With the onset of spring not only the season of blooming flowers have started but also many people start considering mowing their garden into shape so that it looks fresh and easy on the eyes as well as get more space to grow different kinds of flowers and plants. So when we start thinking about buying a new lawn mower or getting an upgrade over the existing ones there are certain things which we need to keep in mind. After all you don’t want to end up with an ill maintained garden or a machine which you are hardly able to use and doesn’t suit your style. So let us go ahead and go over some important points of discussion.

Tips on How to Buy a Lawn Mower

There are certain factors which you need to keep in mind while choosing a lawn mower for maintaining your garden.

  • Consider the area of your garden- The area of the garden is quite important as to decide if you want a hand driven mower or a motorised one. Normally as a standard we consider a tennis court and if your garden is less than or half of its area then your garden is small and you can handle it by using a hand driven mower. But if its big as a tennis court or 4000-6000 square feet it is a medium- sized garden and if it is more than that then consider going for a motorised one as it will reduce your hard work and you can easily cover a large area within considerable short time.
  • Performance of the system needs to be thought about- How good the engine performs in the motorised one is quite important. The better performing mowers have engines located at vital positions of the mower which make it easier to handle these machines effectively and also get a quieter environment while mowing and easily manoeuvrable.
  • Durability of the machine- If you want to mow your garden properly and don’t want your mower to break down now and then consider machines which come with a durability clause or a warranty that these machines could perform under given conditions and won’t break down. Many manufacturers have claims that their machines will start after the first or second pull and it is included in the warranty of the machine.

Let us then go over the 11 lawn mowers we were talking about-

11.GreenWorks 25052 Lawn Mower with 16-inch Reel and Grass Catcher

This machine comes with a 16” deck which clears out the grasses on your lawn in a quick and efficient manner and has a two-in-one capability of mulching and rear bag positions so that when you are mowing down your lawn the grass is swallowed in by the deck and gets collected in the rear bag. It has height adjustment with different positions to cut down grass of varying sizes without considerable effort and its engine placement ensures that it is a quite machine with effortless manoeuvrability and its different sized front and back wheels just add on to its capabilities.

10.GreenWorks 25142 Lawn Mower with a 16-inch Cord

GreenWorkshas got another lawn mower in this list today and many more are yet to come.        This mower comes with a 16 inch cord so that you don’t have to charge a battery to operate it but if you have a large enough area to cover consider getting an extension cord. Its electric motor is powered by 16 amp current which can easily cut through grass with different toughness. It has also got a 2-in-1 capability of grass mulching and rear bag placement making it easier for cutting down grass and collecting them in the rear bag. It has different sized wheels making it easier to move on varying surfaces and it has height adjustment for 5 positions offering a cutting height of various lengths.

9.Scotts 2000-20 Lawn Mower with Classic Push and 20-Inch Reel

This machine on our list doesn’t come with an engine and is manually operated but its manufacturers have ensured that you get the best of comfort as well as performance from this wonderful device and haven’t left any stone unturned. This mower comes with a 20 inch deck which covers a wider area than the 16” ones and its handle is also made of foam which will comfort your hands and also give you an easy grip over your machine. Its easily adjustable blades can be adjusted to different heights to cut down varying lengths of grass and the blade length can also be increased depending upon the surface. It has 2 wheel tracking system with different sized wheels which give you easy manoeuvring over varying surfaces and absence of an engine gives you a quieter and cleaner machine which can easily outperform any power mower.

8.Black+Decker MTE912 Electric 3-in-1 Lawn Mower

This marvellous machine from Black+Decker has three in one functionality as it not only acts as a mower but also acts as a trimmer and an edger which can aid you in different landscape scenarios and maintain your garden accordingly. It comes with an innovative AFS system which continually delivers power or advancement of the line without bumping. It has an efficient ergonomic design which combines comfort and control in one and lets you adjust the height of the deck to clear out grass of varying lengths. This system is coupled with a 6.5 amp motor which delivers maximum performance but its reach needs to be extended with an extension cord and its design allows it to be used for small gardens and lawn and is not suitable for bigger gardens.

7. GreenWorks 27022 Corded Lawn Mower

This machine does the job of a dethatcher so that any dead grass which has accumulated in your garden can be easily removed and disposed of. Other mowers in this category act on fresh grass but this mower here can also work on the old grass or ‘thatch’ as we say it and ensures that your garden is revived back to heal and the dead and decaying grass has been properly dealt with. Its design employs stainless steel giving it additional durability and performance with height adjustment capability to better act on different layers of grass. Its engine gives the same performance as a gas powered mower but has got no comparable carbon footprint as such. Its 14 inch deck will ensure that maximum thatch is collected in minimum number of passes and it comes with a power cord to power on the motor.

6. SunJoe Mow Joe MJ401E Lawn Mower

Sunjoe’s Mow Joe line of products has brought this machine for us which doesn’t employ any gas tanks or oil and delivers the same performance as any other gas driven machine. It comes with a 14” deck which clears out the maximum amount of grass in minimum number of passes. It has a single switch button which starts off immediately and has inbuilt safety feature to prevent any kind of accidental starting. It has adjustable height control systems which can be manually adjusted to change the length of grass which is being cut and also its design makes it suitable for mowing in small spaces and tight corners. It is equipped with all-terrain wheels which can work on any kind of surface and it has a easily detachable rear bag to collect the grass and dispose it off quickly.

5. Fiskars Staysharp Mower with 18-Inch Max Reel

The FiskarsStaysharp Mower employs an InertiaDrive Reel technology for which the company’s patent is still pending. This mower is quite powerful and unlike other mowers can easily mow down grass or weed or even tough spots where others can get stuck. It employs an effective way of cutting down grass without causing much wear and tear to its blades and so its year round performance remains undiminished. It has an easy adjustment control system to adjust the height of the blades while cutting down grass and the clipping are thrown out via a chute which directs it away from our feet and we don’t have to trample on the dirt which was created by the mower. Also it is quite comfortable to use and its design induces reduced weight and increased manoeuvrability unlike any other device. Its 18” reel also covers maximum area in shortest possible time and it is much quieter than its gasoline counterparts.

4. GreenWorks 25302 G-MAX Lawn Mower with Twin Force Battery

GreenWorks’ G-MAX model employs a Li-Ion battery of 40V and comes packed with many other electric equipment to smoothen its operation. It comes with a 20” deck which means greater the area of the deck shorter the time taken for cutting grass in a medium sized area. It employs an innovative technology called Smart Cut which adjust the power settings and the runtime if the grass encountered is tougher or softer, whichever is the case which is a huge improvement over other mowers. It also uses Dual Blade technology in a smarter way and cuts down grass in the most efficient manner possible. And the best thing is once one of the batteries is depleted other one takes charge immediately to prevent any downtime between replacing batteries. It has a rear bag like its other kin to collect the grass which has been mulched and easily disposed of.

3. GreenWorks 25022 Lawn Mower

GreenWorks has yet brought another device which has come up on our list and credit goes to the GreenWorks Development team who have created so many devices which have ended up in so many comparison charts. Now coming to the current device this mower employs a 20” deck to cut down grass over an area of considerable size of ½ acre with utmost efficiency. Like its brethren it also employs a 3-in-1 approach to mow down grass and has a rear bag, side discharge and the capability of mulching which makes it suitable to be used on varying surfaces and areas. Also its different sized wheels makes it better adept at moving on different terrains and is easily manoeuvrable. And it can be adjusted up to 7 heights to cut down differently sized grasses. Last but not the least is its 12 amp motor which delivers sufficient power to cut down the toughest of grass.

2. GreenWorks 21212 Trimmer with Corded String

This GreenWorks Trimmer is heavier than its other competitors but it does heck of a job of trimming the lawn grass. This trimmer has a 13” cutting path covering an effective range so that most of the grass is easily taken care of. Its handle can be easily adjusted so that you can easily manoeuver around your lawn. It is available in different sizes depending on the area of the garden you are mowing and might range for small to medium sized gardens. It has an electric start button which starts the machine in a matter of seconds and you can easily start trimming your garden. Its shaft height can be easily changed and it is capable of edging and is good around tight corners.

1.Earthwise Model TC70001 Electric Tiller and Cultivator

Finally we have arrived at the top of our list and you might be wondering as to which device bags the top honour. So here it is. The TC70001 model has been brought to us by Earthwise who claim that this little device is great at tilling and mowing your garden and it does so without leaving any carbon footprint. Powered with an 8.5 Amp motor it has an effective cutting area of 11” while it can till up to 8” depth. It is highly recommended for new gardens with raised beds and filled with narrow rows. It has wheels which can be easily flipped up and down and it has tines which are made of strong steel and can easily mow and cultivate tough ground. And like many other user friendly mowers the manufacturers have provided a cushioned grip so that your hands don’t get easily tired and you can mow your garden with ease.

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