With the products like crepe maker out there, making of crepe has never been more easy and quick. All you need to do is prepare the batter. Connect the crepe maker to electric socket and when the indicator light blinks, showing that the surface is hot enough, spread the batter over the surface and in span of 40 seconds, your crepe is ready. Not only this, crepe maker can be used to make even lot of other items like blitzes, pancakes, eggs and even grilled sandwiches- depending on the type of crepe maker you are using. Some crepe makers have temperature dial which lets you control the temperature of the cooking plate, as not all the dishes can be cooked on same amount of heat. This article compiles a list of 11 different crepe makers to help you choose the one which suits best your needs.

Crepe Maker Review

11.VonShef Electric Crepe Maker

VonShef crepe maker is perfect for making crepes along with pancakes and blintzes very quickly and easily. Heating element has a power of 1000W and temperature can be varied just by rotating the temperature knob at front. You don’t have to worry anymore about oil and batter getting stuck on the surface and the mess it creates for cleaning. Cooking plate is 12.6 inches wide and is made up of coated aluminum which is completely non stick which makes it very easy for cleaning purposes. There is an indicator light which gets turned on when there is heating up of plate and once the plate is hot enough, it automatically gets switched off. Also, this crepe maker by VonShef comes along with free oil brush, ladle, batter spreader and wooden spatula- a perfect set kitchen tools to let you make crepe anywhere, anytime.

10.Morning Star Electric Crepe Maker

Size of the cooking plate is 13 inches and is perfect for making blintzes and crepes easy and quick. A temperature dial has been added to let you precise control the temperature and it also gives you the freedom to quick other dishes like eggs and pancakes in same quick and easy manner. Cooking plate is made up of aluminum and is completely non-stick plate which makes sure oil and batter won’t get stick to plate. Also, there is an indicator light which blinks when the desired temperature for cooking has been reached. All along, it comes with a batter spreader to let you cook thin and delicate crepes.

9.Crepe Maker by Epica

Epica electric crepe maker has cooking plate of width 12 inches which is ideal for making crepes and also the cooking plate is wide enough to let you cook other items as well. Burgers, Sandwiches, Pancake: you just name it. It comes with power of 1200W and a temperature knob with 5 temperature control settings to let you make your crepe however you like it. The non stick electric crepe maker cooks evenly at all the surfaces and wouldn’t leave you disappointed with uneven cooking and mixture of hot and cold spots here and there. Also, the feet are covered with rubber to prevent it from slipping. All along, it comes with a 3 year warranty.

8.Crepe Maker by Geoff The Chef

This crepe maker is completely versatile and comes along with an interchangeable plate that lets you cook variety of items like Russian blintzes, pancakes, Indian dosa and much more. The plates are very easy to change and it has width of 12 inches letting you cook large size crepe and four pancakes at a time. Also, the surface is completely non-stick, making the whole process of cleaning lot easier. The plate and has even distribution and temperature dial lets you set the temperature the way you like it. Also, it gets the job done lot more quickly. All along, the size is very compact and has built-in hooks at bottom. Moreover, the set includes wooden spatula, pancake turner and t-spreader- all the things you need to cools delicate crepes.

7.NutriChef Crepe Maker

This electric crepe maker by NutriChef comes with heating power of 1200Watts which is much more than average and as a result of this, it lets you cook crepe very quickly. Also, there is a temperature knob provided to let you control the temperature and an indicator light lets you know when the desired temperature has been reached. The plate is made up of 12 inches which is ideal size for crepe and for cooking other items like eggs, pancakes and bacons as well. Cooking plate is made up of aluminum and is completely non-stick. Same product with 2 griddles is also available by the manufacturer.

6.Cordless crepe maker by Eurolux

Eurolux crepe maker has cordless design and cooking plate of 7.5 inches which is good for cooking small size crepes and morning breakfast. It makes crepe with paper like thickness and that too in minutes. There is only on/off switch and no temperature knob for adjusting temperature and it only works on ideal temperature for cooking crepes. Though, there is an indicator light which lets you know when the cooking plate is hot enough to start cooking. Plate is made up of non-stick material and it can very easily be cleaned off. Base comes with a slot for cord wrap and it makes the whole crepe maker look very clean and neat. Also, batter spreader and dipping plate have been included for easy cooking.

5.VillaWare Crepe Maker

Surface of VillaWare Crepe maker is convex as opposed to general notion of flat surfaces. Also, it is completely non-stick and you wouldn’t have to worry about oil or batter getting stuck on the surface. Non-stick surface makes cleaning lot easier. It has a power of 900 Watts and an automatic thermostat along with temperature control. Also, the handle is been made up of plastic which always remains cool, as to ensure even when the cooking plate is getting hot, you can still as easily have a grip over it. The cooking plate size is seven and half inches and a dipping plate have been included in the set for better cooking.

4.Paderno Electric Crepe Maker

Griddle diameter is of 13 inches and it is completely made up of non-stick surface for easy cleaning and usage. The cooking plate has been designed in a way to ensure that batter spreads evenly and there are no cold spots left out. An indicator light has been added which tells about the heating and to regulate the thermostat- a cursor has been added. It makes crepe very quick and easy, hardly taking 4 seconds for spreading batter and the crepe itself gets ready in 30 seconds. The electric power of this crepe maker is 1300 watts and is well adequate for making thin and delicate crepes. Set comes along with a scraper and a wooden crepe turner.

3.French Style Crepe Maker by Eurolux

This French style electric griddle is well adequate for making delicate blintzes and crepes in very quick and easy manner. There are total of five temperature settings you can choose from, as per the recipe or item you are inclined towards making. The cooking plate size is 12 inches and it is well enough for making pancakes and eggs apart from crepes. Plate is made up of aluminum and is non-stick for easy cleaning and usage. The feet are covered with rubber to give the crepe maker extra stability. Also, there is on/off light which lets you know when the plate is hot enough and ready for cooking. A batter spreader has been included in the set for making of super-thin crepes.

2.Cordless Crepe Maker by CucinaPro

Crepe maker by CucinaPro comes along with a batter spreader and dipping plate, along with a recipe booklet which helps you in making of thin and delicate crepes. The cooking plate measures in 7.5 inches in diameter and is suitable for making small size crepes in very quick and easy manner. An on/off switch has also been provided which has a ready light and indicates when the cooking plate surface gets hot enough to start with cooking. Base of this crepe maker has a cord wrap which comes handy to store the cord and makes the whole crepe maker look very neat and clean. It also helps with the storage.

1.CucinaPro Crepe Maker

The 12 inches cooking plate is well enough to cook lot of other items like bacon, blitzes, eggs and pancakes along with thin and delicate crepes very quickly and easily. Not all dishes require the same amount of heat. A total of five temperature setting have been added which lets you have control over the heating up of cooking plate. Surface is made up of aluminum and is completely non-stick, making the whole cleaning up process very easy and convenient. The feet of the crepe maker are covered up by rubber to ensure better stability. There is also an on/off ready light which indicates when the surface gets hot enough to being with making of crepes. A batter spreader comes along with the maker to help you cook even better crepes.