The majority of us are overloaded with work, spending hours out of our house to achieve the job goals that we have. Because of this workload, most of us rarely have few minutes work break to enjoy a descent sip of coffee. So, during this time either we run to the nearest coffee shop, wait in long line wasting our precious break minutes or just forget having coffee.  But now a third way is also in our hand and that is vacuum flask.

Vacuum flask has gained an exponential fame in recent few years. This is mostly in the regular work force and coffee lovers. The vacuum technology that has been employed in these flasks serves a twofold purpose, basically preventing the transfer of heat. Due to this, the drink inside remains hot or cold as required for long hours for us to enjoy.

10 Stainless Steel Travel Mugs Reviews

10.Thermal insulated Contigo SnapSeal Travel Mug 

This is a stylish and high-performance mug with good portability. Holds sufficient amount of drink and can easily be put into any bag. The stainless steel body makes the mug durable and tough, prolonging its life. The 16 oz or 20 oz weight of the travel mug gives it compactness and makes it light, especially when the user travels light, like on their way to the office. Efficiently closing tight seal lid of the mug helps prevent leakage in case of traveling activities. Very high performance helps keep the drink at the right temperature for long hours haul. It keeps the hot drink at the correct temperature for up to a period of 7 hours and also efficiently maintains the temperature at a sub-atmospheric level for a period of 18 hours. The external design is not only stylish but also ensures a perfect fit of the mug in all and any cup holders.

9.Stanley Classic Vacuum Mug

The stainless steel alloy 18/8 out of which the mug is made of gives the flask a highly durable and rust resistance ability. The vacuum insulation technology that has been incorporated in the flask helps in maintain the required temperature of the hot drinks for a period of 4.5 hours, for cold drinks for approximately 5 hours and iced drinks for up to about 20 hours. The design has been specifically designed for one hand use, that is, a push button allows the mug lid to be opened with one hand and also closed in a similar matter. The material and the design makes the mug easily washed in any dishwasher after disassembling. The best feature that makes this mug rest above all its revivals is the lifetime warranty that is manufacturer gives which indirectly grantees the products perfection.

8.Thermos Stainless King Travel Tumbler, king of all travel mugs

This product carries the name THERMOS with it. This in itself is a grantee of the best performance. The cutting edge technology used in the products vacuum insulation allows the liquid to be maintained at the required temperature for a period of 5 hours when hot beverages are stored and up to 9 hours when cold drinks are to be stored. Unlike many other mugs and flasks, the stainless steel material out of which this product is made of covers the entire external as well as internal of the mug. This, in turn, ensures a very high durability of the product compared to its competitors. A distinct feature that has been added to this product is a built-in hook which easily allows tea bags and tea diffusers to be held in place with ease making the product perfect for making hot tea anywhere anytime.

7.Simple Modern Tumbler with lid sealing for a perfect drink on a go

The major feature that attracts several customers towards this product is the wide variety of colors that are available to choose from. In spite of its 30 oz capacity, the design of the mug ensures a perfect fit in any cup holders. This feature allows you to enjoy ever sip of your drink even while driving. The vacuum insulated stainless steel wall allows your drink to be kept at a right temperature, hot or cold. The stainless steel material also makes the product sweat free ensuring a tight grip no matter what. The design and the tight sealing lid together provide a perfect leak-proof, hence avoiding drink slipping out during traveling. Not only that, but the lid is also designed to allow it to be easily opened so that the drink can be enjoyed on the go.

6.Vacuum Travel Mug from BlinkOne 

This fine product brought by BlinkOne is voted one of the favorite traveler’s mugs. The vacuum insulation technology with which this product has been made ensure your drink remains at a correct temperature anytime, ready to be enjoyed. The stainless steel material used in the manufacturing of this product not only makes it highly durable but also makes this tumbler tea and coffee friendly. The size of 10 inches X 3 inches X 3 inches along with its weight of 12.69 oz makes it overall compact, perfect for light travel users. The double walled stainless steel insulation along with BPA free lid ensure a safe spill-proof design and also the simple flip open lid makes it very easy to be used.  Another major feature is the lifetime warranty that its manufacturer gives with this product.

5.RTIC Tumbler is the new destination for beverage lovers

RTIC tumbler available in sizes of 10 oz, 12 oz, 20 oz and 30 oz are all compact in design, thus as a result taking very less space and perfect when traveling light, like on your way to the office. The product is made out of 18/8 approved type stainless steel makes it strong and durable hence elongating its useful life span. The double walled vacuum insulation construction allows heat retention and insulation so that any drink inside remains at perfect temperature even after long hours. This vacuum insulation also insulates the external surface for a hot or cold drink inside providing safety to our hands. When icy drinks are to be stored the insulation ensures its sub temperature to be maintained for up to 24 hours. The tumbler is easy to use and easy to disassemble, to be hand washed anytime.

4.Kodiak Coolers Tumbler

The major design feature due to which this product has gained fame among the customers is the powdered coating that the manufacturers use to polish up the stainless steel surface to give a dashing stylish look to the tumbler. Available in various colors, these tumblers are made out of approved quality 18/8 304 grade stainless steel which provides the flask high durability and strength. The vacuum insulation helps keep the drink at a correct temperature no matter they are hot or cold. Even icy chill drinks can be maintained at the required temperature for more than 24 hours.  Apart from customer usage point of view, these Kodiak tumblers are BPA free which makes them environmentally friendly, thus eliminating plastic pollution of our surroundings. The high quality of the product and the trust its manufacturers put into this product is depicted in the lifetime warranty that comes with it.

3.SIC (Seriously Ice Cold) Tumbler Cup

 The slim design SIC tumbler is modified keeping in mind the limited storage space that light traveling customers have. This new sleek design allows the tumbler to be fitted into any cup holding space. The vacuum insulated doubled wall maintains the temperature of any drink inside suitably and also makes the external surface sweat free. This double walled insulation also helps to safeguard our hand from the hot or cold drinks kept inside. These powder coated tumbler cups are available in 3 basic sizes, 20 oz, 24 oz and 30 oz along with a large variety of colors to pick from. The tumble since made of 18/8 durable stainless steel has very high strength and toughness. The BPA-free materials which are used in making of the tumbler, especially the tumbler lid are eco-friendly, thus minimizing plastic pollution. The makers along with all these features also provide an additional lifetime warranty for customer’s satisfaction.

2.EPIC thermally Insulated Travel Tumbler

The compact 30oz thermal tumbler from EPIC is extremely durable as it is made out of high-grade stainless steel. The additional copper lining between the double wall vacuum insulation ensures high heat retention and heat ingress prevention. This, as a result, helps in keeping the temperature of the drink at correct hotness or coldness level for a 24 hours period as required. The insulation also helps to maintain sweat free external surface and providing added safety to our hands when handling too hot beverages. The distinct feature added to the design is the dual lid seal protection, one slipping, and another sliding lid. Along with it 2 set of 9.5 inches stainless steel straws, one bend and other straight, allows you to enjoy your cold drink anywhere. BPA free materials incorporated in the tumbler ensures safe, healthy and eco-friendly product.

1.Zojirushi SM-SA36-RW Mug

Zojirushi insulated travel mug is one of the best and customer satisfactory products that you can find in the market. Available in 3 sizes, that is 12 ounce, 16 ounces, and 20 ounces have new modified compact design which helps minimize the space needed while at the same time maximizing the capacity. The stopper can be easily disassembled for cleaning. The tight seal of the mug to prevent any spillage is provided by the new pictograph lock. The mug is completely made out of stainless steel to ensure its long durability. The BPA-free plastic used in manufacturing, ensure a safe and eco-friendliness of the entire product. The inner surface is made up of especial non-stick material which is also easy to clean. Apart from these features, an additional 5 years warranty for heat retention ensures customers are always satisfied.

Buying Guide


The function of the travel mug is to ensure what is hot must remain hot and what is cold must remain cold. This ensures that the drink that is kept inside remains at the best suitable temperature even after few hours so that we can enjoy our drink in the best way anywhere anytime.

What’s best for you?

It’s a basic customer mentality to check and analysis everything twice before buying and this is also a must for vacuum flask and any travel mugs. Performance does matter and to optimize it when buying a flask, few points must be remembered.

  • Size

The size of the travel mug is the priority point that must be remembered. That size of the mug that you can buy depend on the space you can spare in your bag while traveling. A hand vacuum flask will be best for office goers or the people who travel light, whereas big flask is well suited for a family picnic.

  • Material

The material out of which the flask is made of is the second thing that must be compared prior to your purchase. Currently, two types of vacuum flasks are available depending on the material out of which they are made, plastic flasks and stainless steel flasks. Of course, stainless steel flasks will be much more durable than the plastic ones but this will hence increase their cost price. The another benefit of the stainless steel flask is that it will be able to store drinks at high temperature, like if someone prefers very hot coffee.

  • Insulating time

Size and material aside the most important parameter that must be checked in every flask are its insulation time. The insulation time will give an approximate time limit to which the temperature of the drink will be maintained, hence giving the performance quality of the flask. Like a flask with 6 hours of hot insulation will be able to maintain the drink at a required hotness for up to 6 hours and similarly every flask will have its cold insulation for when it is to be used for storing cold drinks.