Golf gloves play a special role in the performance of a player during a game. It adds extra tackiness  to the grip especially for people with loose grip. Golfers are prone to blisters in hands due to repeated swinging and the friction of the club with the palm. Golf gloves are designed to prevent blisters and maintain performance of the game. Weather plays an important role in the game, hence speciality gloves that absorb moisture are useful during rain and cold weather. There are various types of gloves available in the market and choosing the right one is important. Find below the top 9 golf gloves and their features to help you select the one that fits your game the best.

9 Golf Gloves Reviews

9.Zero Friction’s Universal fit Synthetic Golf Glove with compression fit for men

Every golfer dreams about that perfect gear that will allow him to have his best game. Zero friction compression fit gloves give you the perfect grip for your favourite sport – golf. It is available in a range of attractive traditional and off-beat colours and designs for both men and women. There is no sizing issue since it is a universal fit. The synthetic microfibre palm patch is double layered and gives firm grip to ensure long durability of the product. It is a zero friction set of gloves that fits like second skin. For maximum gripping, the fingers and the palm patches are digitized. Not only is the product durable but it provides all-weather protection. The black mesh fabric in this product has adequate air pockets to maintain breathability of the skin even while wearing the gloves for long duration.

8. All weather ready rain glove – HJ gloves

Golf lovers will love this all weather glove that rates high in looks as well as performance. HJ gloves comes their trademark WeatherTex nylon mesh which not only allows excellent ventilation but also dries quickly in rain. The Hexagrip which is a high performance silicone palm grip, provides tight and secure grip even when the in the rain. HJ Gloves are aesthetic looking with its honey comb mesh look and comes in black color for men and white for the fairer sex. It is especially recommended for steady-drizzle type of rain, where the hands remain comfortable and provides excellent traction to maintain player’s performance at a high. The finger bands are slick and reinforced to avoid twisting of fingers. The wrist bands are comfortable and are designed to absorb any moisture. An all-weather glove designed to keep your game stable and so that you can comfortably tee off in rain, cold or sunshine.

7. Premium Cabretta Leather Golf Glove by Alpha Impact

If you are looking for ultimate comfort and cosy feel while playing your favourite game, look out for Cabretta leather golf gloves by Alpha Impact. Made from AAA quality leather, this product combines quality, style and grip performance in one product. The perforated design uses the finger venting technology that causes the air to move out while flexing or gripping the club and lets the cool air come in. This keeps you cool throughout the game. The leather is treated with a unique tanning technology that reduces the effects of sweating and staining and provides you with premium suppleness game after game. The superior grip control provided by these gloves lets you aim those long shots with increased strength and pressure. It is easy to maintain and clean this product with just a damp cloth. The velcro closure provided is firm and heavy-duty, allowing the player to wear the glove at just the right fit all the time.

6.MG Golf Cabretta Leather Golf Gloves with DynaGrip

Nothing beats a traditional looking hand gloves, cosy fitting with a soft buttery feel like the MG Golf Complete Cabretta leather gloves. These gloves have been a standard golf accessory by winners of many PGA tour events. Its trademark DynaGrip boasts of excellent grip provided at par with famous brands such as FootJoy and Sta-Sof gloves. This is due to the premium-quality Cabretta skins imported, which gives a soft feel but are extremely long-lasting. The greatest benefit of these skins and the tanning process used is that the gloves are moisture and perspiration resistant, giving a firm grip with your golf club and hand. The traditional styling and the first-rate quality of these leather gloves makes it superior in terms of looks and durability from the synthetic gloves available in the market.   With over 10 million gloves sold, MG Gloves are just rightly priced and are a quality- consistent preferred accessory for golfers across the country.

5.Bionic’s Men’s Golf Gloves with performance grip

Bionic presents a top-notch quality golf gloves each of which is individually crafted with the expertise of a orthopaedic hand specialist. These high performance gloves are lighter on hand and provide a firm yet relaxed fit for precision shots especially the long range ones. The gloves have been designed to emulate the curling action of fingers when fisted. This pre-rotated design for fingers give a superior range of flexibility for an effortless grip over the golf club and avoid slippage during shots. Relief pads have been placed strategically to evenly distribute the pressure of gripping to avoid fatigue over long haul. Developed with constant feedback with athletes over the years, bionic gloves comes in top quality lycra, which gives your hand space to breathe. Bionic Mens gloves comes for both left and right oriented players is ergonomically designed for each hand fit. All weather friendly and durable, Bionic gloves justify the premium you pay by enhancing your game performance.

4. All Weather Mens Golf Gloves Dura Feel VIII by Nike

Coming from one of the premium sports brand, Nike All weather Mens golf gloves are made with the perfect combination of premium quality goatskin leather and synthetic fabric at strategic locations to give your game the perfect edge. The leather at the thumb and palm gives a secure and textured grip over the golf club. The perforated stretch fabric on the back of the hand gives enduring flexibility and helps in air circulation in hands to maintain breathability. This product rates high in ergonomic fit and support. They are highly recommended for players who have slippery grip issues. The velcro strap that secures the glove is also ergonomically designed to close at an angle to provide a comfort fit. Available in traditional black and white colors, these Nike gloves are a perfect blend of evergreen sporty look and comfortable feel. Currently available for left hand wear for right hand golfers, these are perfect investments for your game.

3.Golf- MLH WeatherSof Golf Gloves by FootJoy

This twin glove pack is the ideal pick for an year around indulgence in the sport you love. It is manufactured in one of the most durable microfiber hence making it more long lasting. It uses Cabretta leather of best quality especially at the highly friction prone areas like the thumb and palm making them a more sought after option. The advanced microfibre absorbs any excess moisture and provides traction and perfect grip, making it a useful product for summer and monsoon use. The design ensures a strong grip making swift swinging a child’s play for an amateur golfer too. The extra pad on the palm prevents from wear and tear and increases durability of the product. This comes as a pack of two and can be used throughout the year in all weather conditions. Footjoy is known for its quality products at reasonable prices, making these golf gloves a killer deal for golf enthusiast.

2.Dawn Patrol Golf Glove for men by Callaway

A golf glove which is real value for money. When you think of class in style the first name which comes to your mind is Callaway. This glove can be your companion this golf season and will not leave your side for sure. When wore it is very snug and feels very comfortable. Made in leather its strong yet on the palm, thumb and fingers it has perforations for air circulation. These small holes make the gloves more breathable and cool and prevent wetness by reducing the moisture produced due to sweat. The cuff is made of a mix of cotton and terry which is ideal for absorbing moisture produced due to friction. It is adjustable and can be secured as per the anatomy of individual hands. This product is known for its durability and provides great traction. Great leather gloves at a modest price, Callaway golf gloves fit in like second skin

1.Golf Glove with a Stable Grip by Bionic

A golf glove which fits so snugly that it feels like your second skin. The unique glove has been researched and designed by a renowned surgeon specialising in hand orthopaedic. The specialised designing has also enabled arthritis-ridden players to get back in the game. The grip on the club is steadier because of the 3d pads around the fingers. Its aesthetic design also encompasses mechanism to reduce hand fatigue irrespective of speed, swing or age. The pad technology and the high end Cabretta leather together increase the life of these gloves making them more durable. The relief pads have an anatomical design which aids in greater swing speed and also minimizes blisters on hand. The motion web zones improve the comfort by minimising sweat and keeping the palms cool. They have easy maintenance and can be washed frequently with hand or in gentle cycle in your machine.