Apple watch is certainly a high-tech product made for the new generation of geeks. It can be used for many advanced purposes rather than just displaying time and notifications which can be done by other conventional watches. Therefore a large number of accessories have been developed specially for Apple Watch to improve its looks and take the maximum use out of it. Apple watch stand plays a vital role among those accessories and you need to choose one that fits best for your watch in every aspect.

Within this article, you’ll be able to find a compilation of some of the best Apple Watch stands in the market today ranging from handmade wooden designs to machine made aluminum manufacturers. So read on to find the best stand that suits the style of your apple watch.

Things to consider before buying an Apple watch stand

When you are going to buy a stand for a sophisticated device like Apple watch, there are some important factors to consider without immediately buying one. They can be listed as below

  • Charging

The stand you choose should take away the burden of charging your iWatch from you. It should support effortlessly for the charging of the watch and allow utilizing some or all Apple watch features while securely charging. Therefore you need to consider well about the charging facilities of the stand you choose.

  • Material

Apple watch stands are available in various materials like wood, metal, and leather. You have to decide the suitable material according to your needs and preferences. You can select a wooden crafted stand if you want a more natural look or a metallic model if you expect a more strong and durable finishing.

Except for those two factors, it’s also advisable to check what are the versions of Apple watch the stand supports and its viewing angle while charging. It should be compatible with the latest versions of Apple watch and offer a comfortable viewing angle while charging.

Recommended Products Lists

After getting an idea about the type of stand you should buy, go through the below reviews to find out the model that greatly fits with your Apple watch.

#10 JETech  2070 Apple Watch Stand

As your Apple watch is a beautiful thing to behold, JTech has designed this smart stand to show it off when it’s out of your wrist. This JTech 2070 Apple watch stand has an improved design for circular charger head placement and proper cable management. It can be used to hold and charge your Apple watch steadily with fashion and elegance. It features an ABS stand accompanied by TPU dock which protects your Apple watch from scratching. There’s also a different cutout for iWatch charger and code. You just have to put the iWatch on the stand while charging and it will work as a clock. It is designed to hold and charge all models of 38/42mm Apple watch Sports Edition. This black color Apple watch stand is 4.2x 2.4x 1.2 inches in dimensions and weighs about 4 ounces. It’s a highly recommended product which is available for an affordable price.

#9 Renoj Apple Watch Stand

This outstanding Apple watch stand is specially designed for all models of Apple watch 2015. It has got a simple design with precise cutouts and perfectly fits with your Apple watch charger. It’s a high quality and extremely light weight aluminum stand with a high friction and non-slip soft pad at the base. Furthermore, it’s a portable stand which offers a comfortable viewing angle of 45 degrees. This stand is easy to use as it doesn’t require any assembly before using and you can make it ready for use by simply slipping the charging cable into the routing channel on the back of the watch stand. It will also keep your charging cord unnoticeably hidden while charging. This Renoj iWatch stand comes in two appealing colors (Black & Silver) and offers a lifetime warranty. The sleek and modern design of this stand make it suitable to be placed anywhere and it’s indeed an ideal place to keep your Apple watch safe and clean at night while charging.

#8 Spigen’s S330 Apple Watch Stand


This Spigen’s S330 stand is a highly rated Apple watch stand which is available in the market currently. This marvelous iWatch stand holds your device in an easy viewing angle and its stable aluminum stand with TPU dock prevents the watch from scratching. Its cable and charger openings are compatible with both versions of iWatch charger. It also consists of a circular cut-out which helps to safely fit the charger below the watch. The nice design and smooth appearance of this Apple Watch stand allow for a seamless simplification of handling your iWatch off the wrist, night stand or on the desk. This stand is available only in silver color and compatible with Apple watch 2015. It’s definitely a great accessory to go with your new Apple watch.

#7 Spigen’s Apple Watch Stand – S350


Spigen’s S350 Apple Watch Stand is perfect for showing off your precious timepiece in a fashionable way.  It is entirely made from non-scratch TPU and packed with great functionality. This stand supports nightstand mode with Apple watch OS2. It consists of a bottom rim that frames the iWatch on the side for solidity which prevents it from swaying side to side. Its Open dock structure makes it more usable with the Apple Watch and charger. With this excellent watch stand, it’s very easy to place and charge your iWatch with the strip open or closed. An accurate charger cutout allows form-fitting precision which makes things simple and easy to handle. This Spigen’s S350 stand is 0.6x 0.3x 0.4 inches in size and compatible with all iWatches and cases.

#6 Orzly Compact Stand for Apple Watch

The Orzly Nightstand Apple Watch Stand is another popular iWatch stand among users with its stylish and minimalistic design. It provides an ideal platform to charge your Apple watch using nightstand mode which is built into its Apple Watch OS2. It also contains precise cutouts to hold your Apple watch charger and keep the cable tidy. Moreover, this wonderful stand is completely made with an accurately crafted TPU and well designed to put up your magnetic charger enabling easy charging and docking for your Apple Watch. This Orzly Nightstand also features a weighted non-slip base in order to offer more protection for the watch and it is compatible with all models and sizes of Apple watches. This stand is available in 4 nice color variations as black, blue, green, and red to match with different iWatch sports bands.

#5 Stalion Apple Watch Stand (Bamboo Wood)

With its Bamboo wood carved & soft coated design, this Apple watch stand lets your iWatch stay fashionably complementing its looks. It features designated slots to set your iWatch on while you are sleeping or charging. There’s a rubber base for a proper desktop grip and can be immediately used after getting out of the box without any assembly. This iWatch stand has also got some other useful features such as nightstand mode support, wireless magnetic charging, rear and areal cutout and 180-degree angle watch display which is perfect for work desktop view or night table. It charges your Apple watch stylishly and safely at a comfortable viewing angle of 45 degrees. This Stalion bamboo wood stand is also capable of docking your iPhone 6S/ 6S plus side by side simultaneously and its top rear cut out avoids charging chord from entwining. It protects your Apple watch from scratching and getting dirty by placing on the stand while concurrently charging. What is more interesting about this iWatch stand is that it allows using all the Apple watch and iPhone features while charging. This stand is long lasting and travel-friendly too. It can be easily installed by placing the charging dock on a flat and clean surface and putting the magnetic charger in the provided space. This stand is universal and compatible with all apple watch collections and iPhones including iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 5/5s/5c. Stallion offers a lifetime warranty for this brilliant iWatch stand and it suits well for any home or business environment offering great benefits to its users.

#4 Stalion Apple Watch Stand (Aluminum body)

This is another luxury Apple watch stand by Stalin which provides a great value for your money. It comes with a modern aluminum precision cut design which is very lightweight. This high-quality stand seamlessly supports nightstand mode and wireless magnetic charging with MagSafe technology. It enables to place your iWatch on your office desktop, kitchen table or night table safely and maintaining functionality. This Apple watch stand helps to keep your iWatch charged up a whole day to sync all your planned activities and focus on a schedule.  It offers a comfortable viewing angle of 45 degrees while stylishly and safely charging your watch. This stand comes in three magnificent colors as power gold, quicksilver and space gray to match with your preference. Furthermore it is universal and compatible for all Apple watch collections including editions for 38mm/42mm models.

#3 Apple Watch Stand by Stalion

This Stallion Apple watch stand for Apple watch sports edition is always a valuable option to consider for its modern and luxurious design. It comes with a very light aluminum precision cut design and available in three attractive color options as power gold, quick silver and space gray. This fabulous watch stand is rich with numerous features that can attract users such as nightstand mode, wireless magnetic charging, side cutout, 45-degree angle watch display and night table or desktop work view. The TPU watch cradle sets the watch on while it’s charging and its rubber base provides an excellent desktop grip.  You can avoid the watch from getting dirty and scratched by placing on this stand for charging. This stand is also universal and compatible with all the collections of Apple watch including Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition for 38mm/ 42mm models. This amazing watch stand helps your Apple watch rest anywhere comfortably while maintaining its functionality.

#2 Aerb Bamboo Wood Apple Watch Stand


This Aerb Bamboo Wood iWatch Stand scores very high when it comes to aesthetic look and effectiveness. Its rounded bamboo finish blends perfectly with any surroundings and it acts as a stand for both your Apple watch and iphone. This stand consists of special cutouts for iWatch charger and cable and it’s capable of holding your Apple Watch firmly offering an easy view. It can also hold your iPhone smartly though it doesn’t support OtterBox. The wooden manufacture offers it a more solidity and a better stabilization quality while preserving its natural and classy look. This Apple Watch stand comes with additional docking space for your mobile devices as well as a charge holder cradle for iWatch. This wooden stand has dimensions of 2.36x 2.48x 5.71 inches and does not support otterbox. It is another bestselling Apple watch stand with many exciting reviews from buyers around the word.

#1 Aerb Rose Wood Apple Watch Stand

This luxury Apple watch stand is on the top of the list with its stylish design and excellent quality. It’s constructed with nature rosewood which offers it a more natural and classic appearance. This great Apple Watch stand acts as an all in one docking platform for all your mobile devices such as iWatch, iPhone, and iPad including an additional docking space for mobile phones. It features a charge holder cradle and a removable magnetic stand for your Apple watch. There are also some solid hands for other devices such as mobiles and tablets. There’s a special opening only for iWatch charger and cable which the other devices do not have. This Apple watch stand is an ideal place to store your iWatch, iPhone and iPad safely and cleanly while they are not charging. It is 2.9 x 2.8 x 2 inches in size and weighs 0.3 ounces. Aerb Rose Wood iWatch stand has become the most popular Apple watch stand among other competitive products with the highest number of reviews.