Due to busy schedule it can be hard to take out time for exercise and daily physical activity. Also, not all of us can maintain rigorous diet without any external help. Detox tea just fulfills the need of hour. Not only  in helps in shredding extra fat in body, it also helps in cleaning the body by removing the harmful toxics stored accumulated in body our long period of time. Moreover, most of the detox teas are completely herbal and organic and they have side effects whatsoever on the body. They are meant to be dissolved in warm water by placing it in boiling water and can be consumed couple of times in a day. The continuous usage helps in improving the blood circulation and improving digestion along with other benefits. So let’s have a look at 9 of the top rated detox tea review.

Detox Tea Review

9.Body Tea USA Detox Tea


Detox Tea manufactured by Body Tea USA is efficient for weight loss and removing the toxins accumulated over long period of time in your body. This tea is 100% percent herbal and has Garcinia Cambogia which will help you to suppressant your appetite and is completely doctor recommended. The package includes enough tea bags for 14 day detox program. All you need to do is put tea bag in a cup and add some hot water. You can even add sugar for extra sweetness.  Wait for some five minutes before drinking it to let the tea mix thoroughly and have it before your meal. You can even have 2 cups a tea but it is not advisable to drink more than that. Not only does it help in reducing weight by suppressing appetite, it also improves the digestion system and metabolism and all of it ultimately leads to better health and fitness.

8.Detox Tea by Triple Leaf

Triple Leaf detox tea is perfectly does the job of cleaning your body from harmful toxics and it makes purification of body a normal routine. It helps in energy flow increase to body as well as mind which lead to calmer mind and positive outlook of life. All along, it also helps to clear the skin and make you look and feel good. And you get all of this without compromising on your taste buds: detox tea by Triple Leaf absolutely tastes good. It has Chinese Licorice and Euccomia as special ingredients which helps in reducing the blood pressure and bring it to normal. It comes in a count of 20 and 1-2 bags in a day are sufficient for efficient cleaning. You can also use more than that of you prefer, just be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

7.Modern Slip Detox Tea for losing weight

Modern Slip detox tea is purely organic and is sugar-free which means zero calories. It has its roots in Brazil and is very helpful for losing weight and getting well in shape. Ingredients include organic herbals like pu erha tea, oolong tea and green tea, and these ingredients have zero side effects on body whatsoever. This detox tea suppresses the appetite helping you to stick your diet and prevent intake of unessential calories. It also helps in removing the harmful toxins from body which ultimately leads to feeling energized along with weight loss. All leads to better health which make you look and feel great. The taste is good as well, much better than oolong tea and green tea, you don’t have to compromise on your taste buds for better health anymore. And to show the trust of manufacturer on the product, it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

6.V Tea Detox Tea

A blend of proprietary herbals very well does the job of reducing boating and as a result helps in achieving flatter and smooth tummy along with removing harmful toxins from body, suppressing appetite and cleaning of liver- all of which leads to better health and weight loss. After the removal of toxins from body, body feels lighter; there is significant increase in energy, increase in metabolism and fairer skin. An organic herbal which helps you look better and feel better. It has been manufactured in USA and key ingredients include dandelion leaf, tulsi, nettle leaf, burdock leaf and other herbal products to make losing weight much easier. Also, it has natural mint flavor which means you don’t have to worry anymore about the bitter taste and lose weight with comfort. All along, if this tea doesn’t work for you, it comes with a full time refund guarantee.

5.Organic Detox Tea by Yogi

This detox tea has peach flavor which means no more compromising on taste buds while living more healthy life. It is made up using Ayurvadic combination which is called as trikatu and is essentially a blend of long pepper and ginger black pepper that helps in increasing the circulation in very gentle and mild manner. This detox tea is made essentially for cleaning the body by removing harmful toxins accumulated over a long period of time. It ingredients include fo-ti which is used in traditional medicines in China and helps in better liver and kidney function along with organic dandelion that helps in eliminating toxins by better liver function. The packing contains total of 16 peach detox tea bags and one to two bag is sufficient for mild tea or you can even use 3 bags at a time for stronger effect. Just pour the tea in boiled water and wait for couple of minutes before drinking it. Also, you can even use 10 bags in a day without worrying about any side effects as it is purely organic and contains no harsh laxatives.

4.Detox Tea by Green Root Wellness

Detox Tea by Green Root Wellness is pure organic 14-days cleansing detxo tea for weight loss and much more. It is equally good for men as well as women. The ingredients used are pure organic which helps in increasing blood circulation in body, clean colon and reduce the cramps, all of it ultimately leading to better health. And as they say good health is the secret to looking good and feeling good. It also eliminates the most occurring problem of gas and bloating which occurs due to improper digestion and lack of physical activities, and removal of gas and bloating ultimately leads to faster metabolism and improved digestion which are very essential for weight loss. The key ingredients used are orange peel and Ginger extract along with pomegranate which provides B-complex that helps in converting carbohydrates, fat and protein into energy. It can drink either by pouring it in hot water or can be enjoyed along with ice cubes and cold water. It is equally efficient either way.

3.Hint Wellness Detox Tea

Due to increase toxins in body, a person can easily get tired or develop gas and bloating. Honeybush and Rosehip are antioxidant ingredients which help in removing toxins from body and clean the body inside out, and yes, you guessed it right, Hint Wellness Detox Tea is full of such antioxidant ingredients. Also, other ingredients like Burdock and Dandelion used as ingredients for preparation of this detox tea helps in flushing up the excess water weight and deposited waste in body which gives way to flat and smooth tummy. Other ingredients like Lemongrass and Black walnut helps in removing bloating and ultimately leads to increase in energy. This detox tea comes in a pack of 14 day weight loss and the manufacturer are so sure of the product that if it doesn’t work for you in 14 days you can have your money back.

2.Gentle Detox Tea by Total Tea

whether it is for cleaning colon or improving digestion or for weight loss, Gentle detox tea is sure to get the job done like no other. Not only these, it also helps in removing constipation, improving immunity and removing the harmful toxins from the body. This tea is gluten free as well as no artificial flavors and colors are added, leaving it pure herbal and organic. Key ingredients include Echinacea, ginger, rose hips, peppermint and many more such herbal roots. Package includes supply for 25 days and recommended usage is 1 cup daily. All you need to do is place the tea bag in hot cup of water and let it steep for couple of minutes.

1.Yogi Detox Tea

The package includes 6 packs of 16 bags each which means there are total of 96 Yogi Detox Tea inside. It is completely caffeine free and includes completely organic herbal ingredients. It very gently cleans the body by filtering livers and kidneys where most of the toxics are stored. Ingredients like dandelion and burdock purifies the liver and juniper berry helps in better kidney function. Other ingredients like black pepper and ginger help in blood circulation. Also, Indian sarsaparilla, which is completely organic, has been added for spicy flavor. Yogi detox Tea is sure to leave you in much better health and help you to develop better outlook of life. As they say, the one who feels good -looks good.