Whether it is the tiresome task of cleaning your garden or the oil and dirt on pavements leading to your door, whether it is the grill you used last night for barbeque which has turned all greasy and black or the fencing around your house which has already started fading- pressure washer gets the jobs done. It also does the sure job of making you fall in love with whole process of cleaning. Also, pressure washer is a savior when it comes to the amount of water and time saved. Not only the time and water, it equally saves your effort and energy, just stand and point the nozzle to whatever needs the cleansing!

Things to consider before buying

  • Use
    On general terms, all pressure washer fall under three categories- Light duty, medium duty and heavy duty. Light duty pressure washers are best suited for cleaning of gardens, lawn equipment and cars. Whereas medium duty pressure washers are suitable for removing oil stains from floor and cleaning of driveway and deck. Heavy duty goes for tougher jobs.
  • Type
    Pressure washers can either be gas pressure washers or electric pressure washers, depending on the kind of power engine uses for its functioning. Gas pressure washers have way more power than electric pressure washers and they are generally medium duty or heavy duty. Also, since gas pressure washer runs on gas, they are way more portable. Electric pressure washers are small in size and are suitable for low and medium duty jobs. They don’t release any fumes while working and can be as easily used for indoor cleaning activities.
  • Power
    The numbers written on every pressure washer refers to its cleaning power. Cleaning power is expressed in PSI which mean pound per square inch and GPM which means Gallons per Minute. The higher are these numbers, the more power your pressure washer will deliver. Electric pressure washers are capable of delivering power in between 1300 to 1800 pounds per square inch and gas pressure washers are capable of delivering in between 2000 to 3000 PSI.
  • Features
    It is essential to consider the accessories which come with pressure washer before buying one. Every pressure washer need a high-pressure hose, different manufacturers provide different lengths. Spray nozzles help to change the pressure. It is done by using different nozzle tips of different angles. There are other accessories as well like On board storage- for storing different small accessories, transport wheels and even detergent which is to be used along.

Top 8 pressure washers to choose from:

8.Generac Pressure Washer, model: 6602

Generac OneWash pressure washer is a gas pressure washer which runs on a 212cc OHV engine. This pressure washer is much powerful as compared to electric pressure washer and is best suited for medium and heavy-duty cleaning. Massive output of pressure of 3100 Pounds per square inch and water output of 2.8 GPM is sure to do the job of leaving the dirtiest of pavements and well faded fences in the garden shining bright and new. It is also capable of doing various other stuffs like cleaning of gutters, grill and cars with the same efficiency. Being a Gas pressure washer and having run-flat wheels of 11 inches, give it freedom and advantage of being in any place outdoor. Unlike, electric pressure washer, there is no cord to constraint it’s distance. Also, the 30-foot long pressure hose, which is way larger than others, is sure to leave every inch and corner of your surrounding and garden well and clean. It comes with a control panel to allow you to choose between four different cleaning modes. Also, the other accessories which come along with Generac OneWash pressure include three different nozzles and reservoir to hold detergent up to 0.75 gallons.

7.Simpson PowerShot Pressure washer, model: 3228-S

This one is heavy duty pressure washer or rather call it power washer. It is well suited for commercial usage as well as for outdoor residential usage. Supported by GX200 engine of Honda, it solely runs on gas. With its heavy-duty engine and manufacturing, it is well capable of delivering pressure of 3200 Pounds per square inch and water flow rate of 2.8 Gallon per Minute, which is way more as compared to 30-40 PSI of garden hose. Leave alone the stain and grease marks, 3228-S is capable of tearing down whole graffiti from the wall and leave it all new and ready to paint. Not only the engine and equipment itself, but its accessories as well are made to perform heavy-duty task and deliver high pressure. It features triplex plunger pump, with 25-foot long hose. Other accessories include five different nozzles all with varying tip degree, and the soap applicator. The spray gun has a safety lock out feature to ensure the safe usage and capable of shutting itself immediately in emergency. Also, unlike other gas pressure washer, Honda engine ensures it works efficiently without making unwanted loud noise.

6. Sun Joe SPX1000

Sun Joe SPX1000 is capable of discharging jet with a pressure of 1450 Pounds per Square inch (PSI), which means it is well suited for doing the low-duty tasks that involves removal of stain from fence or wall, cleaning your car without worrying about peeling off the paint. SPX1000 functions at 1.45 GPM, which means there will be huge cut down on the usage of water. Also, being the water conservative pressure washer, it can be as efficiently used in dry season. The SPX1000 is very light weight equipment and with the help of wheels attached, it can very easily be moved from one place to other. The spray wand and nozzles are designed in a way, as to user can very easily adjust the pressure being applied. The high pressure-hose is 20 foot long and the spray way can be extended up to 33 inches. SPX1000 uses Total Stop System technology which ensures the trigger is locked safely. Also, it comes with a 2 year warranty to ensure the machine always work the way it is indeed to.

5.AR Blue Clean Pressure washer, model: AR118

AR118 is very compact in size which makes it mobility and handling far smooth as compared to other heavy pressure washer. AR118 by AR North America is an electric pressure washer, and as oppose to its size, has capability of high power. It is made to function at 1500 PSU, along with 1.5 GPM. AR118 comes with a 20-foot long pressure hose and 30-foot long power cord. Hence, it can be set up on a particular place and with the help of long pressure hose that comes along, far end corner of the garden can easily be cleaned in a very short of span of time. Also, 1.5 GPM ensures that quantity of water being used in minimal. To ensure the safety of the user, Total Stop System feature has been provided, which makes the pump head shut off immediately when needed. It can easily be stored anywhere, thanks to its small size. Along with the other accessories, manufacturer of AR118 also provide rotary nozzle which can very easily be adjusted to get the jet with different intensity. Other accessories include detergent tank, water filter and detergent injector kit. The accessories can very easily be attached and detached as per the need to equipment. Also, the vibrant blue color of the AR118 goes quite well with the aesthetic of the home.

4.Ivation Pressure washer, model: IVA-9175L

Ivation manufactures electric pressure washer with well built designs which goes quite well with the aesthetic of home and buildings. The interior is as good as exterior and has the capacity of producing pressure of 2200 PSI and a flow rate of 1.8 GPM. The glow rate of IVA-9175L is lower than the other pressure washer, making it more water conservative without compromising on the power and force of the washer. It can perform low-duty and medium-duty task of cleaning with a certain ease and efficiency. Its safety features include Total Stop System which means as soon the pressure from trigger is released, it shuts down. The set of nozzle comes along with the washer, featuring five different nozzles of angle ranging from zero to forty degrees. Also, every other general accessory is included to make the process of cleaning more comfortable and time saving. The wheels attached to the pressure washer and 30-foot long electric cord make sure that it can easily be moved from one place to another for cleaning of different parts and equipments inside and outside of home.

3.AR Pressure Washer, model: AR383

AR383 is well designed electric pressure washer for low-duty and medium-duty task. It can be used inside as well as outside the home. It can efficiently clean the garden, pavements, cars, stains on wall and much similar dirt removing tasks. Being an electric pressure washer, it can deliver a pressure of 1900 PSI and flow rate of 1.5 GPM. Having the lower flow rate of water means there will be less usage of water and hence, it can be as efficiently used in dry season as in any other season. Also, its 11 ampere motor makes sure to make minimal of sound. Hose is made up of plastic and is 20-foot long, which is the average length of most of the high-pressure hose. The other accessories include nozzle, soap bottle, foam dispenser and a lance. It also has transport wheels attached to it for easy movement. The safety features of this washer has been paid attention to and it comes Total Stop System and automatic pressure shut off. It comes with a one year warranty.

2.Simpson MegaShot Pressure washer, model: MSH3125-S

This is yet another heavy-duty pressure washer by Simpson, with its GCV190 engine built by Honda. Needless to say it is a gas pressure washer and is totally suitable for doing the heavy-duty and medium-duty cleaning. With it’s top notch accessories and all powerful engine by Honda, MSH3125- S is sure to make even years old stain and marks disappear into thin air. As opposed to general vertical design of pressure washers, Simpson Megashot pressure washer is horizontally aligned and is capable of delivering massive output of 3100 pressure and flow rate of 2.5 GPM. This numbers are certainly huge for non-commercial cleaners. It comes with a gas tank capacity of 0.475 gallon. The other accessories include 25-foot long high-pressure hose and being a gas pressure washer with huge wheels, it can be transported easily to anywhere and with a spray of jet, even the far- away corners of the garden and lanes can easily be cleaned. It also includes five different nozzles with angle varying from 0 to 40 degree to produce different intensity of pressure as per the need. It also includes siphoning tube for detergent and comes with a warranty period of 1 year for washer and 2 year for engine.

1.Sun Joe electric pressure washer, model: SPX3000

SPX3000 is an electric pressure washer manufactured by Sun Joe and it is capable of discharging the jet with a pressure which is well suited for low and medium duty tasks that include efficient cleaning of gardens, removal of stains, mud and dirt from other equipment. The SPX3000 only comes partially assembled and other assembly parts can be assembled easily in a very short span of time. The high-pressure hose which is to be used for cleaning comes at length of 20-foot, making cleaning the far ends of garden less tiresome. Also, the power cord is 35-foot long and hence even if there is no socket on the outdoor of home, SPX3000 can as easily be used by connecting it to sockets inside. Also, it comes with a dual detergent tank system and hence there is no need of putting different detergent every time for cleaning of different surface. With the help of switches, one can easily switch from one detergent to other. Being the gas free pressure washer, SPX3000 can even be used for cleaning the inside of home as there will be no release of fumes what so ever. Sun Joe SPX3000 comes with a 2 year warranty.