We all love Cosmetics. It helps us to look more beautiful and enhances our appearance a lot. However, everything has a side effect and cosmetics are not a stranger to it as well. There had been a lot of buzz about Organic Cosmetics but the majority of them are chemically laden. Most of us opt for products without understanding the hazards that we could face after a certain time span.

So the question is how can we protect ourselves from these chemicals? Well, here are few quick and simple health hacks that if can included in your lifestyle can provide amazing benefits.

10.Use Fewer Cosmetics

Sometimes it is not possible to go out without Makeup or to spend less time with Makeup on. In this case, what you can do is opt for only those products that are absolutely essential. Avoiding elaborate layered Makeup on your skin will not only keep your Makeup light but will also discourage the build-up of harsh chemicals. Some beauty products contain harmful carcinogens that can cause breast cancer. Therefore it is always wise to opt for fewer cosmetics to protect your skin from any disorders.

9.Read Through the Ingredients

This is very important. Carefully go through the ingredients before you buy any product specifically for your skin. Some ingredients may cause severe allergic reaction or may even damage your skin permanently. Going through the elements can save you from choosing a certain product that contains something that you are allergic to. For example, many people tend to get severe skin infection from using products that contain Ammonia. There are many chemicals that you must particularly pay heed to while you buy your products.

8.Try to opt for Organic Products

Makeup artists, bloggers, skin experts and almost everyone is raving about switching to naturally formulated products and their amazing benefits. Many Brands have organically created Makeup that claim to be chemically free and are non-toxic. Many companies that produce organic cosmetics have received overwhelmingly good response from ample users. They are comparatively much harmless than chemical based cosmetics and produce similar beautifying results when applied. Mineral Makeup is also one of the hottest trends.

7.Exercise Daily, Eat Healthy and Drink More Water

This is one of the most effective ways of protecting yourself from harmful chemicals. Eating healthy and nutritious foods will help you to boost your immune system which will fight away all the toxins that it bumps into. Exercising will keep your metabolism perfect and your body fit. Stay away from canned food and buy freshly produced products. Consuming leafy vegetables, fruits and protein and vitamin enriched foods will help you to get a healthier body faster. Healthy eating habits not only make you stronger but it also improves your skin, hair, complexion and your overall appearance. Install good water purifiers in your home or buy packed water from grocery stores and avoid drinking direct tap water since it contains many harmful pesticides and hard minerals that get stored in your body and with time release harmful toxins. It cleanses your system and highly reduces the chances of any skin disorder.

6.Keep an Eye on Your Cosmetics

Do you know when will your cosmetics expire? Using expired products related to your skin and body may affect you a lot. Allergies, infections, swellings and many such side effects had been observed when expired stuffs are used. Always check the expiry date on your cosmetics and replace them within a certain time period for the sake of sanitation even if they didn’t expire. Replace your Mascara and Lip gloss after every six months. Foundations, blushes and eye-shadows should be thrown away after a year and swap your lipstick every two years. If you use an eye pencil, do remember to sharpen it every time you use it in order to reduce the chances of any physical hazard.

5.Avoid Using Cosmetics that Contains Artificial Fragrance

Many people do not know this, but artificial or added fragrance can cause major health issues. Scented products contain phthalates. It is a chemical that helps the fragrance last longer. But what we do not know is phthalates is believed to cause cancer and when exposed for longer bouts can also cause infertility. Therefore try those products that do not contain any added fragrance.

4.Maintain hygiene

Maintaining basic hygiene and sanitation level is vital for your health. Scrub off all your makeup and freshen your skin before hitting the bed at night. The longer the makeup stays on your face, the more harmful it could be. Since prolonged exposure allows the chemicals to seep deeper into your skin causing it break. Acne and pimples are the most common symptoms of unhealthy skin. Washing your face at night helps to open the pores and wash out the toxins. Moisturize and use an astringent to close the pores and allow your skin to breathe freely throughout the night. Try to reduce the amount of time you wear Makeup. Short time span helps to keep skin healthier easily.

3.Detoxify your body and skin once in a while

For office goers, they tend to wear Makeup for a longer time that at times extends a few hours. Staying heavily laden with these cosmetics for a prolonged period can prove to be harmful down the line. Choose to rejuvenate yourself at home with effective DIY Home Remedies or maintain a routine to visit your nearest salon once a week for skin detoxification. This method not only removes the harmful build up but also restores your skin’s PH Balance and natural texture. Lemon and baking soda has been used for ages to detoxify skin, reduce pigmentation and enhance skin complexion.

2.Make Your Own Cosmetics

What can be a better option than to create your own array of cosmetics and save all your money? Natural Makeup is one of the best alternatives that you can get your hands on. DIY Homemade Cosmetics are made up of completely organic components and hence are absolutely chemical free. You might get dubious about the effect but the internet is raving about them. Here are few methods that you can try at home:

Ingredients for Natural Foundation: zinc oxide (2 tablespoons), arrowroot powder (1 tablespoon), gold mica dust (1 teaspoon), natural clay powder or White cosmetic clay or Fuller’s Earth Clay (1/2 – 1 tsp), finely ground cocoa powder or bonze mica powder (1 teaspoon) and translucent mica powder (1 teaspoon for really oily skin).

Ingredients for Natural Blush/Bronzer: you can create this using the same ingredients as stated above and add more or less cocoa powder of your desired shade. You can also add powdered beetroot powder or dried hibiscus powder for a pinkish shade.

1.Buy Certified Cosmetic Products

There are several organizations that follow a strict standard while creating their own line of products. Purchase products with certifications as it is proof that they have adhered to certain guidelines for producing them. It is well known that many cosmetics are tested on animals while undergoing the manufacturing process. Many users have started avoiding products that have proceeded with any kind of animal testing and many certifications and seals guarantee that. Some consumers opt for cosmetics that consist of organic elements.

Certifications to look for:

  • COSMOS – It is a globally identified certification that is used for natural as well as organic products.
  • Leaping Bunny Program – This is also an internationally recognized certification and this effort is operated by Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. If this seal is visible on the product, it means that it is a proof for the consumers that this product has not undergone any kind of animal testing while its production at any particular stage.
  • Natrue- This certification provides customers with the reassurance that the products have not been anyhow tested on animals and they do not contain any ingredient that is derived from petroleum, derivatives and silicone oils, artificial fragrance or added colors and GMOs. Additionally it also certifies that no irradiation is used.
  • NSF/ANSI 305 – This regulatory symbol certifies that this product at least by weight contains 70% certified organic elements. What they state is every product with this seal consists of natural elements that are harmless and effective and does not contain any parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or harsh sulfates.
  • USDA Organic Seal -This certificate assures that the product consists of agricultural components that matches the USDA National Organic Program guidelines. Items with this certification can be any one of four categories:

1.100% organic

2.Organic (it must consist a minimum of 95% organic components)

3. Created with organic elements (it must contain a minimum of 70% organic         components)

4. No claims (it consists of less than 70% organic components)

In simple words, including these simple beauty tips in your lifestyle will shield you from the toxic effects of chemicals present in your everyday products and will help you to maintain a youthful skin for a longer time.