Uninterruptable power supply is a device generally used to provide battery backup to the connected electronic devices and its peripherals. It also happens to protect these devices from power surges usually caused by storms, lightning, power grid fluctuations or frequent turn on/offs of devices. You can select the UPS system best suitable for your devices according to the output power requirements. There are UPS systems made especially for low-duty low-power devices as well as devices that need high output power functionality.

Top 12 Uninterruptable power supplies:

12.CyberPower Compact UPS

CyperPower introduces this 350VA/255 Watts Standby UPS system to guard your PCs whose PFC power supply is non-active, its equipment and other electronic devices (fax machines, modems, wired/wireless routers, etc.) too from the blackout, voltage surges or any other power defects.  When the power goes off suddenly, important data may get lost and even hardware can get harmed so an emergency power backup is necessitous; which is exactly provided by this system, the data is safeguarded with minimum interruptions and energy costs are minimized down to 75% relative to other models in market as this UPS’s circuit has composite integrated system. It also protects electronics from power surges that may cause due to bad weather conditions, power grid defects, etc. It is very compact, does not heat up much, comes with 3 years of the warranty period and qualifies US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)standards regarding energy consumption.

11. Tripp Lite super-compact 550 VA UPS

This standby UPS system works on 550VA, 300 Watts, and 120V power supply. It protects PCs from losing important data due to a sudden power failure by providing an AC output via battery and is also capable of protecting distinct electronic devices from power surges or damages caused by lightning. It is extremely compact in size making it highly efficient to use at any workplaces or homes. The package has all-included8 NEMA 5-15R outlets (4 for AC outlets powered by battery for PCs or other equipment and 4 for surge-protection only for devices that do not need power backup), NEMA 5-15P input plug, one set of RJ11 jacks for protecting devices on DSL line, free PowerAlert software with USB cable to monitor the power circumstances; the unit can be easily mounted on walls, is energy qualified, has 99% efficiency and comes with 3 year warranty period. The battery provides a battery backup of 17 minutes for simple PCs, 110 minutes for a half load (150W) and 3.5 minutes at full load (300W).

10. CyberPower Ecologic Desktop UPS

This CyberPower Ecologic 550VA/330W UPS system offers battery backup (via simulated sine wave output)for when the sudden power fluctuations occur so as to save files, documents, videos or other media from getting lost and shut down the monitor safely. It also safeguards different electronic devices from power surges or blackouts by not allowing their uncontrolled shutdown. There is management software proffered with this unit named as ‘PowerPanel Personal Edition’ to download via USB port that enables controlling and monitoring the unattended unit. Its main aspects are managing runtime, self-testing and event logging and much more. When the Ecologic UPS system realizes that the computer is off or sleeping it automatically turns off its other equipment connected to ECO mode and outlets of surge protection through USB communication to save power and costs. This unit comes with 8 outlets (4 for battery backup and 4 for protection from surges only), DSL line protection, 3 years of limited warranty and is energy qualified.

9. CyberPower LCDSuper-compact Intelligent UPS

This UPS has a 685VA/390W output power capacity that can protect PCs, networks, workstations from power fluctuations or surges as well as provide battery backup to prevent sudden shutting down of devices when power outages occur further saving all essential data and files. AVR, line interactive, and GreenPower features maintain stable voltage levels without utilizing power from the battery. The GreenPower UPS efficiently lowers energy consumption down to 75% comparatively to other UPS systems available.  It has a user-friendly LCD display that shows all necessary information regarding power status, battery runtime, load levels, etc. The 8 outlets are provided (4 for battery backup and 4 for surge protection only); PowerPanel Personal Edition management software enables easy monitoring and settings of unattended UPS unit. The product has 3 years of warranty.

8.  APC 3-outlet UPS

When the power fails, you can still stay connected to the devices and internet due to the striking 3 hours prolonged backup offered by this BGE70 model UPS from APC. It has an impressive and efficient design which can backup low-power devices for a long period of time, has 3 outlets for providing battery backup as well as fully assured surge protection and the internal battery recharging procedure is super-fast. All the electronic devices in your home network like TVs, PCs, gaming systems, wireless/wired routers, modems can get disconnected and its hardware could have serious damage issues when subjected to blackouts, power fluctuations or voltage surges caused by uncontrollable weather conditions like storms or lightning. Hence it is necessitous to have a power backup to prevent the devices from the sudden shutdown and save the files you were working on. This unit is portable and very compact in size, fits easily on shelves; comes with 3 years limited warranty and $75,000 Equipment Protection policy for all the electronics that are connected.

7.Tripp Lite Smart UPS Back Up

Tripp Lite Smart UPS powered by 720W and 1.3kVA capacity battery backup with an AVR and LCD monitor that enables powerful protection for all the private as well as professional use electronic devices. LCD display is provided so that you can see the power status, detail information regarding voltage, wattage, charging levels, load/AVR status, expanded runtime for backup, etc. and even manage the settings of the UPS. The packaged unit includes 6 ft. cord with a 120V NEMA 5-15P plug, eight outlets of NEMA 5-15R (4 for battery backup and 4 for surge protection only), USB interface and a DSL and coax line protection. It is also equipped with noise filtering system to prevent the devices from electromagnetic line noise. The product generates less heat, has low operating costs, saves energy, comes with 3 years warranty and Lifetime $2, 50,000 Insurance for all connected equipment. AVR (automatic voltage regulation) provided here smartly senses the voltage irregularities and fixes it without utilizing the battery.

6.CyberPower Intelligent Mini-Tower UPS with LCD/AVR

This CP1500AVRLCD UPS model from CyperPower protects all home and work electronic networks like PCs, TVs, gaming units, telephone units, fax machines, etc.from power surge. Line interactive feature in this UPS fixes fluctuated voltages and brownouts on its own without draining battery every time. LCD screen enables you to view the voltage/wattage/load status, battery runtime and other information about the UPS system. GreenPower UPS claims to reduce energy consumption down to 75% comparing to other models existing in the market. Other aspects of this UPS unit consist of an NEMA 5-15P plug, eight NEMA 5-15R outlets (4 battery backup with surge protection outlets and 4 surge protection outlets only), has 3 years warranty, has AVR to fix power fluctuations by itself to a stable voltage of 120VAC further improving battery life, has a free PowerPanel Personal Edition management software to download using USB port that can monitor unattended UPS unit and a data line protection outlet for Ethernet, telephone and coaxial. This UPS is energy star qualified and can be effortlessly mounted on desktops or shelves.

5. APC BE550G 8-outlet UPS

This intelligent BE550G UPS provides battery backups to computers and other connected electronic devices and also protects them from power surges. The battery backup is necessary when power blackouts occur or voltage dangerously fluctuates because it may damage the hardware of devices as well as cause important files/data loss. It has 8 outlets- 4 for a backup battery and 4 for surge protection only. It has PowerChute Personal Edition software that automatically safe shutdown the devices, monitors energy consumption efficiently, provides various settings to manage UPS and prevents data from getting corrupt by automatically saving it and shutting down the device during elongated power failures. All this can be done by connecting a USB cable that is provided with the unit to access the software. The UPS has a capacity of 330W/550VA output power, comes with 3 years warranty period, is energy star certified and has $75,000 Equipment protection policy. The battery executes timely self-testing so that you can identify when it needs to be changed.

4. CyberPower 1000VA/600W UPS

This mini tower UPS has the capacity to facilitate 1000VA/600W power output. It can protect all the home and office networks like PCs, TVs, modems, etc. from voltage fluctuations or interruptions as well as provide powerful battery backup to save vital files and data loss. Line interactive aspect of this unit controls voltage defects without depending on battery every time and also it is energy efficient as it reduces energy consumption down to 75% comparatively. LCD screen views all power/load statuses, battery runtime, detail information of UPS system and also features user sensitivity, illumination and alarm settings. The system comes with 10 outlets (5 for battery backup/surge protection and 5 for only surge protection), a USB port, DSL line protection and 2 USB ports of 2.1A for charging mobiles, cameras, etc.The AVR by itself fixes minor power surges saving battery power and improving battery life, which is usually a must for areas where frequently power fluctuates. You can download PowerPanel Personal Edition software that can control and monitor UPS system easily. This product comes with impressive 5 years of warranty, has $350,000 guarantee for connected equipment and is energy star certified.

3. APC 2700W/3000VA Smart UPS

This SMT3000 model Smart UPS system by APC has 2700W/3000VA 120V power output capacity. The unit protects all your servers, wireless/wired routers, and other networking devices as well from spikes and power surges caused by lightning, storms, power grid defects, etc. It also provides powerful battery backup to prevent devices from shutting down when power outages occur and save important files/data from getting lost.  It features alpha-numeric LCD screen to show power statuses,green mode to operate devices with high efficiency reducing power consumption, intelligent battery management that self-tests, detects damaged batteries and notifies user to provide promising performance, AVR for regulating minor voltage surges effectively without taking help from battery, PowerChute Business Edition software to monitor and manage UPS settings, 10 outlets for battery backup/ surge protection, 1 switchable outlet group for managing singular load, SmartSlot provided to access network management card, energy meter to show power usage in kW-hours, noise filtering feature and has quick heat dissipation capability.

2. APC 1000VA UPS Pro

The APC BR1000G UPS system safeguards heavy-duty computers, external storage devices, gaming units, other networks, etc. from spikes and harmful power surges as well as provides battery backup. The output power capacity of this system is 600W/1000VA. It uses AVR to preserve stable voltage without using the battery,user-friendly LCD display to view distinct power statuses and PowerChute Personal Edition software that connects through USB cable to monitor UPS, prevent data loss/sudden shutdown, save files/data and reduce costs. It is compatible with APFC, meaning it can prevent shutting down of devices with active PFC power requirements when switched from utility power to battery power when a power failure occurs. It has 8 outlets (4 for battery backup/surge protection and 4 for surge protection only), comes with 3 years of warranty, $150,000 Equipment protection policy, offers data line surge protection for telephone, coaxial or Ethernet connections, is energy star qualified and has alarm facility and user replaceable battery.

1. CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD Mini-Tower UPS

CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD Mini-Tower UPS system has 1500VA/900W output power capacity that can support power supplies that have Active PFC and the conventional ones. The line interactive, AVR and GreenPower aspects of this system smartly protect workstations, PCs and other networks from voltage surges further preventing data loss/hardware damage. It also provides powerful battery backup as it has 10 outlets (5 for backup/surge protection and 5 for surge protection only). LCD screen shows all power statuses, battery runtime in minutes, load/battery levels and other info of UPS system. The PowerPanel Personal Edition software has a user-friendly interface that can control and monitor UPS settings; it needs to be connected using a USB cable. This model is energy star certified, can also protect data line connections like telephone, Ethernet, coaxial and comes with 3-year warranty.