Be It an office meeting , a movie , a rendezvous with your school besties or that much awaited romantic evening – You can enjoy them all without worrying about your child with these latest baby monitors. Right from birth and through the journey of adolescence to toddlerhood, these monitors are much essential to reassure you that your baby is safe even when you are not physically around them. Without compromising on safety and convenience a parent can have a clear view of your child activities with this essential gadget. It comes with diverse functional features like temperature monitor, alarm, voice activate mode etc. Now you can conveniently enjoy those me moments away from the nursery guilt free and putting all your anxieties about the safety of your child to rest as these baby monitors are the safest aid to watch over you little one.

Best Baby Monitor Reviews

9.Wireless Camera, Baby Monitor with wireless cam and  WiFi from LeFun

LeFun Baby monitor is a wireless device that can be connected with multiple devices like your mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets via password identification to view your baby. So whether you are standing in your kitchen, bathroom or even your office, your ward is always in your sight. The camera provides clear HD output. Use it to video-record, fastforward and play back your videos. The camera can also be tilted, panned up or down from a distant location. What do you when baby gets upset in the middle of the night and you need extra couple of minutes to get there? With its built-in microphone and speaker, you can be in constant touch with your baby. Don’t miss key moments of the baby with its intelligent motion alerts feature that enables you to take snapshots of the baby. LeFun Baby monitor is an intelligent solution to keep your baby in a protected environment at all times.

8.Infant Optics DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor

The prime selling point of Infant optics Baby monitor is portability and its slim, lightweight avatar. It allows the user an extensive wireless usage with a 2.4″ bright LCD screen. With an indoor range of 150 foot and over 800 foot outdoor range, your child will always be safely within your sight. It boasts of some intuitive functionality features such as external noise elimination, auto-sleep mode to conserve power and a seamless video streaming feature, so that your child and your own comfort is taken care of. It automatic IR vision, helps you monitor your baby on video screen even when the lights are turned off. The camera stand comes handy as it always you to mount the monitor on the wall and enable you to keep an eye on the nursery.

7.iPhone and Android compatible Snug Baby Monitor v2

Who needs another gadget to maintain when you have your smartphones. Snug Baby video camera provides you with an free app that is compatible with iphones, tablets and android phones and will constantly streams video and audio outputs from your baby’s room. The app enables user to rotate camera 360 degrees or even pan up and down, giving you mobility with security. Keeping a watch on the baby has become so much easier. No messy wires and extension required with this wi-fi connected device. Snug Baby allows you to set alarms for audio and motion detection, so that you don’t have to constantly monitor your smartphone screen. The alarms are sent to your phone or tablet, instantly connecting your child. You can soothe your baby through two-way microphone and watch them clearly in the dark with night vision camera. Great product that addresses every concern you have at an affordable price and set-up.

6.Color Video Digital Baby Monitor by Summer Infant

Summer Infant baby monitors are the perfect private secure solution to monitor your baby in any environment. With its 600 feet range and additional three-camera facility, you can watch your child in multiple rooms or angles and stay assured of its safety. It features sound-enabled LED lights and black and white night vision to keep a constant eye on the little one. Its 5″ colour screen can be hand held or mounted on wall, with the provided anchors and security clips. The digital technology also gives the advantage of zooming in to catch priceless moments of your baby. The audio auto-feedback of the product is exceptional. It cancels the white noise and yet picks up the slightest sound and transmits it. The monitor has an auto-power saving mode. It comes with low battery and out-of-range indicators to help you stay alert at all times.

5.Hello Baby Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision Temperature Monitoring & 2 Way Talkback

Packed with multi-functions at one of best deals, Hello Baby monitor is a one-stop solution for all your concerns for safety of your child. First of all, it is an expandable set with four cameras, so you can access different rooms and views to keep an eye on every child. It has 2.4 GHZ wireless technology that gives a strong signal strength up to 960 feet. The seamless audio and high-quality video output keeps your baby in clear view. Sleep assured in the night, with an excellent night vision camera and temperature monitoring sensor in the device. Let your voice be heard through the 2-way audio transmission, so you can sing soothing lullabies to your little one. It comes with 8 pre-recorded lullabies and alarms to alert you even to slightest discomfort of the child. Backed with long-lasting rechargeable batteries, Hello Baby monitor is a boon for parents with young children.

4.Reliable Digital Audio Baby Monitor with a single parent unit – VTech DM111

The choice between making your baby independent and making sure he/she is safe can be easily bridged by Vtech DM111 Digital audio Baby Monitor. It addresses the basic need of the parent to ensure that the child is heard at all times. It has great range for audio reception and transmits signals from across several rooms. The new DECT technology cancels all the white and static noise to help you hear any sound from your baby clearly. If you want to keep the audio output off during meetings it enables to visually monitor the baby via a set of 5 LED indicators for different levels of sounds. Vtech Baby monitor comes with a built-in belt clip to give the advantage of mobility at all times. The sound transmission is encrypted and secure to make sure only you hear your baby’s sound. An inexpensive yet trustworthy solution to track your baby at all times.

3.SEW-3043 w Bright view 5 inch HD touch screen baby monitor by Samsung

The latest 5 inch touch screen monitor is the best way to get a clear footage of your baby activities irrespective of where you are. The HD camera can be tilted till 110 degree and you can get a 300 degree panoramic view of your child’s surroundings. It has a two way audio system for easy and clear communication with your child. They have clear night vision covering up to 16 feet because of the non visible LEDs. The child can always fall asleep in the comforts of his crib with his favourite lullabies which are pre programmed. It also reflects a calm and dim night light .You can set alerts for feed time. Up to 4 rooms can be monitored in a single screen and you can keep an eye on your toddler and your infant at the same time. The battery is long lasting and it comes with a USB charger which enables you to charge it.

2.Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode

One of the leading consumer durables company, Philips brings in a product to help you take of your baby that will resolve all your concerns to take care of your little one. The DECT technology enables the gadget to cancel any unrelated transmission and bring you smallest hiccups, gurgles or whimper made by your baby. It also assures 100% privacy of your transmission. The product has an unbeatable temperature sensor that triggers vibration alarm on slightest deviation in the parent unit. Talk back and soothe your baby from the parent unit with its two-way communication facility. Philips Baby monitor has couple of unique yet useful features like night light and 5 preset soothing lullabies to comfort and soothe your baby, if it gets distressed while asleep. Stay connected at all times, with its wide 330 metre outdoor range. Philips delivers complete reassurance so that you can relax as a parent even when the baby is in next room.

1.DXR 8 in interchangeable optical lens video baby monitor by Infant Optics

The baby monitor you wished you could have laid your hands on before. The first in the market with the latest technology of interchangeable lens. As per the dimensions of your baby’s room you can choose between normal, wide angle or zoom option just like a camera. The panoramic view is ideal to have a bird’s eye view spreading around 170 degree. The control is available on the parent unit which enables the parent to adjust the camera focal from where ever they are sitting to get the required view. The aluminium lens hood captures a clear image without any pixilation. There are many additional features like temperature sensor , talk back microphone, camera tilt option etc .A 3.5 inch LCD color display to monitor all your baby’s movements all the time which is directly streamed to it.