String Trimmer can be defined as the tool used to cut off the grass and other plants by using flexible monofilament line instead of the traditional blades. It can pace up the work of cutting out grass and unwanted plants from your garden, and saves a lot of time for you. You have the options of replacing string trimmer head or the lower part of the shaft with the various accessories as well.

There is an option of replacing the monofilament line with plastic blades or metal blades; replacing lower shaft with a small chain saw, hedge trimmer, and cultivator. Some of the interesting facts about string trimmers are that the engine of string trimmer might be used to power DIY motorized bicycles, and to power radio-controlled models.

Types of String Trimmers

  • Gas String Trimmers: The string trimmers powered by gasoline have the most powerful engines over other string trimmers. Yes, it is powerful, but the amount of air pollutants it produces is also very high, and it might cause problems in various states and cities. The size of the engine also allows the unit to turn around two millimeters of line. Some of these string trimmers even use nylon blades along side with the reel. Most of these string trimmers have the displacement between 21 cc and 32 cc. The weight of the gasoline string trimmers is comparatively higher than other type of string trimmers. Moreover, the vibration in this string trimmer is a significant issue for most of the consumers of gasoline string trimmers.
  • Propane String Trimmers: The second type of string trimmer available in the market is Propane String Trimmer. Propane String Trimmer is powered by propane. Even though gasoline string trimmers have more powerful engines than others, the propane string trimmers have higher strength than gasoline string trimmers. Like gasoline string trimmer, this string trimmer also has some drawbacks. The non-refillable 16.4-ounce propane canisters are one of the major drawbacks in this design of string trimmer. Each of the canisters can provide around 2 hours of smooth operation, but they cannot be refilled.
  • Electric String Trimmers: The final type of string trimmer is electric string trimmer. This string trimmer is environmental friendly, and it appeals to those types of people, who are conscious about the environment. It contributes the least air pollutants in comparison of other types of string trimmers. These string trimmers are lighter than gasoline string trimmers, but these string trimmers are also not as powerful as gasoline string trimmers. However, the newer models have improved engine strength.

9 of the Best String Trimmers in the Market

9.GH900 String Trimmer and Edger from BLACK+DECKER

The first one starting off the list is GH900 String Trimmer and Edger from BLACK+DECKER. These string trimmers have an Automatic Feed System. The automatic feed system makes sure that the continual work is taking place without bumping or having to stop the works. Another good feature of this string trimmer is its power drive transmission, and it prevents the string trimmer from bogging down. This string trimmer is extremely lightweight, with ergonomic design. Furthermore, it has a feature of allowing you to adjust height and pivoting handle. The power of the motor in this string trimmer is 6.5 amps and it also includes high torque transmission, which ensures maximum performance. Due to various features like adjustable height and pivoting handle, you will find it extremely comfortable to use. You can cut the unwanted plants and grass without much effort with the use of this string trimmer. So, you should consider this string trimmer for purchase because of all its features.

8.DCST920B 20V Brushless String Trimmer from DEWALT

You can find these string trimmers in two models. One model uses batteries, and the other one is without battery. One of the awesome features of this model of string trimmer is its brushless motor. Due to brushless motor, it maximizes the efficiency of the string trimmer. Furthermore, this feature also increases the durability of this string trimmer. It has a dual 0.080 degree line with bump feed. Because of its dual bump feed, you have more control of how much line to use. Moreover, it has a 13-inch cutting swath, which drastically increase your performance and saves your time. Another feature added on this string trimmer is a variable trigger with speed control to give you the better control of the string trimmer and the pace of the string trimmer. It also has the patented gear drive design. Due to the gear drive design, it gives you accurate timing and strength while operating the string trimmer. The batteries of this string trimmer are sold separately if you want the model with battery.

7.51480 Electric Trimmer from Toro

It is a powerful electric trimmer manufactured by Toro. It is a 14-inch electric trimmer with a motor power of a 5 ampere. This allows you to cut down the unwanted grass and plants in your garden with an ease. Moreover, it has a 14-inch wide dual line cutting head. With this cutting head, you will be able to finish off your job rather very quickly. In addition to its 14-inch wide dual cutting line head, you have an automatic feed feature in this electric trimmer. The auto-feed feature will allow you to pay attention on the areas with unwanted plants and grass instead of the length of the string. You can finish trimming faster with its auto-feed feature. It is just too easy switching from the place where the trimmer lies to edger in the matter of seconds. The telescoping shift and adjustable assist handle will provide you with an extended reach to make your job further easier. The quality of this electric trimmer is very good, so it comes up with a 2-years warranty on this product.

6.18-Inch Corded String Trimmer by Greenworks

The 18-Inch Corded String Trimmer manufactured by Greenworks follows up the list after Toro 51480 Corded Electric Trimmers. It has an amazing feature of gas attachment capable in case you want an extra power in the electric trimmer. This electric trimmer accepts almost all gas attachments, which allows you to use these string trimmers for multiple uses. It has the power of 10 amp motor with straight shafts. The straight shaft will allow you to cut unwanted plants and grasses with an ease. This string trimmer contains 0.8 dual line bump feed. This dual line bump feed provides you with more control over the string trimmer allowing you to decide how much line you use. This electric trimmer is also light weight, which makes it easier for you to carry it and work with it. It has a simple electric start along with cord lock feature to make these electric trimmers further easy to work with. The large 18-inch cutting path in this electric trimmer drastically speeds up the trimming process.

5.LCC420 String Trimmer by BLACK-DECKER

The LCC420 String Trimmer comes up with a powerful battery. It has 20V Max Lithium ion battery, which has a longer lifespan. Its capability of retaining the charge is absolutely awesome, as it retains 5X more charge than NiCad. Another great feature offered by this string trimmer is its transmission feature. Because of this feature, you will experience more cutting power. You also have an option to convert the trimmer to edger. The edger can be used to cut through the sidewalks and driveways. It has an automatic feed spool feature rather than bump feed. Due to automatic feed spool in this trimmer, you can focus more on the work rather than trimmer settings. This allows you to keep on working without having to stop to adjust the trimmer. The sweeper in this string trimmer is light and powerful. You will have no difficulty in clearing debris from the hard surfaces. Overall, it can be said that this string trimmer can be used for both light and heavy trimming.

4.LST220 Cordless String Trimmer by BLACK+DECKER

Another superb string trimmer on the list is LST220 Cordless String Trimmer by BLACK+DECKER. With this string trimmer, you can easily convert trimmer to edger with a quick turn of the shaft. This allows you to cut through sidewalks and driveways where the edger is required. This string trimmer is powered by MAX lithium-ion battery of 20-volt. This battery has longer lifespan along with better charge retention than NiCad batteries. Another wonderful feature of this string trimmer is Power Drive Transmission. The Power Drive Transmission feature allows more power from the motor to the cutting string for an increased performance. The automatic feed spool in this string trimmer will ensure the continuous work. You don’t have to stop in the middle of the work and adjust the settings. The manufacturer of this string trimmer is so confident about its durability that they are even providing 2-year warranty on this product. With the purchase of this string trimmer, you will get battery and Energy Star qualified charger.

3.GreenWorks 25302 Twin Force String Trimmer

This string trimmer comes up with an extremely powerful battery. It has powerful systems, and i.e. G-Max 40 voltage Li-Ion. Due to this powerful system; it delivers a great efficiency with run time around 70 minutes. It includes 40 volt Li-Ion 2Ah and Li-Ion 4Ah battery with compatible charger. This string trimmer has a 20-inch wide cutting deck. Because of its wide cutting deck, it offers an excellent balance of maneuverability along with a great cutting capacity. It makes this string trimmer very ideal for mid-sized areas. The innovative smart cut technology is also another wonderful feature. This automatically adjusts the power of the string trimmer based on the thickness of the grass or other unwanted plants.  It also has dual blades, which offer a better cut quality along with bagging and superior mulching capabilities. It has a 13-inch cutting path for a better performance. Moreover, it also has a versatile design with 3 positioning pivoting head for easy trimming at diverse angles.

2.LST 420 High Performance String Trimmer

LST 420 High Performance String Trimmer is another great string trimmer to consider for purchase. It has tons of awesome features. The Power Drive Transmission feature allows this string trimmer to deliver extra power from the motor to the cutting string, and this allows you to finish off your job rather very quickly. Runtime Extension Technology is a unique technology added in this string trimmer for extra value. Runtime Extension technology along with dual mode in this string trimmer allows accelerator switch for longer run time enhancing the performance of the string trimmers. The feed spool is automatic, which allows you to focus more on the unwanted grass and plants. It allows work without interruption, and you don’t have to stop in the middle to make an adjustment on your string trimmer. This string trimmer includes lithium battery packs of 2.0 Amp. With all these features on this string trimmer, you should definitely consider this for purchase.

1.LST136 String Trimmer from BLACK+DECKER

The final one on the list is LST136 String Trimmer from BLACK+DECKER. The PowerDrive Transmission delivers adequate power from the motor to the cutting string. Due to this transfer of power, you will find it easier to get your job done. Furthermore, it also paces up your work. Another good addition to this string trimmer is all powerful 40V Max lithium battery. This battery has high retention capacity for longer run time. Another great feature added in this string trimmer is that it allows you to choose between max power and max runtime. This provides you with more flexibility and convenience. The automatic fool spool feature on this string trimmer will let you work continuously without any intervention. You don’t have to stop in the middle of the work to adjust the string trimmer. This string trimmer also allows you to easily convert the trimmer to an edger, which allows you to cut through sidewalks and roadways.