USB car chargers are portable, used to power the devices that you carry with you like phones, tablets, etc. while you are travelling long distances. The USB power connectors have adherent charging ports which are capable of converting a power source to run the connected devices or battery kits. This type of chargers should be very compatible with different smartphones (Apple as well as Android systems), tablets, iPods and other USB chargeable devices. It should not compromise with any of the security standards by providing full protection against any harm caused by short- circuits, gush or other problems. Other than this it should be compact enough to fit easily and should support a high speed charging.

Things to consider before buying

  • Multiple USB Ports: Having only single port for a car charger can be frustrating if you use more than one device, you will have to charge them one after another making it a very lengthy process. Thus, multiple USB ports can help you to power more than one device easily at the same time. For example, suppose you are travelling and the passengers in your vehicle need to charge their device, that’s possible here due to multiple ports, all the devices can be charged at the same time.
  • Output with high Amp: For a charger to work its best, it needs to provide 2.1 Amps minimum per USB port so as to charge all your smart devices like tablets or phones. Highest performance that a USB charger can provide is 4.8 Amps with 2 ports, each port giving 2.4 Amps. If it is less than that then it can charge your phones but might not be sufficient to charge other devices like tablets.
  • Charging Cable:Charging cable usually tends to fail when is repeatedly used for a specific period of time; hence, it is better to consider a car charger that does not have a permanent charging cable so when failed you can easily replace the temporary cables with new ones. Otherwise, you will just have to buy a whole new charger when the permanent cable fails.
  • Compatibility: Make sure your car charger is compatible with all the devices that you use to avoid discontent while travelling. Mostly, nowadays, car chargers are compatible with almost all devices but it is better to ensure whether the car charger is up to date.

Top 11 USB car chargers reviews

11. AmazonBasics Universal Charger with Micro USB

This car charger comes in a simple packaging with one year of warranty. It has tendency to charge almost all phones with micro USB slot. It uses your car’s DC adapter as a high-speed charging terminal and provides up to 2.1 Amp of output. You can safely use your devices while it’s charging. The charging cable rolls up, hence, it does not create untidiness and it spreads up to 5 foot long which can easily be passed onto back seat. The cord is pretty stiff, hence, it does not get entangled and also does not take up too much space to store when not using. All in all, it has high performance charging capability, does not heat up your devices while charging, is compact and uses cigarette lighter slot of cars to charge the devices.

10.Sundix Dural USB Ports Charger with Phone Holder

This charger consists of a phone holder with a very firm grip that can be mounted anywhere in the car as per your wish to ensure safe driving. Almost all sizes of smart phones fit in the car mount as the width can be adjusted from 52mm to 95mm. There is a tiny round ball loaded to rotate the phone in 360 degrees for landscape/portrait view of screens and a support neck holder which has a knob to enable 180 degree movement too. This neck holder support is very robust due to which the phone does not move or fall when the car is in motion but also has thick soft pads to ensure safe handling of the devices. The USB charger has 2 ports so as to charge two devices at a time with one year warranty. Output of 3.0 Amps of is provided by this charger which is enough to charge two devices at a time. Some other features include protection from high current or voltage input as well as over-charging.

9.AmazonBasics Dual port Car Charger

AmazonBasics car charger with dual USB has 2 USB ports that provide 2.0 Amps of output current each to charge two devices at a time; that is., 4 Amps of current output in total. Total power of 20 watts is provided in this charging unit which enables the charging to be high speed and convenient. It comes with one year warranty and has fine compatibility with apple, Samsung, HTC, Amazon Kindle series and GPS gadgets like mobile phones and tablets. It consists of a discrete LED light to indicate the connection between the charger and USB device and whether the flow of current has started or no. Also, it is safe to use them for any 5V devices to be charged easily and compatible with Apple and android both power cables to charge phones and tablets. It is also very compact in size making it efficient to mount without any disturbance to the other controlling devices of the car.

8.iXCC 24WUSB Car Charger

It has a pretty impressive power of total 24 Watts which gives you high speed charging performance while travelling long distances.  It comes with 2 USB ports that give 4.8 Amps of output, easily fits in the cigarette lighter socket of your car, has a stiff design and is also compatible with the 12V or 24V of voltage input. As stated it can charge any two devices at a time while going on long journeys and are compact in size to fit in easily in the cigarette-lighter socket of your car. It is compatible with almost all apple gadgets and also other android brand’s (Samsung, Kindle, etc.) phones and tablets. It comes with a 2 year warranty, has pretty high-speed performance and is very compact so as to fit in easily into the power port of the car with USB cables attached. It works great for daily use and essentially high quality gadgets.

7.PowerGen Dual USB 20W car charger

PowerGen car charger comes with two USB ports with 4.2 Amps of current output and 20 watts of total power. These two different ports have the ability to charge your mobile phones, apple devices, cameras as well as music players. It consists of an LED indicator light to confirm whether the device has been properly plugged in and charging is in progress or not. It ensures protection from high current and voltage value as wells as from over-charging. Charging process will be stopped on its own when the device is fully charged. The design is very compact and surface finish looks classy. It comes with one year warranty. First port (A) is for apple devices with max 1 Amps of output. And port 2 of USB (NA) is for other products than apple. There is a red light indicator all around ports at night to confirm the usage of car charger and also so that you see the USB slots. It has withholding balls that are loaded with 4 springs to secure the charger in its place firmly in the DC power slot of the car.

6. Aukey CC-S1 USB Car Charger

This is the most impressive charger with total output of 24W at the two USB ports which helps you to charge two smartphones or tablets simultaneously at high speed. This is further aided with AiPower robust technology which identifies the input current and charges the connecting device at very high speed with good compatibility giving overall 4.8 amps of current. It is safeguarded very nicely from overheating, unstable voltages and charging. The design is very simple, compact in size yet powerful.It is adaptable to all smartphones and most of the USB devices. The construction is light, easy to carry and handy. There is no problem in power while switching. The whole packed unit is great with higher output amperages which boosts the charging rate of the devices. The socket is much lighter making it perfect for the fit. The charger also fits very firmly in the cigarette lighter without any loose connections.

5.Maxboost Smart Port 24W USB Car Charger

It has smart dual USB ports which helpin easy device recognition and efficient charging with maximum speed. It gives a smooth grip with double implanted frame adding to its durability. The design is compact and gives additional flexibility. The perceptive circuitry protects the device from short-circuit, exceed flow of heat and currents as well. It is compatible with iPads, iPods, iPhones, cameras, MP3 players and smartphones. The two high power driven outputs giving 2.4 amps of current at each port is capable to charge almost any device very easily. There is a small LED light which is used to indicate the charging of the device even at nights or in dark. The framing is done using polycarbonate on the inner coating with bendable outer molding of thermoplastic polyurethane. The construction of the charger is so tight that it minimizes its overall size. It gives high speed charging up to 4.8 amps.

4.AUKEY Charger with Dual 2.0 Ports

This charger has up to 75% fast charging compatibility with its rapid charge 2.0 hi techversion which allows high amount of power transmission. It is also aided with AiPower adaptive technology which helps the ports to easily get adapted to your devices to transfer fast amount of power up to 2.4 amps. It has built in shield to protect the connected device from exceed current flow, overheating and charging. It is also very compatible with all smartphones (Android as well as Apple), Bluetooth devices, smartwatches etc. It won’t have any kind of loose connections or shattering issues as there is good amount of strain on side of the contacts. The spring provided for the post in center is very strong so that the adapter is easily pushed out of the crater on its own.The output power is exactly at its threshold and there are colored sockets for an immediate differentiation between the 2.0 and regular ports.

3.Omaker33W Premium Car Charger with Smart IC

The upgraded version of this charger has a 3 port USB which can charge any three phones or tablets at same time with great speed. It itself is well rigged to pinpoint each connected device and will supply the highest recharging potential with which the device can be easily get adapted to. Its inventive circuitry is specially designed to secure the device against over currents, high heating and short- circuit. It also protects device from exceed charging by automatically stopping it when detected as fully charged. The device is made up of premium fire-resistant material and has anti-rust aluminum base. There is a small LED indicator on the inside section which helps to see the connection state while driving.Its design is durable and patent with decent features. The charger has the perfect fitting and finish as compared to others.It is compatible with almost all the smartphones, tablets both Apple and android.

2.Anker 4-Port USB 48W Car Charger

This charger is adorned with exclusive PowerIQ hi tech which checks whether the device is charged at its possible high speed. This is also an all-powerful charger which lets your device to charge up at most probably speed of 9.6 amps. It can charge up to four phones, iPads or any other devices at the very same time. It gives you assured protection as it is highly compatible with most of the vehicles as well as devices such as Apple, tablets, Macbook, Android phones, etc. But this charger is not suitable to charge iPod shuffle, iPod nano, ipod classic, Asus tablets and HP touchpad. It’s better to use the authentic cable for optimism. It gives full security for your device from all types of harms like short- circuit, low voltages andupsurge in output currents or voltages etc. It gives customized, pumped-up and secured charging for the connected device with intelligent recognition.

1.Anker 24W Dual USB PowerDrive 2charger

This charger has the ability to collaborate the very Avant-grade charging mechanism which is a combination of two factors; boosting voltage and PowerIQ. These two together equip a speedy charging of the device upto almost 2.4 to 4.8 amperes for each port. Another prominent feature is its charging, which helps to charge two devices at the same time with great speed with the assistance of dual ports. It has a very packed and esthetic design which makes its one of the very smallest dual port USB chargers ever.It is also the most slenderized and sleek chargers in market. The twin ports supplies 24 watts power which in terms can be enough powerful to charge almost two iPads at full speed simultaneously. Its immune system helps the devices to be safe from damages caused by any type of burst, temperature fluctuations and much more.The PowerDrive2 is built using prime components with top quality integrated circuit and chips. This makes it completely safe and reliable as well.A mild glowing LED helps to spot the port while driving at night without any distraction. It is quiet charger with no electrical buzzing.