Knives are commonly seen in both domestic and professional kitchens. Used for slicing, peeling and crushing of various fruits, vegetables and spices, they are easily one of the most important and most used kitchen tools. Every knife, however, at some point, ends up with a blunt edge after repeated use. A blunt knife is much more dangerous than a sharp one, which is why it is known as a chef’s worst enemy. This is where knife sharpeners enter the picture. Knife sharpeners are tools that clean, reshape and restore the knife blade to it’s original sharpness. When regularly sharpened, a knife which would otherwise have been discarded and replaced repeatedly, can work efficiently for years. This makes a knife sharpener one of the best investments for any kitchen.

Types of Knife Sharpeners:

1.Electric- these are the more common kind today, and have three settings of creating, sharpening and honing (improving or polishing)  the knife edge. The creating and sharpening modes are for remaking a very damaged blade and are known as the coarse stages, while honing is to improve the blade of an already sharp knife and is known as the fine stage. The machine contains two sharpening stones placed at a specific angle to each other, which are made to rotate electrically. The knife to be sharpened is then run through the stone slots. Though commonly manufactured, electric sharpeners are not portable and therefore other knife sharpeners are preferred.

2.Handheld- this type is preferable for those individuals who travel frequently, as it is compact making it easily portable. The handheld sharpeners come in two types: Slotted; which requires the knife to be run through the slots, and Unslotted; which needs to be run along the knife itself. The tool has a curved handle for grip, and another curved surface with the grinding stone on the opposite side.

3.Sharpening stones- also known as whetstones, they are usually made of one of these three components: Novaculite, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. They are typically an inch thick rectangular block. Stones are the oldest known method of blade sharpening and are quite effective.

  • Novaculite: they are natural stones, and work well for both fine sharpening and coarse sharpening.
  • Aluminum oxide: they are man made, and are better for fine sharpening. These are known as Indian stones.
  • Silicon carbide: these are man made as well, but are better suited for coarse sharpening. These are known as Arkansas stones.

4.Sharpening/Honing rods- sharpening rods are not efficient on very dull blades, as they sharpen to a small extent only. They are preferred to improve a blade structure, and are advised to be used right after each activity of the knife to clean the residue on the blade. They are available in four kinds

  • Regular cut: these are made of steel and are most common honing rods.
  • Diamond cut: these are steel rods with a coat of diamond shavings, which give a more precise finish.
  • Combination cut: these rods combine a smooth surface on one side and a rough surface on the other, enabling both a coarse and a fine sharpen.
  • Ceramic cut: these rods are made of ceramic and are usually preferred for fine sharpening.

Top 11 Knife Sharpeners:

11. Knife and Axe Sharpener by Fisker

This sharpener model by Fisker has a double ceramic wheel situated at a 30°angle which is ideal for knives and axes and therefore enables sharpening of both. The double wheel makes it easy to sharpen both sides of a tool, giving it a precise finish. A body made of fiberglass material gives strength and durability to the overall device, and non slip pads ensure a proper grip during usage. An easy to open compartment stores the shavings, minimizing dirt. The best feature is the safety guard which protects the hands and fingers from any possible injury. The product is black in colour, can be ordered as one unit or as bulk in a group of 6, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

10. Presto 08810 Knife Sharpener Electric

This knife sharpener model 08810 by Presto comes with 3 stages of varied levels of sharpening, promising to give knives a professional finish. The first stage is for very coarse blades, and is not recommended unless the knife needs to undergo harsh sharpening. Stage two is for moderately blunt knives and is recommended for regular sharpening. Stage three is the finer stage, and is best for already sharp carving knives. The blades are flexible and can be interchanged to three different angles based on the knife shapes. The machine is user friendly with the knife blade being automatically guided once it is placed at the right angle. It has a repair/replace warranty of one year, and works at a voltage of 120V with a non removable cord.

9. Presto 08800 Knife Sharpener EverSharp

This model by Presto has two stages for sharpening, the first gives a precision grinding to sharpen the knife blade, while the second stage is for honing (improving) an already sharpened blade. The machine has sharpening wheels made of Sapphirite which ensures a precise finish. The wheels guide the blade along at the perfect angle, making the machine user friendly. Suction cups at the bottom ensure that the machine stays sturdy while in use, and two receptacles present collect the shavings or any other residue that may result from the use. Knives made of alloys, carbon and stainless steel are most suited for the product, and it is not compatible with ceramic or serrated knives. The machine is black in colour, and works at a voltage of 120V. It comes with a one year warranty, and can be bought single, or in a pack of two or three.

8. 2 Stage Knife Sharpener Harcas

This 2 stage knife sharpener by Harcas is available in two colours of black and white. The product has two grooves, one for each stage. One groove has tungsten carbide plates for grinding and sharpening which represents stage 1, while the other groove has two ceramic honing rods for refining the sharpened blade representing stage 2. It is compatible only with stainless steel knives, and would be non functional for ceramic coated or serrated knives. The design of the product is compact, and it comes with a non slip base for steadiness, and a large grip handle for ease of use. The knife sharpener not only has a one year warranty, but also has a 60 day 100% cashback guarantee.

7. 2-Stage Knife Sharpener PriorityChef

This PriorityChef product has a two grooved design, each acting as a separate stage of sharpening. Stage one is the coarse stage or the grinding stage, and the groove contains two carbide blades, placed at an angle between 30° to 40°to each other. The second stage or the fine stage is for honing the sharpened blade, and contains two ceramic rods also placed at an angle of 30° to 40°to each other. The sharpener type is a handheld one, and the handle has a silicon coat as well as a rubber grip for a steady hold. The base of the device is also coated with silicon to prevent it from slipping during usage. The colour of the product is black, and it comes with a one year warranty as well as a 60 day 100% cashback guarantee.

6. Spyderco Sharpmaker Triangle

The Spyderco triangle sharpmaker is available in the form of a kit, which includes a pair of triangular grinder stones, a pair of triangular honing stones and a pair of safety rods. The grinding stones are made of ceramic high alumina and are of a brown colour. They are beneficial to sharpen coarse knife blades. The fine grit stones for honing are of a white colour and are also made of ceramic high alumina. The brass rods are for safety, to prevent injury to the hands and fingers during usage. The stones have preset grooves, which immediately align the knives to the right angles, which is usually between the ideal 30°to 40°. The stones can be cleaned using any cleaning powder followed by air drying. The entire set comes in a plastic box with a lid making it travel friendly and compact.

5. PS-MED01 Knife Sharpener Lansky

The PS-MED01 knife sharpener by Lansky has the product design of an all purpose swiss knife. The device has three basic parts; a diamond tapered rod, a carbide grinder and ceramic honing rods. The diamond tapered rod is for final filing of the finished blade, and can be rotated 180°to make the usage easier. The tungsten carbide grinder is for the main sharpening of the knife blade, and works well on coarse knives. The ceramic rods aid in polishing and refining of the knife blades once they are sharpened. The unique feature of this product is that it accepts all kinds of knives:stainless steel, ceramic, serrated and even scissors. The grinders are placed at an angle of 40°to each other, making the knife sharpening angle at 25°. The product can be ordered as a unit of one,or a set of two or three.

4. Knife Sharpener WSKTS-KO WorkSharp

This knife and tool sharpener from WorkSharp has a compact and portable design and comes with a kit of grinding belts. The grinding belts are adjustable to size and flexible, and also have varying speed settings. The speed options range from slow speed honing to high speed grinding, which spans all levels of sharpening from very fine to very coarse. The slow speed makes it easy for first time users to ensure that the knives aren’t being over sharpened. The belts are also adjustable to various angles ranging from 15°to 30°, and it is this feature that allows the device to sharpen all kinds of knives (steel, ceramic or serrated), scissors and gardening tools such as shears. The company provides replacement belts separately if needed. The product is black in colour and comes with a one year warranty.

3. 50009 2-Stage Sharpener KitchenIQ

This KitchenIQ knife sharpener comes in three vibrant colours of black, green and red. The product has two carbide plates with quick edge settings to sharpen coarse blades. The carbides are lined with a copper alloy which helps in fixing the angle (brazing). Two ceramic rods in the second groove help in honing of the final edge, or for sharpening of finer blades. The device is not compatible with serrated knives or scissors. Special features include a V grip to place the device steadily on corners or edges. The brazing alloy also gives a shine to the metal. A soft grip handle enables easy handling, and a non slip rubber bottom helps maintain steadiness. Overall the product is light weighted, making it portable.

2. Red Knife Sharpener SunrisePro

This red coloured SunrisePro knife sharpener is highly efficient with numerous features. The suction cup mount at the bottom makes it sturdy to use on any platform, in turn making the usage safe. The tungsten carbide blades are lined with diamond shavings which result in a perfect precision finish, keeping the blade extremely sharp. The machine can take up the perfect angle alignment, making it possible to sharpen all kinds of knives , scissors , garden tools like shears and even cutlery on it. The design is compact making it easily portable. Apart from all of this, the device is environment friendly, and the company guarantees a 100% cash back within 60 days if the user is not satisfied.

1. Knife Sharpener 001 Accusharp

This handheld knife sharpener by Accusharp comes with an easy to handle safety grip that ensures smooth sharpening. A long and wide handle makes it comfortable to hold, and the full length finger guard makes sure that the fingers and hands are safe from any injuries. The blade is made of tungsten carbide, and is covered with a diamond sheet which acts as an added feature as a polisher. All kinds of knives: stainless steel, ceramic and even serrated can be sharpened using the tool. The product is rust free and can be cleaned either by soap and water, or by simply putting it in the dishwasher.