Women go through a lot of pain for their hair. The correct hairstyle can change your whole look, in seconds you can become sexy from sweet and each occasion demands a new hairstyle like a formal affair requires a tight bun and a party with friends requires a sexy bedhead hairstyle.

Things to consider before you buy a hair styling tool:

– Brand:

As in all electronic products, the brand always matters. Hair styling tools of a good brand will give you the security of a warranty and the guarantee of replacement if the product is found to be defective. So I would advise you to buy a product from a well know brand rather than a new brand that advertises a better product.


It is very important to select a product with good design and light weight as it will be easy to handle. The design of the product must be portable otherwise, it becomes a hindrance and the design should never be so complicated that you can’t handle it.

– Manufacturing of the tool

It is important to know the paint, the metal etc. about the item you’re buying because if the manufacturing item is not suitable it will cause more harm than good and in some cases may cause permanent damage to your hair.

– Knowledge

It is the basic right of a consumer to know everything about the product he/she is buying so exercise this right and become knowledgeable about the product you want to buy. Check reviews from previous customers compare it with same products of the different brand then make the decision to buy or not.

– Warranty

Try as much as you can to buy a product that comes with a warranty so will have the security of buying. Many people neglect this as they get attracted to the commercials and don’t give much thought to warranty or guarantee.

Product Reviews:

Hair is a key feature in deciding our look and in today’s fast-paced world every minute counts, so here I present you 6 best hair styling tools available on Amazon that will help you achieve the look you desire.

1.XTAVA Allure 2200W Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

A hairdryer is a necessary styling tool in every woman’s wardrobe especially for a working woman who doesn’t have enough time to style and dry her bed head hair. In this rushed times, hairdryer reduces our work and saves our time. A working mother will appreciate this more than anyone as this tool will style her hair and yet give her time to cook breakfast and ready the kids before she goes to work.


  • Portability:  It may be a little hard portability wise but it comes in a compact well-sized box that can go into the base of your suitcase easily.
  • Design: It has a sexy, lightweight and ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle while blow-drying your hair.
  • Capacity:  Allure’s 2200W professional motor in the hairdryer will make   the process of drying your hair faster and much more salon worthy.


  • Light weight and easy to handle
  • 2200W motor makes the hair drying faster
  • Has 2-speed settings and 3 heat settings
  • Comes with a nozzle that helps us control the air flow
  • Has a cool shoot button that produces a burst of cool air


  • The heat setting is too hot sometimes
  • The position of the control switches is the most ideal

This product is mostly useful for women who like to style their hair but don’t have enough time due to their busy schedule. It can be used on a number of hairs types and textures giving them a professional and salon-worthy look without the hassles of going to the salon. But I personally would like recommend this to all women like me out there who would like to get their desired hair style without much effort.

2.HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron hair straightener

Hairstyles are like fashion trends they change every season sometimes it maybe long, sometimes short, sometimes curly and sometimes straight. So for anyone who like to walk arm and arm with the latest trend, this is a must have product. People with curly, unmanageable hair will love this straighter as it will give their hair a total makeover.


  • Portability:  The size of the product makes it easy to store but it does take some place
  • Design: It is black and professional looking with its 1-inch plates and the plates are made of pure ceramic and tourmaline.
  • Capacity: It can produce a temperature of 240F to 450F thereby making it suitable for all hair types


  • 1-inch plates with curved edges so you can flip and curl your hair
  • Feature of Dual voltage of 110v – 220v
  • Comes with a heat glove and Argan Oil
  • It features pure ceramic and tourmaline plates that do not damage under high heat
  • It heats up very fast, can reach the temperature of maximum 450 degrees within seconds.
  • Cord has 360-degree swivel
  • Can produce temperature of 240F to 450F


  • Does not have automatic shut-off
  • A little hard to use without the heat gloves that come with the product

This product can be used by people with all kinds of hair types due to its feature of optional temperature and won’t cause any damage. This product gives you a sleek finish, so people with coarse or extra curly hair can get the most use of this product. I will recommend this product to people who would love a speedy and sleek hair without much fuss.

3.INSTYLER STRAIGHT UP Ceramic Straightening Brush

The straightening brush is a must-have in every woman’s daily beauty kit, but this product takes your average straightening brush to a whole new level. It is for people who cannot withstand the use of a straightener and prefer a straightening brush.


  • Portability: It is a bit tricky for portability; it occupies the same space as a straightening brush just with a cord.
  • Design: It may not have a sleek look but its handle has a good grip and the bristle have a cool tip and has a non-grip and smooth surface
  • Capacity: It has a digital display for temperature and has a temperature of 330˚F to 450˚F for 7 settings of heat.


  • Automatic shut off
  • 7 settings of heat from 330˚F to 450˚F
  • Ionic Bristles with cool tip
  • Digital display for temperature


  • It is heavy so cannot be handled easily
  • Some of the product the market is not on par with the quality

This product is for people who like the old-fashioned with a little touch of technology. It is best for people with curly hair and can straighten it within 15 minutes but it is unsuitable for people with a delicate scalp. It may not be on par with a flat iron but it does have its merits.

4.HOT TOOLS Gold Curling Iron

Curls give you a whole new look, this is fine and dandy for curly haired people but for people with straight hair this product will give your curls to die for.  A curling iron was not as popular as a straightener but as the retro look has made a comeback making everyone is go crazy for the curly haired look.


  • Portability: It is quite easy to carry by it is mostly based on the size as it is available in three different sizes
  • Design: It features an extra-long barrel, textured handle, has a sleek look to it with a spring clamp and even has a safety stand that can be folded.
  • Capacity: It can be heated up to the temperature of 430° F (220° C)


  • The heat is quite consistent and heats up fast
  • It has a built-in rheostat control with a number of heat settings
  • The rotating barrel is plated with 24K gold and has an extra cool tip
  • It comes with a fold away safety stand and swivel cord that is 8 ft long and tangle proof.
  • It has 1-year warranty


  • Not as friendly for weak hair as it may damage the hair
  • Some of the pieces in the market were defective
  • Though heats up fast it takes a long time to curl the hair

I would recommend this product to people who love to doll up for an occasion and don’t mind a while to get ready. This product is highly recommended for lifeless and frizzy hair as it will give you hair a sleek look. But I would personal not recommend this to people with weak hair as it might cause more damage than good.

5.BED HEAD Wave Artist Ceramic Deep Waver

Curly hair and straight come naturally but the waves that give you the beautiful Marilyn Monroe look don’t come naturally that’s when the BED HEAD Wave Artist Ceramic Deep Waver comes into the picture. Especially for people with less voluminous hair, these waves give look of volume.


  • Portability: It is of the same size as a straightener so easy to transport but it just a little big in size for you to carry in a handbag.
  • Design: It has a sleek design with switch for locking the plate
  • Capacity: It has a voltage of 120 v


  • It is gentle and effective
  • Takes just 30 seconds to heat up and has many heat settings
  • Has a strong hold with its switch for locking the plate
  • For shiny and frizz free waves it has Tourmaline Ceramic Technology


  • Heavy thereby restricting easy use
  • Produces a strong odour
  • A little complicated to use

This product is mainly for people with experience with such tools as it is a little complicated to understand at first for an amateur. But this tool gives excellent results with sleek and frizz free waves. It looks best for women with straight and colour-treated hair as it gives them a more sophisticated yet sexy look. I feel that it is best used by women with thick hair as it increases the volume giving it a more posh and bodied look.

6.REVLON Perfect Heat Longwave Hair Setter


Revlon is well-known and well-trusted name in the beauty industry and this product of theirs is quite useful in enhancing our beauty. This product helps in creating curls as well as waves perfecting our look to our desire.


  • Portability: It is very travel-friendly as it comes with a storage pouch for temperature retention.
  • Design: It has 6 large and 6 medium extra-long rollers and 12 hair clips, some may feel that these are hard to manage but these are quite strong and efficient.


  • Easy transportation with the storage pouch
  • Indicator tells when the rollers are heated
  • Provides clips to avoid tangles
  • More hands on and natural thereby avoiding chances of damage


  • Is not as fast as a curling iron
  • Takes a while for the rollers to heat

I would recommend this product to people who would like to avoid the damage that may sometimes happen due to curling iron or deep waver’s overheating. But this is more time consuming than a curling iron. These hair setters give more healthy and touchable looking curls and waves enhancing your beauty.

These are the products that I would recommend, as today’s market is very much fashion oriented, new product are being introduced daily so you may feel that these products may be outdated. But I feel that more than new technology product; a trusted product should be used. Natural beauty is the most beautiful thing but these products help in enhancing your natural beauty more and will make you a head turner in no time.