Not only clothes and makeup are required to have an amazing look but also a fake eyelash to compensate with the original look to make your eyes look more dramatic, more amazing, and catchier and more glamorous. As eyes are the main centre of attraction, we need to provide it with more attention and look than any other part. Here are a set of 12 amazing eyelashes review to help you select the one that must be added as a mandatory accessory.

Top 12 Fake eyelashes review to add beauty to your eyes- Prettilicious Eyelashes with e-book

As stunning as the Cube box of Glossy cover look like, as beautiful will the eyes of the women wearing it would look. This set of eyelashes has been designed by 200+ makeup artists who are certified for their skills. This product is made up of synthetic fiber, less than the weight of the feather to give a real light weight and smooth look. Not only is this product mesmerizing but it also attracts the audience by adding volume and length to eyes making them look wide and pretty. The set consists of 40 different pairs of eyelashes of different styles. Also, this product comes with a e-book to answer to any query regarding its use and way to rectify any kind of difficulty. They are purely handmade and very comfortable and simple to use, thus a good choice.

11.False eyelash by ExamDesign

This set of eyelashes consists of 10 pairs of eyelashes of different designs that make a ‘according to the look’ kind of thing happen. They are beautifully feathered and knotted by hand. Synthetic fibers used to make them are of high quality and have no competition in the market as it nearly makes the lash line blend with the eyes and make it disappear. Another important feature of this set of eyelashes it that it can be cleaned easily and can be reused with proper use. They are durable, soft and have a 100 percent guarantee term. Thus, safety comes with beauty.

10.Crisscross Long fake eyelashes by Skuluna

This is one of the trusted products, also it is totally 100% brand new, and that makes the level of the fashion higher than it could have been. This amazing product has 5pair of eyelashes in one amazing set with are compatible for daily as well as party use thus a perfect combo one can have. It is made up of high class product, is long is length with bristles in criss-cross manner giving eye an amazing bouncy, and perfect touch. It is purely reliable, and does it work for considerable amount of time. These eyelashes are black in color and are designed in a way to give you beauty with never neglecting the comfort of your eyes.

9.Ardell Deluxe Pack Lashes

This product gives the buyer the best value of buying as it is a twin pack of eye lashes of great price. These Ardell eye lashes are reusable thus there’s no restriction of one-time use; also it is light weight which makes your eyes have an adorable and light-weighted touch. The back also comes with Duo, which is one of the best selling adhesive and also a dual- ended lash application which makes this product to be used easily, quickly and simply. It has a tweezers type end so that its application becomes easier. The soft tips of the eyelashes help the user to gently place and secure the lashes. Thus, if you’re up to a great qualitied, here is a choice.

8.Ardell Multicase eyelashes

This product is specialized because of the long lashes that are specially designed according to the needs of the user. It gives you a natural look when applied because of its perfectly made structure. It is a 4-pair pack with eye lashes of similar black color and of different designs to provide the user with the wide range of options according to the event and outlook. When applied, it makes the eyes of the beholder of great volume and great beauty. These sets go with daily as well as party use thus, again breaking another restriction. Also, it is a trusted product which makes the buyer rely upon this option and not go to the other options.

7.10 pair of Long and natural looking eyelashes by GoldRose

This 10-pair pack hold in the amazingly made eyelashes that are real long, and wouldn’t fail to give you a natural and amazing look. All of the 10 eyelashes are of supreme style and compatible for party use as well as the daily one. They are really soft in texture and also have a light band to prevent strain to your eyes once these eyelashes are applied on them. It is really easy to apply as well as remove them thus making the job of looking beautiful easier than it ever was. These eyelashes are evidently for professional use, but once you know the fashion game, you are into it.

6.Icecheer Long Crisscross 3D fake eyelashes

The product is a new comer to the industry and fashion area fixing into the hole of modern needs of a fashionista. It comes in a pack of 3 pairs and can be used as well as reused when convenient; It is very comfortable to wear and is great for party events, though not completely restricting the daily events. These long, naturally looking fake eyelashes are totally crisscrossed with each other to give a complete natural look. All of the 3 eyelashes are completely different from each other to provide the buyer with range of looks which are beautiful and natural enough to ponder someone. It can be used on long term basis by simply applying the glue, that’s it and you’re done with blending them into the eye lash line of yours.

5.Icona premium quality False eyelashes

This product is of considerable and natural length, that easily blends with you eye lash line and give you a bouncy and natural beautiful look.  You need to add this product to your accessory list because it bounces your look with no difficulty. It has a high life thus can be used for a prolonged basis; also it is very easy to apply them. It is certainly non-irritant to eyes, and is very light weighted thus provides your eyes with light and secure touch. The product has been build with superior craftsmanship, with quality that can be compared with none of the available products and is completely hand made which makes us rely on this product more. It won’t be a bad choice to gift them either, because it comes packed in beautiful pink case that attracts the eye of the beholder.

4.Voberry 5 pairs of Long Crisscross eyelashes

The product is specially crafted to meet the demands of the era of fashion as it is of delightful black color and also, Voberry is an American brands that tries to connect to the buyer by greeting them with special package, customer service card and a hang tag. These eyelashes are made up of high quality synthetic fiber with a transparent terrier made up of plastic. It totally blends with the eyes of the beholder and due to its longs and crisscrossed bristles; it gives a beautiful and voluminous look. It is a product of a trusted company, or you can say the only company that is the authorized seller of the branded products of JLtech1. This 5-pair pack can be a great choice to rule in the beauty.

3.Vixen 3-pack false eyelashes by SocialEyes

This amazing product comes in the pair of 3 and is beautifully designed keeping in mind the agenda to power and emphasize the elegant beauty of your eyes. The product is light-weighs which make it provide comfort to your eyes. The durably is also not an issue, also it can be reused up to 5-7 times, which solely explains us the quality of these eyelashes and durability too. These are perfectly made to give you a refinishing, volumes and natural look as the eyelashes completely removes the contrast between them and your eyes.

2.Individual set of Thick and long fake eyelashes by Volum Lashes

Be the most dramatic-looking lady in the room with these eyelashes with are made especially for party events, with no other product that can compete with this one easily. These mink eyelashes approximately resembles the human hair thus saves you from a artificial look. These are very comfortable, really easy to apply and have amazing durability too due to its multiple bands which can make you fill of awe when used once. They are incredibly long lasting and 4-5 times longer and of more quality when compared with the synthetic eye lashes. A trusted brand gives a trusted product.

1.Ardell Demi Whispies Multipack of eyelashes

This product is surely going to end the search game of eyelashes, because it is one of the trusted and the most amazing product by Ardell. They are long in length and have a blending natural black color ensuring you a natural look. They can be used easily by glue and can be taken rid of them easily too. You don’t have to wait long to fix them as they have a adjusting quality which makes things naturally glamorous. They are available in number of pairs and are superiorly beautiful, easy to use, and reusable too thus cannot be parallel with any other eye lash product.