It is no secret that Yoga is an efficient and proven mechanism for better health and life. Not only does it improve health and fitness but it also calms the mind, improves focus and all these ultimately leads to eternal happiness. The reason why many people don’t perform yoga is due to lack of knowledge and time. Taking time out of your busy schedule to go out to yoga classes and gym is not for everyone. Hence, there is yoga DVDs which will help you perform yoga at home whenever you feel like it. Not only for beginners but it is also equally good for people who has been practicing yoga for a while. There is different kind of yoga for different needs. There is yoga to lose weight and there is different yoga to gain weight. There is yoga to reduce stress and then there is yoga for daily workout session. We bring to you 11 different Yoga DVDs to choose from as per your need.

11 best Yoga DVDs to choose from

11.Yoga for Warrior by Bob Harper

As the name suggests, this yoga is not just routine yoga but taking it to its extreme. It consists of routine that requires vigorous and extra effort. As an output of which, every last inch of body gets trained and recruited. With putting all the extra efforts and giving maximum output, it pushes the body to break apart the limits we have put upon on ourselves, leaving you with a streamline physique. The whole yoga routine is covered up in 75 minutes, having the intensity equal to 2 hour vigorous workout. Yoga for the warrior isn’t some traditional soul enlightening yoga practice but instead a collection of challenging poses to increase the strength of core and make your body far more strong and healthy.

10.Daily Energy Flow yoga by Shiva Rea

Stretched over the length of 168 minutes in total, this yoga routine consists of seven different twenty minutes practices which can be done one at a time or all together, giving you freedom and comfort of introducing yoga to your life without compromising on time. The best part is whole yoga is customizable and you can choose as per your day. Whether you are feeling stressful or you want more productivity or simply a work out session for your body, there is a different technique of yoga for each of your need. It is equally capable of soul enlightening as much as it for a healthy body.

9.Relief Stress by yoga

This DVD on using yoga to relief stress not only focuses on mental stress but physical and emotional stress well. It contains 20 different routines ranging from 15-60 minutes for stress relief yoga techniques and 30 minutes video of Dalai Lama giving instruction on meditation, all stretched over 240 minutes run time. The video has been shot on Half-Moon Bay beach, adding all together different dimension to it with its beauty. The yoga instructor is none other than Barbara Benagh, who with her 35 years of experience is sure to leave viewer in awe of yoga. She teaches every one of the 20 routines with an ease and comfort, taking you step by step through every process. You can select the combination of routines which is more focused on your needs and with the continuous practice: you will be on your way to achieve optimal health, peace and happiness.

8.Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga practices filmed on this DVD is well suited for beginners who want to lose weight and have better health through yoga. The video was shot on Half-Moon Way beach and Maggie Rhoades as instructor who guides you gently through every routine. It is stretched over run time of 240 minutes and features 12 different routines ranging in between 15 to 60 minutes, giving you the freedom to make your own customized routine as per the need and time you can manage to take out. Routines are well designed to improve the flexibility of body, strengthen the inner core and burn extra calories- leaving you in better shape and health.

7.Power yoga for fully body workout

Power yoga with Rodney Yee as an instructor focuses on building fitness by improving Strength, endurance and stamina. The practice session is 75 minutes long and requires extra efforts. It is essential to do it in continuous stretch and at one setting to get the required results. As opposed to traditional yoga practices which gives attention to enlightenment and calming of mind, this Power Yoga session focuses on achieving the results through vigorous physical routine. The video is guided well enough to be understood by beginners equally.

6.Yoga by Rodney Yee for A.M and P.M

as the name suggest in itself, this DVD contains two different yoga practices for morning and evening. The morning routine focuses on energizing body and calming mind to make you prepared for the day and to ensure you get the best out of it. It features Rodney Yee as an instructor. The evening routine focuses on revitalizing and calming the mind, and to relax the body as to ensure you have a deep peaceful sleep. It features Patricia Walden as instructor. Both the sessions are 20-minutes long, they have been made keeping on mind the busy schedule and shortage of time, the problem faced by every other person. The morning session video is filmed on beach and the evening session is filmed on the sands at Death Valley- both locations being equally mesmerizing.

5.Yoga for beginners by Rodney Yee

This DVD for learning yoga from stretch having Rodney Yee as an instructor has a run time of 100 minutes and features two complete full length workouts for the person to get started with yoga along with tips to perfect the pose and knowledge on how to avoid the common mistakes people make while practicing yoga. Also, the viewer has the option to choose how he or she wants to get trained. You can either choose audio selection for full program or you can select it just for instruction on poses. Also, it includes two different sessions for morning as well as evening- giving you the best of both.

4.Weight loss yoga by Bob Harper

If you put continuous efforts and practice the yoga with dedication, this weight loss yoga DVD: Biggest Loser claims that you can have pound-shedding extraordinary results in about six to eight weeks. Stretched over run time of 55 minutes it includes three different yoga workout sessions along with warming up and cooling down session. Also, the user has freedom to customize their routine as per the time available to them through the menu section. The three different workout sessions include Vinyasa series which focuses on core strength, abs workout along with backbends and standard workout session, all of them are sure to train every inch of your body and remove the last trace of useless extra fat and calories.

3.Yoga for everyone- Beginners and Beyond

This is a set of 3 DVD consisting of around 40 different routines to suit the different needs of people and has a total run tine of 600 minutes. The first DVD is about stress relief using yoga practices, second DVD consists of morning and evening yoga routines – to improve your productivity, calm your mind and for you to have a deep sleep at night and third DVD contains Yoga for inflexible people- it helps to improve the flexibility step by step through modified poses and guidance. All the routines range from 15 to 60 minutes and there is modification of poses which are relatively hard to perform for beginners.

2.Yoga for Beginners by Barbara Benagh

Barbara Benagh has been called as one of most insightful teacher by yoga journal for her easy and simple teaching. Yoga for beginners contains total of 8 different workouts each ranging in between 10 to 60 minutes and the total content has a run time over 240 minutes. As you go along with the workout, Barbara guides you through each one of them with detailed instructions, telling about the advantages and effect of each pose on body. The different workouts help in building the core and increasing flexibility along with drastically improving health and how you feel. All along, the session has been shot in Half-Moon Bay beach and the rolling waves only add to the tranquility of the yoga.

1.Yoga meltdown by Jillian Michaels

Yoga Meltdown by an award winning trainer- Jillian Michaels include two separate 30 minutes workout session along with separate section for warm-up and cooling down of body. The first video is called as level one workout and it focuses on different yoga sequences which help in burning mega calories. The second session which is a level two workout session consist of challenging poses to improve balance, flexibility and burn even more calories. Also, the session has been designed in a way to create interval training which means repeatedly increase and decrease in heart rate which improves the lung capacity, increase the oxygen use and as a result burn large amount of calories.