Tired of carrying a heavy binocular to your trips? The binoculars not small enough to carry around easily? I have a perfect solution and that is a Monocular. Monoculars are nothing but small telescope with little less powered lenses that spot faraway object clearly. To all those people out there who like sight-seeing, love to observe nature without disturbing it and many more this is the ‘IT’ device for you.

Things to consider while buying Monoculars

  • Types: Monoculars come in various types like Waterproof Monocular, Night Vision Monocular, Zoom Monocular, Close Focus Monocular etc. each suiting its own purpose. So buy according to your usage.
  • Magnification: Magnification is a key factor, so the magnification in a monocular you buy should be based on how you use it. Magnifications in monoculars are available in various strengths from the common strength of 5X or 6X to the high strength magnification of 10X. Buy according to you needs, but keep in mind that the higher the strength of magnification the more complicated the monoculars will be to use.
  • Size of the Lens: It is commonly believed that the larger the lens size the better visual but they fail to consider the added weight it may add to the monoculars. So even if the lens size maybe small try to buy a monocular that has a high quality lens.
  • Field of View: Field of View means amount of area at a certain distance you can view with the monoculars even if the view may not be so clear. So the field view is always in par with the need to see clear detail so buy a monocular based on how you want to use it.
  • Comfort: Eye relief should be an important factor while buying a monocular, you should see that no strain should be added to eyes. Which may not be such an issue to people with 20/20 vision but for people with glasses then eye relief is quite important. A 14mm or more eye relief is appropriate enough with people who have standard framed glasses.
  • Size: The size of monocular is key in transportation so buy accordingly.

Check out these 9 best monocular available on Amazon. They will give you awesome visuals range to enjoy the nature or in any activity that you want.

Product List

9.Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier with Flip Mount


This monocular by Vortex optics has a very efficient, fast, lightweight and simple design. With a weight of 11.8 Ounces and dimensions of 6.6 x 5.5 x 2.8 Inches it has quite a compact size making it easy to carry while travelling. It is quite fast as it is able to efficiently magnify the red dot sight up to 3X. With a field view of 38.2 inches at 100 yards and an eye relief of 3.25 inches it is quite a pleasure to use.

Vortex VMX-3T is fog and waterproof as it is nitrogen-purged internally making it useful in any condition and environment. Optional light transmission is provided with the fully multi-coated optics in this monocular. The durability of this magnifier is ensured due to its hard coat constriction with anodized aluminium. The deal is sweetened as the monocular comes with a flip-mount that locks the monocular at a certain spot, it is easy to use as with just push button you can disengage and engage the monocular from the mount.

This monocular is perfect for the rifles of hunters and snipers out there but it can also be used for many other activities.

8.Polaris Explorer High-Powered Monocular (12×50)

Polaris optics has brought to the market one of the best monoculars out there today. This monocular has a sophisticated and efficient design. With a size of dimensions 3.1 x 1.9 x 6.4 inches and a light weight of 1.65 pounds it is quite easy to handle and carry around. It has a magnification of 12X letting you focus on distant objects quite clearly. Its field view of 246 ft. at 1,000 yards is quite splendid and its fully coated 50mm lens is quite powerful a remarkable amount of light is captured by it.

It is protected by short falls and drops due to the rubber material it is protected with there by reliving your fears of damage. It is fog, dust and waterproof making it suitable for any kind of environment without fear of damage or repair. This monocular is made to suit heavy field use without any fuss. This monocular comes with a stainless steel tripod that can be used for a tripod, covers for lens and eyepiece protection, a cleaning cloth which is non-abrasive for cleaning lenses and finally a nylon mesh case for carrying all these.

These are the monoculars made for outdoors and are made to withstand any environment.

7.Ohuhu 8×40 Dual Focus Monocular

Ohuhu 8×40 has a very compact and sexy design in black. It has a light weight of 8.5 ounces and compact size with dimensions of 6.7 x 3 x 3 Inches. It has a lens size of 40mm and an eye relief range of approximately 12 mm to 14mm (though not specified) making it suitable for people with glasses. It has a quite good magnification of 8X and a field of view of 65 meters at 800 meters.

It has a prism of BaK-4 type giving quite a good light and brightness to the object viewed through it. It has quite a good and lasting build and with its rubber exterior providing a good grip for single handed use. For a product with such good features it is quite inexpensive and sturdy. The monocular comes with accessories like a cleaning cloth, a lanyard, an instruction manual and a pouch to carry all these.

Its ability to make distant object bright and clear image and its compact size make it very suitable for activities like bird watching, surveillance, hunting, sightseeing etc.

6.HDE 21mm N93 Compact Monocular

This black and white handheld and compact monocular by HDE has quite an efficient design that makes it easy to use. Its small size with dimensions of 1 x 4.2 x 1 inches and light weight of 4 ounces makes it very travel friendly, you can even carry it in your pocket without much fuss. This monocular comes with a 21mm lens making it quite suitable for long distances and bright colours.

The 15X – 55X magnification range allows you to view object up to 5 miles away making it very suitable for activities like surveillance, sightseeing, hunting etc. though some vibrations are felt when the monocular is used in high magnification. These monocular come with a cleaning cloth and a case to carry it. This monocular offers a lot for such a cheap prize making it a must buy product.

It is small in size so you can carry it in your pocket or in your carry-on luggage while going for an outing or any other activity.

5.Miluo Tech 16×52 Dual Focus Monocular

Miluo Tech’s monocular has a very compact and ultimate design in black. Its 145x52mm dimensions and 240g weight make it quite light and easy to carry around. With a multicolour lens of diameter 16mm and magnification of 16X makes faraway object more to clear to view.

It has a distance focal adjustment ring, a field view of 66m at 8000m and a eyepiece with dioptre adjustment making the view of distant objects suitable with people with various eyesight needs.

The detachable hand strap and compact size makes it easy to handle with a single hand. This monocular comes with a lanyard, an instruction manual, a cleaning cloth and a pouch to store all these at a very reasonable price.

This monocular is suitable for activities like bird watching, concerts, hunting, sporting events like horse racing etc.

4.Vortex Optics Solo Waterproof Monocular

This Vortex product makes our list due to its impressive features. It has quite a sturdy and military look. With its light weight of 5.6 ounces and compact size with dimensions of 4.4 x 2 x 2.4 inches it is quite easy to carry around. Its 25mm multi-coated lens gives 10X magnification making the view very clear. With an adjustable eyecup when twisted customizes your viewing and a field view of 315 ft. gives your unhindered view capability.

The monocular has outer rubber armour giving it a non-slip and secure grip. It is also shockproof, waterproof and fog proof making it suitable for various kinds of environments.

This monocular is quite a good addition to your camping gear with its excellent viewing power and its compact size.

3.Tasco Essentials Compact Roof Prism

Tasco is quite a popular company in America for its choice in sports optics and this monocular by them has quite a unique design. It has a lightweight of 4.7 ounces and a compact size making it quite travel friendly. This monocular has a prism on the roof providing optimum brightness and a lens of size 25mm giving a clear a bright view with a magnification of 10X.

With a field view of 288 ft. at 151 meters and a smoothly spinning focus ring this monocular is very easy to use. It is made to be quite durable and grip friendly with the black rubber armour that the monocular’s body is made of. This monocular comes with rubber amour black or camo, a handy strap and a pouch to store all these.

This is a very affordable monocular that give amazing image quality and ensures durability with its sturdy body.

2.Celestron UpClose G2 10×25 Monocular

This monocular by Celeestron has efficient and distinctive design. It has a compact size with dimensions of 4.5 x 2.0 inches and a lightweight of 4 ounces making it easy to handle and carry. With a field of view of 300 inches at 1000 yards, a multi-coated objective lens of diameter of 25mm, a roof prism and a magnification of 10X it is gives exceptional viewing quality of distant objects in good lighting. It has an eye relief of 11mm making it not so comfortable for people with glasses.

Its aluminium body is covered with stylish rubber that has finger ridges and thumb indents that protects it from rough handling and slipperiness thereby avoiding any damage. The rubber covering the monocular’s body makes it waterproof. This monocular comes with a strap and a soft carrying case.

Celestron UpClose G2 10×25 Monocular is suitable for various activities like sports events like horse race etc., bird watching, sightseeing, hunting, boating, live events etc.

1.YINGNEW High Power 16X 52MM Compact Monocular

This monocular by YINGNEW has quite a posh, compact and efficient design. With dimensions of 6×2.2 inches and a lightweight of 350g this monocular is very portable and easy to handle. With objective lens aperture of 52mm and a field of view of 66mm at 1000mm the quality of the object viewed is quite good. It has an angle of view of 22º and diameter of exit pupil of 3mm making distant objects easier to notice.

It has 2 BAK-4 Prism that offers good lighting and brightness while viewing.

The body of the monocular is quite sturdy and has a coating of rubber that has ridges making it easy to grip. At two places you can adjust the focusing system giving you a wide range of viewing. This monocular come with a hand strap, a cleaning cloth, an instructional manual and a carry case for all these at a very reasonable price.

This monocular is suitable for activities like camping, bird watching, hunting hiking, viewing sporting events, fishing etc.

This list gives you a wide range of monoculars that each have their own use and features, so you can choose one suitable to your needs and budget. So make activities like hiking, hunting, camping etc. more fun with any of these monoculars. Waste no time and buy as soon as you can!