Ski pants have different attributes especially designed by keeping snow sports in mind. These pants preferably made for skiing, snowboarding or other sports are generally breathable, water-resistant and comfy. They are made from distinct fabric materials that divide these pants in appearances, finishing textures and styles.  Waterproofness is the main attribute that you need to focus on as this will help when you get caught in storms or snowfall. Fully sealed seams is what makes these pants wholly waterproof; water-resistant will protect you from light snow but not heavy wet weather conditions. Warmness is another key factor here; pants with fine insulation do not let you get freeze up in cold weather.You can choose accordingly with the type of skiing or snow activities you carry out, one that suits best for your needs.

Top 13 ski pants reviews

13. Arctix Snow Pant with insulation for Women

It is made from dobby fabric which further has 3000mm of ThermaLock coating making it waterproof, breathable, moisture-free keeping the user dry as well as water resistant. It has a 210T Taffeta lining which makes these pants look sophisticated and attractive. The insulation provided in this pant recognized as ThermaTech insulation weighs 85 grams that ensures warmness and also is light, doesn’t look bulky. The waist is made adjustable with elastic for convenient fit for distinct users and the pants are wind-resistant as well. Additionally, padding of ‘600 Denier Ballistic nylon’ supports the ankle for fine comfort, hem and scuff guards provided to bear all the weariness caused due to snow sports events.The pants have hand warming pockets with zips, boot gaiters with grippers as well as boot zipper.

12. Arctix Cargo Women Pants for winter activities

These cargo snow pants by Arctix ideally made for winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, etc. for women are imported with 210T Taffeta lining. It has a ThermaTech insulation of light weighted 85 grams which makes it less bulky to wear and comfortable. ‘600denier ballistic nylon reinforcement’ to the ankles is provided for protection and scuff/hem guards to withstand the wear and tear caused by winter activities usage. Boot zippers, adjustable grommet waist, boot gaiters with grippers, warm pockets with zips, boot zippers are some of the other aspects of this pant to provide dryness, warmness and maximum convenience. The pants have water resistant and wind resistant outer shell fabric keeping the user dry and warm. Inner material is breathable as well.

11. Arctix Snow Pants for Men

These pants are made from 100% Nylon with the light ThermaLock coating to ensure long term use with high bearing capacity of wear and tear. It comes with a 210T Taffeta lining and 85 grams of ThermaTech insulation of 100% polyester filling to propose comfort and lightness feeling with minimum bulkiness. The waist is adjustable here and a ‘600 Denier Ballistic Nylon’ is used as a padding for ankles to facilitate security, scuff and hem guards provided ensure durability to the rough usage. All these attributes together make these pants water resistant, wind resistant, keeps out moisture and offers warmth. These pants have 2 pockets with zippers, ankle zippers and Pants cuffs to save snow from entering pants.

10. Arctix Cargo Pants for Men

The Cargo Pants offered by Arctix ideally made for Men are picture-perfect to be worn during snow sports adventures for all day long bumpy use. It has some impressive features like advanced ThermaTech insulation of 85 grams to provide light weightiness and warmness with no bulk, a ‘600 Denier ballistic nylon’ support for ankles, scuff and hem guards, adjustable waist for comfy fitting, boot zippers for easy putting on/taking off, articulated knees for flexibility, boot gaiters with grippers to provide warmth, O-ring to attach keys, gloves or lift ticket, belt loops, zippered front pockets to provide warmness to hands, leg pocket to occupy phones or other important things and a zippered fly. These pants are waterproof and windproof.

9. White Sierra Slider Pant for Women

The shell of this pant is made from woven 100% nylon Taslon and the lining provided here is woven 100% polyester taffeta. The pants are imported and have hand warming front pockets with zippers. The fabric is breathable and waterproof, doesn’t make you feel heavy or uncomfortable. It has a polyester filling of 100 grams as insulation to offer warmth, internally adjustable waist to perfectly fit various waist sizes, articulated knees to ensure extreme flexibility and mobility while performing snow sport actions, the gaiters with gripper elastic ensure the proper sync with boots to keep your feet warm knocking out snow and scruff guards increases durability of the pants by surviving wear and tear.

8.Bugaboo II Pants for Men introduced by Columbia

These pants have 100% nylon shell with legacy twill weave and 100% nylon Cyberhyde. The lining provided to the pants is made from 100% polyester tricot with the super light Microtemp XF II 60 grams insulation of 100% polyester filling. These all factors make these pants ideal for all types of winter activities or snow sports as they have waterproof and breathable design with full seam sealing ensuring warmness and dryness during heavy wet/snow weather conditions. The insulation is very light vitally aimed to provide comfort and ease while using with ergonomic design structure. Some other features of these pants are external adjustments of waist, cuff guards, internal leg gaiter to provide warmth and articulated knees for easy movement.

7. Columbia Surge Pants for Women

These pants are essential for mountain/snow sports happenings, ideally made for women, the surge pants are made from 100% polyester and are imported. It has an elastic waist adjustment for stretching or easy relaxing fit and ample opening for comfort. The seams of the insulation are fully sealed that efficiently locks out moisture keeping you dry even during storms occurrences. The fabric is OmniTech waterproof and breathable making it ultimate for using during winters/snowfalls with determined suitability. These storm surge pants have a drawstring closure, hook and adjustable cuffs for ease and can be smoothly machine washed.

6.White Sierra Slider Pant

Idealistically made for Women, these imported Slider pants are perfect to wear for snow sports like snowboarding, skiing, etc. or during rains. The shell as well as the lining of these pants is made from 100% polyester. It has insulation to provide warmness and locks out moisture keeping the skin dry. The waistband has an internal adjustment to fit distinct waist sizes appropriately. Some other attributes in this pant include articulated knees to provide flexibility and relaxed movement during sports activities and front pockets with zippers for smooth open and closure. The cozy insulation and the waterproof fabric of this pant make it optimal to wear during any wet weather conditions.

5.  Arctix Snow Bib pants

Made from 100% Nylon ThermaLock fabric, these imported Overalls Snow bib pants will keep your kids warm, cozy and dry throughout the day during snow sports. It has ThermaTech Insulation of 85 grams making it super light with very less bulk and traps heat to keep the little ones warm. They have adjustable suspenders to provide perfect fitting with elastic side gussets for easy movement and flexibility. The ankles are reinforced with ‘600 Denier Ballistic nylon’ to provide cushioning, scuff and hem guards are provided to bear all the wear and tear for long term and boot gaiters with grippers are integrated to warm up feet by keeping out moisture to feel dry. Additionally, comfy style pockets with zippers included for accessible on and off mechanism and there is breathable fabric between insulation and outer shell to lock away body moisture throughout the day for kids to play comfortably.

4. White Sierra D9717M overalls Bib Snow Pants for Men

White Sierra D9717M overalls Bib snow pants made for Men offers great comfort and ease to wear during rains/ snow season. The shell is made from woven 100% nylon Taslon and the lining provided is woven 100% nylon taffeta. The fabric included has waterproofing and breathable characteristics with 100 grams of polyfill insulation to keep users warm, dry and relaxed. The shoulder straps are adjustable for perfect fitting and effortless mobility. Some other features all-included in these pants are zippered hand warming front pockets for on and off access, a back pocket with zip, boot gaiters with elastic grippers to keep feet warm and scuff guards to tolerate wear and tear for a long period of time.

3.White Sierra Bib pants for women

White Sierra offers imported overalls Bib pants for women, perfect to wear during cold seasons when going on mountains for snow adventures. The shell here is made from woven 100% polyester faille and woven nylon taslon; while the lining provided is 100% polyester rip stop woven. The fabric is waterproof and breathable to offer maximum comfort and moisture-free experience. The pants have polyfill insulation to provide warmness. Some other stuff that involved here are reinforced scuff guard to bear weariness caused by long term snow sports usage, shoulder straps that could be adjusted, front pockets with zippers to provide hand warmness, leg pocket with zip to store things, D ring to attach keys or lift ticket to it and gaiters with elastic gripper to lock in warmth in feet and keep out moisture.

2. Arctix’s Overalls Snow Bib Pants for Women

Arctix introduces this overalls snow bib pants intentionally for women to wear during snow activities all day long as it is waterproof and windproof with 3000mm rating. It is made from high tech ThermaLock 100% nylon and has ThermaTech insulation of just 85 grams to offer warmness, softness and light weight experience; avoiding bulkiness. They have comfortable suspenders that could be adjusted accordingly for smooth fitting with elastic side gussets for all-out mobility and flexibility. The ankles are reinforced with ‘600 Denier Ballistic nylon’ to provide cushioning, scuff and hem guards are provided to resist wear and tear during usage, boot gaiters with grippers are provided to keep the boots warm and moisture-free, hand warming front pockets with zippers included to allow easy access, zippered fly and boot zippers included also for convenient put on and take off.

1.Arctix’s Essential Overall Bib Pants for Men

This is one of the well-designed, greater quality and comfortable pants made to withstand all day long rough use for Men during skiing, snowboarding or other outdoor occasions in cold/ wet weather conditions. Made with 100% nylon shell with ThermaLock coating ensures strong and durable life of product. The lining provided here is made from 210T Taffeta with ThermaTech insulation of 85grams to offer warmth and easy-going lightness while moving with very less bulk. It has adjustable suspenders to provide flawless fitting and comfort with elastic side gussets for hassle-free flexibility. It also has ‘600 Denier Ballistic nylon’ reinforcement for ankles, scuff and hem guards, boot zippers, boot gaiters with grippers, D-ring to attach keys, gloves, etc. and zippered hand warming front pockets.