Winter is fast approaching! The lake is freezing out but wants to go back to being a kid and catch a fish to enjoy a warm meal? Better yet, want to have absolute fun with the buddies and make the best out of the cold and windy days? Can’t wait for this to happen but dreading the cold? Well, let the imagination roll and some memorable events unfold!

Either solo or with the buddies, setting up an ice shanty is the first thing that needs to be done to go outdoors and have fun. That is why it is important to find an Ice Fishing Shelter that is incredibly comfortable and of trusted quality.

Wondering which ice shanty to purchase? Check out the list below to choose some of the best ice fishing tent review that are out there in the market and let this be the best winter ever!

11 Ice Fishing Tent Review

 11.Quickfish 3 Ice Shelter by Eskimo

The Quickfish 3 Ice Shelter is designed for comfort, comes with loop windows and detachable hooks to adjust the shelter’s ventilation. The ice fishing shelter in addition to being portable, is equipped with strong self-tapping ice anchors to provide firm grip and is safe from bending under stress. This shelter with YKK zippers, is highly durable and could be used for several years due to its sturdy hubs and strong poles together with its heavy-duty fabric, sewn over the corners, which provide reinforcement. In addition, it has several mesh storage pockets to easily and safely contain fishing gears and other essential items. Moreover, the package also includes a large zippered backpack bag, which makes it convenient for transport.

10.Portable FatFishFF949 Ice Shelter for 3-4 Person by Eskimo

 The FatFish FF949 Ice Shelter is great for fishing with friends, as it provides ample space with a fishable area of about 61 sq ft. The shelter could be easily set-up due to its hub design andprovides comfort by giving 80% more fishable space. In addition, it allows good ventilation control and excellent viewing due to its large Velcro windows, which are removable. Besides, the FatFish ice shelter has a metal ball and socket design, which makes it strong and is also equipped with heavy-duty ice anchors and large diameter poles,increasing its durability. Furthermore, the provision of mesh storage pockets helps to keep fishing gears safe and the inclusion of a large carry bag allows the shelter to be easily carried and transported.

 9.QuickFlip 2 Ice Shelter built-in with Versa Top Mounted Chairs by Eskimo


The Eskimo QuickFlip 2 Ice Shelter is designed to be comfortable with its fixed versa seats. The seats which are designed to fit all body sizes, are made with a strong steel frame and a dense teartuff mesh, for the bottom and back. Furthermore, the strength of the shelter is enhanced by aluminum poles enclosed in a hinge bracket, which is double-walled. In addition, the tent is extremely durable due to the thickness of the covering material which is made of 59% higher thread countof 300D ice tight fabric. Besides the set-up being quick and easy, it provides ample space for fishing, with a fishable area of 22.5 sq ft. Moreover, the mesh storage pockets allow for a safe storage of fishing gears and other items; and to allow portability, a pull rope is included.

8.Travel Cover Ice Shelter for 1-Person by Eskimo


The Travel Cover Ice Shelter is perfect for a solo experience in the snow as it conveniently fits one person and has enough space for a 50 inch hub. The shanty is highly durable and will last many years as it is built with a thick cover material, 300D fabric, which is of high strength. In addition the heavy-duty fabric is sewn over the corners and wear points to provide reinforcement. To provide a secure fit, itcomes with an elastic band. Furthermore, the package includes a convenient travel cover that keeps snow out of the shelter while trailering or pulling.

7.Instant Ice Cube Shelter for Two Men by ThunderBay

This Ice Cube Shelter provides great comfort and protection from the wind, due to the heavy duty curved zippers and 300 denier fabric. Also, the fabric material iswater proofand is able to repelwater. In addition, it has large loop windows which could be easily adjusted with a hook, to allow light and ventilation. The amount of illumination into the shelter is controllable due to the blackout coating in the window, which blockslight out. Furthermore, the shanty is designed with 6 self-tapping ice anchors, which provides good grip. The strength and durability of the shanty is further enhanced by the cast aluminum hubs and replaceable fiberglass poles. Moreover, the 67″ ceiling height provides enough room for standing comfortably. Besides, to allow easy portability, the package includes a carry bag to conveniently transport the shelter and other accessories.

6.QuickFlip 1 Ice Shelter built-in with Tripod Chair by Eskimo

The Eskimo QuickFlip 1 Ice Shelter is perfectly suited for a single person to have a good fishing experience. With a ceiling height of 60.5″ and a floor area of 32″ x 96″, it provides enough room to comfortably accommodate one person. In addition, it is easy to set up and provides excellent protection against the wind due to the sturdy structure from the double-walled hinge as well as the 300D IceTight fabric. Furthermore, the availability of loop windows and the 3 detachable hooks help to adjust the ventilation in the tent. The in-built tripod chair is lightweight and could be used on ice, or folded when not used and keptinside the shelter. Moreover, the availability of a pull rope allows the shanty to be easily towed and transported to the preferred location, by attaching it to a separate tow bar.

 5.Quickfish 2 Ice Shelter by Eskimo

This cozy Quickfish 2 Ice Shelter is spacious enough for 2 persons as it has a set-up size of 60″ x 60″, and a height of 67″. It has loop windows with 4 detachable hooks, which act as vents on the sides andallow the shelter’s ventilation to be adjusted. The heavy duty cover material of 300 denier ice tight fabric provides excellent protection in windy weather. In addition, the roof is water proof and keeps people safe from rain. Furthermore, the shanty is designed to be strong outdoors and provides good grip with the snow due to the 6 self-tapping ice anchors, which does not bend under stress. The shelter is further durable as it is constructed with strong poles, YKK zippers and sturdy hubs. Moreover, the shanty comes with a large zippered backpack bag to allow it to be conveniently transported.

4.Insulated Wide 1 Inferno Ice Shelter built-in with Swivel Seat by Eskimo

The Wide1 Inferno Ice Shelter is fully-insulated with the IQ insulated fabric, providing 35% more warmth. It has a unique design where is it expandable and has a wide-bottom to easily fit one person. While being lightweight due to aluminum poles and a telescoping front end, its design not only gives more fishable space but also provides room for other accessories. In addition to having adjustable windows to control ventilation, the shelter is equipped with mounted swivel versa seat of 18 inches which provide comfort and easy movement during fishing.

3.Insulated Fatfish 949 Ice Shelter by Eskimo

The Fatfish 949 Ice Shelter is prefect for fishing with a group of friends, as it is capable of fitting 3-4 persons. In addition to providing 80% more fishable area, it provides easy access with two doors on opposite sides, covered with high quality YKK zippers. It is designed to provide warmth and comfort from its insulation with IQ insulated fabric. The availability of 6 large windows helps to control ventilation and gives excellent viewing opportunities. Furthermore, the shelter is designed to have a good grip due to the 6 self-tapping ice anchors, which holds itself well even under pressure. Its durability is further enhanced due to large diameter poles and a metal ball-and-socket design. Moreover, it could be conveniently transported due to the inclusion of a large zippered backpack bag.

2.Portable Ice Cube 3 Man Ice Shelter by ThunderBay

The Ice Cube 3 Man Shelter is perfect to be used in strong wind conditions as it is made with high quality 300 denier fabric, which blocks the wind. It has a blackout coating in the hook and loop fastened adjustable window, which helps to control illumination in to the shelter. Furthermore, it is designed to be spacious with a 90″ x 90″ hub to hub and 80″ ceiling height, which provides enough space to fish with a group of friends. The six self-tapping ice anchors provide good grip with the snow and the inclusion of a carry bag makes it convenient for transporting the shelter and other accessories.

1.Double Layer ArcticShield Ice Fishing Shelter with Thermal Floor by Onyx


The Arctic Shield Quilted Shelter is designed to keep people warm with its double layer polyester cover. It has four ice anchors to provide good grip and has ample space with an area of 72″x96″ and 84″ height. In addition, the shelter has two zippered doors, four windows and the structure is lightweight due to the fiberglass support poles. Furthermore, it is equipped with a removable thermal floor to retain heat and provide extra warmth. Besides being easy to set up, it also easily rolls up when it has to be taken down. Moreover, it’s fade resistant feature makes it last longer and gives extra durability.