Hair clippers are the perfect tool for man to maintain the fresh and attractive appearance that too with results obtained at home.Hair clippers are electronic grooming devices designed for a multitude of tasks. It can help in trimming, cutting  and giving shape to human as well as pet hair. Their principle of working is same as that of scissors, but it operates in a row of small scissors to cut hair. Nowadays electric hair clippers have replaced the manual clippers.

Electric clippers operate with the help of motor which helps in oscillation of blades. The expensive clippers have a strong, powerful motor and extra durability. But they can only be used by trained professionals as they are bulky and not recommended for home use. Lighter, economical clippers are best for the home purpose to do an occasional haircut or trimming.

Electric clippers are durable, but they need maintenance for their proper functioning apart from a brush wipe as the clogging of hairs can take place if no proper cleaning is done.

Things to consider before buying Hair Clipper

While searching for the best clipper, not only the robustness of the device is taken care of but also the ease to use the equipment is kept in mind. Few factors to be considered are as:

  • Motor Strength: Heavy motor is required only for professional use and not for cutting your own hair. Hair clippers generally have three types of motors: rotary, pivot and magnetic.Rotary motors are most powerful, Magnetic motors are least powerful but generate greater speed, Pivot motors are powerful for cutting thick hairs but blades move slower.
  • Accessories: The clippers come with attachments that can cut hair from 1/16 inches to 1 inches. Also, the attachments must be easily removable so that there is no struggle every time to change the other length option.
  • Blades: Blades are available from 0.2 to 13mm. Every model has a different kind of blades. So it is necessary to confirm as to which type of blade the equipment has. Most of the blades are self-sharpening, but rust should be taken care of.
  • Maintenance : Many hair clippers can be cleaned with the help of water by removing the hair from it. But some products require oil to clean it and it is required to lubricate each blade. Maintenance tools are generally included in the set like the brush, cleaning oil and manual so that the device can be cleaned properly. Longer manufacturer warranty must also be taken care of as it indicates that company is sure of the equipment. Lubrication of hair clipper is important as it boosts the performance, keeps the blades cooler and prevents the rust from the device.
  • Design: Clippers are available in two designs: corded or cordless. Cordless devices can be recharged which can run for 40 to 100 minutes after getting charged. For the home purpose, the cordless device is the best because the tangling of wire can be avoided that way. Corded instruments are more powerful than the cordless device.

List of top 11 Hair Clippers:

11.Lithium Powered All-in-one Grooming Kit PG6025 by Remington

The product has steel blades of surgical grade, which makes the device self-sharpening, durable and long lasting. It operates with rechargeable Lithium Battery which provides a runtime of up to 60 minutes. It has multiple attachments for the nose, ear, foil and linear which are easily washable by rinsing. The kit comes with a storage pouch  which makes it fit to carry while traveling. Trimmer attachment helps in trimming facial hair, sideburns, necklines. Shaver shaves near to the skin without any kind of sagging. Nose, ear, and detail attachment trim any kind of unwanted hair without pulling.  This all-in-one trimmer gives the power in your hands for grooming as it efficiently directs power to the motor.

10.Waterproof L-15 Chargeable Hair clippers for babies by Glenda

The product is best suited for 0 to 12-year kids.The product is made up of ABS Eco-friendly material and has a special technique of ultra-silent, so the noise it makes doesn’t make the babies fear to the haircut. The blade has unique, smooth, slant design to protect babies sensitive skin from scratches. Blades are made up of Stainless steel with a ceramic blade which is imported. This brings the durability of the clipper. It has two guided combs of 3-6mm  and 9-12mm. It works at a universal voltage of 100-240V. The product is lightweight and slips resistant with a comfortable design. The kit also contains anti-static drape to protect the child from hairs.

9.Wahl’s 5-star Professional Balding Clipper#8110

This product is meant for professional use only to give sharp performances. This is a corded clipper with 8ft professional, chemical resilient cord and has a powerful electromagnetic motor that has the cutting speed twice that of pivot motor. The motor operates at wattage requirement of 120 volt/60 hertz. It comes with all the necessary attachments like cleaning oil, brush, comb, instructions. The length of the clipper is 6.25 inches and is 1lb in weight. Even thought the clipper is made of plastic, it looks like a solid device. The motor employed in the clipper is much powerful and gives nice, smooth, and even cut without any kind of snagging of the scalp.

8.OSTER’s Adjustable, Fast Feed clipper with Pivot Motor 76023-510

This is a powerful, sleek blade clipper that can be adjusted from 000 to 1. The noise is less on the equipment, but the productivity is high. The blades are handy and easily adaptable, which can be easily modified as per the hair length required. The 12 amp pivot motor in the clipper is 2 times faster and powerful than any magnetic motor. The length can be adjusted up to 1/8 inches without using any hair combs or guides. The 8ft cord is also heavier than any other clipper. The device can be used for all types of wet and dry hair. There are four guided combs in the clipper with sizes, ¼”, 3/8”,1/2”.

7.Andis T-Outliner T-Blade Trimmer(04710)

It has an extra wide blade with T- shaped design and a magnetic motor which runs in a quiet manner. The blades are made up of carbon steel which is specifically hardened for longer cutting.The product is properly oiled and checked for their cutting ability in the factory itself. The product has a blade for cutting extremely near skin like neck, beard, mustaches etc. The product is recommended for dry shaving. The T-Outliner is meant for all over outlining and T-Blade trimmer is meant for trimming necks, beard. The blades are equipped with fine cutting teeth. It has 8 ft long cord which can work in plenty of room. For customized shaving, blades can be easily adjusted. It has contoured housing, which fits comfortably in hand. It operates on 120 volts with a powerful motor in it.

6.Water Resistant Professional Heavy Duty Nose Trimmer with LED light

Nose hair trimming is a risky option in itself and requires utmost care. The product is equipped with a LED light which is built-in and will guide to prevent any emergency and will help in reaching areas that are not easily visible. The product is comparatively more durable as it is made up of stainless steel and is water resistant so that it can be used while taking a shower. The trimmer has high-quality stainless steel blades with a rotary motor. The trimmer works well on ears, eyebrows and beard as well as it is designed to get cut from the sides and the top, so the trimming gets done easily. The product is also accompanied with a lifetime warranty. A battery with AA size is required in the trimmer. The dimensions of the trimmer are 5.25”L X 0.8”W X0.8”H and the weight is around 0.22 lbs.

5.Chrome Pro Complete Haircut Kit 24 pc #79524-2501 by Wahl

This kit is perfect for complete body grooming  and is used by professionals such as swimmers and athletes. The kit contains a comb, blade guard, styling comb, multitasking clipper, scissors, hair clips, brush for cleaning, oil, storage case, 11 attachments, cape, ear, eyebrow trim guide. It has Powerdrive motor having high speed and gives a smoother cut in case hair is thick. The blades are made up of high carbon steel and are self-sharpening so they stay stronger and sharper for longer. The kit is encased in plastic carrying case. The guided hair combs  range from giving the length of 1/16 to 1 inch. The clippers have a Dura-Chrome finish which gives it a good grip and retro hair stylist look. This clipper can be used to trim hairs from head to toe. The blades made of carbon steel are aligned permanently in the clipper so there is no need of any adjustment, but they can be detachable for thorough cleaning. The complete kit can be stored in a pouch. It is required to clean cutters after every use and keep them oiled. The kit specifically contains plastic apron and  mirror which helps in a haircut.

4.TRYM-II-The modern rechargeable Hair Clipper

This is a different type of trimmer and clipper designed with a unique concept.The trimmer is accompanied with multiple tools for trimming and shaving like four combs of different sizes, oil, brush for cleaning, charging cord and a stand. The length of the trimmer is only 6.5 inches and weight is less than one pound. It is an ultra sleek rechargeable product with a strong battery, sharp blades, and many attachments. The blades are crafted with the excellent metal quality for efficient and long-lasting cutting. This is a cordless and rechargeable device and has a modern, sleek appearance which looks great. The battery life is rationally good.

3.Multigroom Norelco Series 3100 by Philips, QG3330

The product allows men to perform multiple tasks of trimming and shaving with a single shaver. The product has an added advantage that it is a cheap and economical product, can be used in  both wet and dry form and can function with or without a cord. It has five tools in a single trimmer for beard comb, full trimmer, detail and nose trimmer, stubble comb.  Blades are made up of chromium steel to ensure long lasting performance and the combs help in preventing skin irritation. It has a simple trick of cleaning by rinsing under water. It has a maximum flexibility of giving up to 18 length settings. It has a rechargeable battery with high performance which can give 35 minutes of cordless use after charging.

2.Complete Color Pro Hair cutting kit by Wahl #79300-400T

The product is perfect for a haircut at home which looks like a professional hair cut. The kit has 11 guided combs, Blade guard, scissors, styling comb, brush, oil and a storage case. It is a solid and sturdy device with a weight of around 1.96 pounds. It has a heavy duty motor which gives exceptional power and has self-sharpening blades for all types of haircuts. It has unique color coded guides which makes it easier to do proper identification while selecting the comb required. It has a feature of the multi-cut clipper with a taper control that can be adjusted. It helps in getting a professional quality haircut at home. The trimmer has a very soft touch for better control and comfort.

1.Hair Trimmer for Ear and Nose ER-GN30-K By Panasonic

This trimmer uses rotary hair cutting system and it has an ultra-sharp blade with a hypoallergenic dual edge for efficient trimming. It has a built-in cleaning system, Vortex, which draws water from all sides and trims nasal ear through spinning. It runs with an alkaline battery of AA-size and runs up to 90 minutes. It has an easy cleaning by rinsing under warm water and then wiping with a dry towel. This trimmer gives excellent grooming and trimming in the shower or any other place. The stainless-steel blades used in the product ensure that the adequate amount of hairs stay inside the nose for natural filtering as it is a twin side blade for efficient cutting.