With the transformation of life style and eating habits, load to our brain have increased whereas on our physical body have decreased, all the credit goes to modernization and our over dependency on machines. With less exercise and less strenuous work, many of our organs gets affected, heart majorly being one of them. From a survey it was found out that between the years 1950 and 2000, 70 percent of the death rate was due to heart problem while the one from stroke banged by 75 percent.  It’s a matter of fact that we don’t really die often due to heart attacks but it won’t be wrong to say that we are a host to the predator of cardiovascular diseases. There are a number of factors that are responsible for our not well being, for example diabetes, obesity, poor eating habits and many others. As said by someone really witty “Prevention is better than cure”, thus one should focus on the ways to prevent these risks and protect oneself from cardiac attacks.

Here are some really powerful measures to prevent you from getting coronary units or intra-aortic balloon pumps-

12.Indulge yourself in cycling at least 20 minutes per day

No big thing to be done for a healthy life and healthy heart. A German survey found that when 100 men with angina or mild chest pain were taken under supervision, they were instructed to be a part of one agenda- either ride their bicycle for 20-30 minutes or undergo the procedure of angioplasty. After a year, it was known in fact that 22 mean were diagnosed with heart strokes and heart attacks while from the bikers, only 6 men were struck by it. Thus, it clearly shows that riding bicycle can help in boosting your heart beat, and decreasing your cholesterol level.

11.Make yourself in charge to ensure a healthy blood pressure of your body

Hypertension, another name of High blood pressure is evidently referred to as “The silent killer”  because it does it works silently in many individuals. Healthy blood pressure of our body is 115/70 mm oh Hg, while the normal one is 120/80 mm of hg, above this the risk to heart disease increases with every increase of 10 units. Thus, more is our blood pressure, more will be our risk.  Thus, without any doubt high blood pressure is the major thing that need to be prevented, and this can be done by having green leafy vegetables, boiled leaves, fruits, dry fruits and taking antioxidants.

10.Believe in “A beer a day keeps the doctor away”

A study was publishes in a known journal that man who had a glass of beer one time in a day, continuously for about 1 month significantly lowered his body cholesterol level and fibrinogen content too, it is a protein that is responsible for clotting of the blood. Also, antioxidants that were heart healthy remarkably boosted that helped in regular and normal pumping of heart.

9.Add fish to your weekly meal

Tap your taste according to you and add fish to your weekly meal to reduce heart rates to significant amount. In a study reported in April 2002 in Journal of the American Medical association, a conclusion was made that having fish weekly can reduce the risk of cardiac attacks to one third of the original one. This is due to the fact that Fish oil has antioxidants that prevent the clotting and blood and stimulates the healthy working of heart. Although, another study found that having fish regularly significantly reduced the risk to atrial fibrillation that is one of the cause of instant death.

8.Do Yoga Daily

Add Yoga to your timetable if it isn’t yet because history speaks for itself that doing yoga everyday at morning or evening can decrease our stress hormone, and increase the secretion of happy hormone that can reduce the risk to heart diseases by half value. There are several yoga exercises  that can help you with it. It is mandatory to have yoga at least 30 minutes in a day, and if you’re having a busy schedule then make it 1 hour a day. It would stimulate the working of your organs, open clogged arteries and help you a lot in the run to fight against Heart attacks.

7.Set your sleeping liming to 8 hours

70,000 women were taken into consideration by Harvard, and then it was concluded that all of the women who slept for less than 7 hours at night were highly prone to heart diseases to the women who had appropriate sleep up to 8 hours. Researchers and Scientist believes that not having proper sleep increases the secretion of stress hormone that simultaneously increases blood pressure and directly affects the sugar levels. Also, nor is sleeping more than 9 hours beneficial because it starts the same process as started by the lack of sleep.

6.Put yourself on check at night

If you are aware of your snoring habit, get up from your bed and immediately have an appointment with a doctor. Snoring is a symptom of apnea; apnea is a condition of your body in which you stop breathing for 100 times in the whole passage of time you are asleep. It can result in high blood pressure or other cardiac problems. Not saying that snoring is always an indicator to apnea, but it can be and need to be prevented.

5.Have dark chocolates many times a week

Several minor studies are proof that dark chocolate can be very good for your heart. This is due to many chemicals that are the parts of dark chocolate, like flavonoids, that significantly increases the flexibility of arteries and prevents their bursting or damage under stress. Other chemicals present in it also reduces the chances of the arteries to clot, and decreases the bad cholesterol by preventing its oxidation and ultimately reducing the chances of plaque formation. Thus, believe it or not but Dark chocolate can prove to be a very good friend of yours. Also, one think should always be kept in mind that it is the dark chocolate that is good for your heart not the milk chocolate that can increase your cholesterol in no amount of time.

4.Make you body open to the supply of Vitamin B complex

By a study of Swiss researchers that focused on three batch of people, one taking placebo, other taking sugar pill and the last one having an intake of three B vitamin complexes ( Folic acid, Vitamin B12 and vitamin B6) after they had heart surgery, it was significantly found out that the one who in took Vitamin B complexes had wider arteries had 40 percent low level of homocysteine; Homocysteine is a substance that is majorly linked with the body vulnerability to heart diseases, Thus, Having Vitamin B complex can significantly reduce the risk to heart diseases and it’s intake in mandatory.

3.Cut Smoking or Cut your exposure to second hand smoke

Researchers have found out that smoking can be a severe cause of heart attacks, cardiovascular problems and lung diseases. Thus, cut smoking if you’re a smoker, and if not than prevent being around people smoking because it perforates through your lungs and increases the carbon monoxide concentration in your body that can lead to less supply of oxygen to tissues and increase the chance of what you must be trying to prevent.

2.Restrict the intake of calories

Fat diets aren’t of no use here, if they were we would have been immortal by now, Isn’t it? Taking high amount of calories can lead to obesity; a very well known cardiovascular disease. Obesity is caused when we take in more calories than we actually burn throughout the day. As in the past few decades, consumption of sugar as well as calories has significantly increased due to which obesity cases have shown a major pump too. This has lead to higher risk of heart attacks and thus gave us another point to check on. If you’re having extra calories, than workout more to burn them down and prevent them from becoming a threat to you.

1.Be wise with the Pills you choose

People show a great interest in medicines and maybe the reason is that one wants to take the responsibility of his own health and do whatever it takes to prevent death.   However, it is a fact that such alternative medication attracts us because of the way they are sold but it should also be kept in mind that taking nay pill or vitamins without prescription can lead to them interfering with the chemical messengers of your body and be another cause of trouble. It should be kept in mind that no drug that is being regulated by FDA should be taken without the consult of the doctor. Though fish oils and Vitamin B complexes have shown to be a good remedy to prevent heart diseases, but they shouldn’t pave a way for other supplements to be taken,