Let us admit it folks, not all of us are good with numbers. And why would you want to stress your already stressed mind, when the solution is few taps away. Whether you are a student, engineer or in any other profession for that matter, there is always a need for calculator at some level or another. Market is full of different calculators which come along with different features. It is essential to know about the features and functions which suit the need of hour before buying one. From small portable calculator which can perform simple arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, percentage to advanced scientific calculators for complex mathematical problems like differentiation, integration- this article has got it all covered.

Things to consider before buying:

  • Features

Different calculators are suited for different needs. If your work involves dealing with complex mathematical problems and solving trigonometry and calculus equations, advanced scientific calculator is the right choice for you. Also, if there is a need for analyzing and working with graphs, it is essential to go for calculator with graphing technology. If you are a businessman or sales person, and the only thing you need from your calculator is to efficiently perform basic arithmetic operation like addition, multiplication- desktop calculator will go a long way.

  • Display

From seven-segment LCD display to dot matrix LCD display, calculator comes with different display depending on the type and feature. Also, some desktop calculator provides 8-digit display where as some provide 12-digit display. 12-digit display comes handy when it is required to work on large numbers or more decimals. Graphing technology calculators also comes with a choice between color display and normal display.

  • Memory

RAM and ROM is essential for scientific calculators and for calculator with graphing technology. They ensure the storage of graphs and images. Also, higher RAM and ROM means there is no delay in getting the results.

  • Battery

There are two different ways on which calculator runs. Either it can run on solar power or through the battery inside. Basic small portable desktop-calculator often runs on solar power where as advanced scientific calculator runs on AAA battery which comes included with the product.

  • Warranty

Calculators from top notch manufacturers come with a limited warranty period of 12 months, some provides even 24 months. It is essential to get the warranty card at the time of buying and keep it secured, as to avoid hassle later on.

Top 12 calculators to choose from

12- Standard Function Calculator by Helect , model: H100

H100 is a standard desktop calculator which is best suited to perform standard arithmetic operations. Apart from basic functions, there is also a feature for currency and tax conversion. It is supported by large LCD display which can uphold 12-digits at a time. Calculator runs on solar as well as internal battery as to ensure smooth functioning even in dim light. The battery needs to be inserted separately as it doesn’t come along with the calculator. H100 is only available in black color, making it look more professional. Also, the keys are big in size as to ensure there is no error while giving inputs.

11- Casio Standard Function Calculator, model: SL-300VC

Along with the big display which can up hold 8-digits, the mathematical function which has been entered like plus, minus also get displayed on the screen, which very much helps in reducing error. SL-300VC comes in a combination of color- white and green, white and blue, and it looks good to eye. Also, it goes well with the aesthetic of home an office. There is a separate key for every basic math function like addition, subtraction along with a separate key for finding out percentage to ensure fast usage. The calculator is only solar powered.

10- Avalon Desktop Calculator

Avalon provides calculator in vibrant colors like green and blue which goes well with the aesthetics of home or office, and it looks quite good on table. The keys are extra large and made to withstand continuous usage and it ensures you never hit wrong button while working under stress. Also, clicking sound has never been any better.  The display is tilted for easy viewing and it prevents strain on eyes. Also, the LCD display size is large and can hold up to 8-digits at time. It runs on dual power, both solar and battery. The battery never needs to replaced, no matter for how long the calculator is being used. It performs the simple arithmetic operation with an ease and speed.

9- Sharp Electronics calculator, model: EL243SB

The El243 is small handheld calculator. The keys are neither too small, nor too big. It can as easily be termed as mobile calculator for its size. The cover attached to it ensures there is no damage to it when it is being carried in briefcase, bag or pocket. EL243SB by sharp electronics performs simple arithmetic operation with an ease. It also has recall and clear memories, which helps in clearing off the screen at once instead of deleting every entry individually. The display is LCD display and can hold 8-digits on screen. It is twin powered which ensures when there is low light, the power source will automatically switch from solar to battery, making sure there is no interruption to continuous usage. There is no off key, but it shuts itself off on its when there is no usage.

8- Canon Handheld Calculator, model: LS-82Z

The handheld calculator by canon is made up extra-compact to make this portable calculator very handy and it can be stored very easily in any office or school bag. LS-82Z is best suited to perform simple arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction and division and can be used in office or home. Also, it has big size upright display which has been made eye-angled to reduce strain on eyes. The display can hold total of 8-digits. It runs on solar power as well as internal AAA size battery. The key factors of this handheld calculator by Canon are its small size, clear display and well built keys.

7- Casio Scientific Calculator, model: FX-300MS

This scientific calculator by Casio is best suited for solving complex mathematics and Science problems. It comes with a 2-line display and displays entry and result on the same screen. Also, it has got 240 functions in total for solving all kind if trigonometric, general math, statistics and algebra equations. Auto- replay functions display the last equation you entered, enabling user to tackle any error in very handy manner. The memory slots are made as to ensure storage of 9 variables. If the same function is to be used again and again, it comes with a feature to key in and program them for future uses. FX-300MS is supported by solar power as well as backup battery power and it ensures you won’t ever feel need to replace the batteries. It also comes with a slid-on case as to prevent the calculator from any breakage. It is easy to use and has an efficient layout of keys.

6- Business Calculator by Casio Inc., model: HR-100TM

Portable printers are the next generation device. HR-100TM business calculator by Casio Inc. is one of them. It is well suited for all types of business and office usage. It performs all the simple arithmetic functions with an ease and has the features for cost- sell margin, and functions for currency and tax exchange. It comes with a 12-digit display and runs on rechargeable battery which can be recharged with the help of AC adapter provided with the calculator. It also has large keys which are made up of plastic which increases the efficiency and speed of the user. Also, the printer prints in black and red ink and has the capacity to print 2-lines per second.

5-  Mini-desktop printing calculator by Canon, model: P23-DH V 2

P23- DH V 2 is a desktop calculator which is best suited for simple arithmetical functions like addition, subtraction and multiplication. It also comes with a direct option to find out profit margin. Include all this to the capability to print 2.3 lines per second. It comes very handy for shopkeeper, sales person and small business owners. It prints all the entries and the results in very high speed. Also, the final solution is printed on red ink and all the other entries in blue ink, making solution easily differentiable. The feature of date and time is also available, which can be printed along with the calculation. It runs on internal battery and whenever the battery gets low, there will be an indicator on the display, reminding you to change the batteries. P23-DH V 2 has a 12-digit display and comes with a warranty period of one year.

4- Casio Desktop Calculator, model: MS-80B

MS-80B is a standard function desktop calculator by Casio. It runs on solar power and when there is not enough light it switches back to internal battery power.MS-80B has a large 8 digit display with16-digits approximation. This Calculator has a sharp silver-metallic finish and comes with Tax and Currency exchange function making it best suited for office and business purpose. All the basic arithmetic functions are available including profit margin. The light weight and high durability comes handy while storing this portable desktop calculator in office bag or suitcase.

3- Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator, model: TI-84 Plus CE

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE comes with fully loaded graphing technology. It has a multi color display with high resolution and LED backlit display, and comes with an ability to utilize image. 3.0 MB ROM and 154K RAM helps in storage of graphs, data and images which can be accessed anytime while future use. Also, it comes with a rechargeable battery which can be conveniently charged using TI charging station or even wall charger and USB cable. Also with the help of USB slot provided, calculator can easily be connected to other devices and data like images and graphs can also be exchanged. TI-84 Plus CE comes with pre-loaded images and functions, and to make solving complex problems easily MathPrintTM feature is also available.

2- Texas Instruments Multi-View Scientific Calculator, model: TI- 30XS

TI-30XS is yet another great product from Texas Instruments. As compared to general notions of calculator with two line display, this is a multi-view scientific calculator. The four line display makes it handy to carry out multiple calculations at the same time. The results between the multiple calculations can also be compared on the same screen. It runs on solar power as well as internal battery problem. With the help of toggle key, the mathematical form of result can be quickly changed from decimal to fraction or degree to radians or other essential mathematical forms. Also, the previous entries and results can also be accessed at any time by going back and forth with the help of arrow buttons. This calculator is ideal for high school and college students, or for professionals in Science and Engineering fields. Whether it is general math, algebra or trigonometric equations- TI-30XS never fails down.   

1- Two line scientific calculator by Texas Instruments, model : TI- 30X IIS

TI-30X IIS is a fully advanced scientific calculator which runs on solar power, and if enough light intensity is not available, it uses the internal battery power which comes included with the calculator. Its display is supported by LED- backlit and it comes with a two line display making it handy for solving complex mathematical problems. Using two line display- TI-30X IIS displays entry and the result simultaneously. Also, the previous entry and their results are stored in the memory and can be accessed by pressing the up arrow key repeatedly. Along with the features which come with every scientific calculator gives you the ease of copy, cut and paste. It means there is no need to write the same equation again and again, cut it and paste it wherever required. Also, the device has capacity to store five different variables in its memory slot. It supports all the three angle modes, and also one and two variable statistical modes. Texas Instruments TL-30X IIS comes with a one year warranty period.