A lug wrench is a very important mechanical tool that is must have in a tool box while travelling and also in garage. Lug wrench helps in removing lugs from tiers that in turn helps in changing flat tiers of vehicles. Also, many accidents in roads are caused by loose lugs which make wheels of vehicle unstable. It is very important to check your wheel time to time and ensure that all the lugs are properly fixed. Also, it is equally important to have the lug wrench of right size that suits your need. Be sure to check the lug size of your wheel and socket size of lug wrench you are purchasing. Both of them should be approximately equal for easy removing and tightening.

Lug Wrenches Review

11.Powerbuilt four-way Lug Wrench

This very easy to use and durable wrench is manufactured in China using polished steel. Steel are chrome plated as to prevent the Lug wrench from getting rusted and are also drop forged. Chrome plating and polished steel gives the wrench extra strength and make it very durable. Shaft diameter of the wrench is 18 mm and four lugs have been designed according to general bolt and nut size and include size: 17/16 inches, 1 inch, 15/16 inch and 7/8 inch. Also, the extra length of wrench makes it very easy to get lug nuts loose. To show the trust of manufacturer in the product it comes with a lifetime warranty.

10.EPAuto Heavy Duty Lug Wrench

This 4-way heavy duty lug wrench manufactured by EPAuto. To give the wrench much required durability it is made using carbon steel which is treated and forged heated and this treatment ensures that wrench has strength and will last longer than other wrenches in the market. Also, to make the wrench corrosion free and give it polished look, the whole wrench is chrome platted. For easy leverage the total length of the tool is 14 inches. Also, the four socket heads are designed as to fit the general and most common SAE as well as metric lug sizes. The four SAE sizes include 7/8 inch, 13/16 inch, 3/4 inch and 11/16 inch.

9.Ares 70097 folding lug wrench

If you think that lug wrench occupies lot of space and need something more compact and size sufficient, take a look at this foldable lug wrench. The tire iron gets folded for easy storage and is made up using forged steel which is heat treated and gives the wrench extra durability and strength. Also, to make the wrench corrosion free it is chrome platted. This tool has been designed to meet all the ANSI standards and has the sockets of sizes 23 mm, 21 mm, 19 mm and 17 mm or in SAE term it is approximately equal to 7/8 inch, 13/16 inch, 3/4 inch, and 11/16 inch respectively.

8.TEKTON 5975 four-way lug wrench

For easy leverage and handling, TEKTON manufactures this tool in two sizes- 14 inches and 20 inches. It is manufactured using steel that is forged and heat treated. Also, to make the task of loosing up lugs easy, the wrench is cross designed for providing two-handed torque, with the crossing part being rugged welded for making wrench extra heavy duty.  This 4-way lug wrench by TEKTON has been chrome platted to provide resistance against corrosion. The SAE sizes of the sockets are 19mm, 7/8 inch, 13/16 inch, and 3/4 inch. The extra leverage of length that comes with a 20 inches wrench makes it extremely easy to loosen up lugs that are put on too tightly.

7.Cartman Anti-slip Universal Lug Wrench

To prevent the wrench from slipping from your hand again and again as you are trying to remove the flat tier of your vehicle, the handle of this wrench is covered with rubber. Moreover it is cross wrench with four different slots and centre has been made extra protected to give the wrench extra strength. Apart from the anti-slip design, this lug wrench has been chrome platted to give it resistance against corrosion and to increase the durability of the tool. The lug sizes of the tool are 22mm, 21mm, 19mm and 17mm and this professional design goes well for every SUV, car and many other vehicles. Though the size of this lug wrench is not as long as other wrenches but still gets the job done pretty well.

6.Dorman Lug Wrench

As opposed to general cross lug wrench with four sockets that are fixed in size, this Dorman lug wrench is completely versatile. The four sizes that come with this wrench are 7/8 inch, 13/16 inch, 3/4 inch and 17 mm, though it has a half inch drive which gives you the freedom to purchase separate sockets of different size if required. The design is very clever and it helps to loosen up even the tightest of lugs and due its compact size, it occupies very less space in the tool box. Two sockets come with the wrench and are double ended, providing a total of 4 sizes. Also, the handle of the wrench is covered with plastic-rubber to provide extra grip.

5.LugStrong Universal Lug Wrench

The best thing about LugStrong lug wrench is that it gives two times more torque as compared to other lug wrenches and this helps in removing even tightest of lugs that other wrenches can’t remove. Moreover the design of this wrench is very compact and can fit easily into tool box or even in the glove compartment of your car. Moreover it comes with four socket size that are most commonly used and if you want to add any other size than given, you can use 1/2 inch adapter provided to just do that. The four socket sizes that are installed in it are 21mm, 19mm, 3/4inch and 17mm. All along, the wrench features a non slip handle that provides a good grip and prevents the slipping of handle. Also, the steel used for manufacturing of this heavy duty wrench is very durable and is guaranteed to work perfectly as long as you have it.

4.Telescoping lug wrench by Cartman

The length of a lug wrench is a very important factor that helps in providing torque necessary to remove the lugs and change flat tier of vehicles. This telescoping lug wrench comes with a handle that can be extended as long as up to 21 inches, providing maximum leverage possible and making the whole task of removing tugs very easy and time saving. The handle can be compacted to as short as to 14 inches for easy storage and handling. This wrench has been constructed very precisely using hardened steel to give you the best in market. The head of the wrench is of 1/2 inch and external sockets can be added of desired size. Also, four standard sockets of size- 22mm, 21mm, 19mm and 17mm comes along with the wrench. For convenient storage of the wrench and to protect it from dust, a carry bag has been provided.

3.Powerbuilt Universal Lug wrench

Powerbuilt manufactures a very straightforward and simple yet very effective lug wrench. Carbon steel is used for manufacturing process which has strength and is also very durable. The whole wrench is polished to give it well finished look. Also, it is chrome plated as to ensure that it doesn’t get corroded with time and remains effective as long as a person owns it. This cross shaped wrench has four sockets which very easily removes the lugs of standard sizes. The size of the sockets are- 7/8inch(22mm), 13/16inch(21mm), 3/4inch(19mm) and 11/16inch(17mm). Though external sockets of different size can’t be added to wrench, the given sockets are well enough to remove lugs of almost all cars and vans.

2.Power Wrench by Gorilla Automotive

If you are fed up of standard lug wrench and looking for something new to experiment with, this Gorilla Automotive power wrench comes as a perfect replacement. It comes with a telescoping handle which for maximum leverage can extended as long as up to 21 inches, at the same time it also gets compacted to as short as 14 inches for easy leverage. Hardened steel is used for the making of it which provides the wrench with extra strength. Also, it comes with a no slip handle that provide a good grip and makes sure that this wrench won’t slip from your hand as it is being used. The socket comes in two different size- standard socket and thin wall socket. Also, external sockets can be added to 1/2 inch adapter for different lug size.

1.4-way foldable lug wrench

This 4-way foldable lug wrench is made up using forged steel which is generally used for heavy duty task. Also, to prevent it from corrosion, the steel has been chrome platted. Along with saving it from corrosion, it also provides the wrench with extra strength and durability. The lug wrench is foldable which makes it very compact and easy to store. This lug wrench is provided with four standard sockets and can’t be altered. The size of sockets is 7/8 inch, 13/16 inch, 3/4 inch and 11/16 inch.