Bouncers, baby swings, walkers and jumpers are the devices that create lots of fun for babies. A bouncer seat is an inexpensive and a versatile baby equipment that can be used by babies from the first day of birth. This device is very much helpful in the early days of baby’s birth as it gives a safe place for newborn to lay down while the new mother is busy in grabbing a bite and taking a shower. Initially baby will be in a semi-upright position in a bouncer to stare at the attached toys. Later the kicks and movement of a baby will spring the bouncer up and down, which will satisfy the baby’s desire to move.

List of 9 Baby Bouncers

9.SpaceSaver Woodland Friends Jumperoo by Fischer Price

These are designed specifically for those babies who can hold their head up unassisted and are not able to walk or jump out of the bouncer. It comes in a portable design, which can be folded flat.  It has a soft sided overhead toy bar on it. There is a colorful, rainbow key piano with lights for playing, a Froggyteether for baby to chew, a three ring colorful bar with oscillation, a clicking caterpillar. The natural jumping and kicking of baby bounce the seat up and down with lights and music.The colorful toys and fun sounds enhance the developing senses of the baby. It can be assembled easily with adjustable 4 positions in height, so that can be adjusted according to baby’s requirements. The soft fabric can be removed for washing purpose. It is equipped with 3AA batteries which have 60 hours life. The jumper is easy to assemble without any requirement of real tools. It has two legs but only the correct one will go in the respective hole. You cannot put the wrong leg in the wrong hole.

8.Soft Cotton Khaki-Biege Bouncer Balance by BABYBJORN

This is a classic bouncer with extra soft design and this device creates fun for baby as the baby’s movements lead to bouncer rock. It has a soft fabric with the supportive design. No batteries are required as it has a natural rocking movement which calms and soothes the baby. It has fitted fabric seat that changes its shape according to the baby’s body and distributes the baby’s weight all over the bouncer uniformly. It has a soft harness with soft padding which is comfortable for baby to hold on. Three-point safety harness is provided to keep the baby safe and secured. The seat is easy to clean and can be washed easily in the washing machine. Also, the fabric used is tested according to the prescribed standards so that it is gentle against baby’s skin and is safe in case the baby chew or sucks it. This model by Babybjorn is lightweight and can be easily folded flat for transport and storage.It can be used till the age of two as it can be used as both a bouncer and a chair. Once the child learns to walk and to sit without any help, the fabric can be turned around to be used as a comfortable chair.

7.ExerSaucerJungle Quest, Jump and Learner by Evenflo

This provides the children with a safe and stable environment to learn, jump and play. The toys have been developed in consultation with the Child Development Institute, which helps babies in achieving important milestones for development. Motor skills are developed by rocking and jumping. Evenflo has always been a leader in developing innovative products for newborns and juvenile. This product has 58 learning activities which are fun filled. These activities help babies to achieve their developmental milestone. It has three position adjustment of height, which grows with the age of the child and helps in achieving the optimum benefit of the product. The seat pad can be removed easily and  is machine washable. The product uses 6AAA batteries which last for 2.25 hours. The construction is very well designed and the product is very solid. The seat is also very deep and supportive. It is bouncy but not super bouncy as only bouncing can lead to children not paying any attention to the toys around her.

6.ExerSaucer Zoo friends, Bounce and Learn by Evenflo

This product is a safe and secured alternative to walkers. It has rock, spin and bounce actions that provide baby with plenty of exercises to make stronger his legs, neck and back muscles. These bouncers are engineered,designed and assembled in the USA in order to feature fun loving activities and stable jumping to help baby achieve important milestones. It has 3-position adjustment of height and grows with the child to provide the optimum benefit from the product. It does not require a battery to operate and bounces with baby’s movement. The base is rounded and unstable, which helps the baby in balancing leg muscles while getting support from the seat. It is easy to clean and wipe. It is sturdy and can be easily assembled. The toys are interesting, safe and fun to play. It is a perfect saucer for developing various skills like gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, visual development, self-awareness, cause/effect learning.

5.Dark Safri Rocker for Infant to toddler by Fisher-Price

This is a versatile product by Fisher Price that grows with the baby and offers a safe, soothing environment for baby to play and have fun. This is a perfect seat for feeding,playing and doing rest as the product can be easily reclined.  The toys stimulate the baby’s senses and the toy bar can be easily removed for older children to sit and play. It becomes a rocking chair for a toddler when the toy bar is removed. It can be used for infants and toddlers up to 8 kg. The vibration in the bouncer is not based on time just like other bouncers as it will stop vibrating once the switch is turned off. There is a buckle closure on the underside of the seat which helps in taking off the seat within seconds for washing.

4.My Little Snugapuppy Rock n Play Deluxe Sleeper for Newborn y Fisher Price

This is a unique portable sleeping seat for infants.  It has an excellent rocking action with a safe inclined position for babies to provide calming vibrations. It has a puppy head support and a nice paddy seat inside to give support to baby’s body. It requires 1D, 1.5 V Alkaline batteries to operate. It has a light  weight frame that can be folded for transportation a storage purpose. The padding is easy to remove and is machine and dryer safe. It has a linked clacker toy which engages baby’s senses while playing. It helps the baby to soothe and calm on his own. It can support babies with weight up to 11.3 kgs. This bouncer is adjusted at an angle so baby is not always flat on his back, which gives relief from heartburn and keeps the acidity under control. The silky soft material gives a soothing effect to the baby. The supporting harnesses are provided which prevents the baby from falling off the bouncer.

3.Love UZooJumperoo by Fisher Price

This Baby bouncer has a lot of fun to do for babies with an animal friend jumping and spinning here and there. This a safe device for babies equipped with sound, light, and music. The product is best suited for babies who can hold their heads upright without any help.

It can be used with babies up to 11.3kgs weight and 81cm height. It is a fun and an entertaining option for the baby to develop their important developmental milestones like motor skills, stimulates senses, encourages learning and discovering simultaneously.  It has a sturdy base and a spinning seat with lights, colors ad sounds so that the baby gets encourages to touch and pull. The seat can be adjusted as the baby grows. It has bright colored zoo-themed toys that make sounds, lights up with baby’s every movement. It encourages hand-eye coordination and introduces baby to a variety of colors, shape, and texture with every turn and jump. It has a durable, sturdy steel frame which allows the baby to jump safely. The tubes can be dismantled easily so that it can be easily converted into  a compact design and for storage purpose. It operates with 3 AAA batteries.

2.Little Jungle Jumper by GracoBumper

This baby bouncer takes the fun to new extremes. The baby will love bouncing in Graco’s jumper. It is a fun to entertain the child with the jumper as it is portable and can be attached to door frame also for baby’s amusement and fun. It has a washable seat pad which can be easily removed. The nylon seat is machine washable. It has straps which are non-twistable and is kept apart by a plastic dome. It has a sturdy make with a hidden safety cord. It has a clamp that does not leave any mark on doors or wherever it is clamped. Thus,it can be easily hanged anywhere for child’s entertainment. While clamping on the door, it has to be adjusted to an appropriate height so that a child can have maximum jump. It has a toy tray so that the child can play with toys and bounce simultaneously. There are cute, interactive toys, attached to the play strings which helps in stimulating the baby’s imagination.

1.Rainforest Jumperoo by Fisher Price

Everything required for the baby can be found in this Jumperoo as its frame allows to open up from the top and rotates the seat to 3600 so that the baby can interact and play with fun.  It has a fun seat and toys at the five locations of the jumper which keeps the baby engage. It has a musical, movable, electronic toy at the front with lights to engage baby’s senses. Along with this, it has a spinning lizard, tethered chew toy, a tiger playing hide and seek, a bead ball and a parrot hanging from bead bear. It has three position height adjustments for extended use. It requires 3AA Batteries to operate and function. It is a safe, secure  and comfortable place for baby to play and have fun. It helps in encouraging healthy development of the baby by moving and jumping in a baby jumper, as it enhances their motor skills and engages the visual and auditory senses. Cause and effect can be easily understood by the baby as the actions of the baby will make things happen. It is portable and can be easily tucked off when not in use. This is the bets jumper for babies with extra durability and so much of fun toys for baby to play.

Things to consider before buying Bouncers

There are various models available in the market as per the amount allowed your pocket. There are simple models that move only with the baby’s movement. The other models are the one that plays music, vibrate, move baby around, can be folded flat for travel and storage. The maximum number of models is made up of plastic or metal, few are made up of wood also.

  • Battery operated or plug-in – The bouncer seats operate through a battery which drives the motor. But, instead of purchasing a lot of batteries, it’s better to choose a model with the plug-in option, in addition to batteries.
  • Safety Straps – There is 3 point harness to prevent baby from falling out. In few models, there is 5-point harness also which gives the complete protection.
  • Motion – It’s always better to examine the bouncer’s movement as few bouncers rocks and vibrate on their own while others move with the baby’s kicks.
  • Sturdy Frame – A wide, sturdy frame is always better as it won’t tip if baby leans onto one side.
  • Seat cover – The seat cover must be removable and washable as drooling,spitting or diaper overflow is common in babies.
  • Comfort Seat – The seat cushion must be nicely padded and must be comfortable or babies.
  • Extras – Bouncers are equipped with toys, music, mobiles, and soothing sounds that can play baby’s favorite tunes.

Benefits of Baby bouncers

These are the padded seats lying low to the ground with a safety strap to secure baby when she sits in the bouncer. It has an ergonomic design to support and protect the spine,neck, and head of the baby. After baby bouncers, there are toddler bouncers, that are just the next level up. These bouncers let help this child to stand and bounce with a support harness. It helps in stretching, strengthening and building baby’s legs to prepare them for walking and crawling. It enhances the sense of confidence and balance in babies without the risk of falling down. These exercises and movements have a stimulating effect on the baby’s mind which is an added advantage along with providing a complete entertainment to babies.