Apple is famous with costumers for the design and quality of products. But the makers of the best phone in the market certainly didn’t pay much attention to phone’s lightening cable. Apple’s help forum alone has more than 200,000 discussions with people complaining how awfully bad the cable is. It is no secret that lifespan of cord is hardly in between eight to twelve weeks. And afterwards, it just stops working. Consider yourself more than lucky if your cord worked for more than 12 weeks. Also, Apple iPhone cables are not much of a help if you want to link it to your old computers. If your cable has already stopped working and you are looking for a new one to buy, make sure to choose one which will last longer without costing you big chunk of money.

Things to Consider before buying

  • Certified cables

After the iOS 7 update, your iPhone won’t allow you to connect it with cable which is not MFi certified. Your iPhone will probably think you are cheap and will pop up a notification which reads “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iphone”. Don’t buy this cable unless you are ready to take your precious iPhone to Apple service centre for the damage you have done. Certified cables have MFi logo on it’s packaging.

  • Compatibility

Make sure your cable is compatible with the iPhone model and version of iOS software you are using. It is well written on the product packaging about it’s compatibility with different iPhone models and different iOS software. Also, iPhone launched before 2012 used a 30-pin cable whereas models launched after 2012 uses commonly available lightning cables. Both the cables are compatible with an Apple USB charger.

  • Length
    Let us accept it folks, not all of us have charging sockets just besides our bed or place of work. If you don’t want to lose the comfort of using your iPhone on your cozy bed even after battery is critically low, make your to have the cable with long enough length. From 3.5-foot to 10-foot long, different brands provide different length.
  • Warranty
    The Apple’s iPhone cable comes with a one year warranty and if you are willing to spend some time, you can get it replaced from your nearest Apple Service center. Also, if you are way past the warranty period, make sure the new cable you are buying comes with a warranty.

Best cables to choose from:

11.Mribo lightening cables

 Mribo provides cable in a set of four, and each cable comes at a length of 6-foot. If you constantly keep on breaking your cable or you need cables in bulk for car, office and home, then it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to buy a set of four instead of one. It is compatible with all the models of iPhone 5 and 6, along with earlier models of iPod like Nano and Touch, and iPad Air, Mini and Retina which has a 8-pin charging slot. Since, the cable is 8-pin it can’t be used with earlier models of iPhone and iPad like iPhone 4 and 4s. The cable by Mribo is not MFi certified though it connects well with different models of iPhone, iPod and iPad. It comes with a warranty period of 12- months. Also, while buying this product, be sure to check it is original product by checking the company logo and trademark in the packaging and make sure it is not a counterfeit.

10.BE Connected cables

BE cables are not apple certified but it works well with iPhone 5 and above models, also it can be used for iPads and iPods with iOS 9 or above. BE cables comes in a set of five, again making it suitable for bulk requirements.  BE provides a white 3 foot long cable and its charging speed is well ahead of others. They claim to charge the iPhone 20-25% faster as compared to other cables. The multipack of cable can be a good choice if you need cables in bulk for office, car, work, bedroom, and any other place. BE cables do not come with warranty and are not MFi certified.

9.Avolare iPhone cables

Avolare cables are nylon braided making its material quality certainly better than others. Also, it can withstand wear and tear better than other cables. Even if you plan on playing with this in your free time, there is a hard chance it will break anytime soon. Avolare provides a set of 3 cables. In the set, all three cables are of different length- 3 foot, 6 foot and 10 foot. The different lengths are very helpful for differently needs. You certainly wouldn’t want to use a 10-foot cable for your car or a 3-foot cable for long bed to socket distance.  Avolare cables are compatible with all the iPhone and iPad that has a 8-pin charging slot and has updated version iOS. They are not Apple certified but still work completely fine. Also, Avolare provides lifetime warranty with a 45 days money back guarantee.

8.Amoner 3 X 3(ft) lightening cabel

Cables from Amoner fit perfectly fine in your phone along with the wide range of cases used for protection. It comes in a set of three cables each with a length of 3-foot. This cable also works well with just launched iPhone 7 and iOS 10, along with old models of iPhone( 5 and above), iPad Air and Mini, and newly launched iPods. Cables are nylon braided making it durable and resistant to wear and tear. The connector is strong enough to prevent damage from continuous plugging and unplugging.  Also, Amoner provides a money back and replacement warranty for a year. Amoner cable doesn’t come with MFi certification. Though this is the most sort cables from Amoner, they also provide 6-foot cables. Cable comes in white, gold and red color.

7.Poweradd lightening cables

At a time when 30 pin cable are getting hard to find, Poweradd comes as a savior. Poweradd provides 30 pin cable which works with iPhone 4S and lower models. The Apple verified MFi chip stored in its connector make sure the device doesn’t reject it. They only come in white and are 4-foot long. It works completely well as a transferring cable along with working as a charging cable. Poweradd cables are also compatible with earlier generations of iPad and iPod which has a 30-pin charging slot instead of 8-pin. It exceeds the performance by Apple cables. Poweradd also provides 8 pin cable which is compatible with new models of iPhone and iPad, and comes with a warranty of twenty four months.

6.Syncwire lightening cables

Syncwire provides a 3.3-foot long cable which is of same length as cables provided by Apple. Also, cables are MFi certified. The connecters are anodized and made up of Aluminum shell which ensures it works completely fine under heavy usage. Syncwire cables are compatible with all the models of iPhone laucned after 2012, fourth generation of iPad and, fifth and seventh generation of iPods. Cables are designed to fit perfectly well into all types of different cases. Also, along with the charging speed, the transfer speed of files from your one device to another occurs at a very fast speed. Syncwire cables come with lifetime warranty boosting about the manufacturer’s trust in its product.

5.Anker powerline + lightening cable

Anker provides a 6- foot long lightening cable which comes in red, golden and gray color. This powerline + lightening cable is not MFi certified but is completely compatible with all the models of iPhones, iPad and iPods which is launched in the last few years and has a 8-pin charging slot instead of 30-pin slot which used to come in earlier models of iPhones. The cables are double breaded with nylon exterior and the core is toughened with Keval fiber. The major stress points are reinforced which increases its durability multiple times. Connectors are laser welded and it has a strong toughness from one end to other. Also, it comes with an adjustable pouch which is very handy while travelling and day to day storage. It comes with a warranty period of 18 months.

4.JETech lightening cables( 4s and below)

Cables by JETech get the job done perfectly for all the old models of iPhone like 4 and 4s, along with first launched iphone 3GS and 3Gi JETech lightening cables are also compatible with first, second and third generation of iPad. Cables by JETech are 30 pin cable and hence can’t be used with new models of iPhone (5 and above). Wire core is covered with a jacket making it highly durable and resistant to tangles and kinks. JETech cables are MFi certified and Apple iOS accepts it completely. They are made to withstand resistivity and can be coiled easily. It comes in only one color and length- white and 3.2-foot. The length is neither too long nor too short making it comfortable to use in different places. The only downfall is there is no warranty or guarantee provided by JETech.

3.Atill lightening cables

Atill provides a cable length of 10-foot, which is way above than average, making it most sorted out cable for long distance usage. You can connect one end of the socket in one corner of the room and can use your iPhone in the other corner. Core is protected by nylon breaded outer jacket and connecters are anodized by aluminum shell, making it tangle free and sturdy. Also the multi strand copper core makes sure there is no influence of outer electromagnetic field, which makes the data transfer and charging of device fast and secure.  The cables by Atill come in a set of two and are white in color. Exterior of cable is as strong as interior, and it looks pretty good as well. Though Atill lightening cables are not MFi certified, it is compatible with newly launched iPhone 7, along with earlier models of iPhone(5 and 6), iPhone SE, and all the new generation models of iPad and iPod which has new iOS updated and a 8-pin charging slot. It comes with a replacement policy for one year period. While buying this product, make sure the product is original by checking the company logo and name on the packaging.

2.AmazonBasics cables

Amazon basics provide an Apple certified cable and being MFi certified makes it completely compatible with all the model of iPhone, iPad and iPod which has 8-pin charging slot, along with being compatible with newly launched iPhone 7. Compacted connecter head ensures it fits perfectly well to all types of protection cases. Cables are well tested to ensure protection from continuous wear and tear, and it can be easily coiled and stored in pocket or handbag without causing any damage to it. They come in different length, making it viable for users to choose as per their need. From 10-foot for long distance usage to 3-foot for short distance usage, AmazonBasics makes sure it covers all. They come in a set of two and one. Also, AmzonBasics cables come with one year warranty.

1.Anker 3-foot long Lightening to USB Cable

Beside from provided 6-foot powerline  lightening cable, Anker also provides a 3- foot cable and it costs half of what Apple charges for its 3.5-foot Lightning to USB cable. The cable comes with a MFi certification which makes it completely compatible with differently models of iPhone( 5 and above), iPad Mini and Pro, also with the new generation of iPad and iPod. Anker cables are made up of PVC strain-relief collars and Kevlar fiber which helps in preventing fraying. The tested lifespan of 4000+ bend makes it last several times longer than other cable. It connectors virtually fit well with cases from all the manufacturers. It also comes at a length of 10-foot for long distance usage. They are available in white and black. And to add to friendly customer service Anker provides, Anker Lightening cable comes with a warranty of 18-months.