Lift jack is a manually operated mechanical machine with only purpose of lifting motorcycle to a certain height that allows better servicing and maintenance of vehicle. Though, it is necessary to know the type of lift jack required for your bike before purchasing one. Different jacks have different lifting range. Depending on your motorcycle model, it is essential to have one with sufficient enough lifting height that allows for easy servicing and maintenance. Also, the average lifting capacity of jack is 1100 lbs, if your motorcycle exceeds this weight limit than it is required to get the jack with high lifting capacity. Here is the list of 10 best motorcycle lift jacks for you to choose one which suits best your needs.

Motorcycle Lift Jacks Review

10.Rage Powersports Scissor Jack

This motorcycle scissor jack is constructed using heavy duty steel and has a finishing look of black powder coat. To protect the motorcycle from damage while being lifted for service and maintenance, it is covered by rubber padding of thickness 1/4 inch. The base has been provided with small rubber wheels for easy movement of the lifter from one place to other. Also, for compact storage of the jack, it gets lowered down as small as height of 3-11/16 inches. The lugs and nuts used in this scissor jack can easily be opened using ratchet, air tool or wrench of the socket operation 7/8 inch. The dolly model of the jack includes 4 steel casters and may require some external assembly. This scissor jack by Rage Powersports is well suited to lift street sport type motorcycles.

9.Liftmaster motorcycle lift

Liftmaster motorcycle lift has been designed to left motorcycles weighing up to 680Kg(1500lb). The lifting range of the lift jack is defined as the minimum and maximum height to which it can lift the bike, the lifting range for this lift jack is 110-370mm or 4.3-14.5 inches. The total lifting area of the jack is 12 inch by 12 inch with a 14 inch base which is suitable to list most of motorcycles and scooters. For product and machinery safety, the lift has been built and tested as per ANSI and CE standard. Also, this lift jack features swivel castors that help in easy moving of the lift jack from one place to other. Other essential feature about this jack which separates it from other jacks is that it has foot release valve which helps in precise lifting of the bike.

8.Extreme Max motorcycle jack (narrow)

The lifting capacity of this Extreme Max motorcycle lift jack is 1100lbs. Also, the lifting range is 3-5/8 inches at lower side and 16-1/2 inches at maximum. This jack has been designed for manual lifting of rear or front part of the vehicle by using the handle which has been included with the kit. The Extreme Max lift jack also features dual frame adaptors which is completely adjustable and removable and provides extra lift of 2 inches to 3-1/4 inches. The whole jack has been designed using steel frame generally used for heavy duty machineries. The base doesn’t feature wheels from moving the jack from one place to other but instead has welded base brackets that help in mounting the jack permanently in one place. The permanent mount only adds to the stability of the jack and helps in keeping the motorcycle fixed in one place while being serviced. Also, to show the manufacturer’s trust in product, the whole package comes with a warranty of 2 years.

7.Extreme Max motorcycle jack (Wide)

Similar to its narrow counterpart, lifting capacity of this motorcycle jack by Extreme Max is  1100 lbs. Thought its lifting height varies slightly. The lifting height range of this jack varies from 3-3/8 inches to 14”. The major difference between the narrow and wide Extreme Max motorcycle jack is the total area surface of the top layer. The length and width of this jack is 15-1/8 inches and 9 inches, providing it with the surface area required to lift the centre part of motorcycle. While going for servicing and maintenance of a bike, centre lift comes very handy. Top surface of the jack is covered with rubber paddle which is durable and strong and this rubber puddles add to the stability of lift and also prevent any damage and scratches to the bike.

6.Torin Motorcycle Jack

Toring ATV and motorcycle jack comes in very compact design making it very easy to store and to work with. Also, the red polish only adds to it finishing look. The lifting capacity of this little but heavy duty jack is 1500 pounds. It can lift the bike to a minimum height of 5.125 inches and up to a maximum height of 16.625 inches. This motorcycle lift jack by Torin also features two front swivel casters for easy movement and at the same time, these swivel casters are lockable, which means extra stability while working on motorcycle. Apart from swivel casters it also features pulling bar and bottle jack for easy lifting of bike. Apart from this, there are 6 locking positions which improve the ability of the jack to hold the bike in a stable position while being serviced or worked on multiple times.

5.XtremepowerUS motorcycle centre lift jack

XtremepowerUS manufactures motorcycle scissor jack that lifts the motorcycle through its central part which comes very handy while servicing of bike. The lift capacity of this jack is 500Kgs (1100 lbs) and most street motorcycles fall under this category. The lifting range of the jack without any saddles and adapters attached is 95mm to 400mm, i.e. 3-3/4 inches to 15-3/4 inches. Two saddles and adapters have been provided which can be added to further increase the lifting range. This jack has very simple mode of operation, the motorcycle is to the lifted by simple rotation of crank attached manually. Also, the jack lacks in any wheels for movement of jack from one place to other. The jack needs to be fixed in any one particular place and 3 inches wings are provided on each side at bottom of jack to further add to its stability.

4.Black Widow Jack Lift

For heavy weight motorcycles like cruiser or touring motorcycles, black widow jack lift stand is the right fix. The lifting range of this jack is from 3.75 inches to 16.25 inches. It also includes two frame adapters which can be added or removed from further varying the lifting range. The addition of the frame adapters will further add 2” to 3.25” to the lifting height. This jack doesn’t favor centre lifting and instead is well suited rear and front lift. The jack is to be operated manually using scissor lift frame. Scissor lift frame is socket-driven. The whole jack has been constructed using heavy duty steel and has the loading capacity of as high as up to 1100 lbs.

3.Powerbuilt Triple lift jack

As opposed to general lifting capacity of 1100lbs of most of the motorcycle lift jacks, this lift jack by powerbuilt has lifting capacity of 4000 pounds which is also slightly greater than the ANSI standards. This lift jack has been made using heavy duty steel and is very durable while at the same time also being very easy to use. The exciting feature of this lift jack is that is has padded lift rails and removable lift saddle. Also, the reason why this jack is being called as triple lift jack is that because it can adapt itself to suit needs of different vehicles with different frame. Not only motorcycles, this jack can also be used to lift cars and trucks as well. This jack is your one step solution to lifting problem of every vehicle. To further enhance the stability of lifted vehicle, it comes with a locking safety bar which holds the jack in one place.

2.Motorcycle centre lift jack

This lift jack by Dragway Tools features a centre scissor lift frame and has the lifting capacity of 1100 lbs.  The design of this jack is well enough to be compatible with most of the motorcycle models. The design is very clean and cut, and the jack is also fully compact for easy storage and handling. The maximum height to which a motorcycle can be lifted using this centre lift jack is 13.25 inches. Also, the top surface of the jack is fully covered with rubber which prevents any damage and scratches to the bike. Lifting area of the jack is large and has length and width of 16 inches and 10 inches respectively which are slightly greater than average values.

1.PowerZone Hydraulic lift jack

The lifting capacity of this heavy duty lift jack is 1700lbs which is far greater than average lifting capacity of other jacks. Also, the lifting range is from 4-1/2 inches to 14-1/2 inches. The jack is to be operated manually using hydraulic pump that works by applying pressure from foot. This foot operated jack means it leaves both of your hands free to adjust the position of the motorcycle at the same. Also, it comes with a safety handles that provides stability to the jack and to the lifted vehicle. The top layer is saddle with rubber pads that protects the motorcycle from any damages that may occur.