Have you ever imagined a vampire walking through the road or Harry Potter passing by you? Well, don’t think so much, as it’s very much possible on the Halloween day. It’s the occasion of Halloween which gives the chance to dress up in costume, that too of scary and spooky ones. Children, adult everybody enjoys Halloween party. Earlier people used to wear costumes to disguise the ghosts roaming around the roads but now it’s done for enjoyment. In various countries around the world its celebrated on 31st of October. Markets are full of costumes inspired by the characters of the movie, supernatural stories, comics and of course TV. Kids go crazy to buy the costume of their favorite super hero or the famous scary character of the movie of the year. Kids enjoy this time, they dress up in costume and go door to door with their friends and ask for sweet treats. Earlier treats were given to poor people who in return used to pray for the soul of the family relative and they are in peace. But now time has changed. Though its really fun to see Batman, pirate, witches, creepy dolls roaming around the road.

Top 10 Holloween Costume Review

10.Catwoman Costume The Dark Knight Rises

Batman is a well-known character and the Catwoman character from the movie “dark knight rises” is very popular one. Rubie’s Secret wishes collection, present this perfect costume for adults. This costume is available in 4 sizes, X-small, small, medium and large. The size extra small will fit 0-2, small will fit 2-6, the medium is for 6-10 and large will fit 10-14. This popular dress is made of 85% polyester,9% spandex, and 6% vinyl. The fabric is a comfortable one and can be hand washed. This costume is a complete one including boot tops, eye mask, and belt too, just like the movie. The black colored gloves are also included and the mask has the headpiece too covering the ears. So get dressed up as a Catwoman this Halloween.

9.Men’s Batman Rubie’s Costume The Dark Knight Rises

Rubie’s a New York-based world known the name in the world of costume creation has come with Batman costume for the occasion of Halloween. This costume is available in various adult sizes starting from X-Small, small to medium (chest size of 42 inches and waist of 30 to 34 inches),large(chest of 46 inches and waistline of 36 to 40 inch) and also X-large(50 inches chest and waist of 42 to 46 inches). The fabric is of 100% polyester and can be hand washed. The Dark knight costume includes not only the jumpsuit which has a Velcro closure which is attached to boot tops. It also has headpiece covering the ears, cape, and yellow colored belt.

8.Miss Krueger on Nightmare Elm Street Secret Wishes Women’s Costume

Miss Krueger the character of a bad girl from the Nightmare Elm Street is available from Rubie’s. This dress is available in adult sizes from X-small to small and medium. The dress is available with hat and gloves. Its made in china and made up of 100% polyester. The costume has got a special touch of the character, so a little part is slashed but no worries regarding washing, as it can be washed in machine easily. To give a scary touch an evil glove is attached. The dress is quite sexy but with gloves it changes into scary attire, which is quite justified in the occasion like Halloween. Lets get ready to scare others this Halloween.

7.Adult Deluxe costume Kylo Ren The Force Awaken

Fan of Star Wars? If yes then must try this Halloween the licensed costume of kylo Ren of Force Awakens. This imported costume is black in color and available in three sizes only i.e. medium, X- large (44 to 46 inches of jacket size and waist of 36 to 40 inches) and standard (jacket size 42 to 44 inches and 34 to 36 inches of waist size). It’s made up of 100% polyester. It can be hand washed easily. This costume comes with these components: hooded cape, robe, one belt and a mask. The belt is printed foam. The mask has mesh eyed covering with elastic straps to be tied behind the head. The pull over is available with a Velcro closure.

6.Lethal Women’s California Beauty Costume

In Halloween, party black is a common color. This lethal beauty costume comes in a different color. It is green in color. It includes a haltered dress with an adjustable skirt (this is attached to it), mask and a train with a waist tie (this is detachable), boot covers, printed leggings, and glovelettes. Not only this, faux leaflets are also attached with this dress. If anybody is not comfortable with the train, it can be avoided as it’s detachable. Wear the boots as per your choice and comfort and later cover them with boot covers to complete the look. This dress is available in various sizes from X-Small to small, medium, large and X-large too. It’s made of 100% polyester. It can be hand washed .A classic poison ivy dress which makes it a true Halloween costume.

5.Princess Leia Star Wars Secret Wishes Costume

Rubie’s present the fearless Princess Leia costume from Star Wars for this Halloween. Try this white colored iconic costume which will make the presence noticed among thousands in the party. It’s quite simple but very classic and elegant at the same time.This simple costume is made of 100% polyester material. It includes a silver colored belt and a black colored wig. This dress has full sleeves and high neck. It is easy to wash by hand and can be hung after washing to dry. This product is made in China. It is available in different sizes i.e. X-small, small, medium and large. The dress is a purely white-colored costume. The black colored wig has two side buns, short haired people will definitely get a new hairstyle. Rubie’s are in the costume creation since 1950. They create a costume for various occasions like Easter, Christmas, etc. This Halloween tries Princess Leia costume and become fearless like the character.

4.Swashbuckler Women Pirate Costume by California Costumes


The character of Pirates is quite popular in Halloween parties. California costumes present the Swashbuckler pirate costume. This is available in burgundy color. It’s available in various sizes from X-small, small, medium, large, X-large and XX-Large also. It’s made of 82% Polyester, 10% of cotton with 8% of Polyurethane, whereas the skirt is made of 100% Polyester. This pirate costume has a feathered hat with ruffle sleeves(these sleeves are detachable), a sleeveless top which has a lace up the body, skirt (high/low) and last but not the least a belt with a skull buckle on it. The skirt is trio-layered, long from the back side, giving a different look to the attire. The important part of the dress is the bodice, which is nicely designed with lace. This costume has many parts but can be easily hand washed at home and managed easily.

3.Deluxe Adult Batgirl DC Comics Costume

A sizzling bat girl dresses presented by Rubies. Black is the most preferred color in Halloween party and this deluxe comics bat girl dress too comes in black. Its available in different size, i.e, extra small, small, medium, large and plus size. The dress is 4” high and 12” wide .It’s made of 100% polyester .It can be hand washed at home. This bat girl costume has different parts which include yellow colored bat logo, black cape, gloves, mask, and one yellow belt with black colored boot tops. The eye mask gives the feeling of the character and why not it’s an officially licensed dress of bat girl. Rubie’s company provide the licensed secret wishes costume of bat girl. It includes all accessories with the dress to give the complete character feeling of a bat girl. This officially licensed costume surely will win everybody’s heart and keep the ghosts away.

2.Cutthroat Men’s Pirate California Costume

California presents Cutthroat pirate costume for adult men for this Halloween party. This costume has multiple colors in it, black, red and white. It comes in four sizes, small, medium, large and extra large. This costume comes with all its accessories which include the shirt, one belt with buckle, bandana or a head tie to tie around the head, wrist cuffs, cropped pants and boot tops. The men’s pirate shirt is the most important part of the costume which is designed with laces in front. The belt, as it’s a pirate’s belt, is wider than usual belts with a big buckle on it. The accessories i.e. the head tie and wrist cuffs complete the look of a pirate. Imagine yourself dressed up as a pirate and roaming all around and posing differently at the Halloween party this year. It would be loved by living people but can’t say about the ghosts.

1.South Seas Women Siren California Costume

California costumes present the South Seas women siren costume. This costume is the perfect one to be paired up with a rouge pirate. This is a two piece imported product which has two colors in it, i.e. brown and cream. It is available in four different sizes, small, medium, large and extra large. This is made up of 100% polyester material. It should be washed by hand and preferably in cold water. While washing this dress bleach should not be used and dryer should also be avoided. Line dry is preferred for this type of dresses. This dress is twelve inches high and five inches wide. This two piece dress includes one handkerchief skirt and one head tie. This dress has full-length sleeves which are made of lace. The dress can be worn, either on the shoulder or off the shoulder, depending on the choice. After wearing this dress the head tie needs to be wrapped around the head properly to complete the look.