Not only it causes inconvenience to hold your cell phone in your hand to use it for navigation or any other purpose while driving your car, it is also not at all safe. A car mount is a small ad simple device that can be attached to the windshield, dashboard or even air vent of your car and holds your device for you, letting you pay more attention to the road. The grip is strong enough to withstand the vibrations while travelling on rough terrain or to even remain in place after you hit a pot hole. Also, a car mount makes navigation and viewing your cell phone far more convenient and more importantly, it makes it hand free. Every there is a call or you need to check your cell phone, you wouldn’t have to face the hassle of taking your cell phone out from the pocket and meanwhile losing focus of road. You can simply take a glance at your dashboard and your phone will be there. Safe driving and easy mounting!

Things to consider before buying:

  • Size
    Different car mounts have different holding size and it is necessary to check the dimensions of the holder of car mount before getting one for your car, as to be sure that your cell phone model and car mount holder are the right matches. Most of the car mounts have a standard size and standard phones like iPhones and Samsung Galaxy series will fit into it.
  • Type
    some car mounts have a magnetic head, while some have mechanical holder. Also, the base varies from one another, from mounts with a suction cap to gel pad to rubber prongs: there are different car mounts available. The different base will go with a different surface. Rubber prongs are for air vent whereas suction cap goes well with windshield and dashboard. Depending on where the mount needs to be attached, choose the car mount accordingly.
  • Rotation
    Heads of the car mount are rotatable via different angles. Some are fully rotatable by 360 degrees which some can only be aligned horizontally or vertically. Go for the one which suits your needs better.

10 best Car mounts to choose from

10.Omaker Universal Car Mount

Let it be windshield or dashboard or air vent, car mount by Omkar can be fixed anywhere inside your car. The installation of this mount is very easy as well. With just a push of the one press button, the device can easily be removed. There is no need for any external tools to release it. Also, Amaker car mount lets you put your phone in just any angle as per your convenience and for easy glancing with its holder which can rotate in a full circle. The suction of the holder has a strong grip to hold the device strongly, which ensures when you are travelling on a rough terrain or if there is a bump in a car: the device still remains in its place. The grip is also extendable and can securely hold devices with a width in between 2.0 inches to 3.7 inches and most of the phone by Apple and Samsung has a width in between this range.

9.Luxury Car Mount

Car Mount by Luxury manufactures can easily be installed into the vent of any car by a simple click. The design is very compact and elegant and goes well with every car interior without giving any bulky look. The mount is all black in color. The design has been made very secure and tough as to ensure the tighten grip even if there is a rough bump or you hit a pothole. Also, you can be sure of the fact that there will be no scratches or scuff on your phone or on the dashboard. It is fully rotatable by 360 degrees to ensure easy and comfortable viewing. The device is fully compatible with most of the phones- including newly launched iPhone 7 and 7 Plus by Apple and Galaxy S6 edge by Samsung, along with being compatible with most of the old models. To show the manufacturer’s trust in the product, this car mount by Luxury comes with a lifetime warranty.

8.Mobility universal car mount

Mobility car mount can very easily be attached to dashboard or windshield of the car with its suction base. This suction technology featured by Universal car mount is patented and one of its kind in the market. The rubber grip of the mount ensures there is no scratch on the phone whatsoever and that the phone can easily be accessed even with one hand. This gives the comfort of not stopping your vehicle every time there is some work with the phone. The mount is compatible with all the cell phone having a width in between 3.5 inches to 5.5 inches. The 360-degree rotation ensures easy viewing. Also, the smart phone can as easily be removed as it is inserted by a simple pull, quick release tab ensures that. Moreover, there is a 30 days guarantee to make sure the user is completely satisfied.

7.Steelie car mounts by Nite Ize

Steelie car mount is small and compact magnetic car mount that can easily be fixed into your car dash board with the help of 3M adhesive pad attached to it. Unlike another car mount where you need to fix the cell phone every time in the mount, this magnetic car mount lets you attach the phone to it just by a mere action of bringing the phone closer to it. With the help of magnetic attraction, mount attaches itself to the centre of the phone without causing any harm or damages to the phone and it can as easily be removed. To ensure the safety, Steelie car mount kit includes a phone socket, put your phone into the socket and use it separately or just attach it to the mount, it is that easy and simple. The design of the socket it well enough to fit any phone model. You can even use two magnetic car mount to mount big size tablets and iPad on your dashboard. Despite being small in size and working on magnetic attraction, the adhesive is strong enough to be secure and connected to dash even while talking sharp turns or driving on rough terrain.

6.Zillu universal car mount

Not only on the dashboard of the car, this multifunctional mount by Zillu can as easily be attached to any other surface with a defined edge like shelves, tables, and refrigerators. The design is very classy and it goes well with the interior of any car. A blend of rubber and durable plastic gives it strength and resistance to wear and tear. Also, using combination of plastic and rubber instead of metal makes it very light weight and portable, which comes quite handy when using it in different places. It comes in two color- black and red. Mount is rotatable and works equally well in horizontal alignment as it does vertically. The width of the holder is designed as per the general width of cell phones and virtually every smart phone can be mounted easily on it. Installation and mounting are extremely easy.

5.EnergyPal car mount

Not only this product by EneryPal works as a car mount, it also charges your phone at the same time. There are two USB ports at the bottom of the mount available for this purpose. The ports are designed well enough to ensure the there controlled flow of current whatsoever and that there is no short circuit. Holder and base are connected via a goose neck and long 12 inches length ensures comfortable viewing of the phone while driving. Also, the benefit of goose neck is it is fully flexible and can be adjusted into any shape. It is fully rotatable by 360 degrees. This car mount can’t be attached to dashboard or window; it needs to be connected to cigarette lighter port of the car, as to get the required power for charging. It is more suitable for cell phones having a width in between 44 to 85 mm and length in between 115.5 to 167.6 mm. Bigger cell phones like iPhone 6, 6 plus and Galaxy S6 and S5 by Samsung have dimensions in between this band width.

4.TaoTronics car mount

Sucking cap blended with gel adhesive gives mount strong adhesive strength and let you attach it to any smooth surface like windshield and dashboard. Mount has been designed to ensure there are no scratches on the phone while inserting and removing it from the holder. Smart phones with width lying in between 1.97 inches to 3.94 inches fit easily into the holder with the help of adjustable grip. Also, for easy removing of the cell phones, a release button has been provided, giving you the comfort of simply removing the phone by using only one hand. It is fully rotatable by 360 degrees and can be easily adjusted to any angle for easy glancing. If the suction cup losses its grip, it can be made all new like by a mere action of washing it with warm water and let it dry naturally.

3.TechMatte car mount

Very compact size and completely card-less design give this car mount by TechMatte a clean and simple look. Kit includes a slim MagGrip plate which needs to be inserted in between the case and cell phone. After inserting it the device is all ready to be mounted on the car holder by simply bringing it near to it and let the magnetic attraction do the rest. This small size car mount can only be attached to the air vent of the car. The base has rubber prongs attached to it, slide it inside the air vent to connect it and you are good to go. Since there is no mechanical holder and it works of magnetic attraction, almost any cell phone can be mounted on it, including newly launched iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7. Be sure to remove the plate back while doing wireless charging, else there is no need to even remove the plate, making the whole process completely hassle free.

2.WizGear car mount

All this car mount consist of is a base made of rubber and monstrous magnetic head, and yet it does the job well better than its counterparts. Slip the prong of the base into air vent of the car and insert the thin magnetic plate that comes in between cover and cell phone or stick on the outer of the phone without any case, whatever suits you better and we are good to go. It is that simple. No more pushing and pulling and struggling with buttons, no more efforts to remove and insert the cell phone into the holder of the car mount every time you are going out for a drive. Bring the cell phone close to the mount and strong magnetic attraction does the remaining job. It is that easy to attach and equally easy to remove. Moreover, you can adjust your cell phone to the angle you prefer and there wouldn’t be any movement in place. It will remain firmly in its place.

1.iOttie car mount, One Touch 2

iOttie car mount comes with an easy lock system that gives you the freedom of releasing device simply by a gentle push with a finger. The design has been made to ensure there is no discomfort while taking cell phones inside and outside of the holder even while driving. The base features a gel pad which is super sticky and is sure to remain in place even when you hit the pot holes and take sharp turns. It can simply be attached to the windshield or the dashboard of the car, whatever suits you better. Also, it features a telescopic arm that can open up by 2 inches and has been installed for closer viewing of the device. The width of the holder is 3.2 inches and cell phones like iPhone 6 and Samsung galaxy models fits securely into it. After a span of time when gel pad starts to lose its hold, rinsing it with warm mater and letting it dry naturally will restore its strength.