Document cameras are very popular among educators like teacher or professors. Document cameras are like live video cameras as they give you a high resolution image of documents or other real time objects. This helps the educator reach out to a larger audience easily without much fuss. These document cameras have a flexible neck thereby allowing you to display images easily. With the development in technology these cameras can be attached to cameras and selected devices giving you access to pictures, documents etc.

Things to consider while buying the best document cameras

  • Ease of use: Document camera has become an integral part of a classroom so it is important that you choose a device that is easy to use and does not need much fuss like twisting of the lens, multiple button navigation, orientation of lens etc.
  • Resolution: There are usually two types of document cameras XGA gives a rectangular high resolution image and SVGA gives a squared mediocre resolution image. So buy according to you budget and choice. I would recommend SVGA type document camera only if you have a LCD project giving you high resolution image despite the mediocre resolution of SVGA type document camera.
  • Portable: Any device should be bought with considering the portability of the device and the document camera is mostly used by teachers who need to carry the camera from class to class for each batch of students. So make sure to buy a light weight product that is easily portable.
  • Zoom: The feature of zoom is very important as it helps in zoom onto the small object present. So try your best to buy a document camera with high zoom enabling you to focus on the smallest of things.
  • Image freeze: This is an important feature to look for as it allows you to freeze the image on the camera so even if the document camera is accidentally moved the image will remain thereby avoiding any disruption.
  • Direct camera: Try to buy a document camera that can be directly connected to the camera without the need of a computer making it a roundabout procedure.

Product Reviews 

By Digperformance

Here I present you 11 best document cameras that will give you a clear and good quality of the image in the camera or of a document.

11.Ipevo Ziggi-HD Plus High-Definition USB Document Camera

This document camera is suitable for both business and school. This product’s camera is of high-resolution and can achieve the resolution of about 3264 x 2448 but only when it is connect to the PC or Mac directly. It can capture up to 30 fps live video that too at full HD giving you crystal clear image. It also has a continuous digital zoom of about 12 X helping you focus on the tiniest details of the document or picture. Ziggi-HD Plus has an enhanced Integrated Circuit (IC) chip improving on the previous models. It has fully autofocus lens, an interface for Video classes (UVC) and even a USB 2.0 there by making it easy to use. This product has a flexible and lightweight design there ensuring easy portability at a reasonable price.

10.IPEVO VZ-1 HD VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera

This VGA document camera is of 5.0 Megapixel allowing you to capture images with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution with VGA and can work without a computer as it is able to capture images directly from the projector reducing you hassle. It has dual mode one mode is mentioned above where you can stream live images and in another mode via USB you can connect the document camera directly to the Mac or PC. Especially for computer mode this document camera comes with software known as Robust IPEVO Presenter that practically a complete tool kit for image capturing. It has a multi jointed swing arm and a head that can be swivelled thereby making you work effortless and quick. Its vertical design and light weight allows easy portability.

9.TT-12 Document Camera

Elmo is a well-known brad that has produced good quality and durable products but at a very steep price. This document camera has a digital zoom of 8 X, optical zoom of 12 X and total zoom of 96 X. The camera neck has a swivel of 300° allowing you various camera positions and the camera is multi directional that per second gives you 30 frames of real time image. A 3.4 MP CMOS Sensor is also installed making your work more hassle free. It has an output resolution of 720p and 1080p. This camera comes with various features like Remote control for wireless control without the need to be connected to computer, RGB cable, USB cable, Anti-glare sheet, Image Mate CD-ROM, Warranty etc. It is easily portable with due to its lightweight of 7.1 pounds and flexible design.

8.IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera

This document camera’s stand position is multi-jointed thereby allowing easy and hand-on demonstration on objects, documents, images etc. It has a camera of 2 megapixels that allows for high resolution of 1600 x 1200 giving you a clear image to work with. This device has a digital zoom of 12 X and up to 2 inches of macro focus allowing you to focus on the smallest of things. For capturing images it comes with feature of one-touch snapshot and custom software. You can auto focus with just a single click thereby making it very easy to use. It has an adaptable, compact yet powerful design that uses a USB to connect to the computer. It is well paired with Windows, Mac and Chromebook systems. The lightweight and flexible body allows for easy and hassle free transportation at a very reasonable rate.

7.Ipevo iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera for iPad, PC and Mac

This document camera give wire free usage it allows wire free control and streaming live images without the need of a computer or laptop. IPEVO have introduced an app known as the IPEVO Whiteboard app allowing you to make your iPad into a white board so you can interact and write in real time without much hassle. It even allows you to stream videos of up to 1600 x 1200 pixels high resolution wirelessly. It has stand that is multi jointed and head that is easy to swivel thereby allowing effortless capture. iZiggi-HD allows you to enlarge small text or images. With this document camera PC or Mac with it wirelessly. It comes with smart features such as built-in battery, switch to auto focus etc. The price range is a bit steep but with a product such good quality it is to be expected.

6.HUE HD (black) USB camera for Windows and Mac

This document camera by HueHD has a unique, flexible and lightweight design making quite portable. The HUE camera is very easy to use you just need to plug it to the USB port of a computer. This camera has a built in microphone and a USB camera that is creatively designed. The neck of the product is very flexible and can be bent in almost all angles. This document camera is perfect for activities like video calling with facetime, IMO, Skype etc., recording time lapse and live videos, for creation of animated films etc. This document camera is well suited with Microsoft Windows/ XP/ Vista/ 10/ 8/ 7, Linux and Apple Mac OS X 10.4.3 and above. This is an awesome product available at a very reasonable price is very unique and easily manageable.

5.Epson DC-11 Document Camera

Epson is a well-known and well-loved brand in manufacturing of printers and scanner and they have come up with a pretty good document camera at a pretty steep prize. This document camera has sensor of 5 megapixels that allows 30 frames/ second video. It gives you an auto select of SXGA/ WXGA/ XGA, 12 x 17 inches capture and a digital zoom of 10 X. For PC and Mac it has advanced software and has good quality features Audio/ Video capture with its built in mic and awesome camera. Additional features such as USB, VGA, Composite, SD slot and adapter for microscope are also included. To enhance the quality of the picture this document camera has a LED light that is built in and a split screen feature. Epson DC-11 even has a memory of 1 GB allowing you to store your data and to ease you efforts a remote is given the package that allows the control of the camera from a distance.

4.Ken-A-Vision Vision Viewer Document Camera 7890UM

This document camera by Ken-A-Vision is pretty awesome especially its neck that has 360 x 180 degree flexibility. The Digital camera is of 1.3 mega-pixel with its lens of 6mm giving you an output resolution of HD 720P to VGA. It has a viewing angle of diagonal 60-degree and horizontal 50-degree giving you a pretty good view. It has the maximum resolution 1280 x 1024 giving 13 frames/ second and for 640 x 480 it gives 30 frames/ second. It has USB 2.0 that is used for connecting to computer or laptops and even for charging. An Applied Vision 4 software is provided with the document camera, this software makes the camera well suited with Windows XP/ Vista and 7, Linux and Mac OS 10.5+. The Ken-A-Vision 7890UM comes with a USB cable, microscope adapter of 28mm, Applied Vision 4 software and instructions to make it easy to use for you.

3.Elmo TT-02S Teacher’s Tool Document Camera

This document camera by Elmo has quite an efficient yet simple design. It has maximum resolution 20 frames/ second for high and effective pixels of 1024 x 768 giving you a crystal clear image of the object, image or document. It has a progressive scan CCD of 1/ 3 inches at 850,000 pixels giving a high quality scan of the document or image. Elmo TT-02S has a zoom of 41.6 X with 5.2 X Optical auto focus and 8.0 X Digital auto focus giving you a hands free yet good quality viewing. It has additional smart features like USB 2.0, auto brightness control, SD Card Slot, LED lamp and even has viewing mode known as Microscope Viewing Mode that allows you to see the object or picture in a larger than life form. This is the perfect digital camera for teachers who can afford it, as teachers need a device that can handle itself without needing their concentration thereby interrupting the class.

2.Lumens DC265 UXGA 6x Optical Zoom Document Camera Projector


This document camera has quite a unique design, it has three heads with the centre one carrying the camera the surrounding two having lights.  It gives a high resolution image of 1080p and has three modes of display which are XGA, SXGA and UXGA. It even has three types of zooms that are manual zoom, Optical Zoom of 6 X and Digital Zoom of 8 X giving you a clear image. It has enough internal memory space for up to 240 JPEG Images. Lumens DC265 comes with a built in microscope and a SD card slot that hold a card of memory up to 32 GB. All the controls are located on the Document Camera’s base thereby making it easy to use.

1.Learning Resources Luna Interactive Projection Camera

This is quite a simple and uncomplicated document camera. It is quite easy to use and has features such as adjustable gooseneck, built in microphone, LED light, SEN switch, digital images of 3.0 MP etc. It is well suited for Mac OS 10.6 and for Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 and is quite compatible with a number of projectors. This document camera is ideal for a classroom as the teacher can operate it easily without much fuss but the price seems a bit too high for a product with such less features.

Many may not recognise the need of document camera, but these devices reduce you work a great deal by providing the document or image visible to a large audience making the teaching or explaining part easy. So waste no more time select a document camera from our list and place your order on amazon.

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