Window Curtains are essential moving drapes with rod pockets that are hung at the top of windows on a standard curtain rod to block the passage of light creating a beautiful ambience, especially to favor sleeping. Different brands offer various genera of patterns, colors, sizes of curtains for users to choose from as per the size and nature of their windows. They can be subcategorized according to their ability to block sunlight, reduce noise, deliver privacy, capability of blocking UV rays, etc. Some of them have light weight design of sheer curtains that penetrate ample amount of light for easy navigation while others have proficient thermal coating to it for added protection and privacy providing total blackout. These attributes also affects its cost, the inexpensive ones usually is less feature-packed. They are preferably made to be installed in rooms of home as well as office settings and qualify as a lovely decor element.

Top Best 10 Window Curtains Reviews

10. Gorgeous Home Curtain Drapes for Windows

Offered in diverse solid colors as well as sizes, the Gorgeous Home Polyester Curtain Drapes for Windows provide excessive privacy due to the each panel lined with the solid white thermal foam that can capably block about 80% of light. The size of the curtain is 37” in width and the length size has options of 63”, 84”, 95” and 108” long; users can choose any length of curtain drapes as per their requirements. It offers insulation from the heat and cold caused due to changing seasons; ideal to be used during any weather whatsoever. They are perfect for any room interiors as distinct color options are provided for you to select as per the color palette of homes to be matched. The glare is reduced, so you can watch televisions or work on computers without hindrance; saves your furniture from getting damaged due to the exposure to direct sunlight and also reduces outdoor noise. These curtain drapes are also energy efficient as they reduce the heating and cooling costs initiated due to the windows. The packaging includes 1 panel of Room darkening Thermal Blackout Curtain Drapes with Bronze grommets.

9.Eclipse Kids Kendall Curtain Panel for Windows

Eclipse Curtains introduces this Kids Kendall Window Curtain, comes in a single panel, made from 100% Polyester. It claims to block about 99% of light compared to the other average curtains providing maximum privacy and also reduces outside noise. It impeccably creates a best sleeping environment for your kids; has a blacking strength just as ‘Absolute Zero’, but instead of total blackout, it penetrates a little light through the panel for suitability. It also qualifies as anenergy saver, reduces the cooling and heating costs instigated due to the windows. Highly recommended to be used in the kids’ rooms, living areas, or other rooms where you want to block most of the light but still fancy little penetrated light to easily work around. Also, they are a best option to be used on windows that emit maximum heat; ‘Thermaback’ construction features exclusive white foam thermal lining that effortlessly blends with the fabric of panel and protects you from heat efficiently. They are available in various colours, with size of 42”width and 63” or 84”length; length can be chosen by users.

8. HLC.ME Two Curtain Panels for Windows in White

HCL.ME provides these 2 White Sheer Curtain panels for Windows with each panel of size 54”width and 63”length. It efficiently penetrates the sunlight to flow naturally through the windows and creates a beautiful ambience in the rooms. Made from Polyester, this sheer curtain provides ample privacy to the users but also permits easy outside view as well without any trouble. These Curtains are available in distinct colors to be chosen from with each of them having lightly weighted fabric for easy-going penetration of sunlight; marks as a beautiful home decor as well. The rod pocket insert provided with the curtain panels can effortlessly adapt to the rod of about 2”. They are priced reasonably, can be set up in every room of your house without digging a hole in your pocket and also are very easy to install.

7. Elegant Comfort Solid White 2 Window Curtain Panels

Elegant Comfort provides you with 2-piece Solid White Sheer Curtain Drapes for Windows that are made from 100% Polyester with Rod Pocket insert that can effortlessly accommodate rods of 1.5 inches. The product includes Imported 2 Window Panels with each having size of 60” width and 84” height. These sheer curtains are lightly weighted to penetrate the sunlight through them efficiently but also are dark up to a level that can provide ample privacy to the users. Highly affordable, they provide good quality material and durable use at such a low price, which is certainly a bonus. Ideal to be used for the living areas, playrooms, spare rooms, so on where you need some amount of privacy but light as well for easy navigation throughout. The curtain panels are absolutely safe to be machine washed.

6.  Deconovo Room Darkening Curtain for Window

Backed with Innovative Sandwich Technique, Deconovo presents this Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtain that comes with 1 panel and 6 Grommets on it of Silver color. Each panel measures 42”width and 63”height; it has a thermal insulated lining that is super soft blocking out maximum sunlight from penetrating, reduces unwanted outdoor noise and creates a beautiful environment for sleeping. Ideal to be used in living areas, these blackout curtains are also energy efficient as it smartly cuts cooling and heating costs caused due to windows. Made from 100% Polyester, it is entirely safe to be machine washed. They are available in various color palettes; also 84” and 95” length curtains are provided as options, users can select the ones that best-suits their necessities.  Another benefit of this curtain is it does not invite the dust or mites to accommodate on them making it perfect and safe to be used in kids’ rooms.

5. Nicetown Curtain Drapes for Windows

Room darkening Blackout Curtain drapes from Nicetown comes with 1 panel and 8 silver colored grommets for each panel. They are offered in varied beautiful colors, each panel measures about 52” width and 95” height. There are also other options available for length of 63” and 84”; users can choose from these the one that meets their requirements best and fits in accordance with the window. Imported and made from Polyester, this Blackout curtain drapes have same material and color at the front and back side of it.  It can block about 95% of sunlight and lessens unwanted outdoor noise down to 10%, credits to the exclusive triple weave design integrated in it. It can be ideally used in any genera of rooms of home or office environs. Incorporated with the Microfiber thermal coating, it smartly sustains the room temperature at optimum level and insulates from heat or cold efficiently during different seasons. They don’t get wrinkled at all and are thread trimmed for added elegance. The grommets included have internal diameter of 1.6” to insert the curtain rod easily. The curtain drapes are exceedingly easy to maintain and are safe to be machine washed or sometimes steam cleaned.


4.NicetownBlackout Curtains with 2 panels

Nicetown, yet again, presents these blackout Curtains with 2 panels with each having the dimensions of 42”width and 63”length. Diverse colour options and 84” length of curtains are also made available here; users can pick the one that fits their needs best. Imported and made from Polyester, the Blackout curtains blocks about 92% of sunlight and harmful UV rays to protect the users from any possible damage and the state-of-the-art triple weave technology reduces the annoying outdoor noise down to 10%. They qualify as energy efficient as well; the Microfiber thermal coating assimilated in it maintains the room temperature to an optimal level insulating the heat or cold capably. The curtains look exceptionally classy due to the thread trimming and do not tend to get wrinkled at all. They are absolutely safe to be machine-washed or steam cleaned once in a while.

3. Utopia Bedding Blackout 2 Curtain Panels

Utopia Bedding brings to you the Room darkening Blackout Window curtain with 2 panel sets having 52”width and 63”length each. Each panel has 7 back loops and matching tie back that comes all-included with the packaging of product. Loop as well as rod pocket style, both can be set per panel with each grommet having innermost diameter of 1.6” to effortlessly insert the rod. The curtain drapes have same color and material at the front and back sides of it and are very stress-free to install. For added beauty, it has a 4” width of hem at the bottom and 1”width of hem at the side look absolutely striking with any sort of interiors and ready to be set right away. Advanced Thermal coating makes it an energy saver, blocks about 99% of sunlight and filters about 60% of outside noise from arriving in room. It also blocks UV rays safeguarding the furniture and rugs against fading. They are offered in various colors for users’ suitability.

2. NICETOWN Room Darkening Blackout Curtain drapes for Windows

Cohesive with three layers of Microfiber Thermal Coating, these Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtain Drapes from Nicetown proficiently blocks up to 98% of sunlight as well as UV rays to protect the users as well as furniture against damage. The packaging includes 2 panel set of each measuring 52”width and 84” length; there are also other length options of 63”, 95” and 45”, users can choose the one that fits their necessities well. Imported and made from Polyester, these curtain drapes are offered in various color selections for users’ aptness and are thread trimmed for added grace. Smartly works as an energy saver, the advanced triple weave design makes it possible to diminish the outdoor noise down to 20%, keeping the ambience quiet and peaceful. It withstands the ideal temperature of room to insulate it against the heat or cold during changing seasons keeping you warm or cool as per the need of situation.

1.Room Darkening Blackout Curtain Panels for Windows by Utopia Bedding

Utopia bedding, all over again, introduces these Room Darkening Blackout Curtain Drapes with 2 panels each having the dimension of 52”width and 63”height. Obtainable in several attractive colours for users to choose from, each panel comes with 8 Grommets of bronze colour. Each grommet has an inner diameter of 1.6” to slide in the standard curtain rod with no trouble. Both the panels have same material and colours at both front and back sides of it, with 2 matching tie backs all- included with the package as an added bonus. To enrich the appearance of your room there is 4”wide bottom hem and 1”wide side hem set up in the curtains, ready to be installed right away. Thermal coating makes it possible to block about 99% of sunlight and harmful UV rays to protect the users as well as surrounding furniture against any possible destruction. This also qualifies it as an energy efficient product as it reduces heating and cooling costs prompted by windows and moderates outdoor noise down to 60% creating a beautiful and peaceful ambience, ideal for sleeping.