The technology world has been taken by storm with the introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. Many may not be familiar with it, it is a headgear that gives you visual that seem to be happening in reality due to the close proximity of the screen to your eyes. But these VR Headsets are quite expensive so people who want to get a glimpse of the VR world should buy the Smartphone Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets.

Things to consider while buying a Smartphone Virtual Reality (VR) Headset

  •     Buy the compatible devices beforehand:

Virtual Reality headsets require a lot of power to work so you need the compatible device, many suggest a PC but I disagree as buying a PC just adds to you expenses. But a Smartphone VR headset just needs a smartphone that is suitable for the frame of your VR Headset.

  •     Company/Brand

Unlike high-end VR Headsets, Smartphone VR headsets are easy to produce. So in today’s market, you will find many self-making VR kits that just need your smartphone as accessories. Many companies have produced their own version of Smartphone VR headsets, but I highly recommend Samsung VR which has a cool design but is a bit pricey and for those who want to have a look at VR technology at as cheap cost as possible, I recommend Google Cardboard. The Google Cardboard kit is easily available and easy to assemble.

  •     Accessories

VR Headsets require a lot of accessories to get the full experience of the device. But these Smartphone VR Headsets do not need accessories just your good old smartphone will do the trick cutting your cost by a large margin and its charger is also needed.

Product List

Check out the 7 Smartphone Virtual Reality Headsets that will show you a glimpse at what you can look forward to in a full-scale VR Headset.

7.Samsung Gear VR

Samsung has released another of its VR on November 27, 2015, with a few changes from their previous model. The previous model was not such a hit but after a few changes, this model is much better. This model is very much like the Google cardboard but with a plastic frame.

The color has changed from the previous version and in order to work with Galaxy phones, a few adjustments have been made. The headset comes with many features like a touchpad, physical home, back and volume buttons on the right side of the headset. It has a Super AMOLED display screen with a resolution of 1280×1440 per eye. The headset also has a mechanical focus wheel on the top and hole for the charging port of the phone on the underside and it comes with two straps for securing the headset. It has a 60 Hz refresh rate and comes with many features like accelerometer, IMU, gyroscope etc.

This VR doesn’t require a lot of accessories as this VR integrates the phone and uses its visuals. So to use this VR you just need a Samsung Galaxy phones like Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S7 etc. that has to be paired with Oculus™ app.

This VR headset is much recommended for people who are already using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone as it will give them an affordable experience at Visual Reality so that they can decide if they want a better VR headset in the future. So don’t waste much time, buy this comfortable and very affordable VR Headset by Samsung.

6.IFB Magicoo 3D VR Headset

IFB is a well-established company which is well known for its home appliances, their attempt at a Smartphone VR Headset is quite good in both design and quality. It has a quite a good design in white, it is comfortable, light weight and stays on quite well. The lenses are of very good quality enhancing the 3D effect and the lenses are also adjustable giving you a different angle. Even people wearing glasses can also wear it comfortably with their glasses on. The design is such that it can accommodate any kind of smartphones small or big.

This headset is compatible with almost all of the smartphones in today’s market from Samsung Note4 to 3.5-6.0 inches smartphones thereby making it suitable for variety range of smartphones.

This VR Headset works very well with over 300+ iOS/Android VR apps on Google Play store and Apple app store so giving you a wide range of choices to enjoy in 3D.

This VR headset is a must for people who love 3D movies, games etc. This device gives you an amazing 3D experience by turning your simple smartphone screen into 3D. And watching a movie in this headset is worth the price, as it gives you the total feel of a 3D movie at an economy rate.

5.HooToo HT-VR002 3D VR Headset

This headset by HooToo is like taking a step into future with it amazing design and video quality. It has a very cool design with its black and white body and it comes with elastic straps that ensure that the headset stays on without falling. It has a very light weight thereby ensuring that no weight is applied on the nose and forehead and it also has well-placed holes ensuring ventilation and cooling of your smartphone.

The VR comes with a magnetic trigger on the left side that lets you control, interact and explore the hyper-realistic virtual world but you need VR apps to use the magnetic trigger to its potential. With high-quality lens and adjustable focal and object settings guarantee the viewing of the visual without adding much strain on your eyes.

It is well matched with almost all smartphones ranging from the size of 4 – 6 inches like iPhone 4s, iPhone 6, 6s, Samsung galaxy etc. giving you a go at a wide range of apps and movies. The tray for the smartphone is also easy to open and close.

This VR headset by HooToo will transform your visual world with its 360° videos and photos and easy to use design. This is a must have product for all 3D visual fans who would love to get the 3D experience from the comfort of their home.

4.DESTEK V2 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset

This VR headset by Destek has a very beautiful and efficient design. It resembles IFB Magicoo 3D VR Headset in design somewhat but just in a black color. It comes with three straps that ensure that the headset is secured and hands-free.

It has a quite efficient design with a pupil distance adjusting wheel on top, object distance adjuster on the left of the headset and a cover that can be removed for cooling of the phone making it easy to use without much fuss. The lenses of this VR headset are of very high quality and have a high light-transmission making the image clearer and reducing the force on the eye.

It comes with a Bluetooth remote controller with player controls such as pause, play, back etc. giving you 360 ° Immersive visuals and a game controller which is well matched with Android and IOS smartphones giving you access to a wide range of apps.

This 3D VR headset is compatible with a wide range of Smartphones like Samsung S5, S6, Note 4,Note 5, iPhone 5,6, Nexus 5 etc. but I would recommend the usage of the smartphone of size 4-5.7 inches as the buttons of larger phones are hard to access.

This VR is a gamer’s best friend with its various accessories facilitating to enhance your gaming experience. So if you’re a gamer looking to add more adventure to your gaming experience make sure you buy this VR headset.

3.Teswell 3D VR Headset

This product by Teswell is very good, maybe a bit costly than other simple Smartphone VR Headset. But the design and the quality of the product is quite good. It has a sexy and cool look with its black color. It has a comfortable feel due to its heavy padding and the screen is also set up in a wide screen making 3D more fun, but may be a little heavy for those who are looking for a light weight products. The lenses are of very good quality making 3D movies more clear and entertaining, the straps are also adjustable thereby making it comfortable with to wear. The phone holder in the headset is made of EVA material thereby protecting your phone from scratches. It has a Pupil Distance adjustment range of 55-75 mm thereby avoiding excess strain on your eyes.

It is most compatible with almost all Android and iOS Smartphones of 4-6 inch and giving us a selection of wide range of apps. The headset is best used with smartphones of screen quality of 1080P resolution or above as smartphones of lower resolution will diminish the 3D effect a little.

This VR headset is ideal for movie fanatics as they can enjoy their favorite movies with the widescreen and good quality lenses. But I would discourage gamers from this product as they cannot access the screen easily and need to start the movie from inside then place it into the headset to view.

2.EightOnes VR

EightOnes VR is quite similar to Google Cardboard from which it was inspired but with black color rather than Google Cardboard’s simple unattractive color. The self-assembling part of it is quite a fun activity to do; it just takes a maximum of 15 minutes. The VR headset is quite cool looking and is made of sturdy cardboard that makes it more durable. The straps a quite good and help in maintaining the headgear in position well enough. This headset has focal lenses of 45mm to give you a good VR experience. The self-assemble kit comes with normal and XL version and EightOnes offers a year’s warranty of replacement making it a hot commodity.

The VR Kit comes with all the things needed to assemble the headset easily. This VR accommodates various types of smartphones like Google Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, iPhone 5, 5s, HTC One etc. but it holds phones with a screen size of 6 the best.

This VR headset is cheap yet quite a good way to get a glimpse of virtual reality, it may be of the same design of Google Cardboard but it is of a better quality just make sure you have the correct phone for it.

1.Google Cardboard

This product by Google is like a trailer for a movie, as it gives you a glimpse at Visual Reality technology at a very cheap rate. Google has always been known for its innovative and affordable products that never cease to amaze us and they have not disappointed us with this product. The design is not much to brag about; in simple words, it is just a piece of cardboard with a couple of lenses. It is available as a self-assembly product and as it is made of cardboard so it’s not much comfortable or adjustable. On top of this head, gear is a button that moves a capacitive lever inside allowing us to touch the display. And it doesn’t come with any straps making it not hands-free.

Not much accessories are needed for this VR, you just need a smartphone. This VR headset is mainly designed for both Android and iOS and apps on both platforms. The lens magnifies the resolution of the smartphone so I suggest a smartphone with a high-resolution screen to enhance your visual experience.

This is not for those who are looking for Hi-Fi Visual Reality technology, but this is for people who want to experience the Visual Reality world at a super cheap rate without extra cost for accessories as you would just need a smartphone. This headset is affordable and can take you to the adventurous world of virtual reality. So, buy this now!

Many may feel that why to buy such a simple Virtual Reality (VR) Headset when you can get the high-quality stuff like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift but they neglect to consider if they will like VR technology. As we get to know the glimpse of a movie from the trailer similarly we can get ourselves acquainted with VR technology from these simple and affordable Smartphone Virtual Reality Headsets. You must have little knowledge about VR headsets because buying these costly to buy headsets without any experience or insight is foolishness. So choose the Smartphone VR headset from above list that fits well into your budget, and take your visual world to a whole new and exciting level.