Water Speakers have truly set a whole new benchmark for high technology audio speakers, therefore, here in Digperformance we did a Review: Best Water Speakers 2017. It is integrated with equipment that shoots water fountain jets dancing up and down with the rhythm of music. Commonly there are two speakers with flamboyant LED lights reflecting from the base of speakers to mix with water fountain and create anenthralling light and fountain show. They can be connected to your devices via a USB connectivity port or Bluetooth feature as well; are compatible with devices having 3.5mm audio jack.The speakers are made with good quality materials for durability and surprisingly deliver clear and loud audio sound with some models creating 3-dimensional sound effects as well. They are quite affordable; make a beautiful home decor accessory and look exceptionally cool in dark areas.

Top 11 Water Speaker Review

11. Pixnor LED Water Speakers

PIXNOR represents these set of 2 Mini Speakers that showcase Dancing Fountain Water with colorful lively LED lights. It is supposed to be connected via Wireless Bluetooth with your devices and it is well compatible with iPhones, iPads, other Mobile phones/Tablets, Laptops and PCs as well, they just need to have Bluetooth connectivity option. The sound quality offered by this type of audio transmission is very high quality due to the inbuilt amplifier and Hi-Fi stereo speakers with 3W of output power each. There is also a 3.5mm of audio input provided to plug in your devices having 3.5mm jack, usually found in mobile phones, PCs, MP3, PSP, etc. and enjoy loud music anywhere anytime. There is a USB power plug provided with cord that needs to be plugged in. The material used to construct the outer frame is hard plastic certainly offering durability. LED lights look even more beautiful, when played in dark; the water fountain dances in accordance with the beats and volume of music.

10.e-joy Water Speaker for Audio Dancing

Enjoy your own personal Fountain Light show with these e-joy 22771 Water Dance Speakers that have USB power supply. It is compatible with all devices that have 3.5mm jack for audio connection. The mesmeric LED lights come in 4 distinct colours of Orange, Green, Red and Blue. The water fountain dances in sync with the beats of music and jumps high whenever the volume is increased to high, with LED lights accompanying them. All this just creates a beautiful vision of light and water show. It can easily work with iPhones, iPods, MacBooks, Computers, MP3, MP4, MP5 and so on. The speakers have 2.0 RMS audio output channels with total rated power of 6W. The packaging comes all included with the USB cable, Audio cable, Two Speakers and User manual. The dimension of the product is 12 inches height x 8 inches width x 6 inches length. It is also backed up with 1 year of warranty for parts.

9. SoundSOUL Prodigious Dancing Water Speaker

Experience a miraculous view of light and fountain show with SoundSOUL Dancing Water Speaker that looks classy and funky both in one frame with decent texture. It is made from fine quality acrylic material that is absolutely non-toxic to use. It has precisely sharp design with water fountain perfectly matching with the beats of ongoing music.  The multi-color LED lights illuminate from the base of speakers to reflect beautiful lights through bouncing water creating startling visual effects. It has dual track and double-horn features to deliver 3-dimensional sound effects and resonance to propose sense of space. It uses liquid with plant oil instead of water to ensure top protection as it is non-conductive. It has USB connectivity port to just plug and play; is compatible with any device having 3.5mm audio jack.

8. ECVISION Water Fountain Speakers

ECVISION proudly introduces their Fountain Water Speakers that just needs to be plugged and it instantly starts playing music. The Speaker has multi-colored LED lights in 4 different colors that are illuminated adjoining the fountain water jets as it dances on the beats of music, the water goes high just when the volume of the music increases to create an amazing light and fountain water show. With the 3.5mm of input you can easily plug in the devices having 3.5mm of audio jacks like Mobile phones,PCs, MP3, MP4, iPods and MP5 so on and swiftly start the music. It uses a USB plug as a standard power supply, can be carried anywhere anytime due to its light weight frame and portability features. It is totally secure to use, as instead of water it utilizes liquid with plant oil that has no conductivity of electricity whatsoever. The packaging comes with a 3.5mm Audio cable and USB Cable. The speakers are tall enough with 9 inches of height providing content view.

7. SPEEKAR Dancing Fountain Speakers

Highly striking, this pair of Tri-Oval Speakers 2015 Version from SPEEKAR is designed to captivate you with its Dancing Water Fountain show. It has 5 water jets that dance in unity with the beats of music; whenever the volume of the music is increased the jets seem to rise high. With water jets, there are also 3 LED colorful lights that make the whole water fountain show pleasant; especially in the dark. It uses AUX/USB that needs to be plugged in to start the music; has a very lightweight body, thus, making it portable and handy. The liquid used in these speakers is claimed to be 100% non-toxic and non-conductive. The speakers are compatible with most devices like iPods, MP3, Smart mobile phones, PCs and Laptops and any other device having 3.5mm audio jack. The high class and sturdy built-in motor works noiselessly to deliver best sound quality.

6. e-joy Audio Player with Water Speakers

E-joy, yet again, promotes these 2 Dancing Water Speakers that can play music exquisitely in synchronization with the LED lights and water jets. The quality of these speakers is first-class with fancy-looking petite design, certainly will add a pizzazz to all your devices. There are multi-colored LED lights illuminated in 4 assorted colors whenever the music starts playing; at the same time the water jets dance in rhythm with the audio and jumps high whenever the volume gets bigger. The speaker is 9 inches tall, ample enough to adapt with most of the devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods, MP3, MP4, MP5, and PCs so on. The speakers have 2.0 RMS audio output channels with the rated total power of 6W and arecompanionable with any device having 3.5mm of audio jack. The product is backed with 1 year of part warranty for great after-sales experience.

5.  SoundOriginal Mini Dancing Water Speakers

SoundOriginal™ hosts this 2016 Version of Mini Stereo Speakers with exceedingly attractive 3D design to provide you with a mesmerizing light and water fountain show.  It has 4 water jets that when lifted from base of the speakers, the LED lights get illuminated creating a beautiful vision. The water fountain dances in accordance with the rhythm of music and bounces high whenever the volume goes up. It hasdual track as well as double-horn features that create 3-dimensional sound and resonates all around to create best sense of space. It uses a standard USB cable for power supply, doesn’t need any batteries. It is one ultimate gift to be presented to your loved ones, will certainly make them excited to see the fancy appearance and pretty good audio quality. It is compatible with all devices having 3.5mm audio jack like iPhones, iPads, PCs, MP4, MP3, iPods, Laptops, etc. and comes with 1 year of warranty period.

4. Lightahead New ATake Two Dancing Water Speakers

Patented Third Generation Dancing Water Speakers from Lightahead® will definitely make a great home decor whenever paired with your devices. They are sleek and stylish with anelfin body build to be portable, lightweight and flexible. It uses a standard USB cable for power source, no need for any sorts of batteries. The speakers are compatible with any device that has 3.5mm of audio jack like iPhones, iPods, PCs, MacBooks, MP3, MP4, MP5 so on and has 2.0 RMS of audio output channels. There are 6 Diamond Multi-color LED lights that illuminate from base to add beautiful effects to the shooting water jets. Four Control buttons are provided at the side of the speakers; 2 for controlling volume (+,-), 1 for Dancing water On/Off, 1 for Power On/Off. The finishing of the speakers looks very sophisticated integrated with fine quality bass and noise reduction aspects to deliver high quality sound. The product is assisted with 1 year of limited warranty period.

3. SoundSOUL Bluetooth Water Speakers with Dancing Fountain

Constructed with fine quality and harmless material, this Dancing Fountain Water Speakers from SoundSOUL will undeniably lift the whole experience of enjoying music to next level. The water level in the speakers is precisely measured so as to provide full throttle bouncing fountain whenever music volume is high and also to ensure there is no water leakage. It has inbuilt Amplifier to offer a clear, well resonating and loud audio sound regardless of devices it is connected to. The 4 multi-color LED lights mingle with the bouncing water fountains to create a dazzling light and water show. The speakers are well-matched with any device having 3.5mm of audio jack and passes as a remarkable gift to your friends, kids or beloved family members. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 as a connectivity medium and has controls for adjusting volume of music.

2.SoundSOUL Portable Dancing Water Speakers

With Acrylic construction and polished transparent housing, these set of 2 Dancing Water Fountain Speakers will absolutely stun you. All the material, be it for interiors or exteriors of these speakers are made from non-toxic materials for assured user’s security. It is just 9 inches tall with a petite and lightweight body so that they can be carried around easily anyplace. The inbuilt amplifier in this system ensures a superlative Stereo Sound quality with a plug and play 3.5mm audio port to connect with wide array of devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPods, Mac, or other Android phones as well. The 4 glorious multi-colour LED lights synchronize with the water jets that shoot up from the base creating an extra-ordinary light and water view. The water fountain dances according to the beats of music and jumps up high whenever the volume rises.

1.SoundSOUL LEDWater Speakers with Mini Amplifier

Another astonishing Dancing Water Speaker (Diamond) from SoundSOUL is privileged with a Computex D&I award, 2013. Build with Acrylic, the transparent housing is polished for a clear view and has harmless, non-conductive vegetable oil filled into it. There are 6 LED multi-color lights reflecting from the base from where the water is bouncing to create a fascinating fountain light show with amazing effects. It is compatible with all devices having 3.5mm audio jack and uses standard USB power source with no batteries needed whatsoever. It is energy-efficient as it self-selects Power and Water Fountain On/Off options. It can be connected to iPhones, iPods, MP3, PCs, MP4, MP5, etc. with ease and can be carried anywhere due to its light weight and portable body. At the sides of the speaker, it has 4 controls; 2 to adjust volume, 1 for Power On/Off, 1 for Water Fountain On/Off.

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