Many centuries ago the continental drift leading to collision of the Asiatic land plates gave rise to the majestic Himalayas. This also raised the levels of sea floors leading to parts of oceans getting entrapped within these ranges. Over the years, drying up of these oceans resulted in large brine reservoirs concealed in the folds of mother earth. From the depository of these archaic treasures, originated the crystal allies of the salt lamps of the Himalayas.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps are immense. The salt lamps radiate negative ions which help in reducing the electromagnetic radiations or the electro smog generated by electronic gadgets around us. These salt lamps are also believed to have the natural property of purifying the air that we breathe as they are hygroscopic in nature. They are said to have clinical benefits in curing pulmonary diseases and other allergies. These assist in increasing energy levels and improving moods. They work as therapist and aid in relaxation and treating insomnia.

Himalayan salt lamps have an aesthetical look and create a warmth and divine aura around them. They are believed to have healing powers and can be placed on your desk, near your bed or anywhere you desire.

10 popular Himalayan salt lamp review:

 10. Multi Sized Salt Lamp

This twin pack lamps is a great deal you can opt for this season. It comes with multiple size options to choose from varying from 5 inches to 8 inches. The twin pack is a cost saver .Each lamp is unique and does not match its twin is shape or form. The salts used in these healing lamps are especially hand mined in the spectacular Himalayas having divine healing properties. Mounted on a wooden base these lamps add a warm glow and can be easily placed anywhere in your house. Each lamp comes with a 15 watt bulb which when lit lamps emit a beautiful golden glow .The warmth of the lamp generates a soothing effect and also has ionizing properties beneficial for health .They come with 5 feet long chords which enables them to be placed anywhere.

 9. Natural Salt Bowl Lamp

This lamp consists of hand chiseled Himalayan salt rough chunks placed in a bowl which is also made of the same resource. The bowl is hollow centric which emits a serene radiance in amber color when lit. It comes with a dimmable switch to perfectly vibe into your mood preferences. The 6ft UL-Listed chord does not have to be unplugged or plugged every time as it comes with a clicker. It has a wire cage protecting the bulb which is not seen when the rocks sit on it. It can be used 24 x 7 as the heat generated is quite low and does not affect the surface it is placed on as it has an attached wooden base. The sea salt is 100 % food grade but that does not give you a reason to use it in the kitchen if you run out of salt supply.

8.Natural Himalayan Dimmable Salt Lamp

This twin pack Himalayan salt lamp comes in three sizes. Depending upon your requirement you could order for sizes varying from 6 inches to 8 inches, 8 inches to 10 inches or 10 inches to 12 inches. Bigger lamps are more ideal for spacious areas like living rooms. A very cost effective deal each pack consists of two lamps hand crafted and unique. No two lamps will be same as they are made from natural Himalayan salt chunks. These lamps have a dimmer attached to a rotary switch which can be adjusted as per your requirements. They are an excellent option for night light. Two fifteen watt bulbs come along with the product but you can put tubular bulb or similar or higher wattage for generating more warmth.

7.Natural Glow Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

This 8 inch natural Himalayan salt lamp is hand crafted in Pakistan. The salt crystal natural surface is rough and looks pink in color. Once lit it radiates a divine and warm amber light from the 25 watt bulb which comes with the lamp. The tone of illumination can be changed by putting a different color bulb. The lamp base is made of natural neem wood which also has medicinal properties. Neem is considered a very resourceful plant in the Asian regions. Over centuries it has been used for medicinal healing and recently the United States have also approved Neem as a natural insecticide for botanical use. Hence using neem for the base not only gives it a beautiful wooden look but also a long life span which is termite free. With it comes attached UL approved 6 feet power cord and a dimmer.

6. Natural Rock with Dimmer

Be sure your Himalayan salt lamp will be distinct and one of its own as each piece is hand crafted. The salt stone used for each lamp is carefully selected and chipped by hand which results in varied weight, color, shape and size. This makes a unique yet simple gift which will be most appreciated by the receiver because of the warm glow which it emits when lit. Attached with a dimmable cord, you can adjust the brightness as per your requirement. Be it to set a romantic mood, or a meditative atmosphere or a night light this lamp is a multipurpose product. It has a wooden base which gives it a strong platform and you can place it either on your table, mantelpiece or the bedside drawer. A safe and natural environment friendly lamp which is a must have in your house and it comes with a hassle free return guarantee.

5. Salt Lamp in Star Design

Now you can recreate and enjoy the peace and tranquility similar to that of Mother Nature’s in your very own home. Devoid of any artificial substance this lamp made from authentic Himalaya’s salt is aesthetically a treat for the eyes. You can be spoilt from a plethora of designs to choose from. Star, Sun, Leaf, Angel, Jesus, Buddha, Snowflake, Flower etc are few of the available designs .When lit the lamp creates a gentle glow generating an aura of calmness and having a soothing effect. Along with relaxation it also aids in treating pulmonary problems as it clears allergens such as dust, pollens, pet dander, etc. It can be placed anywhere in the house like bedroom , living room , kitchen , bathroom , office  and depending on the placement works as a night light, meditation or prayer light or just a relaxation light.

4.Globe Sphere Salt Lamp

This Natural spherical Himalayan lamp is just what you have been looking for. Sitting on your table top it gives an illusion of the galactic universe. It emits a radiating glow which creates a soothing ambience. Its ailing qualities of ionization help in reducing allergies due to dust and other irritants and promote air purification. It comes along with a 6 feet UL listed chord making it quite mobile and reachable. The dimmer attached to the lamp can be adjusted to create the right mood settings.

3. Himalayan Salt Lantern

Get an old world rustic charm with this beautiful lantern style Himalayan salt lamp. This basket lamp is made of metal entwined and finished with a ebony coat of polish. Pure chunks of Himalayan salt rocks are placed inside the basket with a lamp underneath .When lit the rocks emit a soothing amber color which ionizes the air around it and has healing properties. The rocks of salt can be grinded or sanded periodically or just washed to maintain the freshness. The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted with the help of an inbuilt dimmer.

2.Metal basket lamp with salt chunks


This beautiful lamp with meshed metal basket is available in many designs such as fans, flame, Moroccan and many more. The beauty of this lamp is enhanced by chunks of Himalayan rock salt kept in it. This air purifier will help you create a peaceful and healthy atmosphere at home. It emits a soft light and fills the atmosphere with negative ions that clears the air off pet dander, dangerous pollens, allergy-causing particles and smoke too. It’s Effective as a bed-side lamp or even as a meditation light source. It will add a mellow glow to your dinner tables and instantly change the mood to a romantic one. Unique and handcrafted, each lamp is designed individually. It also aids to healing common respiratory problems. It is a durable product as the salt will go on for years before you need to replace it.

1.Heart shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp

From the eco-friendly neem wood base to pure Himalayan pink salt lamp, this dual heart shaped

Lamp product is an eco-friendly product from Mother Nature. Each salt lamp is uniquely handcrafted and contains a unique combination of concentrated mineral veins and deposits. With its dimmer control, the lamp helps you create warm and soothing environment at home. It induces a pleasant aroma in the surrounding atmosphere and its purifying properties create a comforting and harmonious atmosphere in any room it is kept in. This lamp is also Feng Shui compatible. It releases negative ions which will cleanse and harmonize your home environment. With the aid of the dimmer, user can alter the light settings. At higher light settings, the negative ions will cleanse the air at home of pollens, dust allergens.