Body Building, Athletics, Swimming and etc. are some of the tasks that professionals do every day in their lives. But, to do these tasks effectively, and to get the maximum out of all of them, creatine supplement is the best and the most well known thing these people bring to use. These creatine supplements are considered to be energy resources for the body, as they provide the body with instant energy. Not only this, but these creatine supplies are mainly the most popular in the body building area, as these supplements provide the body with energy, the consumer can do workout for longer and thus, his muscles grow lean, as well as his body turns strong. These supplements also take care of being immune to problems like cramps, aches and other things, that it helps the consumer recover from after the workout. Mostly, these supplements are available in a wide range of flavors and a wide range of types, each with its own different, unique quality.

Benefits of Creatine Supplements:

  • Helps increase workout intensity – As these supplements are mostly known to provide energy, the consumer can do workout for longer hours, without getting too tired, and thus he can do the intense workout, which helps in the building and strengthening of the body muscles.
  • Helps bring the body in shape – As most of the people who use this are the ones who are trying extremely hard to build up their body, this supply helps in the fast building and strengthening of the muscles, thus making it easier.
  • Provides the body with more energy – The great amount of energy provided by this supplement not only helps in the body building, but it also makes you athletically active, and prevents laziness or side effects of workout e.g. cramps and muscle aches.
  • Available in different flavors – These supplements are available in so many flavors that you can literally choose one from among all the flavors that you like, so that consuming is easier as well as less of a torture.
  • Keeps the body fit, inside out – Not only on the outside, but it also greatly affects the inside functions of the body. It helps steady the metabolic rate of the body, as well as it enhances bone regeneration, making the bones stronger, so that the body is kept healthy on the inside, as well as on the outside.
  • They are cheap – These supplements aren’t even that expansive to afford. If you really are working out daily, these supplies area kind of a necessity. Without these, all the body built from working out would go unnoticed, with no actual physical change in the body.
  • Improves the joints and reflexes – As we get to stretch out and make our body do some activity while we workout, that will help in the improvement of the joints, so that the body becomes more flexible and easy to move.

Top 8 Creatine Supplements:

8.MuscleTech Platinum Ultra-Pure Micronized100% Creatine Powder

This Creatine supplement is a product by MuscleTech, especially designed for post-workout intake. This carries 5000mg Creatine per serving, and has a total of 80 servings, which gives you a great amount to last for longer. This creatine supply does the work of building lean muscles and making the user stronger, increasing his strength. This powder acts as a supply to the already hard-working muscles, which helps them to grow and become strengthened. The gain in strength and size that you get as a result of the use of this can never go unnoticed. It is also scientifically tested and experimented, and as a result, it is proven that this product helps you gain 6 Lbs of muscles in about a time of just 6 weeks, which is amazingly fast and effective. The people who use this product also notice a change in their strength level significantly, in just about 10 days. This product is also reviewed by many people all around the world, and claimed that this product is as effective and efficient as it is said to be!

7.MET-Rx Creatine 4200

This Creatine supplement is a product by MET-Rx. It is especially designed for usage in both cases; post workout and pre workout. This product contains 240 creatine capsules, so that this product can be longer lasting. It plays an important part when you’re working out, because it helps in the strengthening of the muscles. It also helps in their growth as well, triggering all of them while the exercise so that your workout doesn’t go to waste. This creatine powder doesn’t only increase strength, but it also produces power and energy in the body, with fast recovery after the workout as well. This powder is absolutely perfect for body builders, athletes, and anyone else, who is trying to get the most out of the workout. As this powder also fuels the body, taking it before exercise will help while doing high intensity exercises, so that you don’t run out of energy and power to perform your best. As the athletic performance is increased, you can perform your most amazing with your boosted energy and strength, and you can leave you spectators highly impressed!

6.Cellucor C4 Pre Workout Creatine Supplements

This product by Cellucor is also a creatine supplement; especially designed to do all the tasks that creatine is supposed to do. What else would one want, when he can get strength and energy, as well as good taste? This helps provide energy to the body, and as it is especially designed and manufactured for pre workout intake, it provides with enough energy to the body so that the body can work our properly. The energy that the body gets through this powder comes quickly stays longer, so that now you have much more hours to work out, without stopping and getting the best out of it. It mixes well into anything you want to take this with, and its super fast absorption technology enables the ingredients to do their work quickly once they get into the body, and efficiently so that the effect stays for a longer time. This product also helps in increasing the size and strength of the muscles, by triggering something in the body so that the affect the workout has will never go unnoticed. It is also available in different flavors, so that you can choose the one you like the best!

5.Legion Recharge Post Workout Creatine Supplement

This is a creatine supplement by Legion Athletics, especially designed for post workout intake. It guarantees to have the most satisfying effects on the body. It is especially known to provide energy and power to the body, making the body energetic and active. Most of the people can’t workout just because they are too tired to continue for long, but this solves it. Now this product will help you recover quickly after the workout, providing the body with the special ingredients it needs to build up energy and strength. Apart from that, this product triggers the effects of the workout, making workout much more effective, as well as easy. It promoted growth and strengthening of the muscles in the body to a great extent. It also doesn’t need to be recycled, so you can just use it for a much longer time, so that any affect and change I your body won’t be gone unnoticed. What really proves this product the best is that each and every ingredient is carefully added to this supplement according to the medical and clinical requirements, only to an extent where it isn’t harmful to the body.

4.Naturo Nitro Creatine Magnapower™ Supplement

This creatine supplement is a product by Naturo Nitro, and can be used in both the cases; pre workout and post workout. It is especially designed to provide ATP (Energy) to the body, which will instantly make it, filled with energy and make the body much more active. The new technology of this product includes the ingredients that quickly absorb into the body, thus instantly flooding it with energy and power, which will help you in doing workout for a longer time, and in a more effective way, if taken pre workout. If taken post workout, this will help the body to recover after the workout and will prevent the body from getting any serious muscle stretches or cramps after the workout. In addition, this product helps in the growth of the strength and size of the muscles, and triggers them while the body is working out so that the user can get the maximum effect on his body after the workout. With this product, which has the super-fast absorption quality, now there is no loading phase required after the use, because it affects immediately, and also prevents dehydration and bloating after the workout.

3.VINTAGE BUILD 3-in-1 Muscle Builder Creatine Supplement

This is a product by Old School Labs, and this creatine supplement is great for both uses; pre workout and post workout. The great and unique thing about this creatine supplement is that, unlike the other that only give the body temporary bulk; this creatine supplement gives the body real lean-muscles that stay for a very long time. This also provides stamina and energy for the workout, so that you can do it for longer hours, without getting too tired. It also helps in recovery after the workout, providing the body with the ingredients that help it prevent cramps and dehydration. Apart from being very, very beneficial, this product also tastes good, so that consuming it is easier and less of a torture for the user. It helps in the growth and strengthening of the muscles as well. Apart from all these, this creatine supplement helps in the steadiness of the metabolism of our body, giving it inner as well as outer fitness. It also comes Gluten-free and highly vegetarian-friendly, so that most of the people can use it without any problem.

2.Optimum Nutrition Unflavored Creatine Supplement Powder

This creatine supplement is a product by Optimum Nutrition, and is suitable for use pre workout as well as post workout. It has 5 grams of creatine per serving, and the small particles help mixing into the liquid easier, as well as the unflavored creatine helps build versatility. It is especially designed so that the people who are working out can maintain their body, as it helps in the growth and strengthening of the muscles in the body. It helps in the increase in strength and stamina as well, which provides the consumer with the power to work out for much more hours without getting too tired, and post workout intake may help the consumer to recover easily, and also prevent dehydration or problems like cramps that people may normally get after working out for too long.

1.BulkSupplements Micronized Creatine Supplement Powder

This creatine supplement is a product by BulkSupplements, and is suitable for intake both, pre workout and post workout. The most important compound in this supplement is Creatine, which helps sending the energy directly to the muscles. This helps in building up of the muscles, as well as their strengthening and shaping. It also helps provide extra energy, efficiently and in large amounts to the body, so that it can perform well and get the maximum out of the workout, which can last longer with this supply. It also helps recover after the workout, as it helps by giving energy to the body and the body makes up for the loss itself, therefore preventing problems like laziness, cramps and dehydration. Amongst the body builders, athletes and swimmers etc. this product is a well known and constantly used one, as they are there on a professional level and they always require maximum energy for the tasks they perform everyday and most of the time. By boosting up the stamina of the consumer, as well as the energy and strength of the body, this product comes to great use.