Too much of anything is injurious to health that includes sleep and activity. Our health is our most important wealth and these trackers help us keep an eye on our sleep and activities. In simple words these are wristbands that measure how many steps you take, how well you sleep and in some cases even how much you sweat, these statistics give you an area to focus on in order to improve your health. With the improvement in technology you can connect these trackers to your smartphones, tablets etc. making everything more easy and comfortable to manage. They are similar to smart watches but with not so many features and are available at a very affordable price when compared to smart watches.

Things to consider while buying activity and sleep trackers:

– Look and comfort: These trackers come in form of wristbands so it is important to buy one that has a good look and comfortable feel as it measures sleep and activity 24/7. If you buy one that isn’t comfortable or has a look that doesn’t match your taste there is a very good chance that you will not wear the tracker again which is just waste of money. So while buying check out its look, its size, read about its manufacturing material and then buy accordingly.

– Sensor: Sensor is the key in tracking sleep and activity, so while buying a tracker try to buy one with the latest model as it will track more things and in a better manner. But keep in mind the latest the sensor the higher the cost may be.

– Display: Display is very important in such product, so make a point to buy a tracker that has good quality display giving you crystal clear readings of your activities. Similar to sensors, the better the display quality the higher the price range will be, so buy accordingly.

– Ease to use Software: A product is of waste if it is not easy to use, as a device with complicated software will confuse and frustrate you. So make sure to buy a tracker that has an easy to use software or a software that you are familiar with thereby making the tracker a pleasure to use.

– Brand: Buying a product with a good and well established brand name is a good habit as a branded product gives you security in the case of damage or malfunction. A few of the well-known brands in the manufacturing of these trackers are Fitbit, Basis, Jawbone etc.

Product List

Check out the 9 best activity and sleep tracker that will help you in improving your health by changing your habits.

9.Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker 

Fitbit is a well-known and loved brand; they have introduced this tracker that is not a wristband but can be clipped on to your wristband or on the pocket of your pant or shirt. It has a very compact and lightweight design; you won’t even notice that it is clipped on. It has an OLED display screen that shows time and your daily stats. This trackers tracks the number of steps you have taken, the number of stairs you have climbed, the distance travelled, the amount of calories burned, a silent alarm to wake you up  and it even monitors how long and well you sleep thereby giving you statistics on which aspect of your health has to be improved.

It has a Bluetooth 4.0 thereby enabling you to sync the data wirelessly to your smartphones, tablets etc. It has a rechargeable battery that can be charged with a charging cable from any device that has a USB port.

This is a must have activity and sleep tracker for those who want to monitor and improve their health in a hassle free manner.

8.Warmhoming Fitness Tracker

This tracker has a very cool and sexy look and a comfortable feel. It is made of stretchy silicone thereby can be worn by any wrist size. It has a crystal clear display screen that shows you the distance you have travelled, the number of steps, the calorie burnt and the time. And while sleeping it monitors your motions as you’re asleep and the effective time you are asleep thereby informing you about the necessary changes you need to make in your daily habits to gain a healthy lifestyle.

It has additional features like vibrating in order to alert you about SMSs and phone calls, capturing pictures with its function of ‘remote capture’, helps you find your lost phone with the function of ‘looking phone’ and as the tracker is equipped with Bluetooth you can sync your sports data with other devices. This device is very easy to handle and control.

This is a must have device if you’re looking for a tracker at a reasonable price with a good display and necessary functions.

7.KESSDER Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate 

This tracker has a very sleek, comfortable and cool design available in two colours. It has 0.69 inch OLED display screen giving you good quality display of the stats. This tracker helps you manage your health and daily activities with its heart rate monitor monitoring your heart and warning you if it is over worked, count your steps, monitors your sleep patterns, alerts your about incoming SMSs and calls, remote control camera, measures the amount of calories burned and even helps you find your lost phone.

It is waterproof but that doesn’t mean you can take it for swimming or in the shower and it also has Bluetooth 4.0 allowing you to connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth enabled devices. This tracker has a 60mAh battery that can be on standby for 7-10 days can be charged easily with a charging cable from any device with a USB port. It is compatible with almost all the smartphones in today’s market and very easy to use.

This product is available at a very reasonable rate when you look at its features.

6.Polar Loop Activity Tracker

This tracker has a cool design which comes in 5 colours but is available in only one size 9 inches. It has a display screen of 85 LED display giving you a clear vision of the stats. This tracker takes its functions to a whole new level as it monitors your activities as well as alert you about your inactivity. This tracker monitors your activities like heart rate, duration and quality of your sleep, number of steps you take, amount of calories burnt etc.

This tracker is waterproof thereby can be used for activities like swimming. It is equipped with a Bluetooth thereby giving you wireless access to connect with smartphones, laptops etc. The tracker can be charged via USB and to make it easier to use it Polar have come up with app that can be connect to your tracker thereby helping you to keep a close eye on your habits.

5.UP MOVE by Jawbone Activity + Sleep Tracker

Jawbone is known to introduce good quality and innovative product that are quite efficient. This product by them doesn’t disappoint with it unique and efficient clip on as well as wristband design that comes in four colours thereby can be worn in mix and match colours. This tracker doesn’t just help you lose weight but helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. With LED display you can keep an eye on your various activities like the quality and amount of your sleep, the number of steps you take, the amount of activity or exercise you have performed, food logging to keep an eye on your diet, the amount of calories burnt etc. helping you improve and maintain your health.

To make your activity and sleep tracking easy Jawbone has introduced Jawbone UP smartphone app so that your smartphone can be your guide as well as activity stats tracker giving you a particular area to concentrate for improving your health. And to save you from constant recharging it has a battery life of up to 6 months.

4.BITWATCH Activity Tracker Bracelet

This tracker has a cool and efficient design at a very affordable price. With its OLED display screen of 0.49 inches and waterproof rating of IPX 4 this tracker will give you a clear image without the fear of being damaged by sweat or little water. This tracker displays time, date, pedometer for your steps, distance taken, the quality and amount of you sleep, amount of calories burnt, inactivity reminder, alarm clock, notification about calls and SMSs, reminder when the tracker’s power is low, remote photo capture etc. helping you keep an eye on your health as well as mange your daily activities.

It has a sensor of 3D accelerometer and is enabled with Bluetooth 4.0 giving good quality tracking and wireless access. It has a battery capacity of 60 mAh that can be charged with a USB cable has 7-10 days of standby time. This tracker supports devices that have Android 4.3 and above and IOS 7.0 and above thought it is ill-suited with Window OS phones. The tracker comes with a USB cable for charging and a user manual.

3.Jeemak Bluetooth 4.0 Smart band 

Though the brand is not so well known this tracker is quite impressive in look, detachable design and features available in four colours. This tracker has the lightweight of 20g, size of 230 X 20mm, 3ATM waterproof level and is made of silicone thereby making it almost unnoticeable even when its worn 24/7 making it fit and efficient for any activity. This tracker tracks several of your activities like pedometer, quality and quantity of sleep, notification about incoming calls, tracking you motion etc. helping you keep up with you daily activities and maintain your health at the same time.

It is enabled with Bluetooth 4.0 making it wirelessly compatible with devices that have system of iOS 7.1 or above and Android 4.4 or above allowing you to sync manually or automatically with their app thereby giving you the whole picture about your health. It has a battery of 150mAh that takes 1-2 hours to charge and has a 2-3 days standby time but the charge lasts for only 2-3 hours so make sure to off the Bluetooth etc. saving the charge. This tracker is available at a very reasonable price making it accessible to all.

2.Smart Band by FitTracker 24/7

This tracker by FitTraker has a sleek, cool and efficient design. It comes with lightweight of 25g and a waterproof rate of IPX6 making it easy and suitable for any activity. This tracker gives you a clear display of various activities of yours like tracking your steps, the amount of distance travelled, the quality and quantity of your sleep, amount of calories consumed, silent alarm, call and SMS reminder and a remote camera making managing your health a fun and entertaining activity that includes your daily activity reminder.

It has an advanced Li-ion Battery that can last up to 7 days on full charge. This tracker is also enabled with Bluetooth 4.0 making data transferring and connecting wirelessly to other devices easy. It is most well suited with most of the Android and iOS phones so that you can sync easily.

1.Runtastic Orbit 24 Hour Activity

RUSHFIT has come with quite good product but at a little higher price. It has a cool, lightweight and efficient design that has waterproof of up to 300 feet. It has a OLED display screen that shows several of our activities like number of steps taken, amount of activity done, time, alarm, amount of calories burnt etc. helping you keep a track of your health without much effort.

It comes enabled with a Bluetooth that is compatible with iPhone 4s and above models and devices that have system of Android 4.3 and above making wireless syncing easy. The device comes with a charging cable, 2 wristbands, a clip to suit each of your activity better and a user manual making things easier for you.

Make your life healthier and lasting by buying one of these trackers to monitor your actives and sleep. So waste no time and choose a tracker from above listed sleep and activity trackers that is suitable to your needs and budget and get it delivered to your door.