There are very few things in life which come close to going on a long drive with soothing melodies being played in the background. If you are a music enthusiast and appreciate good music, you certainly know the need of having good audiophile system installed in your car. Now, no audiophile system- no matter how high tech it is- will be complete without subwoofer. The speakers of car are not capable of reproducing frequency required for low-end bass. The job of subwoofer is to handle low frequency effect channel. Talking in layman terms, adding subwoofers to already existing speakers of your car means better base and much better audio quality.  The installation of subwoofer in an appropriate manner is also very necessary to get the best out of it. The enclosure being used for the subwoofer decides the output you will get. Choosing the right enclosure and the right subwoofers as per the interior and audiophile system will go long way in giving you the excellent car audio.

Things to consider before buying

  • Size
    Subwoofers come in different size. The diameter can be as low as 8 inches and can be as large as 12 inches, with the most common being 10 inches and 12 inches. Size of the subwoofer determines the low-end bass frequency. The 12 inches subwoofers are well capable of producing frequency as low as 20Hz which is the lowest human ears can detect. Also, as the size increases, so does the power consumed by subwoofer.
  • Power
    Different subwoofers handle different amount of power. An amplifier is needed to power the subwoofers. The power handling of a subwoofer is judged by its RMS rating. If you want to boom the interior of car with finest of audio quality, go for subwoofers with more RMS. Also, it is very essential to choose the right amplifier. Different amplifiers are needed for different subwoofers. The right choice will be the one whose power output matches with the subwoofers power handling. If it seems, too much of a hassle, you can always go for the subwoofers with built-in amplifier, it rules out the possibility of wrong match.
  • Enclosure
    Not all the cars have pre-made enclosure to install the subwoofer. As per the size of subwoofers, it is necessary to get the enclosure made. The enclosure can either be sealed box or ported box. Also, the material used for making of these boxes play a vital role in deciding the kind of bass it will give. It is well required to find the right fix for your subwoofers to get the best out of it. There is also a choice for subwoofers which comes pre-installed in enclosure. All you need to look for is the size of enclosure and make sure it will fit perfectly in the trunk or below the seat.

Top 8 subwoofers to choose from

8.Kicker Subwoofers, model: 10C8-4

10C8-4 by Kicker is a single voice call subwoofer with an impedance of 4-ohms. The subwoofer has a size of 8 inch and runs perfectly well with most of the amplifiers. The wire coil of the subwoofer is designed to with stand high temperature and not to break down while it has been over heated. The cone of the subwoofer is super rigid and injection molded that comes with a flexibility of 360-degree back bearing. The basket of subwoofer is made up of steel that has a coil-cooling perimeter. Also, the surrounding has been double stitched as to ensure there is no damage while the jerking and bumping of vehicle. The subwoofer has been designed as such to fit perfectly well into most of the standard enclosure of the car or the external enclosure that comes separately. After the break-in period of 5-6 hours, the subwoofers along with the speakers of the car does well the job of jamming up your interior with high quality sound.

7.JBL Subwoofer System, model: GT-BassPro12


GT-Basspro12 is an all in one solution for your car audio system. 12-inch subwoofer comes with an enclosure and is powered by the amplifier installed along with it. Enclosure is made up of die-cast aluminium, which is designed as per the need of subwoofers to provide you with best quality sound. Also, as it is powered by pre-installed 150 Watts amplifier, there is no chance of amplifier being the wrong fix for the subwoofers. It features a slipstream port design which ensures deep, low-end bass. The subwoofers are covered up b spiders to ensure there is no damage to the system even when there is an external pressure due to cargo placed in trunk. The enclosure features motor venting to prevent any thermal damages. JBL Gt-BassPro12 is fully remote controlled to give you the freedom of setting up bass as per your convenience and need from your sit, no more stopping by and opening your trunk every time you feel there is something wrong with audio and there is need to adjust the base. It also features an automatic turn on and off function and gets turn on by sensing the signal from main head. A perfect blend of quantity and quality.

6.Pioneer 12” pro subwoofer, model: TS-W3003D4

Rated at 600 Watts of RMS, add this subwoofer to your car to get the lows up to 20Hz. This subwoofer is a dual voice coils and can be wired to 2 ohm amplifier each to get the job done.  TS-W3003D4 is a 12 inch 2000 watts subwoofer. It is equally important to select the right enclosure for this subwoofer to get the desired sound. Mounting depth of TS-W3003D4 is 6.9” and hence it goes well with most of the premade boxes. The specs are well mentioned the user manual to avoid you the hassle of finding amplifier on your own which is right fix for it. Also, apart from providing you extra bass, this subwoofer comes with built-in radio and Bluetooth, along with a warranty period of one year.

5.Boss Audio Exxtreme Chaos Subwoofer, model: CX 122

There is a reason why CX112 by Boss Audio is named as ‘Chaos Exxtreme’. The single voice call subwoofer has the capability to handle power up to RMS of 700 Watts and 1400 Watts Max. CX112 is a 12-inch single voice coil subwoofer and can show a load up to 4 ohm when connected to amplifier. The subwoofer has capability to produce low-base frequency as low as 27 Hz and it also hold the sensitivity up to 87 dB. CX112 fits perfectly well into one cubic feet sealed enclosure and two cubic feet ported enclosure. Once the subwoofer has gone through break-in process, which involves subjecting subwoofer with low-to-medium levels of volume for three to four hours in an enclosure, it is perfectly ready to run under any harsh conditions. The break-in process is essential as it loosen the coil, as to prevent it from future damage due to overheating. Also, instead of using metal, the core is made up of polyurethane which gives with the freedom of being hard and bouncy at the same time. This is to make sure the subwoofer doesn’t attain damages due to scrapes and bumps while it is installed in trunk or cargo. All in all, it comes with a 3 year warranty.

4. Alpline 12” Subwoofer, model: SWR-12D4

Alpline just does the job of adding bass to your audio system and giving you good taste of music. It belongs to Type-R of subwoofer series and can perfectly fit into sealed box of volume in between 0.75 to 1.00 cubic feet and ported box of volume 1.25 to 1.50 cubic feet. SWR-12D4 is a 12 inch subwoofer and comes with dual voice calls of impedance of 4 ohms. The top mount depth of SWR-12D4 is 6.38 inches with the height being 7.45 inches. After installing the subwoofer in the enclosure, it fits perfectly well into the trunk of any car without occupying much space and leaving more than enough space for the luggage to be kept. It is well capable of handling power in between 300 to 1000 Watts of RMS and hence goes well with most of the amplifiers. The low-end bass frequency produced by SWR-12D4 falls in the bandwidth of 25-30Hz when enclosed in a sealed box, it also holds the capacity to go even further low when enclosed in a portable box instead of sealed one. The Alpline SWR-12D4 is also well known for the high volume can it give, which in turn gives you the nice punch of sound.

3. Sound Storm Lopro8 Subwoofer System

Lopro8 is all in one subwoofer solution. It comes with a built-in amplifier of 600 Watt which monstrously powers the 8-inch subwoofer inside. Also, the subwoofers are aligned horizontally instead of vertically, leaving the total height of system only to 3-inch. This small height of Lopro8 gives user the freedom of installing it just under any car seat. It leaves out the sacrifice one has to make with the space in car trunk when installing a subwoofer. Lopro8 is fitted with a subsonic filter that prevents any low frequency below the level assigned and helps in protecting the subwoofer and extends it lifetime multifold. Also, the subwoofer is remote controlled and there is no need to adjust the subwoofer setting manually every time the situation arises, it can simply be done from your seat with the wired remote that comes along with the subwoofer. There is also a feature of short protection which automatically shuts off the subwoofer if the speaker has became way too hot and hence, secure the life of system. Moreover, it comes with a warranty period of three years. The black classy design by Sound Storm goes well with any car interior.

2. Rockford Fosgate Subwoofers, model: P300-12

P300-12 by Rockford Fosgate does the job of adding bass to your system without the need of installing external amplifier. It come pre loaded with a 300 watt amplifier to power the subwoofers. The subwoofer has a size of 12-inch and if it’s too big for you, a 10-inch subwoofer with model number P300-10 is also available. The subwoofer comes enclosed, with enclosing material being made up of 5/8 inch medium density fiberboard. The MDF gives the subwoofer essential protection and safety from external pressure and makes sure the system works completely fine and well for long period of time even when it is placed in between cargo inside trunk of the car. P300-12 features input terminals of 12 AWG and comes with the capability of giving user the freedom to control bass-level remotely. Though, the wireless remote is not included in the package and needs to be bought separately. P300-12 has been designed with exteriors as to protect it from over voltage and extreme heat. All you need to do to bring this system to live is run power, ground and give signal. Also, it comes with a warranty period of one year to make sure your excellent audio quality never goes down. It is rightly called as a “all-in-one” subwoofer solution.

1.MTX Audio dual subwoofers with enclosure, model: TNE212D

If you want the subwoofers that not only provide best quality sound but also the best customer support, TNE212D in terminator series by MTX Audio is the right choice. The enclosure of MTX TNE212D comes wrapped in aircraft grade carpet, which is black in color, giving it all new classy as well as contemporary style. The black color goes well with every car interior. The enclosure holds dual 12-inch subwoofers and shows a final load of 2 ohms irrespective of the amplifier connected. The terminator subwoofers are covered up by polypropylene dust caps which give the subwoofers extra strength and the ability to stand wear and tear for long period of time. The subwoofer is made to handle RMS power of 200 watts and the combination of dual subwoofers collectively handle 400 watts of RMS, 800 watts of peak power and 1200 watts of max power. Also, medium density fiberboard is used to make the enclosure which gives it ability to stand varying temperature of most of the trunks. The complete set of subwoofers with the enclosure is very lightweight and can easily fit into trunk of any car.