The cold season winter is in the beginning phase and the cold is gradually increasing which will demand more heat means more power consumption by the devices like the electric heater. This time of the year when the problems like power cuts occur and you need to look for an alternative to save yourself from them. We never know when the electric supply will be gone and for how long you have to go on without electricity. In this case, we need an alternative and emergency light. The LED flashlights will be your savior in these kinds of situation. The LED flashlights are very small and light which makes it very handy to carry and uses it a source of light in a case of emergency. It is portable and hence widely used by the travelers as a source of light when they are camping. It really saves you in a case of emergency. The flash torches are also widely used in the research works and in the rescue. It has a lot of day to day use. So, if you were wondering how to choose the best LED flashlight available in the market, DigPerformance gives you the answer:

Here is the list of the best 9 LED flashlight reviews

9.LED Tactical Flashlight

This is a great LED flash torch with 5 switches modes. So you easily adjust it in high, medium, low, strobe and SOS according to your requirement. The single on and off button makes it very convenient to operate. The torch has the anti-abrasive coating which protects it from any kind of damage from rubbing, grinding, or scraping. The torch also has super bright Cree XML-T6 LED Bulb with ultra clear glass lens which has the anti reflective coating.  There is an adjustable focus in the torch light that is you can zoom in from 700 to 900 lumens and zoom out till 500 to 700 lumens. It is a waterproof torch and its water resistant design gives you the freedom to use it during rainfall too. You require 1 piece of 3.7V 18650 battery or 3 pieces of AAA battery which you can easily get it from any departmental store. It is skid proof and is the perfect companion for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, cycling, etc and solves all your indoor emergency lighting problems.

8.Ultra Bright LED Handheld Flashlight

This Ultra Bright LED handheld Flashlight has adjustable focus. It produces intense spotlight for long observation up to 600 feet which can be very useful when you are camping in the forest. It produces floodlight for large area lighting. This flashlight has high efficiency with LED chips which gives you super bright light. It is skid proof and water resistant so you can run with the torch in rain too. You can power the torch with 1 piece of Lithium-ion battery or 3 pieces of AAA battery which you can from any store nearby. The torch allows you to control the amount of brightness you need with five light modes. You can always just the light mode that is high, low, medium, strobe and SOS. This way you can adjust the light according to your requirement and need. You can use it for you indoor and outdoor activities.

7.Ultra Bright Mini LED Flashlight

This black mini LED flashlight has adjustable focus zoom light lamp. This is a super mini sized torch with eye blinding light of maximum 300 lumens. It is skid-proof and waterproof at the same time. It metal sized body gives it a very classic look at the same time protects it from water so you get the freedom to work in any weather and conditions. It can be very handy for cycling and outdoor activity since it has an adjustable focus range. It can use for many purposes because it mini size makes it very handy to be used in the indoor as well as the outdoor activities. Its size makes it more convenient to carry and working with this flashlight gives a satisfying experience.

6.Water Resistant Tactical LED Flashlight

This is a high quality and super bright professional grade tactical LED flashlight. Its high power and high-quality pro series LED chip delivers a maximum amount of brightness. The body of the flashlight is made of aluminum alloy which makes the body water resistant and skid proof. The aluminum body makes it abrasive proof which gives you the liberty to use the torch for the outdoor activities. It has got an eye blinding bright light but the 5 light mode of the torch gives you the full control of the brightness of the torch. You can adjust it to full brightness, medium brightness, low brightness, strobe brightness and SOS according to you desire. You can even adjust the focus range of the flashlight by utilizing its zoom function. It can be your perfect companion for outdoor activities like camping, cycling, and trekking.

5.Tactical Hyper Flashlight

This tactical hyper flashlight has a super light with the maximum output of 300 Lumens. The intense beam of light can go up to 600 feet. The different light mode like Intelligent, high, low and strobe mode make you ready for anything that comes your way. It gets powered by a single AAA battery or a 14500 rechargeable and keeps the places bright for hours. It is a heavy-duty and tough as nails make this tactical hyper flashlight perfect for adventure, hunting, and camping. It can also be used for rescue purpose and adventurous research works.

4.Tactical Emergency Flashlight

This is a very versatile flashlight with amazing features. Its light weighted and compact body helps you to carry it effortlessly in your desired destination. The AYL TC 80 flashlight gives the torch 180 extendable feature and the retractable body gives it a very precision lightning coverage. The torch gives you super bright light as well as superior low light. It has high-performance illumination spanning over 300+ feet from the torch. This torch has a magnetic base which helps you to attach your flashlight to any metal surface nearby so that you can work with full freedom and ease in your garage or workshop. The torch has solid, aluminum body (aircraft-grade) which is both waterproof and shock proof. So, you need not worry whether you are working indoor or outdoor this flashlight will be your best companion.

3.Adjustable Focus LED Flashlight

This flashlight has a compact design for everyday work. It gives you super bright light with 150 lumens of maximum output. The versatile light modes gives you a full control over the lighting of the torch. You can adjust it to high, low or strobe according to your requirement. This flashlight is very easy to operate with only one operate button and the wrist strap on the edge of the flashlight helps to protect the flashlight in case it slips from your hand. You can adjust the focus of the torchlight and great a spotlight for long-range observation. It gives you the floodlight feature for large area illumination. The flashlight has a premium aluminum casing which is water resistant, rust proof and shock proof at the same time. You can power the flashlight with 3 pieces of 1.5V AAA batteries which you can get in from the near store. It can be you companion and savior for any emergency conditions and daily works.

2.LED mini Aluminum Flashlight

This mini flashlight is a perfect companion for everyday use. It comes in a pack of four for your multi-requirement. This mini flashlight has compact, durable and versatile features. Its small size makes it very efficient to be carried and the aluminum body makes it both water and rust proof so that you can use it in any weather. It has super bright light and runs hours. It requires 3 pieces of AAA battery to be powered which is easily available in the market in any department stores. This is very easy to operate since it has a push button for on and off feature. It can be widely used for calamity search and rescue. You can use this mini flashlight for camping and outdoor activities as well as for the indoor activities according to your requirement.

1.Mini Focus LED Flashlight

This mini flashlight comes with adjustable focus and creates a spotlight for long-range observation in the dark. It also creates a floodlight for large area illumination so that it covers large space for your working comfort. This torch has a super bright light with the maximum output of 140 lumens. It has got a metal body which gives it a stylish look. It is available in black color in the market. This flashlight comes with 3 pieces of AAA battery which are included with flashlight itself. The advanced design makes the flashlight skid proof and water proof so working with this flashlight is possible in any weather and any place. It has a mini-sized body with the diameter of 1.34 inches and the length of 4.29 inches makes it very convenient to carry and gives you a wonderful working experience.

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