The brain is the central most important organ of the body, controlling all processes of the human body, from the secretion of the right hormones to the storage of all memories and functions- almost like the central RAM of a computer, only more biologically complex. And just like any intricate system, the brain needs regular “maintenance” and boosters for proper functioning, provided in the form of adequate nutrition and health. However, due to the deteriorating effects of natural aging, sub-standard modern processed foods, and increased life stresses, adequate nutrition is not being supplied to the brain, leading to increased cases of mental fatigue and illnesses of the brain such as dementia and depression. This situation in modern times has advocated the need for additional brain supplements to be included in the daily diet to counter these ill-effects.

There are several brain supplements available in the market, each having their own particular target in brain health. It is thus vital to select the most suitable for one’s own needs. In the whole spectrum, based on experience, scientific studies customer satisfaction, the following four supplements are considered to be of top-performance in improving brain health – DHA, Ginkgo Biloba, Bacopa Monnieri and Citicoline.

The purpose of these brain supplements is to increase the natural potential of the brain in all aspects. They work primarily to improve the brain’s capacity to absorb new information, better concentration, and focus, faster processing of, memory-recalling aptitude, overall mental clarity, and a better mood in general.



Docosahexaenoic acid, more commonly known by its abbreviation as DHA is the predominant building block found in the architecture of the brain. Thisomega-3 fatty acid is extremely vital to regulating and strengthen brain health in all stages of man’s life and is considered to be more powerful than the other types of omega-3 oil compounds- Eicosapentaenoic acid i.e., EPA and A-linolenic acid (ALA).


  • Scientific studies indicate that higher consumption of DHA considerably helps in decreasing the occurrence of mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia in the elderly.
  • Omega-3 foods also greatly amend and heal the quality of memory for those already diagnosed with an illness, like Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and also for those who suffer from memory loss owing to natural aging processes.
  •  Studies show that during pregnancy, the mother’s placenta selectively imbibes DHA to ensure sufficient growth of the infant’s neurological system. This is extremely critical as this period between the last trimester of pregnancy and first two years of the infant’s life is when the maximum brain and cognitive function development occurs.
  • Feeding DHA-supplemented foods such as egg-yolk to 6-month babies were found to increase visual development, as opposed to those who weren’t fed supplemented DHA.
  • Neuro-muscular transmissions are greatly improved with DHA, thus making it an important player in muscular co-ordination and development, especially in infants.
  • In the infant brain structure, the majority of DHA is found in the area of motor control which is the command centre for social conduct, behaviour, and long-term memory.
  • The architecture of DHA has twenty-two carbon atoms and totally six number of double bonds. This means DHA is the largest unsaturated fatty acid found in a human’s cell membranes and is thus able to stimulate good fluidity and cell growth in the brain.Together with the enzyme Phosphatidylserine, DHA increases fluidity between brain synapses.
  • This fluidity-increasing property of DHA can be used to increase the vulnerability of cancer cells to treatments like immunological and chemotherapy, thus greatly increasing the chances of defeating cancer.
  • Higher amounts of DHA compounds in cellular membranes decreases the occurrence of lipid peroxidation and helps in better mitigation of oxidative stress in cells, in particular to neurons
  • DHA regulates and maintains the complex multi-faceted processes involved in cell signalling and communication, both intercellular and intracellular.
  • It sustains the functioning of Na+/K+ ATPase enzyme, a vital element involved in the imbibition of energy from Adenosine Tri-Phosphate which ultimately holds order over the passing of electric impulses across various cells.
  • DHA controls calcium oscillations which dictate several cellular functions, such as the discharge of neurotransmitters, initiation of genes, growth, and control of neurons.
  • DHA behaves as a natural an anti-inflammatory agent irrespective of the source of damage and cause- thus, it helps in treating conditions such as autism,diabetes, and natural brain aging.

Recommended products

Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil Triple Strength

A Well rated veteran product in the market, Dr. Tobias’ customers appreciate the absence of an unpleasant fishy after-taste generally associated with omega-3 supplements. A complete natural pill with relatively higher levels of EDA and DHA when compared with other products, users report absolutely zero side-effects and find it easy to digest without the typical “fish burps”. Users of this product report improvements in anxiety levels and panic attacks, in addition to other improvements in health like reduced blood pressure and joint aches in adults. There are also cases where it helps reduce the symptoms of ADHD in the younger children. It is a 100% recommendable product and is great value for money, used by both elders and youngsters alike.


  •     Has DHA content 600 mg and EPA content 800mg
  •     No unpleasant fish odour or taste due to enteric coating
  •     Completely natural
  •     Higher EPA and DHA levels
  •     No side effects
  •     Easily digestible without fish-burps

BrainPower+ Omega-3 Fish oil

Contains omega, DHA andEPA in the following quantities – 1500mg, 800mg, and 600 mg – this oil product is sought after for its highest level of DHA, the 1500 mg variant. Users have reported an increased level of concentration and focus with a general rise in enthusiasm and energy levels, a major requirement of brain supplement pills. Also, there seems to be a significant increase in memory-retaining and control of sudden erratic mood swings. The absence of smell compromises for the large size of the pill, making it pleasant even for non-fish eaters. High quality for a very reasonable price, these pills are here for the long-term.


  •     Constitutes omega, DHA, and EPA in the quantities of 1500mg, 8000mg, and 600mg.
  •     Has the highest dosage of omega in all products – 1500 mg variant
  •     Well refined oil product and molecularly distilled
  •     The oil has been removed off the fishy smell through the natural steaming process.
  •     Doctor recommended product
  •     Reasonable price for long-term usage

NOW foods- DHA brain supplements

DHA supplements from NOW foods have a comparatively high percentage of omega-3 concentration – 75%, making their effects perceivable a little sooner than others. One bottle lasting the average of 3 months is sufficient time for the user to garner and witness the full positive effects after consuming these supplements.  Users report alleviation of depression and moods, faster processing in the brain and improved learning capabilities in kids.


  •     Contains 500mg DHA, 250mg EPA
  •     Enteric coated to avoid unpleasant taste
  •     180 tablets in one pack – lasts 3 months
  •     Higher percentage of Omega-3, 75%
  •     Faster action due to high content

2.Ginkgo Biloba


Ginkgo Biloba is another commonly available natural brain supplement, extracted from the leaf of the plant of the same name. Ginkgo biloba has been used as a brain stimulant for over a million years, it has existed from the age of the dinosaurs, making them a living fossil.  It is one of the best herbal remedies for brain-related problems and is proved to effectively cure those diagnosed with cognitive illnesses, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.


  • Ginkgo Biloba is now available in the market as a standard extract, used to treat several health problems such as depression, loss of memory, confusion and headaches, to name a few.
  • The working mechanism of Ginkgo is orderly – the compound initially increases blood supply at the same time decreasing its viscosity. It then enhances neurotransmitters and eliminates some free radicals.
  • Based on the Ginkgo Evaluation of Memory(GEM) Study, it was concluded that this herbal extract has no positive effect whatsoever on the improvement of cognitive functions in healthy adults. Another meta-analysis study reinforced the same conclusion, adding that no matter how high the dosage, ginkgo’s effects on healthy individuals is still nil.
  • The highly beneficial effects of this supplement are highlighted only when it comes to treatment of individuals known to have cognitive impairments or illnesses – such as memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s and so on. It helps alleviate the symptoms of these by improving memory retaining capacity, social conduct, and behaviour and reducing aggressiveness.
  • It also aids in the treatment of depression by stimulating the secretion of more “happy” hormones serotonin and “relaxing” hormones dopamine. By reducing the level of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, Ginkgo supplements also play a role in the control of anxiety-related issues in patients.
  • In combination with medications for antipsychotics, it helps battle the symptoms associated with schizophrenia.
  • Ginkgo supplements are also proven to be of great use in enhancing the short-term memory of senior adults, reducing their chances of contracting cognitive problems by 68%.
  • In younger children, ginkgo alleviates symptoms of ADHD or ADD. Though it is less effective than the drug Ritalin, it is found to have lesser number of harmful side effects, thus being a highly favourable choice for parents.

Recommended products

Nutrition essentials Neuro ClarityTMGinkgoBiloba supplements

Ginkgo supplements from Neuro ClarityTMhave has been used for enough time to garner immense popularity and faith. Customers of this product claim immediate benefits and improvements in depression and anxiety, also going on to say that there are significant improvements in general mood and thinking abilities, with better mental clarity. Older customers find the use of this supplement to be very useful in enhancing both short-term and long-term memories. Unlike other supplements, the benefits of this product don’t die out after the first few months of usage but are consistent throughout usage. Users also report less reliance on other energy boosters like caffeine and alcohol after using Neuro ClarityTMginkgo supplements. Increased energy levels, reduced mental confusion and memory loss is the general benefits observed by all, with almost no side effects.


  •     One box for one month- 60 capsule
  •     Powerful blend of Ginkgo biloba and Wort for increased benefits
  •     Time-tested and well renown brand
  •     Help improve short and long term memory issues
  •     Consistent results throughout use
  •     Improves cognitive function

Nature’s Bounty supplements with Ginkgo Biloba

A five-star rated product, Ginkgo Biloba supplements from Nature’s Bounty is widely-used and accepted by many people who require brain performance boosts. Many users are highly satisfied with the working of this product, as it provides all the benefits that it claims it will successfully. Most users report having high memory improvements, mood elevation, and less anxiety after usage. Many people also use this supplement to improve brain alertness and improve its imaginative thinking ability – one writer feels taking these pills just prior to writing greatly improves his ability to write and think clearly.


  •     Each box has 100 capsules of 120 mg ginkgo extract
  •     Can be used as part of a daily health routine
  •     100% customer satisfaction
  •     No hidden additives, completely natural
  •     Improves anxiety and stress and better clarity

Nature’s way standardized Ginkgo supplements

This product by Nature’s way is a true winner amongst the masses. As it comes with a highly recommended and standard ratio of 24% of the compound flavone glycosides and 6% of terpene lactones, it has more faithful customers than other products of the same field. Providing a perceptible improvement after a fortnight of usage, customers are very satisfied. There is an improvement in mental focus and clarity, an energy level of the body, alertness and brain health, especially among the elderly. Some customers feel that this product is highly effective and at the same time very slow and subtle in its effects.


  •     120 Vcaps, completely vegetarian
  •     Standard 24% of the compound flavone glycosides and 6% of terpene lactones
  •     Effective within a fortnight of daily usage
  •     Improved energy and health
  •     Slow but steady effective medicine
  •     Good value for money

3.Bacopa Monnieri


Another brain supplement derived from natural plants, Bacopa Monnieri is an ancient traditional medicine typically used in Ayurveda as a tonic for cognitive systems of the body. It has a well-believed repute as a super herb in the world of brain supplements, for being highly effective and potent in fighting memory problems and also stresses issues. Commonly known by its colloquial term, Brahmi, this compound behaves like an adaptogen, meaning it makes the body of the consumer highly conducive to sudden changes and stressful situations.


  • A 2002 study issued in a medical journal of the name “Neuropsychopharmacology”, conducted a research on 76 people. Half of the participants consumed Bacopa Monnieri supplements, and the other half did not. After 3 months, it was found the group which took these supplements had better memory functions and recalling abilities than the rest – thus proving that Bacopa Monnieri is very powerful in boosting brain function.
  • With natural aging, it is very common for brain cells to undergo gradual degradation without any warning. Studies show the positive effects of the active compounds called “bacosides” that are found in Bacopa, which help in the rejuvenation of damaged dying brain cells and tissues. Other studies conducted on animals prove Bacopa’s remedial effects by stopping the fast deterioration of brain cells normally allied with Alzheimer’s.
  • A Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine undertook a study in 2008, in which elder people consumed 300 mg BacopaMonnieri supplements each day. There was a significant improvement in definite mental functions like attentiveness and learning capabilities. The scientists thus determined the supplement’s utility in stopping the inevitable decline of mental cognitive abilities due to natural ageing.
  • Bacopa Monnieri brain supplements also aid in regulating and controlling mental energy and mood as it enhances the working of particular neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and also acetylcholine.
  • It also regulates the rate of heart beat and controls blood pressure rates.
  • Apart from all these benefits for the brain, Bacopa also helps in bolstering the working of the liver, an essential detoxifying organ of the human body. In today’s modern world’s where toxins abound from the commonest foods to liquors and drinks, it is very necessary to maintain the liver’s health.

Recommended products

Himalaya Brahmi organic brain supplements

A locally produced Ayurveda product, Himalaya’s Brahmi supplements are very popular and well reputed in the country. Known to successfully provide all claimed benefits within a period of two weeks of consumption, most consumers assert great satisfaction with this particular product. It helps in good memory recalling capabilities, improved attention, focus, and alertness. This Brahmi supplement comprises of complete plant ingredients in addition to extracts thus providing a whole spectrum of components from the plant- this makes this supplement product all the more effective.  Consumers absolve controversies associated with these pills which are feared to contain lead, by stating that these pills contain a very minimal amount of lead, far below the admissible levels, due to natural trace elements found in soil.


  •     One box has 60 Bacopa tablets, 750mg each
  •     A well-known reputed brand, Himalaya
  •     100% natural and pesticide free
  •     No additives or gluten
  •     Highly satisfied faithful customer base

Planetary Herbals supplements with Bacopa

Another great product of Bacopa brain supplements, this product has a vast number of consumers who swear by its effectiveness in boosting the Brain’s natural abilities. Though the tablets taste a little too strong, with an even stronger herbal odor, which is in a way beneficial in that it prevents itself from being attacked by parasites, they are just as strong in their effects. It has been used as a tonic to stimulate learning and concentration in children diagnosed with ADHD, and memory recalls in elders. Some users also claim that this Bacopa Monnieri supplement if used over time can garner chemo-preventive abilities too. It may have a few side effects, based on the individual’s body condition, but the pros outweigh the cons by a far margin. Most users highly recommend this product to their peers, with no doubt.


  •     One box has 240 Bacopa tablets, 240mg each
  •     Strong herbal odour proves naturalness
  •     Can be used for all age groups
  •     Ayurveda product with no dangerous side effects
  •     Enhances the brain’s natural powers

Herb Pharm Extract

Available in the form of a liquid extract, this organic product has widely acclaimed reviews, which may be attributed to the highly reputable company from which it comes. The liquid format makes this product easily consumable by children too. One user in particular claims that her autism diagnosed child benefits so greatly from this product with increased energy and coherence, that in spite of the mildly bitter taste of the tonic, he asks for the supplement. It improves the child’s social behavior, sleeping patterns, and is far calmer and happy. One other customer finds the almost instantaneous effects appealing – she finds her depression flying away with all her stress. The fact that it is 100% natural makes all users feel safe and satisfied to use this product, even for young children.


  •     In the form of a liquid Bacopa extract
  •     Prepared from the hand-harvested, clean top portions of good quality Bacopa plants
  •     Easily absorbable as it’s in the form of a liquid
  •     Can be used even for children, with no fuss
  •     Free of any additives or gluten
  •     Instantaneous results



Citicoline is a naturally occurring chemical in the human body. It is produced in small amounts by the liver and forms a vital intermittent compound in the synthesizing process of phosphatidylcholine, the predominant compound found in the grey matter of the brain. As a brain supplement, Citicoline was discovered in Japan when researchers found it beneficial in treating patients who had a recent stroke attack.

A naturally occurring human chemical, it has no side effects and can be tolerated by all.


  • Citicoline as a brain supplement bolsters the brain’s ability to retain memory, a desire by people of all age groups – children for better academic performances and adults for off-setting the natural deterioration of brain function and other cognitive illnesses.
  • Citicoline improves memory detainment and memory recalling abilities and memory expansion which aids better deeper learning. This is due to its mechanism- once consumed, Citicoline stimulates higher circulation of the compound Acetylcholine inside the brain, which being a highly influential neurotransmitter ultimately increases and regulates the formation of memories and synapse development.
  • These effects vary, however. For some, it may manifest in the simplest forms such as remembering few facts and dates which may till then have assumed to be forgotten, while for others it may manifest in improving memory in the longer term sense.
  • A notable increase in mental energy is found on the consumption of Citicoline supplements. Better attention spans with more focused imbibition of information.
  • This increase in energy has positive repercussions – stronger concentration powers and clearer purpose with few distractions.
  • The original purpose of Citicoline supplements was meant for clinical use as a remedy for stroke patients to salvage the damaged and lost cognitive functions. Citicoline could heal stroke damages by stimulating neuron development.
  • Another clinical use of Citicoline is in the field of delaying cognitive decline in the elderly, ranging from serious illnesses such as senile dementia to modest natural age-related issues such as memory loss.
  • Significant research proves the effects of Citicoline supplements in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Most patients with this mental disease report below-normal levels of the compound acetylcholine. And since Citicoline increases the amount acetylcholine in the blood, it inhibits and heals the damage cause by Alzheimer’s in the patient’s brain.
  • Citicoline supplements are greatly used in the remedial measures of ADHD in children and also other decreased focus related illnesses.
  • Citicoline works great as an independent brain nutrient supplement. It also enhances the working of their brain supplements when used in appropriate combination with the right products.
  • Citicoline is known as the most tolerated nootropic, and hence, it helps reduce the possible negative side effects that may occur with the use of other nootropics it is combined with. For instance, a common side effect of some brain supplements is the highly unpleasant Piracetam Headache, which forms as a result of over-worked acetylcholine receptor points. Citicoline being a precursor of acetylcholine can ready the brain to accept the increased levels of this compound due to supplement action thus preventing the headaches.

Recommended products

Jarrow Formula’s brain supplements with Citicoline

Highly effective Citicoline brain supplements at such good prices are hard to come by, making this product popular amongst the users. Stroke patients with impaired cognition recommend this product to other fellow stroke survivors, stating that taking four pills twice a day greatly improves the ability to retain some muscular functions- such as walking with the support of a bar. One particular user who had suffered consecutive minor stroke attacks, claims that this product is what helped her get cured two years down the line. Some users find this product very useful in maintaining their focus and attention on one task at a time, resulting in higher productivity rates.


  •     120 capsules, each 250 mg Citicoline content
  •     Stabilized capsules of good quality
  •     Improves overall muscular function, especially for stroke patient
  •     Improved focus and productivity
  •     Reasonable price for such good quality

Double Wood CDP Choline supplements

A product with a great number of recommendations and reviews, this product is proof that slow working means steady working. Users find this subtle yet highly powerful in its effects, taking good time to build in the body and then reap its benefits – users advocate patience. There have been positive reports of increased brain fog alleviation, to the extent of 60%, better focus and mental energy to finish tasks easily and increased fluidity of thoughts. Used in combination with a stack like Piracetam and sulbutiamine, this product helps to achieve higher concentration and clarity.  Some users also claimed to have a much better and deeper REM sleep cycle than prior to taking these supplements.


  •     One box has 60 capsules, 300 mg CDP choline content
  •     Subtle yet strong working principle
  •     At least 60% improvement in brain clarity and focus
  •     Improves sleep cycle and patterns
  •     Better reception to dopamine densities
  •     Offers good success or money-back

Cognizin Citocline Brain supplements

Reaping all the benefits that Citocline has to offer as a brain supplement, this product does enough justice. Many users report the lesser level of laziness and lethargy, with improvements in mental fatigue. Work gets done faster and even better than before, as concentration and determination levels have improved. Users also feel the stress and anxiety they usually feel have vastly reduced after taking these supplements. Neurologists recommend this product even to young children who suffer from ADHD, TPI or cerebral palsy, considering it extremely safe with no negative effects.


  •     Made from patented brand of Citicoline called Cognizin
  •     All constituents are lab-testes and safe
  •     Contains no traces of stearates
  •     Safe to use for children with ADD
  •     Zero side effects
  •     Purely sterile and allergen free