Tired of not knowing the thief in the school? Scared about what the babysitter is doing with the apple of your eye? The answer to your worries is a hidden camera. Hidden cameras are just cameras that record stills or videos and have a small size thereby making them incognito and allowing you record without anyone’s knowledge, but keep in mind that these cameras do not have the same video quality as digital cameras.

Things to consider while buying a hidden camera

  • Types: Hidden cameras come in various types and they are Hardwired, Wireless, Self-Recording All in One, 4G Wireless, IP and Internet Accessible and finally Body Worn.  Each has its own features and uses like hardwired cameras come with a wire making them easy to detect thereby they are installed in the form of emergency light camera, exit light camera etc. So buy according to your usage.
  • Video Resolution: Hidden cameras come in various resolutions, the ones with low resolution do not provide enough clarity whereas the high-resolution ones provide good picture with brightness. So while buying hidden cameras check for lux rating, if the rating is 2 or lower, then even in a dimly lit room the camera will provide good resolution.
  • Memory: Hidden cameras usually use SD cards, that later can be connected to your computer to view the video or shots. These SD cards are available from 2GB to 32 GB and each GB stores 20 to 30 minutes of video so buy one that suits your video storage choice. But keep in mind that if the higher the resolution of the video the more space it takes.
  • Battery: Hidden cameras come with two battery types rechargeable and AC power. AC powered ones are not recommended as a hidden camera on a power outlet is not hidden anymore and then comes rechargeable batteries whose battery life depends on usage and resolution of the video.
  • Extra features: With the many developments in technology hidden cameras have also gotten new features like heat activation, motion sensing etc. These features also save the battery power as they will be in standby mode until they sense something. But extra features means extra cost, thereby cameras with such features may cause a dent in your wallet.

List Of Products

I’m sure these 7 best-hidden cameras available on Amazon, will help you keep a hidden eye on things when you’re not there.

7.Toughsty™ 8GB 1920x1080P HD Mini Hidden Camera

This hidden camera by Toughsty is the best-hidden camera in my opinion due to its incognito nature and travel friendliness. Cigarette smokers are abundant and this camera is cleverly designed to look like an electronic lighter for an electronic cigarette. With its light weight of 115g and compact design with dimensions of 80x38x10 mm it is quite discreet and goes unnoticed very easily. This hidden camera also functions like an electronic lighter like its appearance thereby fooling many. It has a good quality audio and 1920×1080 resolution video recording and a built-in mic for recording.

It supports a Micro SD card of 32 GB and in max a Micro SD card of GB is included giving you plenty of storage memory without the need to change the card frequently.

The battery takes 5 hours to fully charge giving it 1-hour operating battery lifetime and the battery has a capacity of 600mAh. The small body of the electric cigarette lighter comes with a lens, USB, Micro SD card slot, a button for on/off, voice recording etc. making it quite easy to use.

This is a pocket-friendly hidden camera and can record HD videos.

6.Kingmak HD 800TVL CMOS

This hidden camera by Kingmak has quite a compact and efficient design. With its compact design of dimensions 38 x 38mm and lightweight it quite easy to handle. This mini camera has a zoom lens of 2.8-12mm that combined with the PCB board design and IR-Cut filter it provides awesome visuals with good lighting whether day or night. It consumes 65mAh of power when plugged in making it quite easy on your electricity bill.  This camera has an advanced image sensor and a resolution of 800TVL giving an excellent video quality.

The device may not be ideal to use as a hidden camera in the house but it is perfect to use as a CCTV camera or a pinhole camera for spying without anyone’s knowledge. The PCB camera comes with a power cable and a video cable that are easy to attach and can be placed at a discreet place giving you a good vantage point to see the whole image.

This is the ideal hidden camera for the business owner or homeowners who want a CCTV camera with a good quality image or it can be placed discreetly in any object with battery to spy on someone. This hidden camera is very affordable.

5.Eovas® 1080P HD USB Wall Charger Hidden Spy Wall Camera

Eovas have come with an innovative way to hide a camera, a USB charger. USB chargers are much needed in today’s world of smartphones, tablets etc. that can be charged through them so a USB charger in sight will never arouse any doubts. It resembles a wall charger completely with compact design dimension of 5.4 x 3.4 x 1.7 inches making it easy to carry around and after plugging it in, it does continuous recording without the need to recharge and place it back in place. It has an internal memory of 32 GB built into it thereby no card slots are visible making the hidden camera’s detection almost impossible.

The 32 GB memory can store about 3 hours of video which means you won’t miss much around you. With a video coding of M-JPEG Video and 1080P HD video, you get a clear cut image of the video recorded. The wall charger has an indicator light, camera lens just above the USB interface and a microphone. The microphone quality maybe mediocre but the video quality more than makes up for that. The Eovas Mini AC Adapter Hidden Camera comes with a USB that is to be used to transfer data from the hidden camera and user manual.

This is a perfect hidden camera for home or office, you just need a plug point and you’re good to go. No one will ever question or doubt a wall charger and you can record with any issue.

4.Toughsty™ Portable Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

Another Toughsty product makes our list with its discreetly hid camera in an awesome design. This hidden camera is located in a digital alarm clock and the hidden camera can be controlled from a distance with a remote that has controls like video record, audio record, motion detection, camera on/off etc. The camera produces a video of format AVI, Video Frame and a 1280 x 960 resolution of wide view angle of 140°  giving you a crystal clear video of the event. The video and audio recordings are quite good and it also has the option of only voice recording making it unique in the world of hidden cameras. It supports Micro SD cards up to 32 GB, though the manufactures suggest SDHC4 micro SD card.

Every 20 minutes the camera automatically saves the video files and when the SD card is full first video file is automatically replaced by the second video file reducing your work.

This hidden camera can be charged and used at the same time. It uses motion detection technology that is not supported in night vision, so this camera is to be used in a lighted room. This device also has functions of a normal alarm clock like a snooze, alarm, time speaks out etc. The clock camera comes with a remote controller, a USB cable and a power adapter, the manufacturer doesn’t supply the Micro SD card for the hidden camera.

This is an ideal hidden camera for a house or conference, but you should keep in mind the placement of the alarm clock so it doesn’t seem suspicious.

3.Wiseup 1080P 720P Selectable HD Mini Button Hidden Camera

This is a compact and efficient camera that can be worn under clothes or hats without detection. It supports a pinhole lens of 8 x 8mm size with miniature covert shape camera that has a video of MOV format, a video resolution of 1920 x 1080 P Full HD and video recording of 720P or 1080P are selectable. This hidden camera supports motion detection recording thereby not wasting space by useless recording. It has a built-in battery that is rechargeable, the battery takes less than 10W of current and 15 hours to fully charge and on a full charge the camera works up to 10 hours continuously. This hidden camera also supports simultaneous video and audio recording with charging.

This hidden camera supports 32 GB Micro SD card and the company suggests using micro SDHC class 4 card. The remote control is quite useful for hands-free control of the hidden camera. The audio recording quality is also quite good. This hidden camera has a mini-USB port and supports TV output.

This is one of the best spy cameras out there as it is lightweight, can be easily hidden and gives a good video and audio output at a reasonable rate.

2.Kingmak HD 700TVL Hidden Pinhole Camera

This hidden camera by Kingmak has a very thin size and a light weight making it easy to handle and hide in order to use without anyone’s knowledge. With a built-in image sensor PHILIPS 3299 that has a definition of 700TVL, 5  Megapixel and a 3.6mm lens give you a clear image of the video recorded by the camera. Due to its small size, good stability and easy installation, you can easily use this camera without much hassle.

Kingmak Company provides excellent service for their product giving you extra security. This is a must have hidden camera that gives awesome video output, can be installed easily and can be worn undetected at a very cheap price.

1.Wiseup™ 8GB Portable Hidden Camera Cup

In this hectic world, we need fuel to keep up the pace and the best is coffee, so a thermos or a cup is never doubted to have a hidden camera. This hidden camera supports real-time audio and video recording. With a video format of AVI, a video compression format of M-JPEG, video frame rate of 25/30fps and a video resolution of 1280 x 960 this camera gives you a top notch quality video output. This camera operates on motion detection thereby saving memory and battery life.

In Max this hidden camera supports 32 GB Micro SD Card, though the manufacturer recommends using micro SDHC class 4 card and the camera comes with 8 GB memory card. It has a Micro USB port that is used for charging. Its battery is not very good because it has a capacity of 300mAh, takes 2 hours to charge and works for only 60 minutes. This camera also supports audio recording which is just mediocre when on par with the video recording quality.

The price is quite steep when the features are considered. The cup can also be used as a normal cup but that is highly not recommended as the hot liquid may damage the camera. The camera comes with an 8 GB SD card and a user manual.

This camera can be used anywhere without much fear of detection though you have to keep in mind to point the camera in the right direction.

Hidden cameras are being widely misused, so go buy a hidden camera from our list and use it for good and prove that the intention matters not the type of technology. Getting a hidden camera is like getting an extra eye that is incognito helping you gain extra security and evidence if needed later on. So waste no time go to Amazon and buy the hidden camera suitable for your needs.