Listening to music is a very relaxing and healthy pastime and it makes any activity seem effortless when you are immersed in the music. So with the improvement in technology a number of headphone variety are available like wireless, waterproof etc. suiting your needs. Waterproof headphones are all the rage right now as they give you stellar sound quality even while submerged in water. Even at nearly ten feet in the water most of these headphones work at maximum performance. This waterproof quality of the headphones eases the cleaning of them as the headphones when dirty can be cleaned with water and soap.

Thing to consider while buying waterproof headphones

  • Sound and comfort: As in every headphone sound is a key so when buying a waterproof headphone test the waterproof ability by soaking it in water for a few minutes and check the sound quality. If the sound quality is same then the headphones are of good waterproof ability. With sound it is also important to look for comfort as we enjoy music for a long period of time so we have to find a waterproof headphone that suits our comfort needs.
  • Wired or wireless: While buying headphones keep in mind the activity you will use the headphones for and if wires will be a hindrance to it. If the wires are hindrances then go for wireless headphones otherwise wired headphones are fine and dandy. If you’re going for wireless headphone make sure to check for the range of the Bluetooth and buy accordingly.
  • IPX Rating: Many are not familiar with IPX Rating, which is a quality rating allocated to the headphones after they are tested in wet condition by manufacturer. So while buying a waterproof headphone make it a point to check the IPX Rating which ranges from 0-8, the higher the rating the better the waterproof quality.
  • Battery Life: Battery life is a key component in all electronic products, the longer the battery life the longer you can use it. So keep in mind how much you use these headphones and buy one with the battery life suitable for your needs.
  • Accessories and features: Check for headphones that provide you with accessories like batteries, replacement gels etc. and features like remote capabilities etc. make the headphones easy to use and manage.

Product Reviews

These 7 best waterproof headphones available on Amazon will allow you to enjoy your favourite music in all damp condition like rain etc. and activities like swimming, jogging etc.

7.Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

These headphones by Plantronics are my top pick for waterproof headphones with their top notch design and awesome sound quality. It has a very sleek design that comes in 4 different colours each more enticing than the next. To protect the ear buds from water and sweat they are coated with invisible Nano-coating technology. These headphones have an IPX rating of 7 (IP57) certifying them as to withstand fresh water up to 1 Meter for 30 Minutes. The design of this headphone is very posh and stable so that it doesn’t fall off during rigorous exercises or activities.

The controls are placed on the ear buds making it more accessible and easy to use. Not just in the safety matter but also in the flexibility matter they are very compact and can be packed easily. These headphones are also Bluetooth powered making it wireless and giving you a chance at a workout unhindered by wires or water. It has quite an impressive battery life of 8 hours giving you long lasting time to enjoy your favourite music. The price is also quite reasonable for product which such good features and awesome sound quality.

This is a must have headphone for those looking for long lasting wireless music of very good audio quality at a reasonable rate.

6.Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof Headphones

These headphones were released by Swimbuds in 2014 for sports and athletes. The design of these headphones is very practical and cool looking. Swimbuds provides ear buds and ear tips of 4 different style one for each athlete making it a unique and versatile just by this. The short cord and comfortable design make a must have for all sports activities as it allows unhindered motion.

These headphones have an IPX rating of 8 which is the highest rating out there and can be used while submerged up to 10ft of water. With many waterproof headphones, the sound quality decreases noticeably when submerged in water but this headphone provides awesome undisturbed sound quality even underwater. Though the price might seem a bit high, but I feel that it is quite reasonable due to all the accessories like a pouch for carrying the headphones, extra ear buds etc. that come with these headphones

These are the ultimate sports friendly waterproof headphones out there especially in situations like swimming meet, bicycle races etc. where you need to relax, these headphones with their amazing sound quality will help you relax.

5.BlueAnt Pump – Wireless HD Sportbuds

These headphones were introduced in the market by BlueAnt in 2014 and created quite a good name for itself than its predecessor. It has a very cool, comfortable and stable design available in 3 colours. The ear behind  design ensures that the earphones don’t fall off during rigorous workout and it comes with a variety of ear tips making it suitable for many. It has an IPX rate of 7 (IP67) and a moisture guard made of Teflon and Kevla, that means that they work submerged even under 3 ft. of water, thought due to the Bluetooth technology there might be a slight issue.

The controls are located on the ear piece behind the ear making it easy to control and use. It comes with a micro USB charging wire and within 2 hours the headphone gets completely charge and can be used for 4-6 hours, though it says 8 hours on the package. For such affordable price, it is very rare to get a waterproof Bluetooth headphone that gives us a pretty good sound quality with a year’s warranty.

These headphones are not much suited for swimming but are perfect for a visit to the water park or for a good soak in the tub. So buy these affordable earphones and make you soak in the tub more relaxing with your favourite music.

4.SoundWhiz Sweat proof Wireless Bluetooth Ear buds

These headphones by SoundWhiz have a great design, good sound quality at a reasonable price. These ear buds have a hook design that ensures that they stay put during rigorous activity. They have an IPX rating of 7 making it quite a good waterproof product and though the body is made of plastic they are quite sturdy and solid. The wire that connects the ears buds is flat and flexible making it suitable for any head size. It looks for your comfort as it comes with 6 pairs of ear tips of 3 sizes which are made of silicone and foam.

It uses Bluetooth 4.1 with a range of 30ft or more and is compatible with almost all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Though the built-in mic doesn’t have such great quality the sound quality in this headphone is amazing, glitch free and works for various genres of music. When fully charged these headphones can be used for 8 long hours and have a feature that enables it to be connected to two devices at once which is pretty useful if you own a smartphone as well a tablet. It comes with a great package which contains a pouch for storing the headphones, a USB cable for charging etc. and a year’s warranty making it quite a product to own.

These headphones are recommended for those who are looking for a good wireless Bluetooth headphone with amazing audio quality at a bit of high price.

3.Photive PH-BTE50

Photive is a company known for introducing good quality headphones at a reasonable price and this headphone by them is no different. These headphones have a seriously sexy look with its black body with green accents and 2 pairs of meshed tips that provide stabilization as well as a cool look. These headphones are made of solid, lightweight material and are quite durable. They are sweat proof but cannot be used for underwater sports like swimming, diving etc. as they might get damaged. These headphones have a Bluetooth 4.0 technology with APTX codec giving us wireless freedom with amazing audio quality. They come with a good microphone that works pretty well, which is rare in such headphones.

The controls like volume, play etc. are located on the exterior side of the ear bud making it easy to use. They have a pretty good battery life that lasts for about 7-8 hours on a full charge and to charge a small micro USB charging cable is also provided. It comes with 3 pairs of different size ear buds, 2 pairs of meshed ear tips, a charging cable, the headphones and a pouch to hold all these.

These are for all the joggers and runners who are tired of their headphones getting damaged by sweat and want to enjoy quality music on sweat proof headphones.

2.Sony Walkman NWZW273S

Sony is an established brand producing a variety of electronic products and ageing us. This headphone by Sony introduced in 2014 like all other Sony products has an awesome design with quality audio. These headphones have a very compact and cool design; they are available in 5 colours to suit your taste. The hands-free, wire-free and lightweight design helps you enjoy music unrestricted while doing your favourite activity. You can download files of multiple formats WMA, AAC or L-PCM and from various music services like Windows Media Player, iTunes etc. and with it is available with memory storage capacity of 4 to 8 GB so you can enjoy a range of music.

The controls like play, forward etc. are on the ear bud of the heading making it easy to use. The design has a waterproof feature that works up to 2 meters depth making it a gem to have for enjoying music during water sports like swimming. It has a rich and undistorted sound quality making it a pleasure to listen to your favourite music. On a full charge from the USB cable provided in the box, this headphone has a battery life of 8 hours so you can use it for a long period of time unhindered. The only turn off is its high price.

For those who like to download music without much fuss and who can afford it, it is a must have product to enjoy good quality music under water or while sweating.

1.Water Sports Waterproof In-Ear Earbud Stereo Headphones by Emgreat

These headphones by Emgreat have a very practical design but unlike all the headphones in this list this is a wired waterproof headphone with a cable length of about 80cm. And the wired nature of these headphones makes it suitable for a range of sports like jogging, bicycling etc. The 3 layer of earplug ensures the stability of the headphones during rigorous sports.

This headphone with its 3.5mm Plug makes it suitable for a range of smartphones, tablets, laptops, MP3 players, MP4 players etc. This headphone provides an amazing quality of sound without any hindrances. This product is available at a super cheap rate making it affordable to many. Though on the package it is written that it is suitable for swimming and other water sports but I feel that the wire will be a large obstacle for such sports.

These headphones are suitable for those looking for a cheap waterproof headphone to enjoy quality music during rigorous sports or activities.

Many may feel that waterproof headphones are not of much use but they fail to consider the damage that sweat and water do on the regular headphones. I recommend athletes and future athletes to get one of the headphones on this list suitable to your needs, to relax and enjoy your sport.