As we live in a fashion oriented planet, it is always necessary to wear certain fashion accessories to survive in the fashion world. Sunglasses are always chosen as a fashion accessory by the majority of women. But they are primarily a kind of protective eyewear that are designed to prevent sunlight or any kind of high energy light from causing any damage or discomfort to eyes. They protect the eyes against harmful Ultraviolet radiations, sunburn, Cataracts and various other things. Women are especially fond of it as it prevents premature aging in the area under the eyes. Apart from this, there are many other medical reasons, social reasons and beauty reasons for wearing a sunglasses  but people are not aware of it. There are plenty of sunglasses to choose from the sunglass fashion world and the price is important along with the quality you are getting for it. Before buying glasses, it is always wise to make sure that we are getting protection as well as quality.

List of 11 sunglasses for women

11.Polarized Aviator Sunglasses for Men & Women by LUENX UV 400

LUENX is a sunglasses brand that sells the product according to leisure and fashionable lifestyle. This product is an Aviator style vintage glass having a metal frame of light weight. The sunglasses have a polarized lens with dimensions as width 58mm, height 51mm,  bridge 18mm, arm 138 mm. The product gives 100% UVA/UVB protection. It contains 100% polarized lens that filters, balance and enrich the colors that our eyes perceive and gives the better clarity.  The lens contains a waterproof coating on it and is also durable, shatterproof and smudge resistant.

10.Motine’s Polarized Fashion Sunglasses for women UV 400

This product allows you to show the individual style of  cool hipster. These glasses offer 99% or 100% UVA and UVB protection against the sun by blocking the intense sun rays. It is a UV 400 protected item which is capable of blocking rays as small as 400 nanometers. It has a polarized composite lens of 65 mm with a composite frame. The glasses are made up of Polycarbonate lens which is scratch resistant,unbreakable and durable. This lens material has 50 times more resistant to impact than optical glass. These glasses have a rich color combination of lens and frame and provide a good deal for traveling, driving, fishing, party, running, climbing, racing. This product is perfect for extra protection and cool style.

9.Corciova’s Simple Oversized Polarized Classia Sunglasses for women UV 400

These are designed by the professional, using gradient (darker on the top and lighter towards the bottom of the lens) polycarbonate lens and plastic frame. The dimensions of the lens are the 60mm width, 54 mm height, 124 mm arm and 18 mm bridge or nose spacing. The glasses can polarize light and provide UV400 protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays and the sun. It has strengthened layer which enhances the impact resistance and prevents any kind of cracks in the product. Its polarizing effect helps in providing a clear and broad vision by blocking all the external glare, and any other kind of reflecting light, which makes the glasses more suitable for driving purpose. Their elegance is revealed by their easy and classic style.

8.Big Huge Square Retro Sunglasses for women by Tantino

These are oversized, retro like vintage silhouette given with soft curves. These are a kind of glasses that can be noticed when discussing the fashion. This product consists of non-polarized, gradient lens with a plastic frame. The dimensions of the product are as lens width is 68 mm with a height equal to 65 mm, the bridge being 18 mm and arm is 135 mm. These are a great fashion accessory for women celebrity. These glasses block all the sun and there will be less light initiated headaches. They are comfortable to wear and apply no pressure to any part while wearing. The oversize feature of the glass makes you look like chic and fabulous in every season.

7.Jackie OHH II Non-polarized sunglasses for women by Ray-Ban RB4098

These sunglasses defines the real cosmopolitan style with rounded corners and oversized lens shape. These glass lenses provide 100% UV protection and are more durable than polycarbonate.The lens is made up of acetate, which is a plant-based plastic known for its light weight. The dimensions of the product are as lens width is 59.8 mm, height is 52mm, the bridge is 14 mm and arm is 135 mm. This product is a unique option for a classy feminine look. These are made for the females who are fond of getting noticed and are not scared of being a trendsetter. The shape of the glasses is simple and can be worn with different colors.

6.Zero UV Round Cat Eye Sunglasses with Flash Mirror lens

These glasses have a huge craze in the market since they can be worn on a wide range of faces. Under the cat-eye category, there are basically two styles – traditional 50s style and a soft iteration of 80s. In these categories only, there are about billion variations. These can be used to express your cattiness in any of the pool parties, beach, barbecues etc. The glasses are made up of a metal frame with mirrored, non-polarized lenses. The dimensions are as lens width is 48 mm, lens height is 46 mm and  the bridge is 22 mm. The lens provides 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays and sunlight. The product is made up with metal frame, metal hinges and being thin, it is very flexible.

5.LianSan’s Polarized Sunglasses for women LSP 301

LianSan is a Chinese brand originated in 1999, which has always focused on high quality or many years. All LianSan glasses satisfy USFDA standards required for optical performance. This product has polarized plastic lens with a plastic frame which guarantees 100% UV protection. The dimensions are as lens width is 60mm, lens height is 50 mm, the bridge is 18 mm and arm is 120 mm. It has many color options to choose. The lenses are luxuriously dark and are rounded square in shape rather than oval shape. The large lenses fully cover the eyes and fit perfectly on the nose bridge. This is a nice pair of sunglasses with fabulous style. The polarized design of the glasses makes them convenient to be worn in any environment.

4.Flat Cat Eye mirrored Lenses with metal frame Sunglasses for women by Sojos SJ1001

These glasses reveal the chic personality in a woman and also protects the eyes from harmful UVA/UVB radiations and sun rays. These glasses have non-polarized polycarbonate lens with metal frame.The dimensions are as lens width is 57 mm and bridge are 18 mm.  This is a Korean design sunglass  with reinforced metal hinges. The glasses are designed, keeping in mind the comfort and spirituality of mind to fit the lifestyle. The sunglasses unveils the mystery behind the eyes. These metal sunglasses are mirrored and extremely reflective.Sojos believe that eyewear should match your lifestyle and personality and the best product does not always indicate an expensive product. Thus, this product is cute and affordable keeping in mind all the requirements.

3.Sports Polarized Sunglasses with 5 Interchangeable lenses by RIVBOS RB0805

RIVBOS glasses are designed for outdoor activities like driving, cycling. Lens are made up of unbreakable Polycarbonate material which is durable and long lasting. There are five interchangeable lenses in the product that are suitable for any climate and weather conditions. All the lens is equipped with a protective UV400 coating which prevents 100% harmful UVA/UVB radiations. The lens makes the view clear by eliminating reflected and scattered light. The five lenses are available in different colors: yellow one is for the night, blue is for the beach, black is a polarized lens, clear one is for wind conditions and the main lens is the multicolored lens. This product is light in weight and can be used while trekking, cycling, skiing and any other outdoor sports activity. Polycarbonate lens is durable, scratch and impact resistant. The product comes with an elastic support belt that can be interchanged as and when required.

2.Wear Over Prescription Polarize Sunglasses by LensCovers

This is made for the purpose of prescription glasses  as well as sun protection glasses. These are light in weight and are designed to easily wrap around the face while giving the protection from the sun as well. These are UV400 glasses and provide 100% protection against UVA/UVB radiations.These are available in various sizes like Extra Small, small, medium, large slim and large size. This is an Italian based product which is stylish and fashionable. They not only cover the light in front of the glasses but also wrap around it. This design fits closer to the head than typical sunglasses.LensCovers are polarized glasses that provide glare protection, increased clarity, and reduced eye fatigue.

1.Ray Ban’s Erika Wayfarer Sunglasses for women

These glasses are a must for a vintage look. These glasses have sleek, tortoiseshell frame with gradient lenses. The contemporary style is given by matte finish and polished metal arms. Ray-Ban is the most iconic brand in the world and is a globally leading brand in this sector. Every design of Ray-Ban is a product of original styling which gives the best in the fashion trend. Ray-Ban designs are a blend of high tech lenses, design, and materials.  These glasses have resin/plastic frame with non-polarized synthetic lenses. The lens is UV400 that gives 100% UV protection from harmful radiations.

The dimensions of the product are as, lens width is 54 mm, lens height is 39 mm, the bridge is 10 mm and arm is 139 mm. The gradient lenses in the product are better for reading and driving both as they are not very dark.

Benefits of wearing Sunglasses

1.Prevention of Health problems related to the sun

Our eyes can have various kinds of ailments due to prolonged exposure to the sun, which can be painful or irritating and sometimes can be deadly also. High-quality glasses can protect against

  • Skin Cancer – The skin surrounding the eyes is sensitive to sunlight and is more prone to skin cancers.
  • Cataracts & Glaucoma – These are the cloudy areas on the eye’s lens which can occur due to long term exposure to the sun’s rays.
  • Macular Degeneration – In this, a part of retina destroys causing impaired vision or complete blindness.
  • Pterygium – This is a growth on the eyeball, which can be painful as well as annoying.
  • Photokeratitis – Temporary disease which causes sunburn of the eye. It can be painful and causes blurred vision.

2.Safeguard from the Elements

Not only the sun, but there are many other risks from dust, the wind, sand, and snow that can cause damage to eyes. It is always recommended to wear glasses while skiing, doing mountain climbing or spending time in the snow as it can cause snow blindness.Tiny particles of sand due to sand and the wind can cause irritation and damage to eyes.

3.Less Migraines & Headaches

Bright sunlight can lead to eyestrain from cornea damage and fatigue and the intensity of these can be reduced by wearing sunglasses.

4.For safe driving

During the day and in light rain, correct sunglasses can improve the vision and can help in driving safely and during bright sunlight, it can definitely help in driving comfortably.

5.Fashion Trends

Sunglasses are worn for style also as they present you from classically cool to modern and fashionable. It has become a component of look which can be primary or secondary.

6.Prevention from Dry eyes

Sun eliminates both light and heat which makes tears to evaporate and dry the eyes. Sunglasses can keep the eyes moist and helps to focus properly.

7.Elimination of jet lag

Jet lag is a natural condition during air travel in which normal functioning of the body is disrupted. Sunglasses helps in keeping the body assured that it has not crossed different time zones by regulating the light entering the eyes.