Modern day cooking has led to proliferation of many gadgets that assist you to get perfection on the table. Meat cooking thermometers have become one such necessity that eliminates the role of guesswork in cooking. These thermometers give the internal temperatures of meats, especially roasts, steaks and other cooked foods. So, the user gets an indication of food cooked at desired levels. Every kind of meat needs to be heated to certain levels, so that pathogens that cause food borne diseases get killed. These instant-read thermometers have a needle point to be inserted into the meat/bread and give out readings as the cooking is being done. Below we have reviewed the 10 of the best and certified meat thermometers available in the market today.

Meat Thermometer Review

10. ProAccurate Meat/Poultry Ovenproof Thermometer by CDN

When accuracy and user-friendly features are key in purchase of meat thermometers, then CDN’s ProAccurate meat Thermometer is definitely the one to purchase. It uses advanced technology to help you prepare professional quality meat dishes. Its extra large 2 inch dial has a glow in the dark feature that enables to read the temperature within the oven. Laboratory-quality glass is used for lens construction that makes it high-temperature and water proof. Its a durable product with quality construction that will last you year after year. Whether its freezer foods or the oven CDN’s thermometer will give you accurate reading of the food items. So, Cut out the guesswork in your cooking with CDN’s ProAccurate meat Thermometer and churn out dishes that will win your family’s heart.

9.Digital In-Oven Thermometer with Timer by Polder

Coming from a company that takes pride in delivering quality consumer home goods for last 40 years, Polder Digital thermometer makes cooking your favourite meat dishes so much easier. This instant read thermometer gives temperature of food within 4 – 6 seconds. It comes with a long 43 inch probe wire that helps to monitor the innermost temperature of the meat. It can give temperature reading between 0o to 200o Celsius. The instrument also comes with a preset memory for last used temperature as well as frequently used settings. The display can be flipped to get easier access to the reading and a wall-mounting apparatus is also provided with the pack. So whether as a gift for those girlfriends who love to cook or for yourself, Polder in-oven thermometer is a great gift for every kitchen.

8. Anpro with Long Probe for Instant Read Cooking Meat Thermometer

Versatility is the second name of Anpro Instant Read Meat Thermometer. It has universal application for checking temperatures whether it is for meats, Candy, BBQ’s or even hot water. A water resistant design, this is a product that will last you a lifetime. It comes with an upgraded LCD display that gives you a stable and instant temperature within seconds of immersing the thermometer in food. The 4.9 inch probe is slender to make minimum puncture holes in the food so as to maintain its looks as well as food quality. The temperature range it can measure is also quite extensive from -50o to +300o C. It gives temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius as required. It comes with a slim fitting handy storage case. So, bring out best in your dishes, because you cannot go wrong with Anpro digital meat thermometer.

7. iDevices iGrill2 Thermometer with Bluetooth 


Imagine you are cooking a steak and your favourite sitcom is going on. But you can’t leave the steak because it requires constant monitoring. Enter – iDevices Meat thermometer. Just insert it in your food, sync with your phone and relax as the readings will let you know the perfect time and temperature when it requires no more cooking. With its 150 feet signal range and 200 hour battery life, iDevices combines technology with traditional cooking to allow you comfort while preparing your favourite dishes. iDevices meat thermometer also comes with four-probes that can give you temperatures of the meat at different points. It is heat and steam resistant and gives out an alarm when cooking is done. iDevices introduces smart cooking that will make your grilling and smoking very convenient and precise.

6. Instant Read, Long Probe, LCD Screen, Anti-Corrosion Latest Cooking Thermometers by Habor Digital

No more worries of your meat being rubbery due to overcooking or raw because you took  it out too soon. The Habor’s Digital cooking thermometer in stainless steel is the answer to all your meat cooking woes. It can also be used to check temperature for other culinary dishes like breads, candy etc. The long probe prevents your hand from burning and the tapered end reduces puncture footprints in the meat. It gives an accurate reading of the temperature with a minimal deviation. It comes with a sleek plastic case which makes it easy for storage. The case also has a loop at one end which enables you to hang it for easy access. It has an auto off option which prevents battery wastage and makes it more durable.

5. Dual probe wireless remote digital Famili OT008 thermometer with an alarm / timer

Now you can cook with the confidence of presenting the perfectly done meat on your table without having to hover around your oven to check on your dish. The dual probe wireless cooking thermometer comes with an alarm which triggers when either your meat is done or your oven/BBQ/smoker is at the set temperature range. Even if you are as far as 300 feet you can get the light and sound of the alarm to tell you it is time to take the succulent meat out of the oven. Even in low-lit condition you can clearly check the display on the big LCD as it is back lit . The display unit comes clad with a belt clip making mobility convenient. It also doubles as a pull-out stand which you can rest on your side table for comfort.

4.Palermo ‘s folding probe Digital Kitchen Thermometer DTH-81

Get prompt digital temperature reading on a large display instantly. Within 4 seconds this meat thermometer gives a precise reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius as per your liking. You can also check and refer the last reading to keep a record on how fast your dish is getting ready. The high quality material used in the thermometer prevents distortion and cracks. The special coating on the probes inhibits any bacterial growth. The probe has reducing thickness of as low as 1.67 mm that reduces the visibility of footprints on your food. The probe can be folded making it durable and very convenient for storage. As and when the probe is folded the thermometer is automatically switched off hence saving the battery. The manufacturers give a lifetime replacement guarantee.

3.Javelin digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer PT12 by Lavatools

Now you don’t have to waste time trying to locate your meat thermometer from the drawers for you can easily secure it with the coherent magnet on your oven or the refrigerator. It gives an accurate reading of temperature with a deviation of ±0.9°F. You don’t have to hold the thermometer in the pan /oven and burn your hand as the response time for reading is just 3 to 4 seconds. The big 1.4″ display is clear and splash-proof. The impact resistant plastic used is NSF approved and is crack-proof even at extremely high temperatures. It has a battery life of more than 4000 hours. The 18/8 stainless steel used for the probes is tapered and curtails the puncture holes in the meat. The silver ion coating on the probe prevents micro-bacterial formation.

2. Alpha Grillers Instant Read Barbeque Meat Thermometer

A compact, on the go, easy to use, instant reading meat thermometer that is a must for all your barbeque parties. Be it in the comfort of your house, on those manicured lawns or at the camp fire in the Mother Nature laps, be sure to enjoy your meat cooked just right. This thermometer gives a precise temperature reading (±1°F) in a jiffy. The readings are clearly displayed on an extra large dial and can be easily read even out in the sun. It is an ideal gift for the aspiring master chef and comes packed in a foam lined box. This box is compact and neat for storage in your kitchenette. For quick reference it comes with a laminated meat temperature guide. Now you can enjoy all this with an assurance of a lifetime money back guarantee.

1.Smoker Dual Probe wireless ThermoPro TP20 Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer

Here is a dual probe digital wireless meat thermometer to cater to all your grilling and smoking needs. Now you can monitor temperature of two different types of meats and the grill/oven/smoker at the same time with the same thermometer. It’s just a plug-in and use gadget that saves a lot of harassment and time to get the specifications right. It has a countdown and count up timer option which you can choose depending on your style of cooking. It has inbuilt temperature settings to choose for cooking 9 different types of meats and the way you want your meat to be done ranging from rare to well done and as per USDA recommendations. The large LCD displays both the temperature and the time. The wireless ranges up to 300 feet enabling you to enjoy and entertain your guests without having to rush in every few minutes to check your oven.