Headphones are one of the most used electronic accessories out there. In this world filled with noises, headphones cut off the outside noise and provide you with a bit of solace in your favourite music. But the use of headphone is inconvenient due to the wires that restrict our motion range and are quite messy to store while travelling, so this problem has been solved by Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones work like all Bluetooth devices, by using radio waves instead of wires, so you can pair your headphone with your smartphone or laptops and enjoy your favourite music without the hassle of wires.

List Of Products

It’s time to get into the world of music, check out 8 Bluetooth headphones available on Amazon that will give you an out of the world audio experience without the hassle of wires.

8.Creative Sound Blaster Jam

These Bluetooth Headphones are manufactured by Anker, which is known for its products with cool design and very affordable price. These headphones have a very cool design that is an instant attractor till you feel its light weight, which is always a plus point for music lovers out there. For such an affordable price these headphones bring us many features like NFC connectivity that is mostly available in costlier headphones. It also has a playback time of 12 hours which is quite impressive for such a small and cheaply available device.

The control buttons such as volume +/-, forward etc. are located on the outer layer of the ear of the headphone making it more accessible and easy to use. Though the build material may not be of the best quality but the look covers more than that flaw. The sound is also quite decent which is surprising considering the cost and light weight of the product. It is not like costlier headphones, but if offers best features at an affordable price.

This headphone is for music lover looking for a good backup. This headphone is affordable with decent voice quality. Worth all the money you put in.

7.Jabra Move Wireless

These headphones by Jabra have quite a unique and posh design with its black and grey colour combination .The adjustable headband of this headphone is made of stainless steel wrapped in dirt resistant fabric making it sturdy and comfy at the same time, these factors also make it quite travel friendly. It is also quite light weight, again a plus while traveling. It connects quite readily with Bluetooth devices like laptops, tablets etc. and the packing even includes an optional cord that facilitates the use of headphones in flight.

The left ear cuff of the headphone has control buttons such as pause/play, answer/end call, mute, volume +/- etc. making the headphone easy to use. It takes 1-2 hours to fully charge the battery giving almost 8 hours of usage and a standby time of 12 days adding to its appeal exponentially.

This headphone is must for those out there looking for a good quality music experience for a light weight in an affordable price.

6.Sony H.ear On Wireless NC

Sony is a well-known brand in the electronics world with its amazing products and futuristic technology. With the usual sexy Sony design and light weight this headphone is a sight to behold that too in 5 eye catching colours. With its digital noise cancelling features it blocks outside sounds very effectively and the Hi-Res Audio fills you ear with amazing quality sound unhindered by the outside noise. The padded ear cuff and adjustable headband looks after your comfort quite well.

The control button such as volume, mic etc. are situated on the left ear cuff of making it a pleasure to use. It has almost 20 – 25 hours of battery life when used with the Bluetooth. But the price range is a bit steep for the normal people to use.

So I recommend these headphones to those who can afford it so they can enjoy pure music and undisturbed calls.

5.Skullcandy Uproar Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Skullcandy is known for its awesome design in headphones, earphones and its sky-high price range. Skullcandy Uproar Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones are available at a very affordable price, unlike its other products. These headphones come with a very cool light weight design available in almost 7 colours and the ear pillows make it very comfortable to use.

It comes with a stellar sound quality, a built-in mic and remote making it suitable for making calls and listening to music. The remote is easily accessible making it easy to use and control the headphones. Unlike many headphones, this headphone has a very good quality built mic making your calls distortion-free. It has a battery life of 10 hours making your music listening experience long lasting and enjoyable. To sweeten the deal these headphones come with Micro USB to USB charging cable and a year’s warranty.

These headphones are very much recommended for daily use, with their good audio quality to enjoy music and take a call without any hindrance.

4.Bose QuiteComfort 35

Bose is a well-reputed company and has quite a range of headphone in its name. It has a sexy, comfortable, lightweight and compact design making it very suitable for travels. It comes in two colours black and white but in a very high price range making it unaffordable to many. These headphones have stellar sound quality and the noise cancellation aspect of it helps you immerse yourself into the music and lets you take undisturbed calls. It has NFC connections and Bluetooth making it very manageable and connectable to almost all devices.

The ear cups have the remote control button like the power button, volume etc. and the ear cups can be rotated up to 90 degrees making it easy to use and travel-friendly. After being fully charged it can be used for 20 hours on Bluetooth mode and 40 hours on wire mode. The product comes with a USB cable for charging, audio cable for backup, airline adapter, headphones and a carry case for storing all these.

These headphones are the ultimate travel headphones that take very little space, provide you with the stellar audio quality and noise cancellation making your journey filled with music and fun. So all those travel lovers out there who can afford it make sure to buy these headphones.

3.Motorola Moto Pulse

Motorola is a well-loved and well-respected brand in the entertainment industry with its smartphones, smart watches etc. and they have brought about another awesome product in the form of this headphone at a very affordable price. These headphones have a very dainty yet sexy look and it comes in two colours black and white. It has a very thin and light weight size making it very easy to carry with you. The build quality and material are also of very good quality thereby removing the fear of damage.

It has an awesome sound quality and the cushions on the inner side of the rotating ear cuffs make it a comfort to enjoy the amazing audio. The remote controls like volume, power etc. are placed on the left ear cuff making it very easy to handle and use. It has a rechargeable battery that gives you up to 18 hours of using time with your computer, phone etc.

This is a very good headphone with light weight, awesome sound quality and a wireless range up to 60ft at a very affordable price.

2.AKG N60 NC

AKG has brought about a wide range of awing headphones with its slim and posh design. It has an all-black plastic body, which is of solid build and has an aluminium accents adding to its cool look. The ear cuffs are well padded and the headband is wrapped in leather adding to your comfort. As in most of the Bluetooth headphones, the controls are located on the ear cup of the headphone make it easy to use.

But one the best quality of this headband is the 3.5mm input located near the controls that allow you to connect with non-Bluetooth devices. The ear cups can be folded completely flat, they keep a very thin profile when folded thereby making them easy to carry in your luggage or around your neck. It has an amazing battery life of 30 hours even when it is the ANC is powered on and it is connected to the Bluetooth. The only thing that will put you off  is its alarming price.

If you’re looking for a headphone that need not be charged at regular intervals and will be your discreet looking and quality audio providing companion with these are the head phones you need.

1.Parrot Zik 3.0

Finally, the winner of the lot is Parrot Zik 3.0, this noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones by Parrot is modern technology wrapped up in the cool retro sheath. It has a very cool retro looking design that comes in 6 colours increasing its aesthetic appeal by a large fold. It works with Bluetooth 3.0, but the headband is not adjustable as it is made of aluminium. Rest all this product is as modern as it gets. Like many Bluetooth headphone this headphone has controls on its ear cups but with a modern twist as it has a smart touch panel on its right ear cup for controlling functions like volume +/-, answer calls, changing music tracks etc.

The modern features don’t end here as this product has taken the meaning of wireless to a whole new level, these headphones don’t even need wires for charging they just need to be placed on the wireless Parrot charger. Parrot have also released a Nikki app available in Apple App store and Google play, so in short, you can control the audio in these headphones with your smart watch. It takes a step ahead in answering your calls with the headphone as it announces the name of the caller with its “Text-To-Speech” system, as you can enable Siri or Google in your smartphone by a simple touch on Smart touch Panel located on the ear cup. This headphone offers good battery life that goes up to 18 hours when kept in ‘Aeroplane mode’, but as with all modern gadgets, it is a bit costly.

This Bluetooth headphone a must buy for all those fashion and technology lovers out there looking for the correct device that has a cool look, with modern technology and an awesome audio quality. So buy it and enjoy a fashionable look with awesome audio.

These are 8 of the Bluetooth headphones that I feel should get your attention because of their awesome looks or their amazing sound quality or their modern technology. So to do something for yourself today, make yourself feel special by gifting yourself one these amazing headphones and enjoy awesome music and undisturbed calls. They are just a click away, order right now.

Things to consider while buying Bluetooth Headphones

  • Sound and Bluetooth:  Two of the main qualities to check in a Bluetooth headphone is its sound and Bluetooth quality. The sound is an important aspect; you need to buy a headphone with good sound quality and which is void of glitches at high music notes. Bluetooth headphones have another issue that is latency; there is a slight delay between when you can hear it and when the audio signal enters the headphones, so try to buy headphones with Bluetooth 4.0 that has low latency making your music experience more fun.
  • Battery life: To buy any electronic product it is important to check its battery life as it plays a key role in your usage of the product. So while buying a Bluetooth headphone look for one that has a battery life of 8- 12 hours but keep in mind that loud music will drain the battery faster because loud music needs high volume.
  • Look and comfort: A beautiful look and a comfortable design are always welcome in a headphone. A beautiful look increase the aesthetical appeal of the headphones and a comfortable design enhances your music listening experience.
  • Size: Headphones are regularly used devices so make it a point to look at its size while buying. A compact size should be a preference because it will be easy to carry around while travelling.
  • Ease of using: Make sure to buy a headphone that is easy to use. Bluetooth headphones, unlike normal ones, need to be connected to a smartphone or laptop so find ones that are easy to use. Also, make a point to check if the various controls buttons like volume etc. are at easily reachable places.