a 4 pound container and the texture is granular. Measure the pH of water using testing strips and as per the variation, use this ColorX powder to increase the pH level. The ideal pH level for swimming pool and spa is in between 7.2 to 7.6. Also, maintaining the balanced pH level means the sanitizer will work efficiently. All along, it also prevents the irritation of eyes which is caused due to unbalanced pH level of water.

9.Super Shock Quick by Kem-Tek for Swimming Pools

There are total of 10 bags in the packet and each packet is capable of clearing around 20,000 gallons of water. Super Shock quick has been made using patent technologies and it very quickly removes the organic waste from water. Along with removing organic wastes, while super chlorination it also removes the bacteria and algae. It is very easy to use formula. All you need to do is add one bag into the pool and let the water dissolve it and in about 15 minutes the work is done and pool is ready to be used for swimming. It is required to add it in weekly basis to get sparkling and clear water. It works best in evening after the sun has set. Using it to shock the pool also reduces the need for other chemicals and it keeps pool well balanced and clean.

8.Shock treatment by Pool Essentials

The package contains total of 6 bags with each bag measuring 1 pound. One pack is essentially sufficient for 10,000 gallons of water. Using one bag per week is more than enough. The powder in the bag can just be directly mixed into the pool water or can be used through the skimmer. It can be used at any time of the day regardless of the season. It is a shock treatment which just works for any type of pool. Along with shock clearing the water it also reduces the odor of chlorine in the water which can be a nuisance at times. All along, using shock treatment also means the irritation to eyes will be reduced which happens due to untreated and unbalanced ph level of water.

7.Kem-Tek chlorinating tablets

The tablets are well suited for pools and spa alike. Also, the tablet size is only 1” which means it can also be used for small depth pools. The tablets work as super chlorinator along with sanitizing pool and spa. Tablets dissolve very slowly are concentrated in size which means they will keep on sanitizing the pool for a long span of time. Also, the tablets are stabilized as to ensure that there is very chlorine loss due to UV rays emitted by sun. Also, the chlorine residuals are steady and strong and after the chlorination has been done, residuals can easily be removed using filters. The makers have also ensured that there won’t be any chlorine smells which generally arises after using chemicals for chlorinating the pool. 1-2 tablets are sufficient for small indoor pools with capacity of 400 gallons or so.

6.Shock Xtra Blue by Aqua Chem

Aqua chem comes in various quantity sizes. There is pack of 1, 5, 6 and 10 and so on. Each pack measures 1 pond and treats around 12,000 gallons of water. Along with clearing the water using shock treatment it also kills algae and bacteria to create a healthy environment for pools. It can be used for any type of pool to create sparkling clear water. Shock Xtra Blue also reduces the odor of chlorine from water and brings down eye irritation. The pH of water is not affected by using this product and remains well balanced. All along, it works in super fast manner. In just about 15 minutes after the use, the pool can be used for swimming.

5.Leisure Time for Treating Hot tubs and Spas

Leisure Time chemical is a great product for treating of hot water in tubs and spas. It comes in semi liquid form in bottles and cone be bought in a pack of 2, 4 or 12. Each bottle contains 946ml of cleaning liquid. Using leisure time chemicals help various spa filters to perform at their peak efficiency. Also, it is compatible with every type of sanitizer whether it be ozone, bromine or chlorine sanitizers. This utilizes unique chemical polymer method which helps in removing various suspended particle in water along with oil, dirt and making water crystal clear. There is no waiting time after treatment. It works in a very quick manner and can be used at any time of the day. Also, use it weekly for better results and 2 ounces are sufficient for treating 800 gallons of water.

4.Natural Chemistry Pool Cleaner

Container contains 3 liters of water treatment chemical in each bottle. Package comes in set of 1, 2 and 4 bottles. Natural Chemistry pool cleaner helps in preventing the algae growth in paper. The additives added in the chemical are phosphate-limiting which means there wouldn’t be any phosphate residual build-up and algae will be killed along by side as algae feeds on phosphate. It ultimately gives freedom of less management of filters. It also enhances the efficiency of sanitizer system and provides a complete safe pool for family and also the chemicals used in the making of cleanser are environmentally friendly. It can be used in any season and the suggested dosage is 4 ounces for 8000 gallons of water in every week.

3.Super Blue pool clarifier by Robarb

The chemical is in super concentrated form and only 1 oz. of liquid treats around 5,000 gallons of water. Net content of the bottle is 32 FL. OZ. It comes in various pack size. Super Blue liquid efficiently and quickly clears cloudy water into sparkling clear water and prevents any hazy appearance which may rise after sometime. It can be used for water any temperature- hot, cold, lukewarm: it works fine with every one of them. Also, it is effective over wide range of different chemical levels. The liquid is fine and concentrated and it doesn’t clog the filters and hence, it can be used with any filter type. Also, as the super liquid removes the dirt particles, the sanitizer demand is reduced.

2.Concentrated Algaecide for pool and spa

Kem-Tek algaecide is 60% concentrated and works will with all filter types. Algaecide helps to clean the pool water and remove foggy appearance. The clearance of water in turn produces sparkling water. Also, the chemical lasts for a long period of time, giving continuous protection against algae and cleaning of pool. Unlike other algaecide, this algaecide has been formulated in a way as to prevent foaming. It is good for treatment of algae present in water and also for future prevention.

1.Pool Perfect plus by Natural Chemistry

The additives added to the liquid are non-toxic and environmentally friendly enzyme water cleaner. Apart from giving the water sparkling look and clearing it of all types of dust, Pool Perfect Plus also helps in eliminating eye and sky irritation which in turn gives soft and silky effect of water on skin. Due to removal of dirt, algae and other various chemicals, it also enhances the efficiency of other sanitizer programs. Chemicals in the liquid don’t give out any strong odor or waterline rings, reducing the maintenance of pool and spa. The liquid is very simple to use as well. Just add 1 capful of liquid to the skimmer of pool to treat 8,000 gallons of water. Also, be ensured to turn on the circulation system before adding liquid and shake the bottle before use to properly mix up the contents. One bottle of Pool Perfect Plus contains 3 liters of treating liquid.