An LED desk lamp comes very handy when you are working on your desk. It ensures there is no or minimal strain on your eyes. The desk lamp makes reading easy by minimizing glare and as a result fatigue of eye is also reduced.  Not only this, it is said that having the right illumination also has a good effect on brain, just as music soothes the brain, so does the light. Having a lamp either on desk or bedside can significantly help in uplifting of mood. Also, if you have to go on for hours at night with your work or reading, desk lamp is very essential for it. The focused light through desk lamp ensures the good reading. Not only that, by reducing eyes strain and fatigue, desk lamp also keeps the eye stronger.

Things to consider before buying:

  • Wattage
    Wattage is the term which tells about the operating power of appliances. The more the wattage of lamp, brighter is the light emitted.
  • Mode
    Desk lamps come with the feature of different light modes for different setting. Different light is required for different setting. While reading- bright light is essential. While sleeping- dim light is required. It is essential to know whether the light is adjustable or not, and whether it suits your need before buying one.
  • Size
    you don’t want to end up owning a large desk lamp when there is hardly any space available on the desk. Desk lamps come in various sizes, from small compact one to desk lamps with huge head. Go for the size as per the place where the lamp needs to be installed.
  • Style
    Desk lamp is an essential appliance and it should go well with the décor of home or office. Desk size is available in different color and style, some with plastic body, some with metal body. They also have different finish from one other. Before buying one, make sure whether it goes well with the aesthetic of indoor or not.
  • Power Source
    Depending on type of desk lamp, it may run on different source. Few desk lamps are wireless and portable, and come with a rechargeable battery already installed in it. They need to be charged now and them and can be used anywhere as there is no need for power socket to run it. Other comes with an electrical cord and needs to be connected to socket for usage.
  • Warranty
    Warranty of the product depends on the manufacture. Some provide a long period warranty while some doesn’t come with a warranty. Choose accordingly.

10 best desk lamps to choose from:

10.Zekpro Desk Lamp

Desk lamp by Zekpro is full multipurpose LED lamp that is perfectly well suited for study desk and counter tops, and it can also be used for outdoor purpose like camping. This lamp comes with its own clips and sturdy base, and hence can be placed just anywhere without providing any external support. It features a fully touch-sensitive switch and the brightness of the lamp can easily be adjusted through it. It includes 14 lights which are dimmable and run on voltage of 5 volts. The maximum compatible wattage is 2.5 watts. Also, this desk lamp by Zekpro is wireless and runs on a lithium battery, giving you the ease of using it anywhere without worrying about the power socket to light it up. The fully charged battery can power it up for maximum of 5 hours and can be recharged via connecting USB cable that comes along with it to any adapter or even laptop. The design of the lamp is pure elegant that goes well along with décor of home and office. The gooseneck tube can also be adjusted for different angle and height to make your reading experience far better.

9.iEGrow Desk Lamp

The feature which makes it stand out from other desk lamp is its design. iEGrow desk lamp comes in a shape of sapling plant and when placed on desk or just anywhere else, adds to the aesthetic of place. The brightness is adjustable and it features a 3-level dimmer for different settings which can be adjusted via fully touch-sensitive switch. The different dimmer level ensures there is no strain to the eye and there is minimal of eye fatigue. Sapling of the plant or desk lamp comes in different color which includes Green, dark green, blue, pink and purple. The lamp is fully wireless and portable and can be used and placed anywhere. It features a rechargeable battery which last 5 hours in the brightest light and 15 hours in the dimmest light. There is also a feature for medium setting in which battery runs for 10 hours. This lamp has a USB port for charging purpose and the lamp can get fully charged in about 3 hours. The power of light source is 1watt at the highest and 0.125watt at the lowest setting. The lamp also has a pen holder at its base which comes handy when using it on work desk of office or home.

8.LE Desk Lamp

This desk lamp by LE has a 340 degrees revolvable base, a lamp head which can be rotated by 270 degrees and a 150 degrees adjustable arm. This feature gives the lamp freedom to cover almost any position and illuminate it. There is no need to worry about that shadows on your desk while reading at night, as with the fully rotatable head, the lamp casts the light in just the right angle. There are 7 different setting for the brightness and dimming. No need to restrain eye at the night time, as the 7 dimming levels ensures you get the right light for your need. LE desk lamp uses LEDS for the lighting source that emits non-glare light and cause minimal eye fatigue. The power source is direct current and lamp can be connected to socket via help of the AC adapter that comes along have a length of 4.92 foots(1.5 meter). This lamp desk has a wattage rating of 8watts which powers the 60 LEDs when the maximum brightness level is used. The head of the lamp can be folded downside when it is not being used giving it a compact design. Also, it comes with a warranty period of 12 months.

7.Trond Desk Lamp

This 10 watt LED lamp by Trond features three different lighting modes and 7-level dimmer to ensure there is right setting for the right environment. The LEDS are fitted in a way to ensure there are no flickering whatsoever and also an anti-glare light. It is very essential to have the right setting as per the time and work, and this desk lamp by Trond just provides you with that. With the help of premium diffusion film the brightens has been increased by as much as 50 percent while ensuring there is no major consumption of power. Also, there are no physical buttons installed in it, everything is touch sensitive. The 3-diferent light modes for reading, relaxing and sleeping can be set up using the touch sensitive on and off key. Also, the light intensity can simply be altered by sliding fingers up and down along controller grove and the lamp also comes with the memory to remember your last setting. A power adapter with 6-foot long cable and a warranty period of 18 months come along with the lamp.

6.Boyon Portable Desk Lamp

This low power desk lamp by Boyon has wattage reading of 3 watts and it also comes in 4 watts wattage. The finish of the product is blend of plastic and metal giving it quiet an exotic look which looks good on the table and bedside. The lamp is fully portable as it is wireless and comes with a build0in rechargeable battery. When the battery is fully charged, it lasts eight hours in the dimmer mode and three hours in the brightest mode. It features a three different setting- dim, medium and bright. The gooseneck is fully 360 degree adjustable and can be bent into just any shape. Also, the design is very compactable and it occupies very small chunk of space. The light emitted by the LEDs is soft causing least fatigue and strain to eyes.

5.Ikea LED Lamp

The body of Ikea LED lamp is made up of Aluminum giving it extra strength and durability. The LED bulbs used last much longer than other bulbs and save as much as 85 percentage of power. The design is simply and classy and comes in three different color- black, copper and white that goes well with any interior. It has a wattage rating of 110 watts which is way greater than average USB Led desk lamps. The power source is corded-electric and the cord has an on/off toggle attached to it. The light emitted is focused and directional and is dimmable. The approximate life time of Led bulbs installed is 20,000 hours. The size is compact and takes very less space on desk.

4.TaoTronics 7W Desk Lamp, model: TT-DL11

TaoTronics desk lamp features a rubber gooseneck which is flexible enough to bent into any shape and direction, and at the same time is also strong as to remain in that shape. The body is made up of plastic. The LEDs installed give ghost-free and flicker-free lighting for comfortable reading and illumination, causing very less strain to eyes. The base pad has a touch-sensitive control which helps in controlling brightness and has a total of 7 different settings. It runs on external power and doesn’t come along with battery: the power adapter is included though. The design is clean and efficient and is perfectly suited for use in office and home.

3.TaoTronics Desk Lamp, model: TT-DL13

Head of TT-DL13 can easily rotate 135 degrees down and up along with 90 degrees to left or right, which makes it easy to line shine at different angles. The light emitted is shine and soft giving the pleasure of comfortable reading. Not only does the job of lighting, it also has a USB port installed which can give power to tablets and smart phones. This feature comes very handy when there aren’t many sockets present nearby. The body is made up of plastic blended with metal for the extra strength. The wattage reading is 12 watts and it runs perfectly smooth on input of AC 110- 240V. Also, the light is dimmable and can be adjusted via the light touch on fully touch-sensitive control panel on the base pad. TT-DL13 comes in two different colors- black and white.

2.Lampant LED Lamp

The Lampant Led lamp has 37 LEDS installed in it and features four different lightening modes with five brightness level for each mode. The white and yellow led illuminate as per the mode set, with all of the led functioning together in reading mode and only yellow led functioning for sleep mode. The head as well as body are both rotatable, making it easy to focus light on any particular point. It runs on electricity and has a wattage reading of 8 watts. Also, it comes with a feature to automatically get turn-off after one hour, which is very handy if you forget to switch it off, as it will switch it off automatically saving electricity and money.

1.TaoTronics LED Lamp, model: TT-DL01

Taotronics led lamp tops the list for the wide range of features it include. This led lamp is eco-friendly as well it saves lot of power, running on voltage of 12 volts. It features 4 different lightening modes along with 5-level brightness for different purpose. Body and the head of the lamp are fully adjustable and rotate by 180 degree to shine and focus on any point, and make the design compact. TT-DL01 also has an auto-turn off feature to ensure there is no wastage of power. It automatically gets turned off after a period of one hour when not in use. Along with this, there is an USB port installed in the base which comes handy for charging smart phones and tablets. Classy and foldable TT-DL01 comes in two different colors- black and piano white.