Car seat heater is a cushion style device that uses electricity to get heated when plugged into the socket of vehicle, mainly used to keep the user warm and comfy especially if you happen to live in a chilly climate location or spend plenty of time driving during cold winter days. They also happen to help with soreness or aching of muscles and joints. They are generally affordable and easy to install. These car seat heaters are of two key types; one that sits under upholstery of seat and other that is placed on top of the seat; the later one is pretty easy to install. Most of them have the temperature control options for your convenience and protection from getting overheated.

Top 9 Car seat heaters Review

9. Wagan IN2282 Car Seat Heater

Ideally made for cold weather conditions during winter, this heated seat cushion provides ample heat to keep the driver’s back and bottom warm while driving; further helping in metabolism process and stable blood circulation. It has a leather finish that is relaxing and can be easily cleaned. The 12V cigarette lighter adaptor needs to be plugged into the car and the cushion starts warming up. The heated cushion shuts-off automatically to prevent it from overheating and it sustains temperature between the ranges of 110 to 120 degrees. It is provided with elastic straps and hooks to fix the heater cushion to the seat; it is also a universal fit for most of the cars, trucks and RVs. An optional AC adaptor is available in the cushion that can be separately purchased if needed, to be used in home and offices as well. The product has a limited warranty for one year, only if found defective.

8. Wagan IN9438 Cushion for Heated seat

These are made from extremely soft velour and polyester to provide maximum comfort and warmth during cold winter season and also has lavish looks. It has three temperature control options (High/low/off) and has a maximum temperature of 114 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with a 0.5 inch thickness as a lumbar support for lower back providing enhanced cushioning. The heater comes with adaptor that needs to be plugged in the car’s 12V DC outlet as it comes with 4.3 feet of DC cord and is a universal fit for almost all cars, trucks, RVs and boats. The strap and clamp system is provided to fix it to the seat safely, it is lightly weighted, comes with an optional AC adaptor to be used in home or offices, has one year limited warranty, can be used on passenger or driver’s seat and is portable, can be easily carried anywhere.

7. OxGord Car Seat Warmer

OxGord introduces this car seat warmer to provide relaxation to surpass inconveniences caused due to cold winter weather. Best works to relieve sore joints or muscles and back pain after performing hectic work on busy days. It has velour cushioning for car seats/ office chairs/ benches with 0.5 inch of paddingand lumbar support to relax lower back.It has temperature control options of high/low/off and maximum temperature rises up to 114 degrees. The car seat warmer has a 12V cigarette lighter adaptor to be plugged in and it is compatible with almost all cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs and boats as it has a universal design. Adjustable straps are provided to secure the seat warmer to the seat and interior coils evenly dispense the heat towards backrest and bottom areas in no time.The padding of the cushion is fair enough, doesn’t feel bulky or uncomfortable.

6.AUDEW Universal Heated cushion for Car seat

Best suited for cold winter days, this AUDEW Universal Car seat warmer is very easy to install and instantly warms the back and bottom areas of seat making the drive soothing. It is thermostatically controlled to save the seat from getting overheated. The 1.2 meters long power cord has a cigarette lighter adaptor to fit effortlessly into the vehicle’s socket. It has a universal design making it suitable to use in most of the car’s front seats. It is available in light grey/ black colors and the dimension of the product is approximately 53cm x 40.5cm x 44.5cm. There are elastic straps and metal clips provided to secure the cushion in place on the seat. AUDEW is well-known to introduce reasonably priced vehicle-related products and services to glorify them.

5.  Wagan IN9738 Seat heater Cushion

It is best suited to be used during cold winter days to keep the user warm and comfortable during the drive; place it on the back and bottom areas of the seat. The cushion maintains the temperature between the range of 110 and 120 degrees. It comes with an adaptor to be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle. An optional AC adapter is available, if needed, to use in offices or home as well. The dimension of the cushion is 36” x 17” x 1”. It comes with a temperature control switch with 3 options for high/low/off, which you can set up according to your convenience. For easy plug in, it features a long 4.3 foot power cord initiating trouble-free set up. Also, elastic straps and hooks are included to secure the heated cushion to the seat safely; polyester cover is provided to offer maximum comfort and effortless cleaning. It has universal design that fits almost all vehicles (cars, trucks, RVs) and features 1 year of limited warranty on defective pieces.

4. Wagan IN9438-2 Seat Heating cushions

Wagan IN9438-2 seat heating cushions is a best companion during cold weather which provides luxury and warmness during your drive.  It has super soft velour and polyester cushioning offering complete comfort; also has a 0.5 inch thickness as a lumbar support for lower back. The maximum temperature of this heater reaches up to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. It has 3 temperature control settings of high/low/off and can be plugged into the vehicle’s 12V DC outlet via adaptor provided and a DC power cord of 4.3feet. It has straps at the back of the cushion that needs to be clamped to fix it to the seat properly. The heater is very lightly weighted making it easy to carry anywhere and has an optional AC adapter to be used in home or offices if needed. The dimensions of this cushions is 38.5” x 17.7” and it comes with one year of limited warranty period if found defective.

3. Koolertron Car Seat heated cushion

This car seat heated cushion from Koolertron hardly takes 3 to 5 minutes to get warmed up and provides instantaneous warmth and relief. It fits to most of the cars, RVs available and has 12V cigarette lighter adapter that needs to be plugged into the vehicle for it to start heating. The power cord provided here is approximately 3 feet long.  The material, from which this cushion is made, is very soft and comfy relaxing your muscles and eases the pain or soreness; the cushion does not have straps or clamps, it just needs to be kept on the seat but the type of material used here does not move at all hence saves the trouble. The dimension the product is 17.7” x 17.5” x 1.3” and it also has 3 temperature controls high/low/off. This car seat heated cushion is a registered trademark brand product and has 3 months of warranty period.

2.Carbon Fiber Car seat Heater Kit for 2 seats

The kit includes 4 pads for 2 seats that have 13/16” (21mm) round shaped illuminated switches with 2 colors. The pad length can be adjusted by cutting it according to the size of your seat and convenience. It has dual temperature control system and each pad is integrated with 5th generation thermostat to protect pads from getting overheated. It has a universal design fit that is suitable to most of cars with 12V DC outlet. It easily sits on seats made from leather, vinyl or even cloth. This kit is supposed to be placed between the seat cover and cushion; is enough to warm up 2 seats both bottom and back areas and has high/low temperature setting as well. The product has 3 years of warranty period with the dimension of 18.9” length x 11” width x 0.8” height. Small straps as an adhesive backing on the pads are provided to secure it on the seats.

1.Dorman 628-040 seat heater Kit for 1 seat

This Dorman 628-040 car seat heater kit has a universal fit, can be used on any vehicle without any difficulty. It includes 2 heater pads for bottom and back area of one seat. The packaging comes all included with a harness, wire ties, installation tool, easy to understand installation instructions and upholstery rings for setting up the kit. For safety issues, the wire is insulated and stranded, also making it durable. The heater kit has been tested for quality which ensures effortless installation and fine performance. It has three temperature control options of high heat/low heat/off. The light indicators are provided on the switch to show these temperature controls. The heater pad takes hardly 2-3 minutes to get warmed up and 5-6 minutes to dispense high heat. It works on most of the material of the seats without causing any trouble. The heater pads provide warmth and comfort to the user regardless of the weather conditions.