Laptop tables are one of the essential components of computer stationary. Without a good sturdy laptop table, it can become very difficult to work on a laptop for a long duration. Laptop tables are specially made to ensure that the users get all the comfort while working on their laptops which can certainly be very beneficial in increasing the efficiency. There are many different kinds of laptop tables available in the market and selecting the right one can get a little bit tricky. To make the process of selection easier we have sorted out some of the common things that you should consider before getting yourself a laptop table.

Things to consider before buying laptop table:

There are many different types of laptop tables available in the market, the sorting is done on various different things such as the type of material used, features on offer, design and pricing. Let’s have a look in brief as to what one should look for in a laptop table:

  • Material Used

Which material you want to consider for your laptop table depends on where you plan to use a table. Three common materials that are used for making of laptop tables are wood, steel, and plastic. If you are planning to use laptop tables for longer durations then considering wood or steel can be a better alternative as it can ensure you long life and sturdy design as opposed to plastic ones which are better suited for short time use.

  • Features

Today there are laptop tables which offer a variety of features for the benefit of the users. These features include USB hubs, cooling pads, mobile charger points and much more. Depending upon your need it should be selecting what all features are required by you.

  • Design

Laptop tables can also be selected on the basis of color, and texture that are needed by the user. Be it wooden table or plastic table, there are many good looking alternatives available in the market. There are also many tables which are decorated with the help of LED lights that can really increase the style quotient of the tables.

  • Price

Last but not the least important thing to consider is the pricing of the laptop tables. Though laptops tables are not very expensive but it’s still very important to consider how much you want to spend on it. The pricing varies from $10 to $60 depending on the material used and features on offer. Commonly, higher the price, better the overall look, and feature would be.

Product Reviews:

Now let’s have a look top 12 laptops tables that are available in the market

12.Winsome Wood Laptop table

This is the first one in the list and is perfect for those who want a basic design with elegant looks for their laptops. The table is made up of vintage wood and is foldable for the purpose of convenience. There is a drawer in the table which can be used to keep the valuable items or for the purpose of keeping mouse. The drawer is not a storage drawer and is of no use once immersed back in the table. The top of the table is adjustable and can be set as per the comfort of the user. In terms of the look, the table offers nice and vintage walnut finish and can go with almost any interior.

11.Readaeer Laptop Table

This is a very fancy looking table which can be your perfect partner if you use the laptop for a longer duration. Made from a durable material which is actually an alloy of Aluminium, this table is very strong and sturdy in nature. In terms of usage, the table can be used shaped in any way as per the comfort of the user. There is a 360-degree rotation available in the table which can be locked at any position. Along with laptop table, there is also a mouse extension installed on the laptop which can make the overall usage more convenient. It’s very light in weight can be very easily carried around. In terms of fit it’s designed for laptop below 17 inches but with the help of mouse extension, a 19-inch laptop can also be fitted in.

10.Seville Classics Laptop Table

Sevilla laptop table is a classic looking table which can be very effective for normal day to day use. The main purpose of this laptop table is to enable users to carry the laptop from one place to another without any problem. There is high-quality wheel installed at the bottom of the table along with height adjustable nob that can transform this table into a projector holder. There are two types available in the market one with side table and another without side table. The top of the table can be adjusted in accordance with the comfort of the user and the side table can be perfectly used for using a mouse.

9.Amazon basics Laptop Table

This laptop table from Amazon is a perfect utility table which can enable you to use the laptop with utmost convenience. The table in itself can be used as a cooling table as there are vents in the bottom section of the table. This laptop table is capable of raising the laptop 6 inches from the desk and can provide much better ergonomics. The best part about this laptop table is that it’s made from single piece of metal and has black coated which makes its sturdy as well as unbreakable. The only problem here is the size of the table, it’s compatible with laptops which are of dimension 13 inches and below if you want it to fully fit the laptop. But if a 15 or 17-inch laptop is used there won’t be any problem as the table can carry the weight with complete efficiency.

8.Lap gear XL Laptop Table

Lap gear is one of the most comfortable and well-designed laptop tables available in the market. The design of the table is such that it can accommodate laptop along with mouse for the right hand as well as left-hand users which are a feature rarely found in the other laptop tables. Along with this, they have also added an ergonomic wrist pad to the table which makes the typing a lot more comfortable and also keeps the laptop from sliding. Like in most of the other laptop tables, there are air flow channels which can be very useful in taking the heat away from the laptop and as the surface is flat it can provide a lot better ventilation.

7.Honey Can Do portable laptop table with handle

This one is perfectly suited for those who need a table for basic laptop use and do not wish to spend a lot on other expensive features. In terms of design, Honey Can Do follows a very basic design yet can be very effective. There is a simply elevated pad on which laptop should be rested. The pad is removable and has a handle on the top which makes it very easy to carry around. In terms of the material used, there is a solid MDF surface which makes this very easy to clean and use. The overall design of the laptop is very compact in size but no space for the mouse is a big fallout. Another thing which goes against the table is the fact that there are no vents to carry all the heat away from the laptop. In terms of dimensions, the width of the laptop table is about 15.75 inches which make it suitable for laptops that are smaller than 15 inches.

6.iMounTek Laptop Table

If you are looking for a fully featured laptop table then look no further then iMountTek Laptop Table. It is a complete laptop table which not only keeps your laptop sturdy but does a lot more by offering you a mouse pad, LED lamp, USB hub and cooling fans. But while offering lodes of the feature, they have not compromised with the comfort of the laptop table, it’s still very easy to use the laptop when rested on the table. There is height adjustable pad which can be lifted to an angle that is perfectly suited for the user. There is ample space for mouse movement with a per installed mouse pad that can ensure perfection. The table itself is height adjustable which makes it’s a complete product.

5.Griffin technology Laptop table

If you need a basic but highly effective laptop table then this one from Griffin technology is the perfect one for you. There are no fancy features in this table nor do does it offer exceptional good looks, but what does it offer is a nicely elevated platform which can very easily carry your laptop of almost any dimension. In terms of design, there is a unique way to this table as its one of the very few tables that do not offer users with a pad. There are two arms present on the table on which the laptop rests. There is no height adjustable nob which means that the table with lift the laptop as a height of 5.5 inches and provide a desktop like ergonomics for your use.

4.SongMics Wooden Laptop Table

If you like wooden tables this-this one is perfect for you. Designing wise it’s very simple and does not offer a very fancy look but at the same time it’s very effective and can be used as a laptop table as well as breakfast serving table. The table offers adjustable top which can be used to keep the laptop sturdy and in any desired position. Along with adjustable top, there is a mouse holder which offer enough space for all the necessary mouse movements. There is also a drawer in the table which is used to store pen drives or other necessary things.

3.Sofia and Sam Laptop table

This laptop table is an easy fit into any room. Its stylish wooden design and multitasking ability makes it a must for anyone who is looking for long term work on a laptop. There are many smartly designed section into the table which can be used to keep tablets and phones. The top of the table is adjustable and can be used to carry laptops which are 18 inches and small. The tablet section can fit in tablets which are 9.6 inches and small whereas the phone section can fit in a cell phone 3.5 inches or smaller.

2.Avantree Adjustable Laptop Table

Again a table which has made simplicity its motto. The design is pretty basic yet very effective and can be perfect for those who work for a longer duration on their laptop. This is a pretty basic laptop table which does not offer any special features such as USB hub or cooling pad. The table offers basic features such as height adjustable stand as well as an adjustable pad which can be used as per your convenience. There is no cooling fan or even vents for carrying out heat away from the laptop. The table is not only very useful for carrying your laptop but can be used for serving breakfast or as a laptop stand for relaxing in bed.

1.Pwr+ Laptop table with portable mouse stand

This is one of complete laptop tables available in the market. It not only offers a very sturdy and strong design but can also be perfect for those who use laptops for longer durations. The material used for the purpose of manufacturing of the table is an aluminum alloy which ensures durability and strength. Aluminum alloy also makes this table very light in weight and one which can be easily carried around. In terms of features, there is a quite cooling fan installed at the bottom of the pad that can ensure that your laptop does not heat up. The locking system gives a complete 360-degree interface which can lock the table at various angles. There is also 30 days no question asked money back guarantee presented by the manufacturer itself which makes this the most effective purchase.